God is Dead and The Bride Has Taken Her Throne

God is dead, the bride, the queen, queen of heaven, new heaven, new earth, prophecy

In meditation this morning, I was given a vision that God is dead and that “The Bride” has taken her throne: In the vision I saw God (the old man in the sky God). He was old and frail. He was only skin and bones, with a few wisps of white hair on his balding … Read moreGod is Dead and The Bride Has Taken Her Throne

God Doesn’t Care Part II

In saying the God doesn’t care and asking the question, “then why do we?” (Read part I HERE), I am speaking about a specific kind of caring. I’m not referring to the caring and loving acts we demonstrate or show towards others.  I am also not talking about the proper concern we have for our … Read moreGod Doesn’t Care Part II

Claiming What is Truly Ours

“We are afraid of her. For centuries we have wanted nothing to do with her. Now she returns into our midst. She is substantively weighted down by a special knowledge. She is saturated with hidden forces. Her one key move is to claim what is truly hers without shame.” – Ellias Lonsdale from his book … Read moreClaiming What is Truly Ours

“God” Does Not Save

I am going to bet that a whole lot of people are going to be either offended or frightened by a blog that suggests that “God Doesn’t Save.” Bear with me here…..I promise there is a happy ending!  🙂 Yesterday while working through some specific areas of trauma – healing and releasing them through a … Read more“God” Does Not Save

My Easter Gift to You!

Today we commemorate the resurrection of Jesus as the Christ and the witness of his resurrection by Mary Magdalene who was then ordained by Christ to share the good news with the other disciples. My Easter gift to you is an excerpt from Lesson Five of my online course, “Resurrecting the Magdalene.”  If you are interested … Read moreMy Easter Gift to You!

The Mystic’s Conundrum

The Mystic’s Conundrum Copyright Lauri Ann Lumby     Once we have seen the face of God, Everything by comparison pales. The whole world lacks luster Melancholy defining the human condition. Longing replacing enjoyment Ever yearning our heart’s return. “Why can’t it be like that all the time?” We achingly wonder, Comparing earth to heaven … Read moreThe Mystic’s Conundrum

The Function of Divine Will and Divine Timing in Unity Consciousness

A big title for a big topic.  This is what came through today as I was pondering the question of how manifesting, timing, etc. function in Unity Consciousness.  Who knew I’d been judging it all from the perspective of separation – until today!  When we transcend separation, this is what happens: In Unity Consciousness (or … Read moreThe Function of Divine Will and Divine Timing in Unity Consciousness

The Cyclical Nature of Grief

Yesterday, and old grief was triggered in me, along with all the symptoms that have come along with this grief – deep sorrow, rage, hatred, anxiety, panic, trembling, emotional and intellectual paralysis, nausea, upset stomach, etc.  When I found I could not even give words to what I was feeling, I turned to my blog … Read moreThe Cyclical Nature of Grief

A Day of Gratitude

Yesterday I launched the Authentic Freedom Academy Sunday Service.  Today, I am overflowing with gratitude for all who have supported me in the on-going evolution of Authentic Freedom Academy in all its manifestations!  Yesterday, brought it all full circle and I feel that in many ways, the puzzle is finally complete.  THANK YOU to my family, … Read moreA Day of Gratitude

Not Church

It seems the final piece of an ever-evolving puzzle has found its way into place. Starting Sunday, August 16, 2015, I will be adding a Sunday service to the offerings of Authentic Freedom Academy. This addition came about through no effort of my own. Instead, it literally fell into my lap. In truth, I had … Read moreNot Church

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