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Shattering Election Day Illusions

Trigger Warning!  If you believe your life depends on the outcome of today’s elections, you might not want to read this blog as it will poke a hole in whatever attachment you have formed around the election and your personal hoped-for outcome.  While I support our right to vote and wish, dream and hope for a government that actually lives by the principles upon which our country was established, I’m no longer sure that is possible. There is no person “out there” who is going to save us and if we are attached to an outcome of today’s elections, you will likely be disappointed – maybe not immediately, but later as we learn that really nothing has changed.  Here are my ponderings on this day of midterm elections:

I voted….and I have no delusion or attachment to the outcome.  As I recently told a friend, I suspect that one of two things will happen:  Democrats will win and nothing will change or the Republicans will win and nothing will change. Why?  Because the change we are all looking for has absolutely NOTHING to do with what is happening outside of us. That is the lie we tell ourselves to keep us believing we have some measure of control over our lives.  As the death of two friends, the terminal diagnosis of another and the son of another friend who is currently fighting to stay alive from an as-yet diagnosed illness reminds me, we are NOT in control of whether we live or die and the outcome of today’s elections will not change that.

The truth is that we have no control over what is happening outside of us. We only have control over what is happening within.  And if we want to see change outside of us, we first have to change what is within. This is the truth of all spiritual systems. What we see in the political world as polarization and division will continue until it is healed – and that healing is an inside job.  It’s all an inside job. As I recently shared on my own blog, “when the ship is going down, the only one we can save is ourselves.” I call this the “Titanic philosophy.”

As a friend recently reminded me, what we see on the outside of the political game has nothing to do with what we can see and what is reported in the media, and everything to do with what is behind the curtain – the hidden, insidious power brokers who are actually running our government. But again, we cannot change what’s behind the curtain, we can only support ourselves in learning how to see….to pierce through the veil of lies, manipulation, distractions, etc. and live from a place of our own truth.

There is no magical day where the world will suddenly be peaceful and free. There is not a person outside of us (most especially among politicians) who is going to save us or our world. The human condition IS the human condition and it is our individual task to remember and then live our divinity within the human condition. Will there be a day when critical mass is reached and the world becomes a nicer, kinder, gentler place? Perhaps. But until (and if) that happens, we can only create that peaceful, kinder, gentler world within ourselves and live from that.

I, for one, am done waiting for the world to wake up (one of those illusions we tell ourselves) and am taking care of myself. In doing this, I am giving others permission and an example for doing the same. This is all I can do and all (I am coming to believe) any of us are asked to do. If the world “out there” is causing us distress, it is simply because it is triggering a fear within us that has not yet been healed. Observe our reaction. Identify the fear. Heal the fear. Return to peace. It is that simple.

Now, if everyone in the world followed this method, then YES our world might become a peaceful magnificent place. But, in my experience, few are willing to do this work which is why the world remains as it is and will continue on this path. Which brings me back to this truth – the only thing we can change is ourselves and that is solely an inside job.

Get out and vote. Or don’t.  The outcome has no bearing on your ability to live within or from a place of peace.  That is up to you.