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I Create Therefore I Am

Exploring “made in the image of God” and “be fruitful and multiply.”  Our innate drive toward creativity is what makes us uniquely human and is as much a part of, if not the purpose of, our spiritual journey.  God.  Creativity.  Spiritual Journey.  Healing.

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Let’s Start at the Very Beginning….

In the beginning….God created……..human beings and made US in God’s image.  And then God told us to “be fruitful and multiply.”  As I have been contemplating creativity and our innately and uniquely human, spiritual drive to create, these words from Genesis have been running through my mind.  What does it mean to be created in God’s image and what does God mean in commanding us to be fruitful and multiply (beyond the obvious)?

A Very Good Place to Start…

In our self-centered egoness, we have mistakenly agreed that being made in God’s image means that we LOOK like God and that God looks like us… in point:


I’m not going into all the reasons why this kind of thinking is wrong or the trouble it has gotten us into, and if you are a regular reader of this blog, I know you get it.  Suffice it to say, we have spent way more time creating God in our image than letting God reveal God’s self to us in all the infinite ways in which God wants to be known (including through us!).  I have come to understand that “being made in the image of God” has nothing to do with LOOKS.  Instead, it has everything to do with the invisible, intangible, infinite, omnipresent ways in which God creates, re-creates, imagines, dreams and seeks to be known in, around, and through us.  Beyond anything else, it seems as if God is not just “The Creator” as some modern theologians have redubbed “HIM” but is the very act of CREATING itself.  Or as Mary Daly once put it, “God is a verb.”  So, if God’s purpose is fulfilled in the CREATING and we are made in God’s image…..than perhaps CREATING has something to do with our own spiritual search for meaning, purpose, connection and fulfillment.  HMMMMM

When You Read You Begin with A B C…

No, we are NOT the only species on this planet who are driven to create.  Bees created hives.  Ants, anthills.  Birds, nests.   etc. etc. etc.  Like other species, one aspect of our creative drive is toward that which supports our survival – building homes, fashioning clothing, hunting and gathering, preparing meals, etc.  Unlike most other species, however, as human beings, our drive toward creating goes beyond mere survival.  We don’t simply build, fashion, gather or prepare just to meet the basic requirements of survival.  Indeed, we take our survival needs and push beyond these limits to create homes of beauty, clothing that is flattering and appealing, gardens that inspire and nurture, meals that are not just sufficient, but pleasing to the palate.  And then beyond our survival needs, we create simply to create.  We paint, draw, write, sculpt, compose, sing, dance, perform, act, entertain, etc. etc. etc.  Acts of creation that move beyond mere utilitarian survival are what make us uniquely human.

When you sing you begin with Do Re Mi…

Created in God’s image, we are made to create, but more importantly, I believe that the drive to create is actually God seeking to be known in the world THROUGH us.  God creates and continues to create and we are one of the vessels through which God wants God’s creation to be knowing in the world.  And who are we to say no to God?  If God wants to be known in the world through my writing, parenting, loving, mentoring, teaching….then who am I to say no?  And….WHO ARE YOU to say “no” to God’s creative spirit seeking to be known through YOU?  God is the inspiration and the muse and we are the artists.

Do a Deer, a Female Deer…

Since we are all plagued with the longing for meaning, purpose and connection in our life and we all seek to find fulfillment, the really good news is that the key to finding this meaning, purpose, connection and fulfillment is in BEING CREATIVE.  When we create, we are fulfilled…why?  BECAUSE GOD IS FULFILLED through our creating.  And until we connect with, nurture, cultivate and share our unique creativity in the world, we will feel restless, bored, lonely, impatient, frustrated, alone and unfulfilled because we are NOT doing what God made us to do….to be creative and to do so with enthusiasm and vigor.  Because, God told us…at the beginning…that our one task on this earth is to BE FRUITFUL and MULTIPLY.  And this is not just about babies….it is about being prolific in CREATING as God made us to BE.   So, my invitation to you today is to BE FRUITFUL and MULTIPLY….name, claim, cultivate, nurture your creative gifts, then by all means….SHARE THEM with others as God made you to do!

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