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Blessed Are You Who Believed

As a child, I was granted a vision. The vision was the herald of “the end of the world,” along with the promise that this ending was not set in stone, but could be thwarted, or rather, re-directed through the accomplishment of one simple task.  The task, however, proved not to be so simple.  In the dream, this task was symbolized by the command to “gather your friends, dig up Lincoln’s bones (as in former President), and restore them to their rightful place.”


As I reflect on this dream in light of what we, as an American culture, and as a world, have undergone in the dreadful year of 2016, the dream makes total sense. If we, as a culture, and a world, continue to stray from the nobility, integrity, authenticity, honesty, and righteousness symbolized by our 16th President, we shall certainly manifest our own demise.  For me, the dream becomes especially potent as we approach the passing of the baton from President Barack Obama, (who for me, more than any recent president has represented the Lincoln archetype) to Donald Trump.  To say that this is a volatile time in our history would be an understatement.  In my lifetime, it has never been more critical that we “gather our friends” and “restore Lincoln’s bones” to their rightful place.

But what does THAT mean? This is where the 40+ years since the vision prove to be helpful, especially those since 1993 when the red brick flew through the air and hit be between the eyeballs – waking me up to my mission and purpose in this life. This mission is nothing short of bringing heaven to earth!  (No small goals here!)

What does THAT mean? In short, it is doing what Jesus did – discovering my own Oneness with the Divine and in that Oneness finding my unique gifts and call, and through these gifts and call, finding meaning and purpose in my life.  Then, showing others how to do the same.  Abraham Maslow called this process self-actualization.  Carl Jung called it individuation.  New-agers call it ascension. By whatever name you call it, the process is the same – asking and then finding the answer to the questions:

  • Who am I?
  • Where do I find that place of inner peace, connection and contentment?
  • What are my gifts and how am I being called to use them?

What does this have to do with Lincoln’s bones and the end of the world? It’s simple really and it is the other part of the vision that has been given to me in adulthood:


A gathering of friends who have and continue to do for themselves what Jesus did (becoming self-actualized), who know what their gifts are, and who are finding fulfillment in the use of these gifts for their own sake, and (as it relates to Lincoln’s bones) for the sake of the betterment of the world. It is through this gathering of friends that:

  • Hospice will be offered for the dying world.
  • Support will be found for those who are grieving the loss of what they have known and for the anxiety they will be feeling in the face of a great unknown.
  • Prayer will be offered for the sake of healing and wholing our world.
  • Resources will be made available for those who are hurting and in need of healing – spiritual, emotional, mental and physical healing.
  • Rituals will be done for the sake of restoring our world to its natural state in love.
  • Peaceful, non-violent activism will take place to help raise awareness to all the places in our world in need of love and then working toward being that love.
  • Education, formation and empowerment will be made available for those who wish to be a part of birthing a better world – ie: heaven on earth.

For nearly 50 years, this vision has been with me and the weight of this call. For the past 23 years, I have worked diligently toward this call.  I have risked much for the sake of this call and have been called insane for believing such a call.  In the face of what is unfolding in our world, I find that I can no longer question, doubt or challenge this call because I know it to be true.  Whatever the cost, and without a safety net, this is what I am here for and what I am called to do. If we do not work on changing our own hearts from fear to love and if we do not work toward supporting others in doing the same, the consequences are nothing short of our own lives and the lives of our planet…and you don’t need to be a prophet to figure this out.  It is right here before our eyes, if we take the time to look.  We can no longer afford to bury our heads in the sand, unless of course, we are happy to see our world end.

Toward this end, I have put out the clarion call and gathered a group of friends to envision a better world and to dream about how we are called to be loving vehicles for change.  If you feel so-called, join us on Monday, January 2, 2017 at 6:30 pm for our next Gathering of the Tribe. Here you will find community, support, inspiration and empowerment. If you are not in the Oshkosh area, join us by intention, or better yet, call together your own group of friends.

As I pondered this call at the juncture between 2016 and 2017, for myself and for those I have gathered, who should come to me but Mother Mary with the following words:

Blessed are you who believed that what was spoken to you by the Lord would be fulfilled.

I offer these words to all of those I know and love who envision a better world, or rather, who KNOW the world they came to live in and are now being called to create!  Thank you for heeding this call and thank you for all you will do to restore our world to the Love it was meant to be.


Amen! Amen!  Hallelujah! and  Amen!  Amen!  So Mote it Be!







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Visions of a New World and Abraham Lincoln’s Bones

For the sake of the betterment of our world, I am sharing a powerful and (at the time) terrifying dream that I had as a child that has proved itself to be nothing short of prophetic:

One late summer, when I was five or six years old, I was staying in my grandfather’s cabin in the north woods of Minnesota, with my family. It was likely our last visit before the end of the season and before going back to (or starting) school. It was late August, and the weather had already grown cool and the evenings crisp, and on this particular night, a brilliant orange harvest moon hung in the sky.  It was under the glow of the harvest moon that I nestled in beside my sister on the pull-out couch on the sleeping porch, snuggling deep into the flannel and army green sleeping bag that smelled like my grandfather – a rich combination of wool, flannel, bonfires, pine needles, fresh air and cigars. Held in the embrace of this sacred and holy place, I was visited by a powerful dream.


The harvest moon that I had found a beauty to behold gazed down over the entire world and was seen by all from city to farm, forest to stream and everywhere in between. In the dream, I saw the moon from the vantage point of a large city.  As I gazed at the moon, it began to spin, and then it began to spark.  As the moon spun, it threw off sparks and flames, as if it had become like one of those aluminum and metal hand-crank pinwheels – spinning and sparking and destroying itself in the process.

As I gazed at the moon in both horror and wonder, a voice spoke to me, “The end of the world is at hand.” I was obviously frightened by these words and asked “the voice” what I could do to stop it.  “You must go find the bones of Abraham Lincoln dig them up and bring them here to prevent the world from coming to an end.”  The dream continued with me finding, and then leading a group of friends in search for Lincoln’s bones.  In the dream, we looked and looked in all the places where the bones could be and were unable to find them – we looked in Springfield, Illinois, we looked in the woods of Kentucky, we even looked at the Lincoln Memorial.  All the time we search, I felt this overwhelming sense of rightness, but also fear and frustration as Lincoln’s bones continued to elude us, knowing that if we didn’t find them, the world would come to an end.  It was in this state of frustration that I awakened.  I was too afraid to tell anyone about the dream, and to this day, have only shared it with a few.  Until now.

Almost 50 years later, I am now able to interpret this dream and the state of our world has helped me with this interpretation:

The end of the world (as we know it) is here. The new world is being born and it is out of “Lincoln’s Bones” that the new world will be made.

Abraham Lincoln

The world that we have known is that which was built on fear, power, separation and control. This is the world that is dying (and needs to die if we are to survive).  For those who are attached to this world, or who get their power from this world, its end will feel apocalyptic and truly as if the world (their world) is coming to an end – if this is what they choose.

Another choice is possible, however, for those who are willing to do the work of locating and “digging up Lincoln’s bones.” (so to speak)

“Lincoln’s bones” represents all that we have come to associate with our sixteenth president, Abraham Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln was known to be a man of honesty, integrity, humility, intelligence, and wisdom. He is generally regarded as one who possessed a deep sense of justice, who was able to reason and discern his own truth and act on that truth; who was self-motivated and self-directed. He was not known to be easily swayed by opinion or political pressure.  His ultimate gift was in bringing together that which had been separated and in repairing the breach.

This is who we are called to be and what we are called to do in bringing forth the new world – a world no longer established on the old models of fear, separation, power and control, but one built on the solid foundation of honesty, integrity, knowledge and wisdom where we come together as a world of brothers and sisters, repairing the breach of 5000 years of separation.   For those who are not willing to make this choice, the world they are clinging to is consuming itself in a painful and fiery death.

To learn how you are called to help support the birth of the new world through your own unique gifts, check out my online course “What is Your Magic?” 33% off during the month of February.  Click on the image below to learn more! 





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Support for the Changemakers

Yesterday I spoke with the 8 millionth person who spoke of their frustrations over:

  • Not fitting in
  • Not feeling understood
  • Being judged for being a troublemaker
  • Condemned for not “toeing the line” and for not being satisfied with status quo
  • Ridiculed for being different, strange, bizarre, for having crazy and wild ideas
  • Chastised for listening to the world and for listening to what the world really needs and God-forbid, for trying to do something about it!

Sound familiar?  If so, you might be a changemaker, a prophet, a pioneer, a madwoman, a madman, a mystic, or my favorite word, “Sh.t-disturber!”  WE (because I am all of these), are here for one reason, and one reason only….to make the world a better place!!!!  Whether you call it the Age of Aquarius, Ascension, The New Age, the Rapture, the End of the World (as we know it), it is upon us.  And, there are people in every field of specialization (mine just happens to be spirituality and human development), who have been specifically planted within their respective fields to disturb the sh.t.  Some of us are in education, others in medicine, others in government, some in the commercial sphere.

Looked upon with suspicion

If you are one of these changemakers, you know who you are.  Why….because everyone hates you…or at the very least, they look upon you with suspicion.  “What crazy idea is Lauri going to come up with today that is going to shake the foundations of what we currently know about the field in which we are currently operating?!!???”  More importantly, “What is Lauri going to suggest that will challenge us to change the way we currently operate in the world?”  More even than death, we as humans fear change. So anyone presumptuous enough to suggest that what is currently being done is less than ideal or might be in need of change is THE ENEMY!


Why we are needed

But, the world is changing….or it least it had better, or it will die.  As a species, we cannot continue to operate under the current paradigm of power-over, rule through manipulation and fear, take take take, pollute pollute pollute, destroy destroy destroy.  If we continue on our current trajectory, we will destroy ourselves.  This is why we changemakers have been planted on this earth. We are the ones who have been made ready to help humanity into its next stage of existence.  In our respective fields of expertise, we know what needs to be done. We see how the world can be better and we have the vision, skills, knowledge and experience to implement the processes and structures that will be necessary for the creation of a peaceful, harmonious world.  In fact, we’ve already tested our visions and our ideas in the microcosm.  The next step is to bring them into the macrocosm.  The world is readying for our “big entrance.”  In the meantime, we are at the sidelines holding the vision of a more loving world and maybe even praying it into reality.

Support for the Changemakers

What do we do, in the meantime, to deal with the naysayers?  That answer is simple:

  • Stop looking for affirmation and validation from the existing structures and the people attached to these structures.  They will never accept you as long as you challenge the status quo – no matter how dysfunctional the status quo might be.
  • Trust what you know. Speak your truth, stand in your truth, stop apologizing for your truth, no matter how crazy others think your ideas might be.
  • Find others like you!  You are not alone!  There are a million+ changemakers waiting to be made known.  Get to know some.   Connect on my Authentic Freedom Facebook page.  Send a prayer out to the Universe that you find others like you…..if you do this you will find each other….I promise.


Our Big Entrance

Our big entrance is coming.  The current paradigm is crumbling and every action it takes is only hastening its demise.  Meanwhile, a collective desire for change is gathering and about to hit critical mass.  And while I used to believe a complete collapse would be necessary before real change could happen, I no longer believe this to be true.  Enough changemakers have been holding the vision of a more peaceful loving world and we are ready.  We have what is needed to guide the world into its next stage of evolution and the world is crying out to us for help.  Our job right now is to hold tight, hold the vision, sent out positive thoughts and prayers and wait.  Our time is coming and it is almost here.  And when it finally arrives, there will be no mistaking its invitation and we will willing accept and step across the threshold into a beautiful new world.


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12/21/2012 – Welcome to the New World!

Mayan apocalypse.  The end of the world.  Solstice.  2012.  2013.  I came upon the words of Rilke and found the answer to the question:  Who will I be in 2013?  If you are also searching…..maybe this is who you will be too.

Rilke Said

Rilke said,

“Your first word of all was light, and time began.

Then for a long time you were silent.

Your second word was man and fear began,

Which grips us still.

I don’t want your third word…”

I’ve heard the third word and it is love

Drawing us out of fear and Restoring us to the light

Reminding us to feel…and to know… and to be…


With you, within ourselves, with each other and with all that is.

Love, the healing balm, the great connector

Tearing down the walls of separation

Now greeting each other kindly, extending our hand in welcome

Encircling our arms in listening acceptance.

Who are you?

What are your passions?

What gives you joy and brings you to your knees?

In love…we are not so different from one another

Simply the infinite and limitless reflections of God at play.

Your third word is love and it has been spoken a million times in a million heartbeats.

I wonder,

Do we have the courage to hear it?

Lauri Lumby copyright 2012

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Trials and Tribulations

Today’s blog continues the conversation on World Changes…..the end of 2012 and the beginning of a New World. 

 “But in those days, after that tribulation, the sun will be darkened and the moon will not give its light, and the stars will be falling from heaven, and the powers that are in the heavens will be shaken.  Then they will see the Son of Man coming in clouds with great power and glory.  And then He will send forth the angels, and will gather together His elect from the four winds, from the farthest end of the earth to the farthest end of heaven.”

Mark 13: 24-27

Are We Done Yet?

For many, 2012 has been a year of PURGING, RELEASING, dying to all the things we thought we knew about ourselves and all the things we hoped to achieve in this life.  It has been a year ripe with trials and tribultions.  With every excruciating release, we are left to wonder, “Are we done yet?”  At the risk of initiating the other shoe… sense (and the sense of others writing on this topic) is that we are nearing the end….and the approaching end is experienced as a kind of quiet anticipation….quiet because it feels as if there is nothing left to lose…..and anticipation of WE KNOW NOT WHAT….

When there is nothing left to lose

Having shed everything that we have clung to…..thoughts of who we are, who we are supposed to be, the contributions we hoped to offer to the world, the dreams that have propelled us forward, the visions that have provided inspiration, we find that there is nothing else to hang on to.  When there is nothing to hang on to….nothing to plan for….dream about….we have no choice but to BE present to the current moment, to RECEIVE whatever shows up, to ACCEPT what we are given and to SURRENDER to where life is taking us.  When we are without a map, absent itineraries or agendas, we have no choice but to follow where the Universe will lead us and we do so willingly…..or at the very least…..with resignation.  “Fine…..I’ll go where you take me because I have no idea what else to do in this time of VAST EMPTINESS.”  And so we go.

In the Waiting

Or….we wait.  For some, the glimmerings of the New World, their New Life, have begun to present themselves…..but for many, if not most……we wait.  We say yes to what shows up in the moment, and the rest of the time….we wait.  It feels a little like LIMBO (or Purgatory!)….as if we are stranded in a place in between, where much of the old has passed away and the new has not yet revealed itself.  And we BREATHE….paying each bill with our eyes closed hoping the money will be there to cover that expense…..handing our credit cards over to be swiped, trusting the money will someday be there to pay down the debt.  By the skin of our teeth…we wait.  Trusting that all the purging has taken place for a reason and that the reason has just not yet made itself known.  Following the strings and strands of opportunities, believing they are leading us SOMEWHERE  ….but exactly where….we do not yet know.

The Hope and THE CHOICE

While for many 2012 has been a year of excruciating release, it is not a time devoid of hope.  It is this hope that has kept us moving….crawling perhaps…but moving nonetheless.  And the hope is in what the ancients have promised…..that this would be a time of GREAT REBIRTH….a potent time in the evolution of humankind where we have an opportunity to move from duality to ONENESS… release our attachment to fear and judgment and to live from a place of LOVE.  And while many will call me a “pie in the sky optimist,” I believe that this is true…..but more importantly….I CHOOSE for this to be true.  Because, at the end of the day….this is exactly what it is about:  CHOICE.  Each and every moment of each and every day we have the opportunity to CHOOSE how we live our lives……do we allow our fears to control us, or search for the love in the midst of our unfolding life?  Whether we adhere to the Mayan prophecies,  subscribe to the AGE of AQUARIUS,  consume the red pill, are awaiting the Rapture…or are just plain ME…….the choice remains.  WE DECIDE if we want to live in the NEW WORLD and create a world from love…..or remain attached to our fears and stranded in their resulting suffering.  And here is the simple way in which it works:

CHOOSE FEAR…..remain in Hell

CHOOSE LOVE…….LIVE in the NEW WORLD (which is created by our very choice!)

I, for one am choosing love.  What is your choice?

Lauri Lumby

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Dying to Ourselves

As we approach the end of 2012 (and the oft-foretold “end of the world!”  😉  ) … I have observed, with increasing frequency, a strange phenomenon that I feel compelled to share here….perhaps you have observed the same phenomenon within yourself or those around you. (Here’s my favorite song from Disturbed to accompany your reading….the perfect soundtrack for today’s theme!   The phenomenon looks like this:

People we know, maybe even ourselves, coming face to face with the death of who we thought ourselves to be and what we thought our contribution in the world might be.  Our definition of self, our self-defined purpose, and the meaning we have assigned to our lives seems to be falling from our grasp (maybe even TORN from our grasp) and we are left standing, seemingly empty-handed wondering…..Who will I be in 2013? 

No longer are we able to define ourselves as:  healer, author, poet, playwrite, teacher, leader, muse, mother, wife, lover, painter, reformer, achiever, boss, peacemaker, activist, servant, sage, enthusiast, entertainer, loyalist, democrat, republican, pr0-lifer, Catholic, Lutheran, Muslim, etc. etc. etc.  Instead, we are left wondering if the red pill we arrogantly proclaimed ourselves to have consumed (Matrix reference), was really the blue pill all along and WE are the ones left in the dream.  Or….we are invited to consider that the DREAM is really all there is. 

We are not here to change the world, to do something important or make a dramatic impact…neither are we here to be the next famous rockstar, best selling author or Pulitzer prize winner….we are not even here to become the next enlightened Messiah who will save the world. 

Instead……we are left to consider the possiblity that we are simply here TO BE HUMAN and that the purpose and meaning we seek just might be hidden within the everyday, mundane, seemingly insignificant experiences of JUST LIVING LIFE.  And to wonder if only thing we are here to do is BE….to move through the journey of life, finding meaning and purpose in our interactions with ourself, the people around us and the world we live in as they present themselves to us. 

What if Genesis has it right….we are here to care for the earth, be in relationship with each other, bring forth life (whether through pro-creation or co-creation), care for that life and be grateful to whatever Source gave us this life in the first place….PERIOD.  What if that is all there is and this is all we need to do.  What if all the other things….pursuit of enlightenment, reform, change, fame, recognition, status, power, etc. are merely distractions from the AMAZING gifts we have right in front of us and the most important invitation of all which IS TO LOVE?

These are the questions that I have pondered within myself, that are being sent to me in emails and on Facebook, and are posed to me by clients, friends and colleagues.  It seems there is a theme…..and if you have been facing these questions yourself and the falling away of who you thought yourself to be… are not alone.  Perhaps this is the “End of the World” of which the Mayans spoke….the end of egoic strivings, delusions of grandeur, dreams of fame. And that in the New World…..we just get to be ourselves…..simple, humble, grateful, loving human beings.  What would our new world look like if that, indeed, were the case?

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Not to Frighten but to Invite Hope

Today’s blog is in response to some of the comments I received after Friday’s Blog, Why Oneness Matters.  Apparently, some were frightened by my words.  Please know this was not my intent.  My intent was to offer a path of hope that we can follow as we move through the coming world changes.

It’s the End of the World As We Know it….and I Feel Fine

I don’t think there is a single human being that does not recognize that as a species, we are facing a crossroads.  With the economic, environmental and political issues that are going on in the world it often feels like a “make it or break it” situation.  While it may not feel as if we have any control over what is and what will happen….this is far from the truth.  In fact, the end result is up to us.  We decide if we are going to allow these situations to destroy us….or make us better.  I, for one, am choosing MAKE US BETTER.

Walking in a Spiderweb

We have the power to choose the outcome because we wove the web that brought us here.  We are the ones who made choices based in fear that have led to the behaviors that got us into this mess.  We chose gluttony, greed, power and control, vengeance, envy, sloth and pride.  We created the systems that are built on the greedy getting greedier at the expense of the health of the planet and the welfare of everyone else.  We made this mess…..and it is our job to un-make it.

We Are…One

The root cause of all this mess, as I have said before, is the false perception of separation.  We have forgotten that we are not an island unto ourselves.  We have neglected the intimate connections we have with each other, the planet, the universe.  We have forgotten that we are ALL children of God…..precious, glorious, made in the image and likeness of, and DEEPLY LOVED.  But most importantly, we have forgotten within our own hearts that we are a magnificent, glorious, amazing, AWESOME expression of God in the world.  God is expressing God’s self in and through us.  When we know these truths, we experience love, joy and peace.  When we forget these truths, we experience fear and indulge fear’s resulting compulsive and harmful behaviors.

Shining Stars and Fireworks

So, my point of Friday’s message was to remind us that even in the midst of seemingly insurmountable odds, THERE IS HOPE…..and WE are that hope.  We are the hope when we embrace our magnificence….remember the love that we are…..embrace the truth of ONENESS and LIVE IT.  When we reach across the chasm of perceived separation and embrace each other as magnificent expressions of God’s love, when we become the stewards of the earth that God asked us to be, when we share our resources instead of hoarding them all to ourselves, when we seek out our similarities and celebrate our differences….then we are the Shining Stars and the Fireworks that will create our world anew.  This is the message I offer as we move through this time of great change…..and GREAT HOPE!

Become and Authentic Freedom Facilitator and help others embrace the path of Oneness! 

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries

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Rapture Part II

Today’s post is a little humor to go along with the pending predictions of the rapture, judgment day, the end of the world…all of which are predicted to happen tomorrow – May 21, 2011. 

Apparently Fear gets your Attention

Now I am the one who has to laugh at the human fascination with fear, most especially, end of the world prophecies.  Yesterday’s post was in regards to Harold Camping and his prediction of May 21 (tomorrow) being judgment day.  It isn’t his prophecy that is funny…it is the fact that my blog traffic quadrupled!  Apparently posts about judgment day, the rapture, the end of the world are fascinating to us humans.  This makes me laugh.  Why are we so obsessed with predicting the date of our own demise? In a word – CONTROL!

Control Freaks are We!

The irony of the human condition is that we have no control over the majority of the things that happen to us and yet, we spend our entire existence trying to control the events of our lives.  This whole fascination with the end of the world is a perfect example of just how compulsive we truly are.  For eons, human beings have been predicting the date and the event that would finally put an end to life as we know it.  Most recently, the change of the millennium in the year 2000, then the corrected date of 2001, then it has been the 2012 phenomenon and now Harold Camping’s prediction of tomorrow.  And the events?  Anything from comets, to meteors, to nuclear holocausts, to global warming, to a shift in the poles or the world changing its axis to massive earthquakes.  In response to the truth that we have no control over our lives, we have resorted to trying to control our life through our very death.  We really are a sick and twisted species!  🙂  Apparently we find some semblance of perceived security when we think we know the date and method of our death.  Weird!

Surrender Dorothy

The harsh and challenging truth is that we have no control over our lives, neither do we have control of the day, time or events leading to our death.  While this may strike fear in the hearts of many, the greatest irony is that it is only in surrendering to this truth that we shall find peace.  Peace in the unknown and in surrendering to our lack of control….YOU BETCHA!!!!!   The largest part of spiritual journey is letting go of our need to control and to surrender to the natural flow of our lives….AND our inevitable death.

When the Rapture Comes! (just kidding)

So, what good does it do us to anticipate, predict, prepare for the rapture?  NO GOOD AT ALL!  If the rapture actually happens, we’ll all be dead anyway….so why not just enjoy the day for what it is?  Appreciate the sunshine (if it actually shows up).  Hug those you love.  Enjoy a fresh, hot cup of coffee.  Make mad, passionate love to your partner.  Watch a great movie.  Listen to the sounds of birds singing and dogs barking.  Enjoy the day for what it gives you and let God take care of the rest.

Funny Songs as we enjoy tomorrow’s Rapture!  🙂

Then, just for fun….here are a few funny songs to accompany our journey through the rapture:

Rapture (Blondie)

The End (The Doors)

It’s the End of the World as We Know it (REM)

Age of Aquarius (Fifth Dimension)

And….if Harold Camping is right and Judgment Day is tomorrow, thereby ushering in the end of the world….I will look forward to seeing you on the other side!  🙂

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries