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Taking Evil for Granted


Sisters and brothers,

Today I write you with trembling heart and shaking hands.  Last night I had a direct encounter with evil and I don’t think I will ever be the same.

As a child, my mother always warned us of evil and the “work of the devil.”  As an adult, I grew out of those threats, thinking of evil as more a reflection of a human being’s unhealed wounds and unresolved fears and less as the dude in the red morph suit with horns on his head and a pitchfork in his hand.  Similarly, I have thought of societal evil as being an energy where collective fear had gathered.  As a reasonable and logical human being, I don’t want to believe in an external, embodied force of evil, but after last night, I can no longer take evil for granted, but must consider the very real possibility of a force outside of us playing on people’s insecurities and fears and driving them to truly harmful actions.

I will spare you the details of what I read last night.  In short someone I had considered a “friend” (as the wife of a dear friend she is really more of an acquaintance and to be honest I don’t think she has ever really liked me – I often caught her giving me the “stink” (evil) eye.) posted a venomous anti-democrat/liberal tirade on FB.  To be fair, the same words she used could have been posted as an anti-Republican/conservative rant.  The point is that through gross over-generalizations and blanket accusations, blame was laid on the liberals for everything that is wrong in our nation and why they are choosing Trump – as gross, despicable, narcissist, etc. he is as a way of protecting the nation from the “dangerous liberals.”  Again, I have seen the very same words used in the other direction for why “liberals” are choosing Biden or a Third-Party Candidate.

The words themselves were not the problem – it was the energy behind them.  The energy behind the words and the author’s defense of her position was PURE EVIL.  I tried to engage with her, and she immediately accused me of being a troll and threatened me.  I assured her I was not a troll, I only wanted to point out that I tend to lean in the liberal direction and I had never done anything like or behaved in any way similar to the accusations she had leveled against all liberals and that neither did I believe every Republican to be evil.  I suggested that the only way to solve the problems in our world was to embrace a “we” attitude and work together to find common ground and to seek out solutions that serve us all.  She continued to blame, shame, accuse, and eventually quit commenting.  I noticed this morning she had deleted my comments.  (chicken!)

The post and her refusal to see past the divisive intention and nature of her post shook me.  Normally I would just brush it off as the ravings of a myopic human.  But the energy of this interaction came into my dreams which were filled with images of “A Handmaid’s Tale” with me in the starring role – being imprisoned, sexually tortured, etc.  It was horrible.  I was doing battle and just trying to survive.  I awoke from the dream trembling, shaking and out of breath.  You know when you have a dream where you feel you are stuck in it and cannot get out and when you finally arrive back in the waking world you are aware of how hard you fought and how long the journey was to escape that dimension?  It was like moving through wet cement returning to an awakened state.  I had to take Lorazepam to calm down.

It was as I was coming out of that dream that I became aware of the presence of (what I thought to be) evil.  I saw it as a tall, thin, insect-like man. He had grey, smooth, snake-like skin but had the appearance of a tall praying mantis or walking stick insect.  I was initially terrified by the specter of this “being,” but decided to sit with “him” rather than run.  A “conversation” unfolded and the fearful specter became more benign, even gentle.  The essence of what he had to say to me was, “I’m just doing my job.  I’m only doing what I’m told.”

I’m still trying to make sense of it, but my sense in this moment is that the grey insect-like man is a “worker” for a larger force/energy that is hell (pun intended)-bent on causing division.  This division is being sown on both “sides” of the political discussion and placing many in the position of only being able to see through their own lens and with their own perspective – unable to sit down with who they perceive to be “the other” to find (as I suggested) common ground.  This energy of division is purposefully tearing us apart for their own gain.  There are those who favor a people divided because as the old adage says, “Divided we fall.”  Someone wants us to fall and is using division to make sure that we do.

Now we arrive at the point of my whole post:  With all our being we must resist the temptation to divide!    With that, I will be the first to admit my own tendencies to divide.  I am painfully aware of all the times I have used language using “us and them.”  In the troubles that are currently facing our world, we cannot be divided – we must find a way to seek out WE.  We are also responsible on some level for the troubles that face our world – whether we are complicit or guilty by omission.  Because WE created the problems, only WE can solve them.

This begins first with ourselves by exploring all the ways we are tempted to point the finger of blame at a certain political group, making mass assumptions of a party based on the actions of a fearful or evil few. We must also be accountable to the ways in which we may have purposefully or inadvertently participated in or created separation.  Who and how do we judge?  What actions have come forth out of that judgment?  What labels have we entertained and what assumptions have we made about someone because of their political affiliation?

Let me offer a personal and transparent example.  Many would consider me to be a “bleeding heart liberal” because I am a proponent of universal healthcare, an advocate for funding public education, and decidedly pro-choice.  Because of these two points people have made assumptions about my politics and my reasoning and intelligence – making assumptions about where I stand on certain topics and assuming I’m not taking the time to become well-informed.  I cannot tell you how many have made incorrect assumptions based on these three positions that I hold dear.  Conversely, I have been tempted to make certain assumptions about those who call themselves Republican, Libertarian, or Independent but I have learned through my relationships with people who align these ways, that I cannot assume, for example, that all Republicans support a civilian militia armed with AK-47’s “policing” our streets.  Just because one guy drives up and down Main St. waiving the Trump/AK-47 flag doesn’t mean any other Republican believes this is ok.

Division is the weapon of evil and we need to do all we can to a) not give into the temptation to divide and b) heal the division that we see.

Last night, I did everything I could to try with my “friend” but sadly she was unable or unwilling to explore the possibility that she might discover common ground with those she sought to condemn.  While it is the hardest thing to do, I will keep trying.  But at the end of the day, if some are unwilling to seek out “We” instead of “They” all I can do is shake the dust off my feet and walk away while praying for the healing of the division that is trying to tear us apart.






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When Evil Comes Out to Play


Good morning sisters and brothers.  After a rough couple days, I awoke this morning feeling somewhat back to my abnormal self.  🙂  The energy for the past few days has been exceedingly disruptive and I found myself caught up in the yuk – not on purpose – I just couldn’t NOT feel the tremor of fear that raged across our planet.  A certain someone is supposed to pay a visit to Kenosha, Wisconsin today and there is much trepidation about the increasing division that his words might ignite.  I am roughly 100 miles from Kenosha, in Oshkosh, WI so the anxiety is palpable.

This anxiety is simply one more symptom in a long line of symptoms of our dying world.  That which has been hiding in the shadows (racism, classism, supremacy cults, the dark web, organized hate groups, violence, hatred, ignorance, etc. etc. etc.) continues to come out to be seen and it is HORRIBLE.  The potential for evil that dwells within humanity is appearing to be infinite.  And for those “of the good,” IT IS EXHAUSTING and disheartening.

In the face of all this evil, it is good to remember, this is nothing new!  This evil and hatred for “the (perceived) other” has always been present.  We simply live at a time that has fed these evils and that has allowed them to thrive – albeit in the darkness. Then a few years back something happened that invited them all to come out and play – and be seen.  On many days, it seems as if a war is waging in the heavens between “the evil” and “the good” and we are the unwitting pawns in this game. I can assure you, such is not the case, but knowing this doesn’t change how it feels.  We are definitely experiencing the depths of the YUK.  The sad thing is that this is a YUK of our own making and has absolutely nothing to do with that which some might call “God.”

This is why I often say, “Human beings suck.  I’m glad I’m not one of them.”  I say this (somewhat) tongue in cheek – but in many ways this is true.  Human beings, while perfect as Divine creations, are also broken and flawed.  Broken by the original wound of separation and then further broken by other wounded human beings.  We are all wounded in some way – some are simply wounded more than others.  What we call “evil” is the consequence of unacknowledged and unhealed brokenness.  This means that the “evil” can be healed.

When I look out over our broken world and ponder the healing of all this evil, I become overwhelmed and shutdown.  It seems an impossible task.  (It is an impossible task) I have learned that the world is not mine to heal.  I used to think it was, but not anymore.  I have come to understand that the only person we can truly heal is OURSELVES.  Part of healing ourselves includes letting go of all the things outside of ourselves we believe we are responsible for healing.  Like the story of the oxygen masks on airplanes.  If the plane is going down, you have to grab your own mask first before helping your neighbor with theirs.

Saving ourselves does not mean we do not have compassion for our dying world.  Neither does it mean we refuse assistance for those seeking help.  We help the world heal itself by first healing ourselves.  As we do this, those close to us begin to heal and transform.  The more authentic and whole we are with ourselves, the more those around us feel safe to do the same.  This healing begins to ripple out from us to the people we meet, the encounters we have in the world and the gifts we share with those who are ready to receive.  Saving the world begins by saving ourselves and keeping the focus on our own healing and wellbeing.  The rest simply unfolds from there.

This doesn’t mean that Lauri Lumby in Oshkosh Wisconsin by her simple acts of kindness will get a white supremacist to lay down his gun, but it might inspire the next generation to look for non-violent ways to resolve perceived conflict, or to work to eradicate the social injustices that inspire hate in the first place.  At the end of the day, all the angry voices are simply people who did not feel seen or heard somewhere along the way or who did not get their basic needs for food, clothing, shelter, safety and love adequately met.  Angry and hateful people are simply very sad people in disguise.

As the world (as we have known it) continues in its death march, growing louder and more angry as it reaches its ultimate demise, we would do well for ourselves to remember a few things:


  • Keep our head down!
  • Stay out of the fray!
  • Heal ourself!
  • Care for our own!
  • When tempted to meet hate with hate, remember the deep woundedness that created all this evil and PRAY FOR THEM!


When facing times like these, I find myself drawn back to my Catholic roots, especially to the intercession (support) of the saints.  Mother Mary, in particular is one I turn to.  When invoking her support, I pray these words.  Perhaps you will feel inspired to do the same:


Hail Mary, Full of Grace.

Love is with you.

Blessed art thou among women

And Blessed is the fruit of your Love.

Holy Mary, Mother of Love.

Pray for us.

Now and at the hour or our death.


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The Walls Come Tumbling Down

As  the evils and corruption of the world continue to reveal themselves, heralding the end of the world as we have known it, it is time to come together with the REASON WE ARE HERE – to assist in the bringing forth of the NEW WORLD.

It is for this purpose that Authentic Freedom (dot) Love was made, along with the services we provide to support you in:

1) Navigating the death throes of the world in its collapse
2) Detaching from the instinctual desire to “fix” things.
3) Holding TRUE to your vision of a new, gentler, more loving and tolerant world. 

Please join us!

Join and participate in the Authentic Freedom Community, there are many ways to join!

  • Subscribing to our Blog.  It is always free!
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We are here because we long for a more loving, more compassionate, more tolerant, more accepting and gentler world where the needs of all are met for the common good and where all of humankind can once again live in harmony, peace and understanding.

If you have found yourself here, you are either just beginning to hear the rumblings of your Soul, or have already come to know that you are among those who are being hospice to the dying world while midwifing the new world that is coming into form and are looking for people of like-mind with whom you can share this challenging and exciting calling!

We are changemakers, wayshowers, sh.t-disturbers, mystics and rebels. And here we are safe to question, explore, discover, be empowered and supported for our own unique giftedness and for how we are called to exercise these gifts in our world.

Join us and help us be hospice for the dying world while simultaneously building a new world for ourselves and for the generations that will follow. 


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Our Response to Terrorism? LOVE

 Below is a copy of this week’s Weekly Empowerment Newsletter from Authentic Freedom Academy.  This newsletter is usually available by subscription only.  If you are interested in subscribing, click on the Paypal link below:

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November 29, 2015 –First Sunday in Advent


Scripture Readings:

Brothers and sisters: May the Lord make you increase and abound in love for one another and for all, just as we have for you, so as to strengthen your hearts, to be blameless in holiness before our God and Father at the coming of our Lord Jesus with all his holy ones. Amen. Finally, brothers and sisters, we earnestly ask and exhort you in the Lord Jesus that, as you received from us how you should conduct yourselves to please God and as you are conducting yourselves you do so even more. For you know what instructions we gave you through the Lord Jesus.

1 Thess 3: 12-4:2


Additional Readings:

JER 33: 14-26

Ps 25: 4-5, 8-9, 10, 14

LK 21: 25-28, 34-36


It All Boils Down to Love

Love. Love is who Jesus came to know himself to be. Love is what Jesus came to teach. Love is what we know ourselves to be and Love is who we are when we follow the guidance and teachings of Jesus. This was Paul’s prayer for the early Christian community at Thessalonica:

May the Lord make you increase and

abound in love for one another and for all,

During this time of global strife, these words of Paul’s are especially relevant. He did not say, “abound in love for some.” He prayed that those who followed the teachings of Jesus would abound in love for ALL. ALL. LOVE ALL.

Loving all includes those we might perceive to be our enemies, including the terrorists who enacted recent attacks in Brussels, Paris, Lebanon and Beirut. It also includes those who perform acts of violence right here on our own soil, each and every day – school shootings, drive by shootings, random acts of violence against another simply because of the color of their skin, or because of what they are wearing or simply because the shooter is afraid.

These are difficult teachings. How do we love those who wish to do harm to people who are strangers to us, or even more difficult, when they wish to do harm to those we love? The answer to this question is hidden in a teeny, tiny word that has been mistranslated in our bible – that word is EVIL.

Evil is a word that is used frequently throughout the Christian scriptures and has been most often interpreted to be somehow connected with damnation. “Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.” The Aramaic word that Jesus used, specifically when teaching his disciples how to pray, that has been translated as evil, is bisha. Bisha has nothing to do with evil as we understand it. Bisha simply means UNRIPE. Unripe. Unripe. Unripe in the sense of an apple not yet ready to be picked from the tree because it is still too green. This is what Jesus meant when he spoke of “evil” – not something to be condemned, but something to be loved as it continues to find its way to maturity and ripeness.

It is this perspective on “evil” that allows us to move away from our instinctual response to violence which might prompt us to condemn and to want to seek vengeance or retaliation against those who have done harm. Those responsible for acts of violence are not evil in the way that we have formerly understood evil, they are simply UNRIPE. They have not yet learned the love that they are and they have not yet found a way to be that love. They are wounded. They are afraid. They are viewing their life through a limited lens. Perhaps they have been victims of violence themselves. Maybe their basic needs are not being met. Perhaps they have suffered abuse, hunger, homelessness, a lack of belonging, poverty, oppression, etc. etc. etc.

If we proclaim ourselves to be followers of Christ, then the response is clear: We are to LOVE – not just some – but all. This includes the terrorists, those who have acted in violence, and those who wish to seek vengeance on those who have done harm. Love all…not just some, and then perhaps through our loving response, we all shall one day become ripe.

candles prayer


Spiritual Practices – Blanket the World in Love

If you are following me on Facebook, you are aware of the 30 day “Blanket the World in Love” challenge. For the next 25 days (I’m on day 5 of the challenge), I am posting a different song each day that speaks of healing and love. I am posting these songs as a daily prayer of healing and love for our world.

My invitation for you is to find one or two songs that speak of healing and love and incorporate these songs into your daily meditation/contemplation/prayer practice. As you listen to the song, imagine the words and intentions of the song going out into the world as a blanket of healing and transformation for our world.

Here are a couple songs to get you started. Feel free to use these, or ones of your own choosing!

Give me Love (George Harrison):


Sanskrit Prayer for Peace (Donna DeLory):


Prayer of St. Francis (Sarah McLachlan)


Unity – Rumi’s Prayer (Sean Johnson)


Authentic Freedom

Authentic Freedom leads us to true spiritual freedom – a freedom that is independent of the external circumstances of our lives. This is the freedom that Jesus taught and this is the freedom that lies at the heart of our deepest longing. In connecting with this freedom, we are HOME; or as Jesus said, we are living in the kingdom of God. Authentic Freedom provides the tools and practices to help us move away from the fear that gets triggered (daily) in the human experience and is especially useful when we are faced with the on-going violence and tragedies of our world. Authentic Freedom invites us over and over and over again to turn away from our fears and toward the unconditional and unbounded love of God.

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