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Surviving Today’s Full Moon

full-moon-237523Over the past week, I have felt the energy building as we have been approaching today’s full moon, but in that I had no idea how truly INTENSE today’s moon would be.  I’m personally feeling the INTENSITY of this moon as pressure behind my sternum and in the middle of my back between my shoulder blades.  Additionally, I feel an energy in my body like I am about to EXPLODE.  If you too are feeling the intensity – physically or perhaps emotionally in the heavy feeling like you need to cry, intense anxiety, even the feeling of a pending panic attack….read on.


Today’s Moon’s Purpose

The energy of today’s full moon is all about LOVE.  In short, the Universe (God, whatever you want to call it) is trying to fill us up with LOVE and re-attune our consciousness from a mind full of fear to  a heart full of  Divine Love.  This LOVE that is attempting to fill us up is the LOVE of our true selves, our original selves and our true home.  This heart-centered LOVE is how we were meant to function – not the mind-based fear that we have lived out of for the past 10,000 years.

Receiving this Love

Today’s full moon is INTENSE, and might at first feel VERY UNCOMFORTABLE.  What I have come to understand is that the degree of discomfort is proportionate to our attachment to mind-based functioning and resistance to LOVE.  In order to experience the true nature of this LOVE which is soothing, comforting, nourishing and sustaining, we need to move out of our head and into our hearts.  In order to receive the fullness of the gift intended by this LOVE, the answer is the same – to get out of our heads and into our hearts.


Rx for Today’s Full Moon

If you are experiencing today’s moon as discomfort, anxiety, pain, or fear, here is a simple exercise to help you receive the LOVE and more importantly, BE that LOVE:

As you feel the discomfort, become aware of your attention to your head or mind.  Purposefully draw the energy you feel there from your head and allow it to sink into your heart.  Then imagine your heart like the bud of a rose and envision your heart opening wide to receive the LOVE.  Now, FEEL that love as it fills you up, giving you a sense of buoyancy, peace, contentment and even joy.  KNOW that this love is your true nature and is the energy of home.  Now, intend to BE that love in the world.

Receive the Love.

Feel the Love.

KNOW the love.

Be the Love.

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Magic Crystals, Life Reviews, and Spiritual Growth


I love when the Universe (aka God/dess) gives us exactly what we need.  This week, when struggling with particular areas of “stuckness” in my life, three miracles happened. In the first miracle, a crystal was returned to me (that I had forgotten I had lent out) that has miraculous powers to UNSTICK stuck situations.  I have used it in the past and shared it with friends, all with spectacular results. The second miracle was that the crystal was returned to me just prior to the August Super Moon (full).  The full moon is traditionally a time for meditating and stating intentions around things in our life we would like to let go of or be freed from.  Saturday morning, with crystal in hand, I lit a candle and stated my intention to be freed/unstuck from these specific areas of stuckness.  As I was meditating, the crystal LITERALLY jumped in my hand.  It scared the heck out of me.  I told you it was a powerful crystal!  The third miracle happened through a life-review.  While in yoga, meditating, just going about my day, memories of situations arose in which I had experienced conflict with another human being.  Supporting this life review were conversations with my children and a few friends which brought up certain persons of interest, along with memories of how I had felt hurt by these individuals and the grudges I was still holding toward them.  This life review went on for one full day and during yoga on Sunday morning, I could not silence the review and the accompanying feelings of resentment.  Until somewhere in the middle of a sun salutation, I heard the words, “Love your enemy and pray for them.”

Anorthoclase crystal from Mt. Erebus in Antarctica
Anorthoclase crystal

God Always Answers our Prayers

So, here I am thinking the answer to my full moon intention is going to come in physical form, when in fact, what is CAUSING the stuckness that I am perceiving as material is actually spiritual in nature.  Specifically, the source of my stuckness is my perfectionistic harboring of resentment. In this, I also became acutely aware of all the situations in my life where I prevent the flow of love toward another human being – toward my abusive neighbor, for example, toward my ex-husband when I harbor negative thoughts, toward others who I perceive as potentially harmful or dangerous, toward those with whom I feel the need to set or maintain certain boundaries, toward those I suspect will reject me, and toward those who have condemned me.  In all these situations, I am aware of the inner posturing of defense and a withholding of love.  So here, rather quickly I might add, is the fulfillment of my full moon intention.  LOVE MY ENEMY and PRAY FOR THEM…..and then I will be unstuck!

Loving my enemy

In the spirit of the command to love my enemy and pray for them, this is exactly what I am doing.  When I am aware of the inner constriction that happens when I am defending against a perceived enemy, judging or condemning them, I am shifting my awareness from constricting to holding them in love.  When I have negative thoughts, feel hatred or resentment toward another, I turn that around and send them love instead.  Additionally, I have been purposefully bringing to mind those with whom I have had conflict and harbored resentment, and I am holding them in love and sending them prayers of love.  Interestingly, this very sentiment of loving one’s enemy was expressed by Jesus in is second-to last words on the cross, “Father forgive them, they know not what they are doing.”  Only after expressing these sentiments was Jesus ready to surrender himself to death, “Into your hands I commend my spirit.”  Is this true for us as well… forgiveness the final obstacle to living in oneness with God on this earth?  Hmmmm….I wonder.

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The Time of Shadows is Past

Taking a bit of a pause from blogging on midlife and menopause to share a poem that surfaced this week while attending a seminar for my PhD program.  While this poem doesn’t address midlife specifically, it does speak to those who uncover their authentic self, full potential, truth during the midlife journey.  At the same time, I address this specifically to my companions and friends in the contemplative, ascension, Galactic Federation of Light, starseed, lightworker, lightwarrior, healer, seer, intuitive communities….you know who you are.  Happy Full Moon and Autumn Equinox…..a time of opening, unfoldment and stepping into the fullness of our truth.  Blessed be brothers and sisters, blessed be!


The Time of Shadows is Past

The time of shadows is past

And once again we live in the light.

Brothers and Sisters

Healers and Lovers

Misunderstood, wrongly accused, condemned and destroyed.

Judged as heretics.

Burned as witches.

A lifetime of karma, made right in one fell swoop.

Assuming our rightful place of power –

made not of fear,

but begotten of love.

Passionate, peaceful and loving.

No longer obscured by the perception of fear,

Or the veil of ignorance.

Seen at last as the love that we are and

Seek to be in the world.

copyright 2013  Lauri Ann Lumby