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The Seed of Remembrance – Finding Our Way Home

Today – a parable.  When we made the choice to experience the human condition, the consequence was the perception of separation from our Divine origins, which then resulted in fear, suffering and pain.  Fortunately, our loving Divine parents planted within us the seed of remembrance so that one day, we would find our way home.


Once upon a time, there were Divine loving parents, Father and Mother. They created a universe filled with their children, made in their own likeness. In the Presence of the Father and the Mother, these children knew nothing but love, happiness and bliss. Then one day, some of the children realized that in order to grow and mature, they would need to know what life would be like without the Presence of the Father and the Mother. So, these children asked their Divine parents for permission to move away from them – to go off by themselves and experience life without the Presence of their Divine Parents. Mother and Father knew exploration would cause their children great anguish, pain and suffering, but also knew that in order to grow, they needed this time of separation, so the Parents agreed. The children then went off on their own to explore the world separated from the Presence of their Divine and loving Parents. Father and Mother, however, did not send the children off completely alone. Instead, they planted within the heart of each of their children the seed of remembrance. Contained within this seed was the memory of their original home as one in love with their Divine Parents, sisters and brothers. Father and Mother hoped that one day, this seed of remembrance would awaken and lead their children home.

The children, then, went off to experience life as separate from their Divine origins. As was anticipated, this experience caused the Divine children much pain and suffering. The children felt as if they were lost, abandoned and alone. For the first time, they experience fear which then led to anger, resentment, jealousy, covetousness, lust for power, insecurity, loneliness and despair. The children of God, out of their fear, began to create separation from each other, making war, destroying the world Father and Mother had given them, condemning others as different and unacceptable. The world they created apart from their Father and Mother became a world of great darkness. As the years went by, the children grew more and more restless and more and more afraid.

All this while, the seed of remembrance rested within the hearts of the Divine children. In all of the Divine children, this seed felt to them like a thorn or a sliver trying to find its way out. This seed created within each of the Divine children, a deep longing – a longing that could not be named, but a longing nonetheless. Many ignored this longing or tried to silence its efforts through self-numbing behaviors – excessive food, drink, accumulation of possessions, power and control over others, etc. Others, heard this longing and punished themselves, falling deeper and deeper in despair. Others, felt this longing and instead of resisting it or succumbing to its darkness, decided to LISTEN. In this listening, the Divine children heard the voice of Father and Mother calling them home.


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Ahead of My Time or Just in Time?

Today’s blog explores Jesus, Church stuff and timing – specifically ushering in the Age of the Holy Spirit.

Out of the Mouth of Babes

Yesterday, I received an enormous tidbit of wisdom for a twenty-something whippersnapper.  And I use these terms tongue-in-cheek because in truth, I have found the twenty-somethings to have WAY MORE wisdom than most of the rest of us.  I asked this young man to give me some feedback on the Sunday evening meditation circle that I host and that he attended once with some of his friends.  They had not come back and I wanted to find out why.  In short, there were three words that scared them away:  Scripture.  Jesus.  Catholic.  Please note that all three of them had been raised Catholic.  We discussed this further, in particular, how I approach these three apparent hot-buttons in the work that I do.  Then came the “out of the mouth of babes” wisdom.  “Lauri,” said the twenty-something young man, “I think you are just ahead of your time.”  Sigh.

Scary words

When I look at  the three words that scared those twenty-somethings away, I feel like shaking my head in frustration.  Three words that in my not-so humble opinion have been given a really bad rap and which have been used to forward the agenda of the fearful few.  I could just walk away from these words – stop talking about Jesus, stop using scripture, stop being all Catholicky…..but I find that I cannot.  Why?  Because there is some strange force within me that compels me to redeem these words and our relationship to them.  Why?  Because in twenty years of praying, meditating, contemplating scripture, Jesus and Catholicism, I have found some really cool things…things that unfortunately most churches are reluctant to share.  Let’s start with the man:


In my own prayer, meditation and contemplation of scripture as it relates to Jesus and with Jesus himself as he shows up in my prayer, I have found Jesus to be a really cool dude.  Compassionate.  Kind.  Loving.  Filled with Wisdom.  Gentle.  HUMAN.  To me, Jesus is my guru, teacher, rabbi, friend and beloved companion.  So, I feel frustrated, angry, sad when Jesus is portrayed as anything but all of the above.  The Jesus I know is unconditionally loving and accepting of ALL and asks us to do the same.  This is the Jesus I want people to know and seek to help them recognize by moving past the doctrine that might teach otherwise.


Scripture, when approached through contemplative prayer and meditation, is one of the ways that we get to know this Jesus.  Even more than Jesus, scripture also helps us to find the God that is unconditionally loving, gentle and kind.  When we approach scripture from a place of prayer, allowing it to be a vehicle through which God can speak to us intimately, personally and directly, we find a God that is beyond doctrine, tribal customs and societal conditioning.  Instead, we find peace, love, joy, wisdom, insight, guidance, healing and comfort.  Mix in the historical/critical analysis of scripture and doctrine simply falls away and all we have is God – unencumbered by our human agenda of control.  HMMM  Now scripture suddenly isn’t so bad.


Then there’s the whole Catholic thing.  Yeah, the Institution keeps digging itself a bigger whole with the sex scandals, pay-offs, and now the attack on the women religious (and the rest of women for that matter.).  And yes, I have been accused of being dysfunctionally attached to my Catholicism and to my related wounds.  All that being said….I still love many, if not most, of the things that have been part of my Catholic upbringing.  So, no apologies about the fact that the work I do probably reeks of ritual, incense, candles, mystery, mysticism, music, art and even magic.  Perhaps in my next life I’ll choose Wicca or Hinduism, but in this life, I was born into the Catholic tribe, and here I will remain.  And I don’t think that is a bad thing.  In fact, I would love if we could just scoop up all the things that rock about being Catholic and repackage it in something less judgmental and arrogant.  (Ahem, we aren’t the only ones going to heaven!!!!)

In the Company of Prophets

As I roll all these things around in my mind, I am reminded of the work of the twelfth century prophet Joachim Di Fiore.  He identified what he referred to as three spiritual ages:  The Age of the Father, The Age of the Son and the Age of the Holy Spirit.  The Age of the Father was the time from Abraham to Jesus  marked by the development of Judaism.  The time of the Son was the time after Jesus’ birth to the present age – marked by the transmission of the Jesus message and the building up of the Institutional Church.  The Age of the Spirit, in Joachim’s words is:

When mankind was to come in direct contact with God, reaching the total freedom preached by the Christian message. The Kingdom of the Holy Spirit, a new dispensation of universal love, would proceed from the Gospel of Christ, but transcend the letter of it. In this new Age the ecclesiastical organization would be replaced and the Order of the Just would rule the Church. Only in this third Age will it be possible to really understand the words of God in its deepest meanings, and not merely literally.  In this year,  a new Epoch of peace and concord would begin, thus making the hierarchy of the Church unnecessary.

So, maybe I’m not really ahead of my time, but just in time.  HMMMMM

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries