Withholding our Gifts

Today’s blog explores our own unique giftedness and our responsibility to identify, cultivate and share that gift in the world.  We are the ONLY ones who possess and can share this gift.  And when we deny this gift and withhold it from the world, the whole world loses.  Participating in soulful spiritual and personal development … Read moreWithholding our Gifts

Life Passion and Purpose

Today’s blog explores the human longing for passion and purpose, the search for fulfillment, contentment and joy and the little clues that arrive on our path to show us the way. The key is to look for those things that make you heart sing! Longing for meaning, passion, purpose As I state in my mission … Read moreLife Passion and Purpose

Longing for Purpose and Direction

Each of us long for meaning, purpose, direction and connectedness in our lives.  Today’s blog continues to explore how Authentic Freedom Ministries serves to help you find the fulfillment of this longing, specifically as it relates to your search for purpose and direction. Call or email Lauri today if you are interested in setting up … Read moreLonging for Purpose and Direction

You Have Been Called

Today’s blog continues the discussion on Divine Call.  How are you called to be a vessel through which Love is known in this world? Thus says the Lord, Here is my servant whom I uphold, my chosen one with whom I am pleased… I, the Lord, have called you for the victory of justice, I have grasped you … Read moreYou Have Been Called


Much of the spiritual journey is about seeking the answer to the question, “What is my life’s purpose?  Why am I here? ”  Today’s blog explores that question. Seeking Purpose Everyday between clients, students and email inquiries, I get the question, “What is my life purpose?  Why am I here?”  Of course, this is not a … Read morePurpose

Wisdom from my Therapist about Resentment

A short blog on the virtues of resentment – as told to me by my therapist. Yes, I see a therapist…..and I am not ashamed to admit it!  One of the greatest bits of wisdom handed down to us Lumby kids by our mother came in the form of the following mantra: “Never be afraid … Read moreWisdom from my Therapist about Resentment

Miracles, Signs and Manifestation

Yesterday I received an unexpected gift from a dear friend – a Girlie from artist, Kelly Rae Roberts http://kellyraeroberts.com/.  Little did my friend realize the depth of meaning to this gift.  In today’s blog, I explore the truth of miracles, signs and the magic of manifestation. As most of my readers are aware by now, … Read moreMiracles, Signs and Manifestation

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