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God is a Smarty-Pants!

Taking time to listen and being open to hearing AND believing the voice of God in our life.  Is God really talking to us, or are we just insane?


As I pen today’s blog, I realize that I have to come out of the closet to my readers.  Yes….the closet I am coming out of is this:  God talks to me.  And the funny thing is that God talks to you too….when you take the time to listen and are open to hearing and BELIEVING the voice of God in your own life.  And the reason I feel called to come out of the talking with God closet is because I was reminded again today that God is a big fat smarty-pants!  (I would normally use more colorful language to describe this smart-A nature of God….but I want to keep this blog G-rated!) 

Yes, God is a big fat smarty pants!  And here is how I know this.  In the past several months, I have had several significant situations when I asked God for a specific answer to a specific question….and the answers I got were quite frankly – hilarious.  So here were the questions:

1)  As I am moving through this current life transition of divorce and being faced with having to support a new home, our children, etc.  I asked God how in the heck I was going to pay for the new life that I am being invited to embrace.  And do you want to know how God answered?  (and I kid you not.)   This was God’s answer: 

“It is none of your damn business.”  (oops, sorry, God went a little PG there!) 

Ok, that just made me laugh and of course I knew this answer was authentically from God because who else would give me this kind of answer, knowing that in asking the question, all I was doing was showing God that I doubted the plan that God had presented for me as in my highest good?  Of course it is none of my damn business….BECAUSE….God is taking care of it.  Who am I to worry, to doubt, to question?  Silly me!  Upon receiving God’s response, I was humbled….and overwhelmed with gratitude in the knowledge that it really was none of my damn business.  Now I could stop worrying and get on with my (ahem…God’s ) plan! 

Ah…but of course being able to surrender to God’s plan in God’s timing is a heck of a lot easier said than done….so again, I find myself wondering, “How am I going to afford this new life?????”   And…I didn’t even have to ask this question aloud…..because God knows the doubts and fears in our hearts.  So here is how the answer to the unvoiced question surfaced:

2) So, I’m receiving a Reiki treatment today, seemingly minding my own business when the Reiki practitioner pipes up, “I’m supposed to tell you that you will see it with your own eyes.”  What the heck?????  Now God is talking to me through my Reiki practitioner????  (Yep, God can talk to us through other people too.)  I hadn’t even voiced this question, neither had I shared it with my Reiki practitioner….but alas, I admittedly had been wondering how this whole divorce thing was going to turn out, new house, etc. etc. etc.   I just had to laugh, God heard the silent questions of my heart and broke through the peaceful tranquility of a Reiki treatment to give me the answer to my unnamed question.  Again…God is a big fat smarty pants! 

So what is my point in sharing all of this (besides risking being labeled as COMPLETELY INSANE!!!!????)?  I share this because I know that I AM NOT the only person to whom God speaks!  In fact, I know that God speaks to each and everyone of us each and every day.   The question is…..Do we take the time to listen?  Are we open to hearing God’s voice?  Do we have the tools to distinguish the voice of God from the voice of the ego?  Do we have the courage to BELIEVE?  And guess what… do not need to be Moses or Ezekiel or Samuel or even Jesus to hear the voice of God.  God is speaking to you RIGHT NOW in the depths of your heart.  Are you open to listening and hearing God’s voice?  And in the spirit of God the big fat smarty pants….I DARE YOU, in fact I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU to listen….God just might have something to say! 

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries/Your Spiritual Truth