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Introvert’s Lament


 I long for a world free from extroverted privilege and pressure –

A place set apart from the hustle and bustle of an achievement-driven world.

Where we are free to do what we do best –

Watch, wait, listen and feel…..deeply.

With quiet and thoughtful observance –

Seeing what other eyes cannot see

Hearing what other ears cannot hear.

Our quiet wisdom honored and recognized

As precious, priceless and more valuable than the rarest jewel.

I long for a world where the vulnerable seeds of life’s new creations are safe.

Where their need to be known is not threatened

By a world intent on “making things happen.”

Where growth is supported in the simple act of allowing

And where the need of the seed is heard

Before imposing our own agenda upon it.

Where instead of having to put ourselves out there –

Forced to make ourselves seen

And having to scream in order to be heard,

I long for a world that would come to us…


… and then to their homes return

So that we can be left again to the world that we prefer –

A world that is quiet, peaceful and still.

Where we can hear the dandelion seeds giggle as they dance across the breeze,

The caterpillar’s heart beating soft against the earth beckoning its own transformation,

And the slurping of bees quietly sipping their nectar.

If introverts ruled the world,

This is how it would be.

copyright 2016  Lauri Ann Lumby


Lauri Ann Lumby, OM, MATS, founder and director or Authentic Freedom Academy is an introvert, an outgoing introvert as her friends will attest, but an introvert nonetheless.  Lauri relishes in her time spent alone meditating, reading, writing, cooking, creating and enjoying an all-too rare walk in the woods.  It is in these alone times that Lauri has found her truth and has been made aware of her mission in this world – to help others know themselves so that they may truly live!  Learn more about the mission of Authentic Freedom Academy HERE.

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Building the New World Part 1 – Hearing

Have you seen our new “tagline?”

Authentic Freedom Academy – Empowerment Training  for Those Who Want to Change the World.

Stay tuned for more on this, how it relates to our mission and how we are here to help support you in being a part of changing the world. In the meantime…….today’s blog on how those who are called to help change the world have been gifted with a certain kind of hearing. 

I am writing today’s blog after eight days of not being able to get up off the couch thanks to a raging “virus” that started on Monday morning with a three hour “download” which turned into a migraine with full-body pain, a 102 degree fever, chills, sweats, all of which eventually resulted in an inner ear infection, culminating in a burst eardrum and partial, temporary, hearing loss. All this time, my energy medicine friends (myself included) have asked the question, “What it is you’re not hearing?”

I pondered this question deeply, exploring every possible aspect of my life. Discernment can be tricky when you are sick, but I’ve learned that the Soul can speak to us, even through our pain.  What my Soul said to me quite clearly is – “There is nothing you are not hearing.  Instead, this is about all that you have already heard and continue to here.”

With this revelation I wept big tears of sorrow for all the pain I have been feeling through all that I am able to hear and realized the ear pain was simply the physical manifestation of all I had been feeling. The following is all that I have been able to hear:


On a personal level:

  • Every time someone has tried to lie to me or withhold the truth from me.
  • Every time another’s perspective, beliefs, position, behavior, etc. were not reflective of love.
  • When another made me their enemy for no fault of my own except for being myself.
  • When another was trying to manipulate me through fear or by any other means.
  • When evil is present in another or when their Soul had been given over to darkness.
  • When I diverted from the path of my Soul.
  • The fear, pain, sorrow, sickness, longing, hope, desire, unacknowledged addictions, unfulfilled dreams and unhealed wounds of every single person I meet.

On a global level:

  • The message from God (when I was 6 years old!) which revealed to me the threat of our world’s end and the steps needed to thwart that end.
  • The cries of the world for peace.
  • The screams of the earth as we kill her slowly through our selfishness and greed.
  • The agony of injustice as our world tears itself apart through selfishness, greed, ignorance, hatred and fear.
  • The pain in the hearts of children who are not being fed, given a safe place to live or who are denied the simple experience of being loved.
  • The anger over the demonizing of the Feminine and the emasculation of the Holy Masculine and all those suffering under the suppression of our divine and holy natures.
  • The deep sorrow over rampant violence against humanity in all forms.
  • A deep sickness over the ways in which God has been used to justify all sorts of violence and hatred in our world.
  • The yearning of a God who knows only how to love and who wants the world to know this love.

These are all the things I have been hearing for as long as I have walked this earth. It is only through a special kind of hearing that I am able to hear these things.  This is one of the gifts I have been given through which I am able to help support the betterment of our world – because it is not only the pain I hear but the promise:

Earth Heart

The Promise:

  • I hear the earth describing in detail how she needs to be treated to abundantly provide for our survival, as she was made to do.
  • I hear the deep longing in the hearts of every person I meet to fulfill the path of their Soul, along with the unique way they are being called to make a better world.
  • I hear the creative gifts of each person screaming to get out so that they might find fulfillment within themselves and in serving the betterment of the world.
  • I hear the song of the Universe echoing the promise of peace and a humanity willing and able to live in harmony, respecting and supporting one another in our differences while working together for peace.
  • I hear God’s sigh of relief when all of humanity finally sets down the fear of separation and is able to receive the love that has been our truth all along.

This deeper level of hearing is one of the unique gifts that have been given to many so that they might help to bring forth the new world. We are being called to do this through our many gifts and through our unique fields of influence.  I have been called to do this one person at a time, helping them to identify what their gifts are and how they are being called to help create the new world through their gifts, and then empowering them to do so.

How is it that you are being called to help build the new world?

Authentic Freedom Academy provides empowerment training for those who want to help change the world. Call (920) 230-1313 or email to learn more.



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Little Mermaid Part 2 – Being heard!

Today’s blog explores an on-going struggle.  When we gather enough courage to name, claim, cultivate and freely share our truth, our voice, our needs, desires, passions, hopes, etc.  how do we respond when those with whom we wish to share our voice cannot or will not hear us?



As I penned Wednesday’s blog about Ariel and giving up our voices (our truth, our dreams, our hopes, our passions) for “love”, I had no idea that the receiving function of this dynamic would come at me full boar and slam me into the ground. 

On Wednesday, we were challenged to shift the socialization that makes us believe we have to “shut up and put up” or deny our voice in order to gain “the handsome prince.”  Instead, we were invited to name, claim, cultivate  and generously share our truth, our voice, our dreams, hopes, needs, desires, passions, etc. with the world around us.  I was soon reminded that the universe nevers lets our lessons be incomplete as I was given an opportunity to name and claim my truth, which I did, and discovered that it is all fine and good to name, claim and share our truth….but perhaps the even bigger challenge is getting people to hear our truth.

Without going into all the gory details, suffice it to say that I came face to face with one of those people in my life that no matter how hard I try; no matter how clearly I attempt to name and claim my truth and establish my needs and boundaries – THEY CANNOT HEAR ME.  I found myself completely overwhelmed with frustration and rage as I tried to communicate my needs in the situation only to be met with a blank stare.  Have you ever had one of those situations where you are trying to be heard and the unhearing is so bad that you feel completely insane and begin to wonder if perhaps you are crazy for thinking this truth should be heard, wondering if the truth is even valid and then thinking perhaps the “receiver” is the one that really knows what is right?  Then your mind goes blank, you feel paralyzed and you cannot even begin to defend yourself, speak or argue because the insanity of it all has caused a complete and total system meltdown?  This is how I felt.  The only thing I found I could offer as a response was to go to bed.  I know, pathetic, right?  So, here is the question – what in the heck does one do in these situations?

What do we do when we know our truth and work toward sharing it and the people with whom we want to share these truths cannot hear it or refuse to honor it?  This is a challenging question, because in reality, there will ALWAYS be people who cannot hear or accept our truths.  There will always be people whose ears, hearts and minds will be closed to the truths we feel called to voice in the world.  This is equally true of boundaries…..because naming and claiming our needs and asking for them to be met are equally a part of this discovery and sharing of truth journey.  So…what are we to do with those who cannot hear our truth?

Unfortunately, there is no black and white answer to this quandary.   As we grow as human beings, one of the things we come to understand more and more fully is our own truth, our needs, our gifts, our desires and our passions and we grow in our ability to nurture and share these truths.  Even in a culture where we are socialized to suppress these truths for the sake of “love” or for the sake of another’s needs, if we are tending to our own inner journey….we cannot help but come face to face with our own deepest truths at some point in the process.  When we do, we are invited to own it and stand in it.  AND…..when we do this, ( as my friend Kathy L. states, ) we become “shit disturbers.”  Standing in our truth disturbs the status quo.  Standing in our truth breaks and alters the rules.  Standing in our truth forces change in our intimate and professional relationships.  Some relationships are able to withstand this change.  Some are not. 

So, when we come face to face with those who cannot hear our truth, I guess the answer is

1) try to re-negotiate the relationship (if it is one worth keeping)

2) If the relationship cannot be renegotiated decide if it is one you can accept as is….or

3) Leave it behind.

And take comfort in knowing that as we grow in our ability to name and claim our truths, new relationships will come into our lives that are supportive of our truth, that do honor our boundaries and where each party is interested in being a source of mutual support, compassion, love, etc. for one another.

  • What relationships in your life are supportive of your needs, your truth, your gifts and your dreams?
  • What relationships are not?
  • Which relationships need to be re-negotiated?
  • Which ones are calling to be left behind?
  • What new relationships are coming into your life that ARE open to hearing, honoring and valuing your truth?


Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries/Your Spiritual Truth


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God is a Smarty-Pants!

Taking time to listen and being open to hearing AND believing the voice of God in our life.  Is God really talking to us, or are we just insane?


As I pen today’s blog, I realize that I have to come out of the closet to my readers.  Yes….the closet I am coming out of is this:  God talks to me.  And the funny thing is that God talks to you too….when you take the time to listen and are open to hearing and BELIEVING the voice of God in your own life.  And the reason I feel called to come out of the talking with God closet is because I was reminded again today that God is a big fat smarty-pants!  (I would normally use more colorful language to describe this smart-A nature of God….but I want to keep this blog G-rated!) 

Yes, God is a big fat smarty pants!  And here is how I know this.  In the past several months, I have had several significant situations when I asked God for a specific answer to a specific question….and the answers I got were quite frankly – hilarious.  So here were the questions:

1)  As I am moving through this current life transition of divorce and being faced with having to support a new home, our children, etc.  I asked God how in the heck I was going to pay for the new life that I am being invited to embrace.  And do you want to know how God answered?  (and I kid you not.)   This was God’s answer: 

“It is none of your damn business.”  (oops, sorry, God went a little PG there!) 

Ok, that just made me laugh and of course I knew this answer was authentically from God because who else would give me this kind of answer, knowing that in asking the question, all I was doing was showing God that I doubted the plan that God had presented for me as in my highest good?  Of course it is none of my damn business….BECAUSE….God is taking care of it.  Who am I to worry, to doubt, to question?  Silly me!  Upon receiving God’s response, I was humbled….and overwhelmed with gratitude in the knowledge that it really was none of my damn business.  Now I could stop worrying and get on with my (ahem…God’s ) plan! 

Ah…but of course being able to surrender to God’s plan in God’s timing is a heck of a lot easier said than done….so again, I find myself wondering, “How am I going to afford this new life?????”   And…I didn’t even have to ask this question aloud…..because God knows the doubts and fears in our hearts.  So here is how the answer to the unvoiced question surfaced:

2) So, I’m receiving a Reiki treatment today, seemingly minding my own business when the Reiki practitioner pipes up, “I’m supposed to tell you that you will see it with your own eyes.”  What the heck?????  Now God is talking to me through my Reiki practitioner????  (Yep, God can talk to us through other people too.)  I hadn’t even voiced this question, neither had I shared it with my Reiki practitioner….but alas, I admittedly had been wondering how this whole divorce thing was going to turn out, new house, etc. etc. etc.   I just had to laugh, God heard the silent questions of my heart and broke through the peaceful tranquility of a Reiki treatment to give me the answer to my unnamed question.  Again…God is a big fat smarty pants! 

So what is my point in sharing all of this (besides risking being labeled as COMPLETELY INSANE!!!!????)?  I share this because I know that I AM NOT the only person to whom God speaks!  In fact, I know that God speaks to each and everyone of us each and every day.   The question is…..Do we take the time to listen?  Are we open to hearing God’s voice?  Do we have the tools to distinguish the voice of God from the voice of the ego?  Do we have the courage to BELIEVE?  And guess what… do not need to be Moses or Ezekiel or Samuel or even Jesus to hear the voice of God.  God is speaking to you RIGHT NOW in the depths of your heart.  Are you open to listening and hearing God’s voice?  And in the spirit of God the big fat smarty pants….I DARE YOU, in fact I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU to listen….God just might have something to say! 

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries/Your Spiritual Truth