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Superhero Report – July 14, 2014 – Managing the Gift of Empathy

The New Superheroes – Exploring Empathy

We had our second gathering of the New Superheroes last night to another packed house!  (There’s always room for more!!!!)  The theme this week was empathy – how we seem to feel and often take on other people’s yuk.  We learned the purpose of this gift and how to use it for the healing of the others and the world without doing harm to ourselves.  Read more below! 



Empathy: The ability to feel/sense the emotional or physical state of a person, place or thing for the purpose of facilitating healing.


  • Empaths feel/sense the emotions of others and may have the physical sensations of another’s illness, disease, or location of physical imbalance.
  • The purpose of empathy is to locate where healing is needed and to be a channel for that healing.
  • Until empaths are conscious of this gift and its purpose, they tend to take on the emotions of others.
  • Additionally, empaths subconsciously take on other people’s guilt and somehow believe the (especially negative) feelings they are experiencing are somehow their fault and therefore their responsibility to fix.
  • Until they are conscious of their gift and its purpose, empaths think it is their job to make other people happy (especially the people whose negative emotions they are feeling and carrying).


Empaths fulfill their purpose by bringing conscious attention to what they are feeling, acknowledging that healing is needed, asking for healing to be “sent” to the imbalance, and then letting it go.


Caution for empaths:

  • It is important for empaths to be mindful of the environments in which they place themselves.  Many are sensitive to crowds, large groups and places where they don’t know the other people well.  Limit the time you spend in these kinds of places and allow for ample rest, cleansing and transition afterward.
  • Empaths are also vulnerable to the life-draining energies of “energy-vampires” or as I like to call them, dementors.  There are people in the world who unconsciously seek out light-filled people for the purpose of “taking” their light.  You will know you have been in the presence of one of these when after spending time with them you find yourself drained, exhausted, even feeling as if you are covered in yuk.
  • Many empaths are also identified as highly sensitive persons.  If your sensitivities include food, textures, cosmetics, cleaning and personal care products, chemicals, etc. you might be a highly sensitive person.  Google this term to learn more.


Cleanse Cleanse Cleanse

Empaths must also be aware of the invitation to cleanse, cleanse, cleanse. Even when we are conscious of our gift of empathy and know how to use it properly, we still pick up negative energies.   Simple methods for cleansing include:

  • Running your hands under cold water.
  • Smudging yourself and your area with sage or incense.  (Use only natural incense to avoid allergic reactions or harm to the environment)
  • Creating a blend of cleansing, purifying and sanctifying essential oils and water in a spray and spray yourself and your area.
  • When confronted with dementors or energy-vampires, my best advice is chocolate. 🙂


For more information on empathy, type “empathy” into the search bar on this site and you will find several articles.


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