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Divine Embodiment Guided Meditation/Attunement

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On June 20, 2016, the full/blue moon and the solstice energies cooperated in facilitating an activation and attunement within us which created the opportunity for our Divinity to become fully embodied in our human form, eliminating the perceived separation between our Divine and Human selves, and fully integrating all that we perceive as separate within ourselves, most especially the masculine and feminine.


With this activation, our Soul’s Purpose for this lifetime is freed to fulfill its purpose through our own unique giftedness.  Shanta Gabriel perhaps said it best in her blog about this activation:

This Solstice/Full Moon Activation on June 20 ushers a new season of awakening and creates a wave of empowerment for Unity Consciousness to awaken within all souls on the Earth.

What are the gifts you have brought to the planet to share? What is the divine expression your soul has promised to anchor on the Earth? You do not need to know the details to receive this offering from your Highest Self.

Divine Union is only one of the gifts that is being introduced during this Solstice Full Moon activation. With the Sun at its fullest point of the year and the Moon at its fullness as well, the Masculine and Feminine energy is at equal full power to allow Divine Union to be manifest.

For all those who have committed to anchoring Divine Love and Unity on the Earth, a portal of Light is opening on June 20 to anchor onto the Earth the soul gifts that you brought with you into this lifetime. You will now be given an opportunity to receive them in a new way. The grounding of these gifts through your human form is the empowerment being offered to you right now.

On Solstice, June 21, 2014, your Soul gifts were called into your life, but it took all of 2015 for them to be integrated. Now with this powerful Solstice Full Moon, you can anchor the gifts of your Soul through your physical body so you can fulfill your Soul’s Destiny in this lifetime.


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At this week’s Temple of the Magdalene service, Lauri Ann Lumby lead participants in a guided meditation which follows the journey of ascending from our sleeping human states to Divine Consciousness and then descending so as to allow the Divine to become fully embodied in our human form – empowering us to be and live as our Awakened Human self – fully Divine, fully Human with our masculine and feminine qualities living in harmony and balance with one another.

This meditation is now available to anyone seeking to embody this Unity within themselves and can be completed anytime you feel so-called and can be completed repeatedly to more fully anchor this activation within you.

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A Special Gift from Authentic Freedom

I’ve just arrived home from Muse Camp and am still in re-entry mode.  I did, however, still manage to facilitate the Authentic Freedom Sunday Service yesterday morning.  Below is a recording of yesterday’s service, featuring a guided chakra meditation for healing and wholeness.  Save a copy for yourself and use it often to heal your fears, release old wounds and enjoy spiritual, emotional, mental and physical restoration!  35 minutes in total!


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Virtual Church – Right Relationship with Money

This week’s Authentic Freedom Virtual Church service is LIVE.  The theme this week is MONEY……while rendering unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, are we remembering to render unto God what is God’s?  This week’s service features a guided meditation to assist us in finding balance in that relationship between our material and spiritual needs.

You can attend this week’s service HERE. 

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Virtual Church – Weekly Service

The weekly service for the Authentic Freedom Virtual Church is now LIVE.  In the spirit of the healing intention of Lent, I have created a guided meditation as this week’s offering.  As we accompany Jesus to the tomb of Lazarus and witness Lazarus’ release from death and return to life, we are reminded of the Lenten invitation to enter into our own tomb.  It is within the tomb of God’s loving embrace where we have an opportunity to examine the inner obstacles to the life of freedom, love, meaning, purpose, connection and joy that God intends for us.  It is also within the tomb, through God’s love, that we are able to be healed and released of these inner fears and compulsions that entomb us so that we can be open to the promise of new life.

To really get the most out of this week’s service, you will need to set aside 1 hour of uninterrupted time so that you may fully enter into the guided meditation.  Turn off your phones and electronic devices.  Find a comfortable place to recline or sit upright.  Turn on the meditation and simply allow the words, sounds and intentions to help facilitate your own healing and release. Using Authentic Freedom as the guide, you will be invited to remember the truths that God has promised us and confront and heal the fears that stand as obstacles to these truths.  I hope you enjoy the meditation and find it meaningful!

To participate in this week’s service, click HERE.

And remember, if you find this offering meaningful and supportive of your own spiritual growth, healing and transformation, consider making a donation to Authentic Freedom Ministries.  To donate, click HERE.