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Miriam Speaks – Reclaiming the Feminine in Salvation History

As we are on the brink of the full revelation of the Divine Feminine and ushering in the rebirth of the Divine Masculine, it is time for the feminine heroes of salvation history to speak.  Today, let me introduce you to Miriam – prophetess, priestess, healer and midwife of the Hebrew people – Co-liberator with Moses in the journey from slavery to the discovery of the REAL Promised Land.   

Anselm Feuerbach, public domain
Anselm Feuerbach, public domain

Miriam Speaks

You know, I am sick to death of my brother Moses getting all the credit!  It’s been five thousand years and I am done being silent.  It is time for me to speak.  It is not just because of Moses that the Hebrews found freedom…..I had a big role to play in the Exodus too, but sadly Moses is the one who has gotten all the recognition (and Aaron with him).

In case you don’t know who I am (because the men who wrote scripture simply glossed over my story…and I’m never preached about in the temple or Sunday morning at mass), I am Miriam.  I am Moses’ older sister and a prophet in my own right.  But of course, most have forgotten this about me (thank Goddess for the Talmud or my story would have been all but forgotten).

I am a prophet, a seer, a healer, a dowser and a midwife.  It was I who saw the star foretelling Moses’ birth.  It was I who interpreted the meaning of the star.  It was I who helped my mother bring my brother forth from the womb.  It was I who knew what to do to save Moses from death when Pharaoh ordered the slaughter of male infants.  I had been to the rushes.  I had heard the Pharaoh’s daughter and her longing for a child.  It was I who had befriended her during my mother’s pregnancy knowing the fate that would befall my brother when even Pharaoh didn’t know himself (the Pharaoh’s seers were not near as gifted as I).  It was I who brought Moses to her allowing her to “find” him on her own so she could fool her father.  When Moses became a prince and a foreman over the Hebrews I was called by God to reintroduce Moses to our mother, informing him of his authentic heritage as a Hebrew.  I was the one who delivered to Moses his (our) true calling as a liberator(s) of our people.  When Moses fled to the desert I was there with him in prayer, supporting him in finding a family and eventually in finding the Mountain of God and his encounter with the one true God.  Then, when Moses returned, I was his counselor, helping him to hear and discern the voice of God and ordaining him into the priesthood – with staff and serpent – symbols of the full integration of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, I ordained him.  I can’t help he never fully embraced the Feminine, but that was the intention. I was there by his side when he spoke to Pharaoh and I wept with him when the Angel of Death passed over and slaughtered the first-born sons of those who did not believe.  I was there with him when Pharaoh ordered our liberation and I was there beside him calling for the parting of the Reed Sea.  With Moses’ staff of power and my power over the Feminine element of water, the waters gave way and with my singing and dancing (and that of my fellow priestesses) we held the water at bay.  It was when we ceased our dancing that the waters fell upon the Pharaoh’s soldiers, insuring our escape.


I am a prophet, a healer, a midwife, a dowser and a priestess of the Hebrew people. In our forty-year journey through the desert, I was Moses’ constant companion.  Using my intuition and my gift of sight, I was the column of fire and the pillar of cloud that led our people through the desert.  With my feminine connection with water, I located the wells that would provide water to quench our thirst.  I called forth the quail who nourished our hungry bodies and discerned that manna would be good to eat.  When we arrived at the Mountain of God, I sensed the anger and frustration of the crowd and that Moses would be the likely target for their anger and sent him away from us to the heights of the mountain where he could discern for himself God’s guidance at this important crossroads in our journey. I held him in prayer and support while Aaron succumbed to the pressure of the people in creating a god for themselves.  Then, when Moses came down with the law, I reveled in what God had revealed to him and then found myself heartbroken when in his anger over what our people had done in fashioning a golden idol, he delivered a law that was prohibitive instead of the vessel of support and affirmation that God had originally intended.  I whispered the truth of God’s law into the hearts of those who would hear, but to those already in fear, it was Moses’ prohibitive rules that eventually stuck.

I was there when we first beheld the Promised Land and knew that it was not the land itself that God had promised but an inner freedom that secured our liberation regardless of the outward circumstance of our lives.  In our journey through the desert, I had found this freedom time and time again in my own intimate connection with our God who was both male and female and yet beyond either of these.  I found this freedom in my communion with God and in the nurturing and sharing of the ways in which God sought to be known in the world through me – as yielder of water, as pillar of cloud and column of fire, as serpent and seer, as healer and midwife, as priestess and prophet, as daughter, sister and mother.  In our journey through the desert, I found the freedom that God had promised and sought to teach our people the same. Sadly, for the majority of our people – Moses included – this freedom was never truly found and I see that the same is true today as men are waging war after war after war over material control of whatever they currently believe to be the “Promised Land” – Israel, The Ukraine, Egypt, Tibet, oil, gold, diamonds, money, fame, power, and control.  Humankind continues to build false idols and to seek outside of themselves for the “Promised Land” when as I have discovered, it has been within us all along.

copyright 2015  Lauri Ann Lumby

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The Gospel of Sophia – Book Review

I haven’t yet finished reading The Gospel of Sophia, not because it is not holding my interest, but because this book is meant to be SAVORED! Tyla Gabriel has done a fantastic job of presenting in Encyclopedic fashion the critical importance of the Divine Feminine in all her forms. This book is not just a lesson in the Divine Feminine, it is an attunement – and an ordination. As I have been reading the book, I am being transformed. EMPOWERMENT, specifically, FEMININE EMPOWERMENT is the gift that comes in being open to the spirit of Tyla’s words. Miracles have been happening in my life since encountering The Gospel of Sophia and I imagine they will for you as well. Please get this book and savor it drop by drop by drop as you enjoy the Divine love you will experience while enjoying its nourishment.

 TheGospelOfSophia-low-resBUY IT HERE

KNOW HER.  For the first time in print the secrets of the Mystery Schools and highest yoga tantra concerning the primacy of the Divine Feminine Trinity are revealed through self-evident scholarship and inspiring, panoramic views of the three Goddesses.  The biographies of a Mother Goddess, who created the world and is found in every creation story, the Daughter Goddess, who descended like Christ from heaven to redeem fallen matter, and The Holy Sophia, who travels along with humanity as it evolves, is told in detail with accompanying documentation that is historic and deeply stirring.

The three biographies of the Mother, Daughter and The Holy Sophia conclusively answer all cosmological, philosophical and theological questions about the divine that have engaged the hearts and minds of thinkers since the beginning of time.  The Gospel of Sophia gives the reader an opportunity to see the divine pictured in ways that have never been offered in one book.  Volume I is a source text that points directly to the reader’s ability to experience the divine through the thinking, feeling, and willing aspects of the reader’s consciousness.

The Gospel of Sophia is a Living Imagination of our time.  Simple symbols and parables will bring the reader to experience Sophia in ways that have only been dreamt about before or described as inspirations that were not connected to a stream of wisdom that self-initiates the practitioner.

The reader will move from an aspirant seeking knowledge to an initiate who begins to experience Sophia-Christos in a process of self-initiation.  This vision of the Great Goddess is unparalleled in the literature on the current revelation of the Divine Feminine Trinity.

The Gospel of Sophia is intended for spiritual initiates only.  If you are not on an esoteric path of conscious, self-directed initiation, the contents of these esoteric materials may not resonate with you at this time on your spiritual journey.   How will you know if you are a spiritual initiate?  Please read the sample materials offered on Tyla’s website.  If they stir your soul and spirit, you will know that you, the student, are ready, and a teacher has appeared.


TylaWells.jpgAbout the Author

Tyla Gabriel, ND is a board certified naturopath as well as an internationally known entrepreneur in education and business.  She holds a graduate degree in Humanities from Florida State University, where she began her life-long studies in religion, mythology and philosophy, eventually leading her to the path of Anthroposophy.  As a philosopher and theologian, her writings and teachings on the pivotal role of the Divine Feminine Trinity have broken ground that is tantamount to a new revelation of the divine that necessitates a complete revisiting of our approach to the world and ourselves.

The Gospel of Sophia is the testament of an aspirant of Sophia who has been given self-initiation with the assistance of the Divine Feminine Trinity as guide and teacher.  From the first revelation of Sophia through Pelee, to the Etheric Christ experience several years later, Gabriel has followed the luminous path of study and communion with Sophia-Christos to become an initiate of Sophia.  The teachings about the Being of Sophia are the result of living Imaginations given to her by spiritual beings that inspired her over many years, guiding her to active Intuitions that unveil the hidden nature of the Great Goddess.

You can learn more about Tyla Gabriel at











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Goddesses – Mysteries of the Feminine Divine, a book review

Being raised Catholic, with the “old man in the sky God;” presided over by an exclusively male priesthood; I often felt as if something was missing.  How could the God of unconditional love only be male and only choose men to lead “HIS” Church?  If God loves us without condition and if we are indeed “made in the image and likeness of God, where was the God in whose image I was made?  Furthermore, wouldn’t women, then be equally worthy to lead God’s Church? While the veneration of Mary somewhat satisfied these longings, she still wasn’t God. These questions eventually led me on the search for a feminine image of God that I could call my own, and one that I intuitively knew could be found.

Gratefully, I was not the only one troubled by the exclusively male God of the Western religious traditions and have found much comfort in the research that has been accomplished in uncovering the abundant examples of the Feminine Divine in cultures and religions across epochs, including Her presence in the Judeo-Christian tradition.

In, Goddesses – Mysteries of the Feminine Divine, by Joseph Campbell, I have found another worthy resource in my on-going exploration of the Feminine Divine.  Whereas some of the conclusions Campbell presents have since been refuted (ie: the absence of the feminine divine within the Hebrew tradition), this collection provides a worthy addition to the study of the Feminine Divine, and unlike many books written on this topic, Campbell presents this topic in a way that is accessible to anyone.

In this collection of previously unpublished lectures, given to lay audiences in the 1980’s, the reader will get an overview of the research contemporary to the time.  Campbell reveals a rich tradition of the Feminine Divine, along with a contemporary challenge to set aside our exclusively male gods with their resulting hierarchies and patriarchies and make room for the Feminine. Balancing the masculine and the feminine, Campbell argues, may be the remedy to the disease of power and control that currently plagues our world, proving once again, the prophetic vision of Joseph Campbell.

If you are a fan of Joseph Campbell or interested in the Feminine Divine, I highly recommend this book.



Lauri Lumby

Spiritual Director, Author, Priest