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Longing, Meaning, Purpose, Connectedness

“Through compassionate listening and attentive presence, I partner with those longing to find meaning, purpose and connectedness in their lives.”  Exploring my new mission statement. 

Strategic Planning and Mission Statements

Under an act of Divine intervention and miraculous workings of the Holy Spirit, I have been gifted with five AMAZING and talented individuals who have come together as my self-appointed Board of Directors.  I’m not sure Jesus was so blessed.  😉  We came together with the goal of accomplishing strategic planning for Authentic Freedom Ministries….to help get the word out and to get these products and services into the hands of those who need them.  The first two tasks were completed:  A Vision Statement and a Mission Statement.  (see mission statement above or in the column to the right.)  In the next several days, I will be exploring with you the line items included in the mission statement and how it may be relevant to your own journey and the journey of the others you may know:  Longing, Meaning, Purpose, Connection and Partnering.  Today’s blog is about LONGING.

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Holy Longing

At the moment of our conception, God plants within us a DESIRE and a LONGING to go home – to return to our origin in Oneness with God – recognized in our lived human experience as compassion, peace, joy, harmony, justice, mercy and love.  This longing exists to point us to our truest self: the meaning, direction and purpose of our lives, our gifts and how we are called to use them.  In pointing us toward our truth – the person God created us to be,  we come to understand if we are gay, straight or bi-sexual; introverted or extroverted; called to be married or single; religious or not religious; Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Pagan or otherwise;  we come to know our needs and we come to identify and connect with our tribe. – the people with whom we are called to be in community.   Ultimately, this longing draws us toward love – love of God, love of self, love of others and empowers us to be this love in the world.  Ronald Rollheiser, in his book of the same name, calls this desire, Holy Longing.   We might not know what it is or what to call it, but we can sure FEEL it.

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Identifying Holy Longing

Identifying this longing is really quite simple and pretty dang obvious.  We can recognize this longing through feelings of:  restlessness, impatience, frustration, rage, anxiety, worry, loneliness and depression.  When we are experiencing any of these states, we can be pretty sure that it is that seed of truth that God planted within us, calling for our attention.  “Come Find Me!” it says.  Restlessness, impatience, frustration, rage, anxiety, worry, loneliness and depression are all inner states that exist in response to something else, in most cases, to truths not yet identified.  Restlessness, impatience and frustration often exist to tell us, “You don’t belong here.  There is a better job/place/relationship/life situation that is more reflective of the person God made you to be.  Rage sometimes appears in situations where we feel powerless.  From the perspective of longing, rage might be there to say, “Stand up for your truth.  Your truth is not being honored here.  YOU are not honoring your truth.”  Anxiety shows up to tell us we are not living in our truth.  Worry comes forward when we think we feel powerless and want to gain some measure of control.  Loneliness shows up when we have forgotten to connect with those activities that generate love, peace, joy and compassion within us – in other words, it is God saying, “Come here and be with me” and our highest self saying, “Come here and let me love you.”  Depression exists as a face of grief and when we have really cut ourselves off from the voice of longing within.

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The Purpose of Longing

The purpose of Holy Longing is to:

  • Call us home to our truest selves
  • Draw us toward an intimate connection with God
  • Help us remember love as our original and truest self
  • Draw us toward an awareness of our purpose
  • Help us identify our gifts, to nurture and cultivate them and to empower us to share them
  • Guide us toward fulfillment
  • Lead us toward a life abundant in love, joy, peace, contentment

In other  words, it behooves us to listen to the voice of longing within and tend to it…….it’s task is to lead us to the most amazing things.  Won’t you listen to the voice of longing within?

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries