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I can haiku, can you?

A just for fun blog….kind of.   The value of an economy of words….something I’m just beginning to learn!


I come from a long line of Welsh/Irish poets, writers, musicians, entrepreneurs (and apparently drinkers and philanderers  😉  ).  As such, economy of words has NEVER been my strong suit.  Like most Irish poets, we require a billion words to get our point across.  As much as I try, I can NEVER tell “the short version” of a story or experience….just ask my poor children, family members, friends, ex- husband and lovers who have been sorely bludgeoned by my words.  So, you can imagine the challenge Haiku has been to me as a form of poetry….so much so, in fact, that I have FAILED at every attempt.  That was until last week, while hiking in the redwoods outside of Los Gatos, California.  Struck by the majesty, awe and wonder of nature, and wanting to communicate it in words, I found I could not.  Instead, I took a few pictures, wandered the woods some more and found four little haikus slipping out from deep inside my consciousness.  Eleven syllables that said so little….and yet, so much.  So….here are four of the haikus, accompanied by the images that inspired them.


  One Two One

Primordial Dance

Bring me home


Water talkswatersofia

Lifeblood of earth

Keep me clean


Seed of lifetreesdancing

Forest ye shall be

Nourish us


Fleur de LisMagdaleneSofia

The Magdalene calls:

“Be my voice”


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