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Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream

Today’s blog steps outside my normal fray.  I had a really powerful dream last night that I at first intended to share with a few close intimates, but then one of my teachers (DK) suggested that I should share it with the world as it might have meaning for others too.  So… goes.

The Dream

In the dream, I am in a house.  My sense is that it is my home, but not the house I am currently living in.  I hear the doorbell ring and rush to the door thinking it might be the person I was looking for in the dream just before this one.  I peer out the square window at the top of the white door and there is nobody there.  What I see is a square screen porch and beyond the porch an ENORMOUS vehicle of sorts.  When pressed, I described it as looking like the Jawa droid transport from Star Wars Episode 4 (the original Star Wars to me!).  I decide to open the door and when I do, I see that there is still nobody there, but I feel an ENORMOUS, Expansive energy……an energy like the air we breath, but with a different feel to it.  the energy feels safe, strong, comforting, confident, powerful and filled with love.  I acknowledged the energy.  Next, I feel my mouth opening (not of my accord) and in one HUGE swoosh, the energy I feel outside the house enters into me through my mouth and fills me.  The sense I had was like a baby receiving its first breath of life.  I was not inhaling, however, the energy was being put into me.  And then, I woke up.

Up for Interpretations

I cannot even begin to interpret this dream other than to acknowledge that upon waking today, I felt differently.  I felt a deeper sense of calm, purposefulness, contentment and strength.   The word that keeps coming up for me as I reflect on the dream is REBIRTH.  So, perhaps it is as simple as that and if that is what it is, then I embrace it wholeheartedly!  Thanks for listening and if this dream speaks to you…..please share your thoughts!

Lauri Lumby

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