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Weaving the World into Love

With the increasing reports of violence in the news, it is hard to hold on to hope – especially for those who have been placed on this planet to envision and help to birth a new world.  As the old world (the world rooted in fear and ruled by power and control) suffers in its death throes – it seems as if things are only getting worse (like ISIS beheading Coptic Christians) – and for the old world, they are.  But for those of us who are here with a vision of a different world – one rooted in love and build on the foundation of mutual honor and respect constructed through collaboration and cooperation – we know otherwise.  We are here, standing in the wings, waiting and witnessing the old world as it completes its self-destruction, knowing that in order for the new world to come forth, the old must pass away.  And so it is.  As violence begets violence, and fear topples over fear, we are called to remember – to remember the promise of new life and our call in helping to fulfill this promise.  And when the fear threatens to overtake us, we are invited to remember that we are not alone and that love always wins!



It’s because of my voice that you can’t hear me.

If you listen with the human ear, my voice is discordant, dissonant, repulsive.

Like fingernails on a chalkboard –

High, whiney, screechy and scratchy.



But if you listen with your heart,

My voice is warm and soothing –

Comforting like a glass of warm milk sweetened with cardamom and honey

Or a perfectly pressed French roast coffee broadened with a tablespoon of butter –

Bulletproof – like my web.



I am the Weaver, the Creatrix, the Three Fates…

I am Arachne, Anansi, Ariadne, Arianrhod and Aragog…

Striking terror in the hearts of men

Because I am that which you cannot control

or reduce to fact with your so-called “scientific method.”

(And I scoff at those who would even try.)



Who can count the days of time?

Or put a calendar around eternity?

Since before time began, I have been the hand of God –

Weaving his word into form.

God speaks (or thinks or dreams) and I create – bringing vision into form.


First the stars so there might be light.

Then the children of the stars that there might be form.

Then the children of the children of the stars so there would be life.

Then each life unto itself so that God might know

EVERY…..INFINITE…..POSSIBILITY…. for what God could be.

Because really, God is just a child at play seeing all that he can be.


And I am his mother – for even Him did I create.

So it is my task to discipline.

Like when God imagined the Third Reich or dropped the atomic bomb –

these were not such good ideas, so with my web I reeled God in.

Or when the Twin Towers fell and the world responded with war,

I hemmed him in again.



From my spool God goes out to play

And to my wisdom God returns (and humanity with him).


Expanding and contracting

Going out and coming in

Weaving the web of life

Always transient, impermanent and unstable –

Just like God’s whims.

But always returning home.

Home to me – Spiderwoman and Source:


“Weaving the world into love, one web at a time!”

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2015 – Gateway to a New World

This is what we all have been waiting for.  For those who have spent the past 7-13 years in the drudge of deep inner transformational work… 2015 – herein lies our reward.  In this very moment, we are entering the gateway into a whole new world – but not so new really as it is the world we have all been dreaming of.  WELCOME 2015!!!!!


Tidal Waves

No, this is not a prediction of the devastation that will take place in 2015 (though for some the upcoming changes might feel that way).  Instead, the tidal wave is what I am seeing as poised and ready to crash in on us and carry us head-long to the life we have been dreaming of. Yes, for those who still live in fear and who make their livelihood using tactics of fear, intimidation, power and control, the tidal wave will crash over them and carry them down to the depths where they will have no choice but to confront their own fears and be freed of them.  But for many of us (certainly those reading this blog), we have already been doing this work – voluntarily (if you can call it that) and purposefully.  Those who have been doing the work of purging fear, separation, attachments, hatred, envy, gluttony, greed, etc. WE ARE DONE (ok, we’re never completely done……but the REALLY HARD work is done).  We are done with the deep, dark, excruciating, debilitating, exhuming, painful, sorrowful, heart and soul-wrenching work of freeing ourselves from the false self so that nothing but the true self remains.  When nothing but the true self remains, nothing but love remains and herein lies the magic of 2015!

Earth Heart

Enter the New World

It may take several years for the new world to be fully anchored on this plane – and I hesitate to even say “new world” because what is really happening is the false world of separation and fear is being stripped away so that the true world can be known.  As we strip away our own fears, we free the world itself from its costume of fear.  And then there is only love.  LOVE is what fuels our true self.  Love is what fuels the new (original) world.  And love = MAGIC.  Whereas the false world requires effort, work, driving, striving, forcing, cajoling in order for things to happen and manifest, the original world is all about magic.  When we are connected with Love (aka God) and know ourselves to be ONE with this love, we realize that our “New Year’s Resolutions,” 5-year and 10- year goals, and even our daily “to-do” list is best when formulated by God/Love.  We allow the Divine Law of Love to guide our paths and direct us in our ways.  We surrender our egoic desires to Love’s plan and we do what love tells us to do.  When we surrender to this plan, we can’t help but realize fulfillment, find peace, know happiness and love, and experience the abundance of all this world has to offer.  2015 is the gateway to the full manifestation of the world we have all been dreaming of.



The 2015 gateway is leading us to LOVE.  A world rooted in love.  A world where people realize the importance of their own self-realization and where people are committed to doing this work and making it a priority – both for themselves and for the sake of a better world.  A world where love guides our path and informs the way in which we care for the world and for each other.  A world where each individual is supported in identifying their own unique gifts and how they will find joy in engaging and sharing these gifts for their own fulfillment and for the sake of the betterment of the world.  A world where love leads to peace and peace leads to harmony and harmony leads to joy.  Bring it on 2015!!!!!!!


A little help from our friends…

If you are looking for additional support in moving through the 2015 gateway, I (Lauri Lumby) am always available for one-on-one mentoring.  Call (920) 230-1313 or email to schedule a session.  You can also subscribe to the weekly Authentic Freedom meditation newsletter and virtual church service.  Learn more HERE.  And, if you life in Oshkosh, please consider attending the weekly Superhero Academy sessions.

Finally a video from Matt Kahn that might help inform your 2015:

and a song from one of my favorite prophets who was only about 50 years ahead of his time.

Happy New Year!

Love, Lauri


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Healing a Wounded Heart – Book Review

Beth (Elizabeth) Heuer is a dear friend and a woman I am grateful to have on my team.  I have journeyed with Beth, watching on the periphery, as her gifts as a writer have emerged and blossomed.  The release of her first book is a birthing of epic proportions and I am honored to support the sharing of her important message, namely, that the effects of an abusive childhood can not only be overcome, but transcended when one applies themselves diligently to the path of recovery. The end result being the restoration of their original and divine nature as healthy, whole and complete.  Thank you Beth for sharing your story so others too may also find joy!  You can find Beth’s book HERE. 


Healing a Wounded Heart by Elizabeth Ruth Heuer

Book review

With fierce and courageous honesty, Elizabeth Ruth Heuer creates a new Everyman, or rather, Everywoman. In telling her own story Heuer provides the context for how abuse happens and the dysfunctional thinking and behaviors that arise out of growing up with abuse.  In sharing the tools that helped her to heal and to be restored to her original nature as healthy, gifted and whole, Heuer provides hope for all who have suffered the pain and aftermath of childhood physical, emotional, verbal or sexual abuse.  Excruciatingly familiar, Healing a Wounded Heart speaks to female and male alike in telling the sadly universal story of childhood dysfunction leading to “a divided life,” and the opportunity, if so chosen, to heal the wounds of past abuse so that one might enjoy the freedom and fulfillment of a whole and unified life.


BethHeuerElizabeth (Beth) Heuer is the Emeritus Director of Human Resources at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, having been instrumental in moving three departments to the strategic level of the institution within higher education. A focus of Heuer’s 42 year professional life was helping others develop, learn, and become more self-reliant and joyful in their lives. Now retired, Elizabeth’s passions include reducing poverty and domestic abuse. As a founding member of the Women Who Care–Greater Oshkosh organization, Heuer hopes to make an immediate and significant impact on the community through building relationships among women, resulting in a community where all people can pursue a healthy and dignified life.

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A Message of Hope

A message of hope for a fearful world.  On behalf of love.  For the sake of peace.  In the company of my brothers and sisters of light.  Lightworkers.  Lightwarriors.  Healers.  Teachers.  Sojourners and Guides. We walk among you with hearts and hands wide open, here to help you find your way home.


People of the Earth:

It is time to wake up!  It is time to remember why you are here and for whom.

People of the Earth:

You are here to love.

You are here to share.

You are here to care for each other, for your planet, for your own wellbeing and the wellbeing of all who walk and crawl, swim and fly across this planet.

The time of darkness has come to an end.

No more will you choose to live in fear.

No more will you tolerate a world burdened by war, driven by greed and in the control of the power-hungry and gluttonous few.

No more will die in the name of oil, in the name of a so-called god of hatred, ignorance and prejudice.

No longer will the innocent be sacrificed for the sake of the gods of money, power and control.

Your people lie starving and naked, alone and afraid while the powerful few destroy your forests, poison your crops, desecrate your waters and pollute your air.

You have lived in darkness long enough!

No longer will you tolerate a world ruled by fear; instead, you shall seek the path of love.

And, in that search, you are no longer alone, for we are here among you – your brothers and sisters of light.

For lifetimes we have lived among you, hidden behind the veil of ignorance and fear, but now, the veil has been removed and you see us for who we are:  Sojourners.  Guides.  Helpers.  Healers.  Friends.

We are here for the purpose of love, to guide and assist you in remembering who you are, in remembering your original nature as love, contentment, fulfillment and joy.

We are here to help you because at one time, we too forgot, but now we remember and we seek to help you to do the same – for the sake of love and for the sake of your own survival, for as you teeter on the edge of extinction, it is only in remembering love that you can ever hope to survive.  And in remembering this love, not only will you survive, you will thrive and enjoy the bounty of a world that lives in peace, that cultivates harmony and that seeks to provide for the needs of the all.

Brothers and Sisters of Earth:

The time of darkness has come to an end and you are called to once again live in the light.  As you search your heart, you will know this to be true and you will finally agree to accept the help that we have offered again and again and again, only in the past to have it fall on deaf ears.  But now, your ears have been open and your eyes can see.  Look for love, and we are there.  Seek peace, and we are there too.  Know joy and you will find us among you…..waiting with hearts and hands wide open to help you find your way home.

authentic freedom and midlifeLauri Ann Lumby,

on behalf of love, for the sake of peace and in the company of all who live in the light.

If this message speaks to you, please share!

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Hope Walks In

Today’s blog asks the question, “Where do we find hope?”

Brothers and sisters:

Hope does not disappoint, 

because the love of God

has been poured out into our hearts

through the Holy Spirit that has been given to us.

Romans: 5:5

Where is the Hope?

As any human being who is honest with themselves and the rest of the world will admit…..the human condition sucks!  We suffer disappointment, loss, death, disease, war, pestilence, hunger, homelessness, broken hearts and broken dreams.  In the face of all these challenges, we are tempted to believe, “Life sucks, and then you die.”  If this is true, why did we agree to this human experience in the first place and why do we stay here to endure sure suffering and pain?  In a word – HOPE! 

Planted in our Hearts

Whether we simply believe in the resilience of human nature or in the idea of a benevolent Creator/God…..there is something within us that keeps us going in spite of the sure suffering and pain of the human condition.  Paul, in his letter to the Romans, called that “something” HOPE.  Hope is the thing that keeps us moving in the midst of tragedy.  Hope is what keeps us alive in the face of death.  Hope is what keeps us believing in a better day, life, existence.  Hope, as Paul describes, is God’s love, planted in our heart, driving us, compelling us, fueling us, moving us.  Hope allows us to dream beyond the pain and imagine better things, better days, better dreams.  Hope opens our eyes to see beyond the veil of suffering to the hidden glory – the new life in the midst of death, the new possibilities beyond perceived failure, the new love beyond betrayal.  Hope allows us to see beyond the limitations of our human eyes to see with the eyes of the Divine.

Claiming Hope as Our Own

But where do we find this hope when we feel that all is lost?  The answer – WITHIN.  As Paul reminds, hope is found in our hearts in our intimate connection with that which we might call God.  And the way to get there?  (Have I beat this horse dead yet?)  PRAYER…  MEDITATION… SPIRITUAL PRACTICE…CREATIVE ENDEAVORS…LOVING CONNECTIONS WITH OTHERS…   To find the hope we think we have lost, we need only return to that which is closest to us….our inner selves, God, love.  So when you feel beat down by the human condition, when you feel disappointed, despairing, alone……GO WITHIN.  Pray.  Meditate.  Paint.  Draw.  Write.  Cook.  Practice Yoga. Sing. Dance.  Spend time with someone you love.  This is where you will rediscover that spark of hope that will keep you moving and help you see the light in the midst of the darkness.

What are the practices that have helped you rediscover hope?

How do you make it through the struggles of the human condition?

How do you know the God in your heart?

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries

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Comfort in Times of Despair

When we feel lost, afraid, despairing, we are reminded that we are never alone and that there is a Divine Source whose eternal promise is new life.

Thus says the Lord:

Lo, I am about to create a new heavens and a new earth;

The things of the past shall not be remembered or come to mind.

instead, there shall always be rejoicing and happiness in what I create.

For I create Jerusalem to be a joy and its people to be a delight.

Isaiah 65


The Israelites in Exile

The above words from the book of the prophet Isaiah were God’s words to the Israelite people during their time of exile in Babylon.  Jerusalem had been conquered, the temple destroyed and the people of Israel taken into captivity and exiled to Babylon.  This was a time of great despair for the people of Israel, second only perhaps to the Holocaust of World War II.  In the midst of this despair, God sent the prophet Isaiah to bring encouragement, support and a vision of hope to the Hebrew people.  Through this experience, the Israelites were invited to trust in God, to cling to hope and to seek new ways of relating to God apart from what they had known in Jerusalem.


A Message of Hope for us

Isaiah’s message is a message of hope for us as well.  There are times in all of our lives where we feel lost, without hope, despairing, alone and afraid.  There are times when the things that had formerly been a source of support, guidance, security suddenly fall away and we are left there wondering, “now what?”  It is during these times that we are invited, like the Hebrew people, to trust in God, to cling to hope, to be open to new ways of relating to God and to be open to new forms of support, guidance and security.  We are invited to trust that God is making all things new and that on the other side of the despair is happiness and rejoicing.


A personal example

As I meander through the bramble filled path of divorce, I find great comfort in these words.  All that has previously been a source of support, security, structure for me is gone.  My routines have been disrupted, the natural order of my day dismantled, the physical sources of support are gone, the financial sources evaporated.  All that I thought I knew about myself, the people in my life, my hopes, my dreams, my visions are all now put to question.  And….I am left here  wondering, “now what?”  There are times when despair feels like the only possibility.  But then, when I turned to this morning’s scripture, here were these amazing words, and once again, I find that hope is possible.  So, call me a crazy dreamer, but I do find comfort in these words.  I do know that in the end, God is creating a new earth for me and for my children.  I do know that there is a higher purpose to this divorce and that magnificent things are coming to pass.


How can these words from Isaiah be a source of comfort for you in times of challenge and despair?


Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries