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Woman on Fire – The Poetry of Wendy E. Slater

I don’t remember what initially caused our lives to intersect, but since coming to know Wendy E. Slater, I have found in her a soul-sister, fellow shit-disturber, priestess, goddess and healer.  When I was flat on my back with a raging ear infection last fall, Wendy showed up with her Shamanic gifts and helped support my healing.  For this, I will be ever, eternally grateful.  Wendy’s poetry rocks me to the core and sings to my soul – songs of the feminine angst, sexual tension, the ecstasies and agonies of love and just plain REALNESS.  More than anything, Wendy exposes the fullness of what it means to be human and what it means to be fully female in a masculine-dominated world.  I love her work, but more than this, I love her Soul and the gifts she brings to humanity in its transition from ignorance into true seeing, fear into love.  Thank you Wendy!  


Of the Flame, Poems-Volume 15 by Wendy E. Slater is the second in the series of her spiritual poetry or “vision quest poetry” to be published. The poetry continues to chronicle the inner journey of self-discovery and the Divine, awakening us to our own Truth as we travel the path, the personal journey, and awaken from the illusory separation of self and Divinity. Subsequently, self-forgiveness allows us to surrender to our wholeness without false perfection. When we cast blame and self-judgment aside, we transform, heal, and reawaken from “the mythos” of separation and become One.

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As the flame comes in,

     It comes forth

       Like a volcano

       With rage kept under

            The sea

                Of devotion

                Of being apart

                And not touched,

                The grace

                    Of love gone

                    For too long?,

                    Like amnesia.


When water hits vents with force

       From movement below

                It all spews forth

       Without hiding

               From God’s eye

       I have been discovered

                In the lingering dormancy

       And creating now

                By amplitude

       Our continent.

(c) 2016 Wendy E. Slater

Reader Reviews for Of the Flame:

“Wendy E. Slater’s new volume of poetry, Of the Flame, reads like a smoking bowl of hot chilis right off the griddle. Consider this, ‘Who is omniscient / Lies in wait / On the porch / To eat your ego alive,’ and further, ‘The unfolding / Is in the forest of my love, / Mysterious unchartered territory.’ Profound, gutsy, full of life and a thoroughly enjoyable read. Full of passion and flame, indeed. Highly recommended.”

—John A. Perks, author of The Mahasiddha and His Idiot Servant Ven. Seonaidh Perks, Celtic Buddhist Lineage

“Once again Wendy E. Slater turns her unique poetic talents, her gritty voice and her lyrical intensity to an exploration of the self, in contexts that demand a cunning navigation between the longing for companionship and the need for independence, between contemporary society’s false glitter with its plastic wrapped apparent perfection and the true beauty that the mind demands but also fears. Hers is a world of shopping malls and tigers, AstroTurf and mountains, mud puddles and flame, contrasts that fuse into a powerfully rewarding poetic whole.”

—Rosemary Lloyd, Litt.D (Cambridge), scholar and translator, and author of Baudelaire’s World

“Wendy E. Slater revels in all aspects of love. Love between people—love’s longings—the bittersweet aspects of loving—even the forgiving parts of love. Using short choppy lines in forceful poetics, she explains her feelings, her wishes and the boundaries of love. She describes the ‘Coral majesty of fishes / In ecstatic hues / Of tropical vibration’ and ‘A bouquet / Of spring flowers / All ways / Unfolding in the Breath’s / Sacred exhale’ in terms of life itself. Ms. Slater successfully writes with intelligence and knowledge about the feelings and interactions between people and their effects on one another. She reaches the core and uncovers the basis. Each reader will relate to her words based on their own lives. We will all benefit from her poems providing this insight. To sum up this latest book of poems, Wendy E. Slater writes about humanity with a ceaseless and challenging purpose.”

—D.R. Deutsch, Poet-In-Residence, Port Chester, Rye Brook Public Library

Wendy E. Slater:

Wendy E.SlaterMy life experience continues to be a personal healing journey of self knowledge, gained by participating in and or observing all facets of my own life story. I seek the meaning of life by giving my own life meaning. Originally a liberal arts student in the 1980’s, I gravitated toward science (i.e., the genetics of small captive societies) during my years of academic study and increasingly became aware, and an advocate, of the interconnectedness of all living things.
This understanding was refined through the years with the help of a holistic medical doctor who introduced me to his world of alternative, nontraditional medicine, beginning with ortho molecular medicine and vitamin therapy, and culminating, among other things, with acupuncture, homeopathy, intuitive healing, radionics, psychic healing, shamanistic healing, herbs, essences, and Chi Gong.
Like Diogenes searching the world for an honest man, I searched traditional and nontraditional medicine for healing. My journey made me increasingly aware that all human societies, throughout the Ages, in each era or geographic location, recognize healers, regardless of the nature of the treatments offered, who communicate with life force energy, external to the individual but at the same time resident within the self.
 My realization that balance between these forms of life force energies is key to well-being led me to study and gain experience in radionics, homeopathy, iridology, and meditation; as a Reiki Master Teacher, a certified Jin Shin Jyutsu® practitioner and self-help instructor, and as a student of Tibetan Yoga teacher training; and in Chi Gong, the healing properties of herbs, flower and gem essences, healing crystals and gems, and quantum healing.
Learn more about Wendy and her work at
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Virtual Church Service – Holy Week Retreat

This coming Sunday, April 13, 2014, marks the beginning of Holy Week with Passion Sunday.  During this week, we recall the final days of Jesus’ life, leading up to the observance of his death by crucifixion on Good Friday.  In preparation for the celebration of Christ’s resurrection on Easter Sunday, we pause to remember the very human Jesus who faced the pain of betrayal, the temptation of doubt and the very real human fear of suffering and death. We also have an opportunity to witness the tools that Jesus used to help him continue through the worst of human experiences, and to learn through his example. Holy Week is a terrific time to remember Jesus as an example of what it means to be fully human so that we can grow in our ability and comfort with our own humanness. 


In the spirit of Holy Week, instead of offering a traditional service, I have created a Holy Week Retreat experience.  I am inviting you to set aside 1-2 hours this week to enter into your own Holy Week Retreat using the resources provided on the Weekly Service page. Please go to the “Weekly Service” page HERE for your video instructions and appropriate links in support of your retreat.  You may wish to divide the experience into two or three parts:

1) scripture reading

2) music meditation activity

3) processing the above meditation through journaling, etc.

I hope you find this retreat experience rewarding and an appropriate way to prepare for the celebration of Easter.

Remember, if you find these services helpful and supportive of your spiritual journey and inner growth, consider supporting Authentic Freedom Ministries through a financial donation. 

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The Cold Black Hole of Hatred

What do we do with the negative emotions of the human experience?  In today’s blog, we explore the emotion of hatred.

Setting the bar

While the perfectionist in me has set the spiritual evolution bar to be situated somewhere between the Dalai Lama and Jesus Christ, real life continues to remind me that I am nothing more than human.  I have grown accustomed to the revelations of my humanness in emotions such as grief and resentment and in personality traits such as impatience and rigidity.  This weekend, however, I was shocked and surprised to come face to face with the cold hard reality of an emotion I had thought long ago healed.  This emotion is hatred.

Exploring Hatred

The revelation of hatred as being something that still exists within me came through a series of journaling exercises and life experiences.  I won’t bore you with the details, but I was shocked when suddenly I felt all the energy of my body, my mind and my spirit contract and hurl itself into the center of my chest where it became the cold black hole of hatred.  My eyes turned black, the tendons along the sides of my neck and on the top of my shoulders unfurled like the poisonous lizards from the movie Holes, black spikes like a medieval flail sprung up along my back, my fists and jaw clenched and I’m sure that smoke was coming out of my ears.  I felts as if I were to open my mouth, a swarm of black nails would fly out in pursuit of the objects of my hatred.  And I can tell you that if I actually possessed this superhero power, in that moment, I would have employed it!  I do have to say, however, that tapping into the cold depths of hatred was actually terrifying.  It is a feeling that quite frankly scared the crap out of me.

What do you do with Hatred?

Considering I am not usually one to act violently, I’m pretty sure I will not be acting on the hatred that recently surfaced.  I’m not even sure I totally understand this emotion.  It feels akin to resentment, which I have recently been invited to recognize as a natural response to our needs not being met.  Hatred, however, feels like RESENTMENT times A MILLION.  While there may be elements in this hatred related to needs not being met, it feels like something more than this.  Normally, I would explore compassion, empathy, forgiveness as possible paths to healing this hatred, but with this hatred, there seems to be something about the lack of culpability and a distinct intention to harm.  How does one have empathy or compassion for cruelty?  These are the questions I ponder when I look into the mirror and see the black steel eyes of hatred staring back at me.

Hatred and Boundaries

If I consider hatred to be the much uglier sister to resentment, then I am invited to explore the possibility that hatred might be arising to ask me to set some new boundaries.  The serenity prayer comes to mind, “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.” I have come to recognize that I cannot change the instigators of the hatred.  I can, however, change my relationship to these instigators.  So perhaps this is the invitation….to recognize the hatred as a BIG HUGE RED FLAG that says, “YOU DO NOT NEED TO PUT UP WITH CRUELTY!”    Holy crap, now that is a revelation!  And this is exactly what my buddy, the Dalai Lama did in the face of intolerable cruelty at the hand of Chairman Mao and his communist regime, he left.  HHHMMMMM  Maybe I will grow up to be the Dalai Lama afterall …  😉

Where have you experienced hatred in your life?

How did you choose to respond?

How can the experience of hatred be used as a tool for effective healing and change?

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries

PS:  The picture of Sasuke Uchiha above is in honor of my daughter who LOVESSSSSSS  him!!!