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The Great Upheaval

We are living through the time of the Great Upheaval.  Everything in our world that was built on the foundation and for the purpose of fear, power, oppression, and control is in some form of collapse. Governance, education, healthcare, the capitalistic-corporate culture, the industrial model, etc. etc. etc.  Everywhere we look, we see systems on the verge of collapse.

As is true for all experiences of loss, there have been several responses to this collapse:

Denial.   Bargaining.  Depression.  Rage.  Sorrow.  Acceptance.

Denial:  “Everything is fine.  Nothing’s wrong with the current system.  Let’s just continue with things as they always have been.”

Bargaining:  “If people just had the work-ethic of my generation, all would be well. If  younger people would just get off their devices…”

Depression:  “I had to close my business because no one would work.”

Rage: “It’s ‘their’ fault that the world is like this.  Let’s wage a war/protest against ‘them.’”

Sorrow: “I’m deeply sorrowful for the changes I see happening in our world.”


Acceptance:  “I see and understand all these external symptoms as signs of impending death and I am hopeful for the new world that will come forth out of these long-needed changes.”


The world in which we have been living and the systems that have created this world are not and have never been sustainable.  We have created for ourselves a feudalistic system in which the many are slaving away for the benefit of the few.  Corporations and their shareholders are reaping the benefits of their employees work while hoarding wealth for themselves.  Educational systems are geared toward churning out obedient workers for the system while ignoring the growing needs in our culture for innovation and creativity and the specific educational needs of those primed for the future and not for the past.  Post-secondary education has turned into a capitalistic/money-making corporate scheme. Healthcare flounders because it is no longer geared toward the care of the patient.  Instead, healthcare has become about profits and the wealth of stockholders.

These are just a few examples of how the upheaval is presenting itself in the systems in need of change.

Other examples of this upheaval are evident in those who were born to help bring about the change and who are here to plant the seeds and nurture the growth of the new world.  Let me offer a few examples as I have witnessed them as both a mother and an advocate to the generations who are bringing forth this change:

  • Young adults refusing to work in environments where their needs for respect, a living wage, work/life balance, etc. are not being met.
  • Young adults finding innovative and create ways to make a living (entrepreneurial ship, online businesses, social media, making a living through their creative abilities, etc.)
  • Technology: our young people intuitively know how to work with emerging and the ever-increasing advances in technology. They have harnessed this ability and daily come up with new ways to use technology for the greater good of our world.
  • Global Awareness:  The younger generations think globally and locally, with an eye to how our local actions impact the larger world.
  • Acceptance of Diversity:  The younger generations are far more accepting of diversity and are finding increasing ways to honor and celebrate this.
  • Education:  Children and young adults rebelling against an educational system that doesn’t work for them.  Young adults refusing to invest in a university education because that model no longer guarantees good work with adequate pay, more importantly, the current model of higher ed has not changed to meet the needs of a changing world.
  • Connectivity: Our young people are more connected than we ever thought of being.  Thanks to technology, they are able to communicate with the world, have found their tribes, and are working together to bring forth change.

These are only a few examples, but ones that are likely to spark judgment and condemnation from those benefitting from the status quo. 

This judgement is another face of grief.  If we judge the young ones for their “strange behavior,” then we can condemn them and continue in our comfort with the status quo while ignoring a world on the verge of collapse.”

As is true of any death, it is appropriate to grieve, but we can only remain in denial for so long. Eventually the truth comes to bear. Death is the only outcome of a system beyond repair.  When we open our eyes to the symptoms of that death and look toward the possibility of new life on the other side of this death, we find comfort and hope.  I, for one, am beyond excited for what the youth among us will do to bring forth the new world after the current one is gone.  The good news is that they are already doing.  We must simply open our eyes and release our temptation to judge, then we shall see it clearly.

What are you seeing as signs of a new world coming into form?



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Millennials and Generation Z – Lying in Wait

As part of his recent address to youth in honor of World Youth Day, Pope Francis “issued a rousing and impassioned call to action… saying our unsettled times require them to get off the couch and ‘set out on new and uncharted paths.’( National Catholic Reporter, July 30, 2016)” Whereas the Pope’s address went on to praise the unique gifts of the millennial and Z generations and the ways in which we need them as a world to bring forth positive change (, I found myself insulted (on behalf of all millennials and Generation Z’s) when the Pope accused them of being “couch potatoes” and “confusing happiness with the sofa.”


This “couch potato” accusation is often leveled against millennials and Gen Z’s, I believe unjustly. In my experience “couch potato” could not be farther from the truth.  Instead, the millennials (and the Gen Z’s who are following suit) are one of the hardest working generations that I have ever encountered (at my ripe young age of 51).  The problem is that many choose to view these children and young adults through the lens of their own generations’ values and how they defined work and productivity.  It is completely unfair to view millennials and Gen Z’s through this lens as they have been born into a completely different time with a whole new set of societal problems and ways to meet those problems.  In fact, the millennials are here for the sole purpose of cleaning up the mess created by the generations before them and the Gen Z’s are here to build the world anew.  How would you like to be saddled with this mission?  Think about that next time you are tempted to call the millennials and Gen Z’s lazy!

Who exactly are the millennials? According to Pew Research, the millennials are those who came into adulthood around the year 2000.  Generation Z are those born after 1996/97.  The millennials are already out there working on their mission.  The Generation Z’s are lying in wait as the world around them is dying so that after it has all crumbled around them, they can step into the missions they came here to complete.

Where we have been:

Whereas the past 150 years have been exceptional in what we have accomplished by way of industrial and technological advancements, serious and perhaps irreversible damage has been done to our world, our cultures, the air we breathe, the soil from which we harvest our nourishment, our environment, our water, our people and all other species for the sake of “advancement.” The damage that we have done to the world and to one another has reached a critical level and if we do not do something soon to reverse it, we will destroy ourselves.  The structures we have created to support these systems are in the midst of imploding upon themselves (government, education, healthcare, food production and distribution, energy production, institutional religion, manufacturing, corporations, banking, monetary systems, etc.).  We need only look at the farce the US Presidential election has become to see evidence of this impending collapse.  None of these systems will be able to sustain themselves if they continue along the path they have been traveling, and at this point, it is far too late to do anything to reverse their course…the avalanche is now out of control and on a course towards its own destruction.


This is where the millennials and Gen Z’s come in.

If we would take the time to get to know the millennials and Gen Z’s, we would see the profound gifts they have brought into the world and how they have been lying in wait, itching to do the work they came here to do. For one thing, the millennials and Gen Z’s came into the world with a profoundly different perspective than those before them.  For the majority of this population, there is NO perception of separation – all human beings are valued as equal – male, female, gay, straight, black, white, Christian, atheist, American, Syrian, etc.  While they find their “tribe,” they do not discriminate against those with different interests, beliefs, etc.  They allow and are comfortable with diversity in a way that drastically differs from those before them.  With this lack of separation, they are global thinkers….thinking globally rather than locally, while also privileging local when it comes to their purchasing power.

Secondly, millennials came into the world KNOWING the world they were supposed to be living in. Unfortunately, they quickly learned that THIS world is NOT the world they know in their hearts – the world that feels like home to them.  THIS world does not feel like home, so they find worlds that do feel like home – worlds where there is magic, comradery, cooperation and harmony.  While the world that feels like home does include “conflict,” the conflict is there for the sake of growth, not so as to harm the world or to harm another.  All the time we might be tempted to believe they are just lying around, they are in fact, surrounding themselves with what feels like home.  I believe that this is exactly what millennials and (especially) Gen Z’s are supposed to be doing right now.  It is through these activities that they are preparing for their ultimate mission and purpose.

As I see it, the millennials and Gen Z’s are here for two purposes: the oldest among them are here to be hospice to the dying world, the youngest are here to build something new.

Instead of hurling accusations upon the millennials and Generation Z’s as being couch potatoes, let us welcome them for their profound gifts – gifts they are busy cultivating while others are busy judging. While many are tempted to believe the millennials and Gen Z’s are just lying around playing video games, Snapchatting their friends, watching TV, playing Pokemon-Go, they are in truth, lying in wait – visioning, dreaming, researching and planning how and what they will be doing to build the new world –  once we get our asses (and our judgment) out of the way!

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