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Our Heart’s Desire

Our Heart’s Desire

Whether we admit it or not, each of us are in search of our heart’s desire – the quest of the Soul to fulfill its mission and to be the person God/dess made us to be.  Being the person God/dess made us to be leads us to a life that is fulfilling, joy-filled, rooted in contentment and peace, compassion and love.  For many of us, the search for our heart’s desire is most acute during midlife, mostly because up until now, we have suppressed this desire.  If midlife arrives and we have not yet obtained our heart’s desire, the Soul shows up to stir things up, making our lives messy enough that we begin to question, search and explore the origin of our seemingly insatiable restlessness, impatience, frustration, resentment and even rage.

Finding the Answer

The answer to the question, “What is my heart’s desire?  What is the mission of my Soul,” is not to be found outside of us, though that is where, for many of us, the search begins.  Neither is the answer to this question discovered in or through our intellect.  Nay……the answer to our heart’s desire is safely protected in the hands of God (Goddess, Higher Self, Higher Power, Presence, Essence, Bliss….whatever name you use to identify that which is beyond).  Only the Divine has knowledge of our highest self, of the purpose for which we were placed upon this big ball of mud, and the life that will make us feel fulfilled, joyful and content and through which we are called to serve the betterment of the world.  Only God knows who and what God made us to be.  That is, however, until we ask.  But simply asking is not enough, for once we ask, we have to listen, truly listen, then we have to BELIEVE and RESPOND.



Asking to know our heart’s desire, the mission of our soul is comprised of a simple formula:  SIT DOWN…..SHUT UP……LISTEN.  🙂  In other words, we find the answer to our heart’s desire through meditation, contemplation and prayer.  In order to hear the still, small, voice of God, we have to quiet our restless minds and our troubled hearts.  We need to be quiet and patiently wait for God to speak.  And when God speaks, we need to listen.


Listening for God’s voice involves the skills of discernment.  Discernment is the process through which we distinguish the voice of God from the voice of our ego/false self.  The voice of God is recognized in feelings of peaceful expansiveness.  The voice of the ego is cloaked in fear.  God speaks of love, contentment, fulfillment and joy (though our ego may respond in fear to God’s voice.).  The ego desires for us to remain in status quo – to remain content in the perceived surety of the known and familiar.  God calls us to grow and to change.


The greatest obstacle, once we have heard God’s voice, is doubt.  We wonder, “how can I know for certain that what I think I’m hearing is actually God or truth?”  The hard truth is that we don’t.  All we can do is try it on for size.  Believing God’s voice requires a leap of faith and what I have come to call, spiritual obedience.


As Mary said to the angel Gabriel, “Let it be done to me according to your word,”  this is the attitude we must embrace if we are to truly find our way to our heart’s desire and the fulfillment of Soul.  If we wish to know contentment, joy, love, compassion and freedom in our lives, we have to set aside the desires of the ego, and be open to the path of our highest good, which comes from God.  Spiritual obedience invites us to listen to the voice of God, trust it is God speaking and then act….sometimes with blind obedience.  Most often, we do not know the outcome of Divine directives, all we know is how we are being invited to act IN THE MOMENT.  We have to trust the direction given, and blindly adhere to this, having no attachment to the outcome, but knowing and trusting that it will lead us on the path of our highest good.  Mary, believed and trusted in the angel’s instructions and accepted the invitation of her Soul, knowing that it would be a controversial and difficult decision, but trusting it as the path of her highest good.  And thank God she did because otherwise we wouldn’t have Jesus – one of the greatest spiritual teachers to ever have walked this planet.  And speaking of spiritual obedience, Jesus was obedient, even to the point of death, so that we too would one day have the opportunity to know the truth that Jesus came to know and the truth that eventually got him killed.  Jesus refused to recant on his knowledge of his Oneness with God – the same state of Oneness he hoped we would one day also come to know.  We are invited, like Mary, to let our lives be done according to God’s word….not ours. And like Jesus, we are invited to strictly adhere to the truth that God would reveal to us, regardless of what the outside perceived authorities might want us to do.

No one said it was going to be easy

No, the path of our heart’s desire, the fulfillment of our Soul is not an easy path.  Accepting the path of the Soul sets us outside the fold and asks us to overcome not only our fears, but the very force of our Ego – that which we spent half a lifetime creating and clinging to.  If, however, we want to know peace, contentment, freedom, fulfillment and love within ourselves and if we want to help to serve the betterment of the world, our heart’s desire – the path of our Soul is the only choice.  “Let it be done to us according to God/dess’s word.”

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Hearing the Truth Beyond the Words

Today’s blog explains what I mean by “Attentive Presence” in my mission statement and to inform you of a little gift I have that just might help YOU in your own journey.

You Cannot Lie to Me!

One of the things my children have learned about their mother (ME!) is that they CANNOT LIE to me.  Fortunately, they have not had to learn this the hard way because I have been preparing them their whole lives to understand this truth.  It seems that I possess a truth barometer that sniffs out even the most subtle of lies and forms of deceit  – when I am smart enough to listen to it, that is!  I first became aware of this gift somewhere around the age of seven when we had a houseguest that was trying to pull one over on my parents.  Fortunately, a grown up also thought something was rotten in Denmark and uncovered the guest’s dastardly plan.  While this gift has served me well in my personal life in uncovering liars and deceivers (again, when I bother to listen), the true strength in this gift is the ability to feel, see, hear, sense the TRUTH that is seeking to make itself known.  This aspect of my truth barometer not only helps me, but serves as a terrific resource in the work that I do as a Spiritual Director, Teacher and Healer.

If you are looking for support in naming, claiming and living your truth, call Lauri (920) 230-1313 or email to set up a personal session. 

Adaptive Strategies or Spiritual Gifts

I’m not exactly sure how this gift came to be developed.  It certainly could have arisen as a sort of adaptive strategy in response to my childhood.  Being able to sense the energy of a room or to feel other people’s emotions are great ways to assess how to engage in certain situations.  I also understand this ability to read energy as an invitation to be a source of love and support where needed.  From this perspective, some would argue this is a gift from God.  I do believe the origin of this gift is the Holy Spirit but strengthened through attention and lived experience.

If you are looking for support in naming, claiming and living your truth, call Lauri (920) 230-1313 or email to set up a personal session. 

Where Truth Hides

It has been in my professional life that I have witnessed the greatest expression and benefit of this gift of sensing, hearing, seeing, feeling, the truth beyond the words.  Our truth, our life’s purpose, the meaning of our life experiences, knowledge of the path of our highest good and knowledge of our own unique giftedness….are all available to us AT ALL TIMES.  The problem is that we cover up the knowledge of this truth through our fears, our resistance, our addictions, our compulsions and our false perceptions.  On some level, we really DON’T want to know our truth.  Why?  Because we know that acknowledging our truth means we have to DO SOMETHING about it….and usually that involves change…..something none of us are really too keen on embracing.  But, as Jesus reminded his disciples, it is only in acknowledging and living our truth that we shall ever be free.  “The truth shall set you free.”

If you are looking for support in naming, claiming and living your truth, call Lauri (920) 230-1313 or email to set up a personal session. 

The Gift in Practice

Here is where I come in.  Because of this strange gift that God gave me and life has strengthened, I can see, hear, feel, sense the truth beyond your words.  And the funny thing is that often, your truth is right there in your words… just haven’t heard it.  Like the man who protested that he was a “red blooded American male” yet only found fulfillment in the company of another man.  Like the businesswoman who told me that her financial investments started to go south when she allowed someone else to make decisions for her instead of making her own decisions where she had been successful in the past.  Or, the man who told me (without knowing he told me) that he thought he needed to leave his wife.  More often than through the spoken word, however, your truths will be revealed to me in even subtler ways – a shift in your posture, a tone in the voice, an energy of fear or resistance that arises out of you.  Sometimes the truth is revealed in what you aren’t saying as opposed to what you are saying.  And the strange thing I have discovered is that this truth barometer is just as strong in phone or Skype sessions as it is face-to-face.  The bottom line is that your truth might be able to hide from you……but it can’t hide from me.

If you are looking for support in naming, claiming and living your truth, call Lauri (920) 230-1313 or email to set up a personal session. 

Compassion Steps In

But here is the really cool thing.  I am not going to hold space for you to identify your truth and then leave the truth to hang you out to dry.  Identifying, claiming and living in our truth is hard.  As Gloria Steinem says, “it will kick your ass.”  AND… do not need to make this journey alone.  In addition to helping you identify your truth, I am here to help you identify the fears and resistances to living that truth and will walk beside you, giving you tools to help you as you move through the fears to the life of freedom that is your DIVINE BIRTHRIGHT!  And while the journey can be challenging, the reward is GREAT.  When we embrace and live in our truth, we know a life of contentment, joy, love and fulfillment.  And in the end, isn’t this what we are all looking for?

If you are looking for support in naming, claiming and living your truth, call Lauri (920) 230-1313 or email to set up a personal session. 

Lauri Lumby

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Want vs. Higher Good

As we move along the path of our spiritual growth, we are invited to move out of the world of want and surrender to the world of our highest good.  All of this requires an immeasurable amount of trust and our own willingness to let go of our ego-filled desires and need to control. Today’s blog explores that process.

Pop Culture Abundance Theology

“God loves you so much that God wants you to have EVERYTHING you want.  In order to get what you want, you just need to think the right thoughts.  If you don’t have what you want, then you are thinking the wrong thoughts.  Like attracts like.”  Sound familiar?  These are the words that have been getting tossed around in our pop-culture as a justification for indulging our wants and making the masses believe that this is what God wants for us and that makes it right, right?  I personally know people who have spent THOUSANDS of dollars in support of organizations and churches that preach this kind of “abundance” theology and in the end, have NOTHING to show for it except maybe a pile of debt.  What is missing is the reality that Divine abundance has nothing to do with want and it certainly has nothing to do with money, stuff, things OR thinking the “right” thoughts.  The Law of Attraction is nothing more than something made up by a culture that wants to justify its gluttony and greed and instead of supporting our dreams, hopes and visions, belief in this law only gets us trapped in the hamster wheel of guilt, blame and shame. (because if we don’t have what we want, we must be thinking the wrong thoughts and then it is our personal fault if we don’t have what we want.)  And I don’t mean to shatter anyone’s illusions, but there is no “Secret,” not the one our culture wants us to believe anyway!

The Real Secret

The truth is that God is abundant.  Just not in the way our pop culture wants us to believe.  God does want us to enjoy our highest good.  God knows what we need in our lives to feel peace, calm, content, joyful, compassionate, merciful and loving.  God knows what are our greatest gifts and how we could use those gifts to find inner fulfillment and how we could share those gifts in the world in service to others so that our world can become more peaceful, just, harmonious and loving.  And what God WANTS is for us to know this, to believe this, to embrace this and to live this.  This is the true nature of Divine Abundance….and it has nothing to do with money, status, fame, power, stuff.  And quite frequently, it has nothing to do with what WE want, but it has everything to do with what we NEED!  (I think there’s a Rolling Stones song that says something about this!)

Getting in our Own Way

So, if there is a path to fulfillment, peace, joy, compassion, justice and God knows what that is, why aren’t we living it?  Because….we keep getting in our own way!  We go through our lives trying to get what we want, trying to make things happen, trying to manipulate and control the outcome of our lives.  And what does that give us?  FRUSTRATION  PAIN  DISAPPOINTMENT  DRAMA  CHAOS  STRESS  ANXIETY  What would happen if instead of making our own plans, deciding our own destinations, seeking the fulfillment of our WANTING, we sought direction from the ONE source that actually knows what is best for us?  HHHMMM   We might know PEACE  LOVE  CONTENTMENT  FULFILLMENT.  Sounds like a great idea to me!

The Magic Formula

So, how do we get out of our own way and allow God to drive the bus?  In a nutshell…READ MY BOOK!  (ha ha).  In truth, there are a million fabulous resources that support us in our journey of letting go of our ego-driven wanting so that we can be open to surrendering to the Divine flow of abundance.  The bottom line….is…..being open to receiving guidance from a source higher (deeper, wider, more intimate, ) than our selves.  Meditation, prayer, contemplation, creative endeavors, are all supportive tools for being open to receiving the guidance that leads us toward our highest good.  And then, we need to get out of the way.   When we let go of our wanting, our plans, our need to control, and allow ourselves to surrender to what God would reveal to us as in our highest good, then we are guaranteed an abundance of peace, contentment, love and joy….and we are given the tools we need to move through the ups and downs of the sometimes insane human condition, trusting that even the losses, disappointments and tragedies of life are somehow serving our highest good.  Now that is ABUNDANCE!

Where do you find yourself clinging to your own need to control?

Where have you gotten caught up in the wheel of guilt and blame over “not getting what I want?”

How are you being invited to be open to Divine guidance towards the path of your highest good?

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries

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It’s Time to Ramble On…..Authentic Freedom and Divorce

In the spiritual journey, there comes a time when we are called upon to stand in our own truth….whatever the cost.  For me, the time is now as I face the unfolding process of divorce.  It is the Authentic Freedom process that has provided the courage and strength that has brought me to this place and will continue to carry me through the next stage(s).

Writing Danger

There is a terrible danger in writing spiritual books.  (Authentic Freedom – Claiming a Life of Contentment and Joy is being released in April!!!!).  At some point, the Universe/God is going to expect you to put what you have written into practice.  If you are going to be so bold as to write on spiritual topics, then you’d better be ready to walk the talk.  I can tell you that this has never been more true for me than RIGHT NOW!  As this (now nine month) divorce process has been unfolding there have been many times that I have wondered what possessed me to write this dang book in the first place.  Every time that I have been afraid, frustrated, angry, grieving, the Universe taunts me by waving my book in my face and saying, “Lauri, here are the answers to all your frustrations!  You wrote about it.  Now do it!”  ARGH!!!!!

It’s Time to Ramble On

So, now I find myself in a very important transition stage in this divorce.  My husband and I filed for divorce on Monday and now I am making preparations to move.  The immortal words of Robert Plant have been ringing in my ears as I prepare for this next step:

Leaves are falling all around, It’s time I was on my way.
Thanks to you, I’m much obliged for such a pleasant stay.
But now it’s time for me to go. The autumn moon lights my way.

Got no time to for spreadin’ roots, The time has come to be gone.
And to’ our health we drank a thousand times, it’s time to Ramble On.

(Here’s the YouTube clip for this song: )

God’s plan, not mine

The challenge in this step is that it is not happening the way I had planned.  I had planned that at this point I would have a secure financial foundation, a booming business and a home to move my children to.  Instead, I find myself in a transitory stage and having to rely on the hospitality and generosity of friends until the financial foundation presents itself to allow for part 2 of my dream.  As I have moved through the past nine months and into this next stage, I have been plagued by the very fears that I present the remedies to in my Authentic Freedom classes and now book:

  • There is not enough
  • I have nothing significant to contribute to the world
  • I can’t live and be as my most authentic self
  • I am not loved
  • I am not free to express my truth
  • I do not know (my truth, my path, etc.)
  • I am alone

While I sometimes snarl at God when I am in the place of these fears, I am also profoundly grateful for the spiritual practices that have allowed me to survive this journey to this point.  And while I have shaken my fist at God and threatened to fire my God-Squad, I also know that this is part of being human and that God can take that as part of my spiritual practice as well.  And, while my ego thinks it is in charge and knows what is best for me, I am comforted in knowing that there is a Spirit/God that really DOES know what is in my highest good and while I WANT to have my own home, the Universe is providing me with something even better – A PLACE TO HEAL.

The Gift of Authentic Freedom

So, as I enter into this next step in the process, I have no idea where the money is going to come from.  I have no idea how my book will be received.  I have no idea what I will be doing professionally.  I have no idea where I will end up living (after the hospitality of friends).  I wonder if there will be another love relationship.  I wonder if I know anything at all or if I have ever known anything.  But what I do know is that I have a place to live.  I have been invited to take some time to heal.  I have friends and family who love and care for me (and the feeling it mutual).  I have amazing children who I love dearly.  AND I AM NOT ALONE – along with all this support is a loving God who knows what is in my highest good and reveals the opportunities in which I am able to receive it.  In the end, I guess that is all I really need.

Where have you come face to face with the fears listed above?

What spiritual practices have helped you to transcend, heal, give release to these fears?

Where are you being invited to be open to God’s plan and not your own?

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries