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When the Devil Comes to Call

 The closer we move toward our Soul’s purpose, the harder the “devil” works against us. I don’t mean the dude in the red tights with horns carrying a pitchfork who is really the Christian appropriation and demonizing of the pagan fertility god.  I mean the “devil” that resides within all of us.  Another name for this devil is the ego or false self.  Or as identified by our Hebrew ancestors – satan, meaning inner adversary, or from the Latin Lucifer, meaning light-bearer.

There is great wisdom in acknowledging this inner adversary as a light-bearer, as it is most often in our darkness where we discover our light. That is, when we have the courage to face the darkness and be present with and in it so that the light can be revealed.  For the devil isn’t here to tempt us, though tempted we will be, the devil is here to help us grow.

Robert E. Place, "Gnostic Tarot of the Saints"
Robert E. Place, “Gnostic Tarot of the Saints”

Growth doesn’t come without challenge or pain. Ask the sunflower or the oak tree what obstacles they had to move through becoming their most fulfilled and fruitful self.  The same is true for us.  When we awaken from our human slumber and realize that the things “out there” are not providing us with fulfillment, peace or joy, we turn our gaze inward.  As we turn that gaze within, we discover all kinds of unhealed wounds from our past, unacknowledged fears, unrealized dreams.  If we are courageous, (or if life leaves us with no other option) we then embark upon the deep soul work of bringing all these areas of inner darkness to the light so that they can be healed and transformed, finding within this transformation the treasure in the darkness.  This is what brings us toward our soul’s purpose and the life of meaning and fulfillment that we all long for and that our Soul intends for us to experience in this human experiment.  It is ultimately the Soul’s longing to be fulfilled that brings us to this task.

The “devil” in this journey is the inner vehicle that brings all of our fears and unhealed wounds to light. It is our job to recognize these fears as they arise and take responsibility for these fears. Most often, these fears arise in us due to outside triggers.  Something or someone shows up in our path reflecting our fears.  Maybe it is the stack of unpaid bills on your desk.  Maybe it is someone seemingly accomplishing something you wish you could do.  Perhaps it shows up in an infringement of boundaries, or in the form of rejection.  However it shows up, we can know an unhealed wound or unacknowledged fear has been triggered by the reaction we experience in our bodies.  Perhaps the hair stands up on the back of your neck, or your belly constricts, or you feel the hot pain of rage boiling up in you.

Whatever that inner reaction might be….DO NOT ACT. Instead, recognize it for what it is – the devil, Lucifer – showing up to reveal to you your unhealed fears.

Then….NAME the fear for what it is – fear of lack, fear of your own insignificance, fear of powerlessness, fear of not being loved, fear of not being able to express your truth, fear of not knowing your truth, fear of being alone. NAME the demon, and it no longer has power over you.

LOVE that fear. Sit in the discomfort of the fear.  Hold it in love.  In being with it and holding it, the fear gets what it has always needed, to be acknowledged and loved.  And then the fear is transformed and we are now free of that face of our fear.

THANK the fear. Thank Lucifer, the devil, satan, the ego, the false-self, whatever you want to call it, for helping you to grow and helping you to take one step closer to the life you came here to enjoy – one of contentment, joy, fulfillment and love.





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The Voice of our Truth vs. our Ego – Discernment

In this week’s Superhero Academy gatherings, we continued our exploration of 6D consciousness and Divine Manifestation by learning about the critical skill of discernment.


Discernment is defined as the process through which we distinguish the voice of God/Truth/Higher Self/Love from the voice of our False Self/Ego/Adversary.


Discernment is the process we use to determine if the guidance we are accessing through our meditation practices is indeed coming from Source or if it is simply our ego at work trying to keep us small.


Discernment requires that we arrive at some foundational agreements:


The full Superhero Report is available by subscription only.  To read more, subscribe HERE:

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Something amazing, intense and at least initially scary is happening in the Universe.  Starting the three days prior to the FULL MOON and continuing this week, a series of LOVE ACTIVATIONS are taking place.  For many, these love activations will feel like anxiety, hyper-sensitivity to sound, touch, smells, people, places, the outside, sunlight, etc.. (sadly, for some, the intensity of these activations and the anxiety they are producing will be projected out into the world through violence).  It will also feel INTENSE, like our bodies are filling up with energy and are about ready to EXPLODE.  For myself, I have felt all of the above, culminating in vertigo, panic attacks (and all the symptoms that accompany them), and migraine headaches.

Coping with these activations is not easy.  In fact, as mentioned above, for some, their reaction will be violence.  If we are aware, and paying attention, however, we have another choice in how to respond to this foreign energy…..because it is foreign while at the same time being VERY FAMILIAR.  LOVE is our original nature, but we have been so wrapped up in our egos, our false-self, our sense of separation and fear that we have forgotten what REAL LOVE feels like.  Additionally, our egos will fight tooth and nail to maintain their place of prominence within us and it knows that the arrival of LOVE means its ultimate demise.


SO…….while I certainly don’t have all the answers, I am happy to share with you what seems to be working for me.

1) Hold an awareness that the energy we are feeling is LOVE trying to be embodied within us.

2) Intend to be open to not only receiving, but embodying this love.

3) Take time out of the chaos to hold that intention to receive and visualize your awareness moving from your head (where the panic starts) into your heart.

4) Hold your awareness in your heart space and allow the LOVE to fill it up….allowing it to EXPAND within you and BEYOND you out into the world.

5) If the love feels like too much to handle …. allow the love that you are receiving to flow through you into the world reaching out into all the places of fear and constriction.

6) And by all means…..BREATHE!

7) Once the Love is more fully embodied you might find that you have an excess of energy in your body……now is the time to MOVE.  Dance.  Do yoga.  SING. Tai Chi. etc. etc. etc.


Love to you as you enjoy the love activations!!!!


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Awaken Equip Empower

The greatest professional challenge I have faced is trying to explain to people what I do for a living.  When I offer titles like, Spiritual Director, Spiritual Counselor, Hands-on-Healer, Human Development Expert, Teacher, Interfaith Minister, I mostly get met with a blank stare.  When I boldly proclaim Author, people mostly cringe.  So…in today’s blog, I will try to explain what I, Lauri Ann Lumby, actually do for a living and WHY the services I provide might be of benefit to you! 

Midwife to your Soul


This is the part of my job that is completely invisible, intangible, defies measurement or explanation, and yet, it is a gift I have that is intimately part of my call, and one I can no longer deny.  In my presence, people wake up.  They wake up to their own longing, the creative call within them, the desire to know peace, love, joy and the hunger to use their gifts in service to the betterment of the world.  Under my gaze and simply by being in my presence, people wake up.  Now….with that, there are one of two responses – they either stay and grow, or they run away screaming in fear.  The stay and grow part is really cool as I then have the opportunity to be witness to the excitement that happens in the other in the discovery of their gift and their call.  The running away in fear piece – that’s a weird one.  Fortunately, I no longer take it personally, but it is only a little unsettling when I suddenly become the “enemy” as a projection of their own unacknowledged fear.


Here’s the fun part.  When people awaken and they stay, they get to go on a treasure hunt, and I have the profound gift of being their guide.  I get to help them uncover their gifts, identify their passions and explore the call of their soul – the uniquely creative way in which they have been gifted to find meaning and purpose in the world and to find fulfillment in sharing this gift in service to the betterment of the world. How fun is that?  There are many tools I use to help people in this search – mindfulness and creativity practices, temperament and personality assessments, one-on-one counseling and mentoring.


This is the stage where things get a little messy.  The closer we get to our gifts and our call, the harder the ego (our false self) tries to work against us.  The ego likes same, status quo, and the harnessing of our gifts almost always means SIGNIFICANT change.  So as we approach our gifts, the ego throws all kinds of obstacles in our path – fear, anxiety, past hurts, the unhealed and unrealized parts of ourselves, the inner critic, the negative messages we subconsciously or consciously took on from others, the parts of ourselves we have rejected, suppressed, repressed, etc.  The ego does this both from within us and from outside of us.  My job is to help my clients and students identify the false self at work and to offer sound practices for freeing themselves from these obstacles.  These practices include movement, mindfulness, meditation, shamanic soul retrieval practices, hands-on-healing, the Authentic Freedom protocol which I developed, and others.  The goal of the Empower stage of the process is to do just that – EMPOWER.  I firmly believe and have come to see that my job is to make TEACHERS, not enable followers.  As such, my greatest joy is when one of my clients or students is ready to leave the nest and fly on their own….it is in this moment that I know I have accomplished my task, and that they have fully and freely birthed their own soul.  This, indeed, is my greatest joy!

Lauri Ann Lumby is available to AWAKE, EQUIP and EMPOWER you.  To set up a one-on-one consultation, call (920) 230-1313 or email

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Resistance Part II – Superhero Report

Superhero Academy – We Are Here to Heal and Change the World.

Coyote Trickster
Coyote Trickster

 The Superhero Academy’s headquarters are in Oshkosh, WI.

We have two meeting options Mondays 6:30 – 8:30 pm or Tuesdays 9 – 11 am.

To learn more, click HERE.


At this week’s Superhero Academy gatherings, we covered resistance. Resistance is a force of the false-self/ego in its desire to keep us fearful and small.  Resistance shows up EVERY time we draw close to or dare to be open to the call of our Soul.  Soul is the place within us that knows, without a doubt, our purpose on this plane.  Soul is the uniquely creative way in which we are gifted to find meaning and purpose in our lives and through which we are fulfilled in contributing to the betterment of our world.  Soul is the LAST thing the ego wants from us because Soul means the death of part of the ego.  The ego wants fear, small, limited, constricting.  The Soul wants freedom, expansiveness, and fulfillment.

Resistance shows up in any number of ways – fear itself, excuses, distractions, inner and outer perceived obstacles, boredom, confusion, mental, emotional, and physical pain. Resistance also shows up in our material world as struggles, challenges, things falling apart. At its core, resistance is about FEAR.  As such, it is helpful in working through resistance to FIRST identify the fear that is driving.  To facilitate that process, the Superheroes reviewed the seven core spiritual (universal) fears as outlined in Authentic Freedom. 

  • There is not enough
  • I have nothing significant to contribute
  • I can’t live as my most authentic self
  • I am not loved (I will be rejected)
  • I am not free to express my truth
  • I do not know my truth or my path
  • I am alone/I have to do it alone

The Superheroes then participated in a meditation process that facilitated the identification of part of the Soul – a call, invitation, gift that is seeking attention and cultivation. Then, the Superheroes entertained all the voices of resistance that sought to derail their quest of their gifts.  Through a flash-journaling exercise, the Superheroes wrote down all the reasons, fears, excuses for NOT pursuing their gift.  Then they identified which of the above seven fears was at the root of their resistance.  Finally, we learned and engaged in the practice of Tonglen to help facilitate the release of these fears.

Tonglen – a mindfulness practice for moving through fears and painful emotions:

  • Be attentive to when you are feeling fear.
  • If you are able, identify which of the seven universal fears you are feeling.
  • Allow yourself to experience the fear.
  • Draw your awareness to your physical body, specifically where in your body you are feeling this fear.
  • Breathe in the fear toward the place you are feeling the fear.
  • Breathe out from the place of fear, visualizing yourself sending love into the world from that fear.


Through this practice, we discovered that the most common fear that arose in the Superheroes in response to their gifts was the fear of rejection. This will be the theme of next week’s gathering.

If you have always felt that you were here for a reason, but perhaps didn’t know what that reason was….If you want to change the world but don’t know how, or have felt alone in this desire….The Superhero Academy might be for you. To learn more go HERE or call Lauri Lumby (920) 230 – 1313 or email for more information.


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Agape Meditation Newsletter- Supplement to the Virtual Church

To learn more about the Authentic Freedom Virtual Church, click HERE.   To view some of the recent Weekly Services, click HERE. 

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Second Sunday of Easter


Scripture Reading:

That very day, the first day of the week, two of Jesus’ disciples were going to a village seven miles from Jerusalem called Emmaus, and they were conversing about all the things that had occurred. And it happened that while they were conversing and debating, Jesus himself drew near and walked with them, but their eyes were prevented from recognizing him. He asked them, “What are you discussing as you walk along?” They stopped, looking downcast. One of them, named Cleopas, said to him in reply, “Are you the only visitor to Jerusalem who does not know of the things that have taken place there in these days?” And he replied to them, “What sort of things?” They said to him, “The things that happened to Jesus the Nazarene, who was a prophet mighty in deed and word before God and all the people, how our chief priests and rulers both handed him over to a sentence of death and crucified him. But we were hoping that he would be the one to redeem Israel; and besides all this, it is now the third day since this took place. Some women from our group, however, have astounded us: they were at the tomb early in the morning and did not find his body; they came back and reported that they had indeed seen a vision of angels who announced that he was alive. Then some of those with us went to the tomb and found things just as the women had described, but him they did not see.” And he said to them, “Oh, how foolish you are! How slow of heart to believe all that the prophets spoke! Was it not necessary that the Christ should suffer these things and enter into his glory?” Then beginning with Moses and all the prophets, he interpreted to them what referred to him in all the Scriptures. As they approached the village to which they were going, he gave the impression that he was going on farther. But they urged him, “Stay with us, for it is nearly evening and the day is almost over.” So he went in to stay with them. And it happened that, while he was with them at table, he took bread, said the blessing, broke it, and gave it to them. With that their eyes were opened and they recognized him, but he vanished from their sight. Then they said to each other, “Were not our hearts burning within us while he spoke to us on the way and opened the Scriptures to us?” So they set out at once and returned to Jerusalem where they found gathered together the eleven and those with them who were saying, “The Lord has truly been raised and has appeared to Simon!” Then the two recounted what had taken place on the way and how he was made known to them in the breaking of bread.

Luke 24: 13-35



Additional Readings:

Acts 2: 14, 22-33

Ps 16: 1-2, 5, 7-8, 9-10, 11

1 Pt 1: 17-21



Recognizing the Presence of Christ

Christ is a sneaky one….at least that is what is revealed in this week’s gospel – the story of the disciples on the road to Emmaus. Two disciples leave Jerusalem, distraught over the death of their teacher and friend and encounter a “stranger” on their journey home. They tell the stranger the story of Jesus’ death and reported resurrection and then the stranger unfolds the scripture for them that supports the resurrection of the Christ and its redemptive qualities. Even so, they still do not know it is Jesus who walks beside them. It is not until the meal, at the breaking of the bread, that they suddenly realize it is Jesus, and then he disappears. Only upon Jesus’ disappearance are they conscious of the feelings they had while walking beside them that might have clued them into it being Jesus in their midst, “Were not our hearts burning within us while he spoke to us on the way and opened the Scriptures to us?”

What the disciples identified in this moment of hindsight was a physical sensation – an inner felt sense – of what Christ felt like. In this, they now had a tool by which they could continue to recognize the presence of Christ in their midst. Through this reading, we are invited to begin to pay attention to our own life experiences – physical, emotional, mental, visual, auditory sensations that might indicate God’s Presence and Action in our lives.

How have you, only in hindsight, recognized the Presence and Action of God in your life?

How might you use past experiences to discern the Presence and Action of God in your life as it is happening?

How might you use these inner sensations as a source of guidance, comfort or support in your life?


Spiritual Practices:

Hindsight, it is said, is 20/20. In this week’s spiritual exercise, you will be invited to look over the significant events of your past and reflect on how you experienced the Presence and Action of God.

  1. On a blank sheet of paper, draw a timeline, beginning with your birth and ending at your current age.
  2. Pause for a moment to reflect on the significant events in your life – the joyful, the sorrowful, the challenges and the joys.
  3. On the timeline, mark the significant events.
  4. Choose one event. Through your imagination, go back in time to the event. Imagine the event as it unfolds in your mind, allowing yourself to re-live the experience.
  5. After the story of that event has come to a natural conclusion in your mind, reflect on how God was present to you through that experience. Be attentive to any inner sensations you may have had that indicated the Presence of God (warmth, expansiveness, peace, joy, comfort, support, love, inspiration to act, etc.) Make note of those inner sensations.
  6. Use these sensations as a barometer for discerning the Presence and Action of God in future experiences of your life.


Authentic Freedom 

Discernment is the process through which we distinguish the Presence and Action of God in our midst. Through discernment, we sort out the voice of God from the voice of our ego or false-self. Discernment is an on-going and imperfect process because of our humanness, and there is one scripture that provides guidance in our process of discernment:

Whenever a person turns to the Lord the veil is removed. Now the Lord is the Spirit and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.

2 Cor 3: 16-17


In other words, we can know it is the voice of God when it gives us an inner sense or experience of freedom and when it leads us toward freedom.


What does freedom feel like inside of you?



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Who is Your Teacher?

We are interrupting this discussion on midlife, menopause and the dark night of the relationship to explore another critical topic that is also relevant to the midlife journey (and beyond).  Relevant to midlife is the search for our Soul – the uniquely gifted part of ourselves through which we find meaning, purpose and fulfillment and the way in which we contribute to the betterment of the world.  In order to discover our Soul, we need to take time to listen and hear the whispering voice of our truth.  In distinguishing the voice of our truth from the voice of our ego (which is comfortable with status quo and will at all costs resist the voice of our truth) it is sometimes, maybe even critical, to have a teacher.  Today’s blog asks the question, Who is your teacher?

Defining Teacher

Authentic teachers have worked hard at their own self-actualization and in the birth of their soul and are happy to guide and support others along that same path.  Sometimes our teachers are living.  Sometimes they have passed and guide us through their spiritual presence and through sacred teachings which they have left behind. Sometimes our teacher is simply the intimate relationship we have developed through our higher power, or that which some might call God.  Whatever form our teacher takes, it is their job to guide and support us in the journey of discovering the voice of our Soul – the divine truth that lives within us – and finding ways to live that out.


My Teacher/s

As a way of helping you identify your teacher/s, I want to share a bit about mine.  My ultimate teacher, is that which I call God.  I’m not talking about the old man in the sky God, my God is way too big for that.  My God is the ultimate source of all that is and all that is coming to be.  As such, my God is neither male nor female, but simply is.  Also, my God doesn’t live in a heaven light years away, my God is in everything, including me  (and you).  It is ultimately to this indwelling aspect of the Divine where I go for guidance, direction, comfort, support, healing and inspiration. God is the voice of my truth, urging, encouraging and compelling me along the path of my Soul.  Being raised Catholic, the way in which I came to know God is through my other teacher, Jesus.  Jesus was my first teacher and while I have explored the teachings of other holy men and women, it is always to Jesus that I return. I have found through Jesus, teachings and guidance which are universal and which transcend the limitations of dogma and orthodoxy.  Jesus figured it out.  He found his way beyond the veil of separation into the universal flow of compassion, love and peace.  In piercing through the veil, Jesus found his true self – his Soul- that which provided him meaning and purpose and through which he contributed to the betterment of the world.  Jesus, at first, led by example, and then left behind teachings to help others in their own journey toward peace.  And to those who turn to Jesus for personal guidance and support, he is here as the Christ, the spiritual presence of the man who once lived, and who is able to be with us in intimate and personal ways as teacher, guide, healer, friend and guru.

Now, who is your teacher?

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God or No-God? And Does it Really Matter?

Today’s blog explores belief, specifically our need to cling to the certitude around our beliefs, thereby making everyone else wrong.  Whether we are Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Pagan, Hindu, Jewish, Catholic, atheist or anything in between, how are we called to set aside our perceived separations and find a place of mutual honor and respect? 


The Core Wound of Separation

In my book, Authentic Freedom – claiming a life of contentment and joy, I reveal the core wound of the human condition – the wound which is the cause of all suffering.  The core wound is our false perception of separation.  The beneficial purpose of this false perception of separation is that it allows us to have an individual and unique experience in this human experiment.  However, this false perception of separation is also the cause of fear along with the compulsive behaviors that arise out of this fear.  When we indulge the fears which arise out of our perception of separation and engage in the resulting compulsive behaviors, we do harm to ourselves, to others and to the world.  In these situations, the perception of separation is no longer supportive of our human experience, but detrimental to it.  The perception of separation has gone awry when it causes us to forget our Oneness within ourselves, with each other and with all of creation.   I call the less than loving actions that come out of this false perception of separation the work of the ego. For our purposes here, ego is the part of us that has forgotten our Oneness and forgotten our original nature as love.  Ego seeks to separate and divide.  There is perhaps no other place that this function of the ego is more obvious than in regards to religious belief.

Ego and Belief

One of the ways we, as human beings, have lived out the divisive function of ego is by creating belief systems and then fortifying these religious beliefs by deciding that we are right and everyone else is wrong.  Separate belief systems, in and of themselves, are not a bad thing.  In fact, creating separate belief systems helps us to find meaning within the context of our geographical, sociological, anthropological and environmental cultures.  As a species,  we thrive when we gather in small, interdependent communities, working toward a common goal with similar motivations.  Our separate belief systems are reflective of and supportive of this need.  Our separate belief systems, however, have gone awry, when instead of supporting our interdependence, they seek to divide.  When I am right and everyone else is wrong, the ego is working hard at sowing the seeds of discord, instead of supporting our original nature as loving, compassionate, harmonious beings.

God or No God?

As a woman raised Catholic in a Western culture, I believe in God.  What this means for me is ever changing as I allow the “old man in the sky” God that was preached at the pulpit transform into a God that is bigger than anything I could every have possibly imagined.  And just when I think I have a handle on God, I find out more.  But what is funny about this is that even in the Catholic Church, there is no agreement on what or who God is or what God looks like…if anything.  In fact, God is spoken of in the Catechism of the Catholic Church as breath, spirit, love, father, mother, lover, healer and it is clearly stated that God is without gender.  For me, these personal as well as nebulous images and descriptions of God works.  It helps me in my journey to sometimes think of a God that exists outside of me as helper, guide, companion, and at other times as a God that dwells within me and maybe even as me.  I can also think of God as none of these things.  I can even go so far as to think of No God.

God vs. No God

As a woman raised Catholic, I also find that I can see beyond my Catholicism and have enjoyed exploring and learning about other faith traditions as well as traditions that are not grounded in a specific system of belief.  I can read and reflect on just about any discussion of philosophy, theology, religion, etc. and be open to hearing and understanding something from another person’s perspective and experience.  I can find that resonates for me as truth and I feel free enough to set aside those things that don’t resonate with me.  In my professional work, I can honor the beliefs and backgrounds of my clients and I can hold these beliefs as sacred, even when they might significantly differ from my own.  I find that I can do this for two reasons: 1) because ultimately, NONE of us knows for certain if God exists or not and I doubt we ever will and 2) because it just doesn’t matter!

It Just Doesn’t Matter

It doesn’t matter because I realize that our belief systems, specifically our attachment to being right, are merely functions of our ego.  We craft our beliefs and cling to our certitude around them because we have forgotten our original nature as ONE with each other and with all that is.  When we remember this Oneness, we live in love, compassion, peace and joy, and we have no need to make ourselves right or better than anyone else.  When we remember our Oneness, we are able to hold each other in mutual acceptance, respect and support and can honor the individual and unique ways in which we choose to live out this human experiment.  In this way, it just doesn’t matter if what works for us is belief in a God or no God at all and we can honor and respect each other for our unique choices and can find the truth in each other’s beliefs regardless of the language or images we use to describe them.

Where do you find yourself clinging to your need to be right?

Where are you tempted to label another’s beliefs as wrong?

How are you being called to remember Oneness so that you can be more tolerant and accepting of another’s beliefs and to find the truth within their beliefs that resonate with you?

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Resisting Our Greatness

As we journey toward the birth of our most magnificent, true self, we frequently come up against resistance.  Resistance is the voice in our head that tells us we are not good enough, capable enough, worthy enough to enjoy the life of fulfillment and joy that God intended us to know.  As a spiritual obstacle, resistance can only be conquered through spiritual means.

Young Woman Meditating on the Floor

Wake Up Wake Up

Our soul, the greatest, magnificent, most amazing truth of who we are and who God made us to be, seeks to be known and seeks to be made known.  As the tiny voice or raging fire within, our soul tries to WAKE US UP to who God made us to be and provokes, challenges, cajoles, urges, whispers, draws, kicks our butt until we PAY ATTENTION.  While the soul is trying to wake us up, we are usually working really hard to stay asleep….or run away.  Spiritually, this is the battle between our true self and the ego – the latter trying to keep us small, the former hoping to make us INFINITE!   I much prefer the idea of being infinite….the ego, however, definitely has other plans.

The Face of Resistance

To the ego, KNOWN = SAFE and since the journey of birthing the soul is anything BUT known…..the ego fights like hell to keep us “safe” and in the world of KNOWN.  To keep us there, the ego whispers in our ears, all the reasons we should NOT explore the longings of the soul:

  • You’re not worthy
  • You’re not loved
  • You’re not capable
  • You can’t do it
  • People won’t like you if you do …
  • You’re not attractive, talented, gifted enough
  • You’re nobody special
  • You’re fat, too skinny, ugly, stupid, etc. etc. etc.
  • There’s not enough time, money, support, love, etc. etc. etc.

While the ego is busy whispering evil things into our ears, it is stirring up our anxiety which we then respond to in a myriad of ridiculous ways.  Resorting to our instinctual nature, we fight, run (flight) or freeze in the face of the fear stew the ego is busy concocting, but since most of us don’t live on the Serengeti plains, we choose other ways to fight, flight or freeze –


Freeze is the easy one……we stop and drop in our tracks through all the ways that we numb ourselves:  drugs, alcohol, food, TV, prescription medications, unhealthy relationships, over consumption, shopping, sleeping….and if our soul isn’t acknowledged, all of these eventually turn to DEPRESSION.


Flight consists of all the ways we RUN RUN RUN away from our truth and our path.  Flight encompasses all the things we distract ourselves with that take time away from tending to our soul and our gifts – too many activities, too many unnecessary obligations, FACEBOOK, social media, internet, TV (again), aimless striving, aimless seeking, pacing, restlessness, thinking about all the other people around us and their needs that we think are OUR JOB to take care of.


Fight tells us it is SOMEBODY else’s fault that we are unhappy, unfulfilled, that our life lacks joy, love, peace.  In fight, we stand with our feet planted and our index finger pointed outward in anger and resentment at all the people who we think stand as obstacles to our happiness.  Guess what……the only person that can make you happy is YOU and the only person that can make you unhappy is YOU!  It is no body else’s fault but your own if you are unhappy and unfulfilled because you haven’t taken the time to heed the calling of your soul!

Sit Down and Shut up!

All the restlessness, longing, sense of being unfulfilled, unhappy or unloved is quite simply, the SOUL, your deepest spiritual truth, trying to get your attention.  She just wants to be known, acknowledged, heard, nurtured, cultivated, engaged and eventually, shared in the world.  (SOUND FAMILIAR?????   How many times have YOU said, “I just want to be heard.  I just want to be acknowledged.  I just want to be valued and taken care of.”)  Your only job, when the soul comes calling is to SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP so that the tiny, at first tentative, voice of the soul can be heard.  And the voice of the soul cannot be heard as long as you are fighting, fleeing or numb.  So if you are looking for meaning, purpose, fulfillment, contentment, love, joy and peace in your life, then be quiet.  Sit still…and LISTEN, and the soul will reward you because the destination of the soul is the birthing of your magnificence, or your unique giftedness and the place where you will know INNER contentment, fulfillment and joy.  And you will know you have arrived because it will feel like HOME.

What does your soul want you to know?

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries

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Tested in Fire

Once we step onto the path of awakening, enlightenment, spiritual growth, consciousness, self-awareness (or whatever you want to call it), we are forever changed.  And, it is not a journey for the faint of heart!


Who will endure the day of his coming?

Who can stand when he appears?

For he is like the refiner’s fire,

or like the fuller’s lye.

He will sit refining and purifying silver,

And he will purify the sons of Levi,

Refining them like gold or like silver…

Malachi 3: 3-4a

Defining the “God Path”

Some people call it the path of enlightenment, others awakening, others being saved, others consciousness, others self-awareness.  I call it the God Path.  When we heed the restlessness and longing in our soul and begin the search for its remedy, we are on the God Path.  For most, the search for the remedy to this inner restlessness, longing and impatience begins outside … looking for the perfect job, partner, house, STUFF, that will quell this longing.  Eventually, we find that the external search produces NOTHING or worse, more longing and restlessness.  At some point, some give up and surrender to a life of quiet desperation.  The courageous, however, continue the search which eventually leads them WITHIN…to the only place where that longing might be satisfied.  I call this the God Path because it is God (consciousness, higher self, highest truth, Presence, Being) that we find within.  And it is God who is the source of our longing…..calling us HOME.

The God Path Requires ENDURANCE

As the prophet Malachi observed, the God Path is not for the faint of heart and requires a tremendous amount of endurance.   Endurance is required because on the God Path, every fear, ego-attachment, false perception reveals itself and asks for our attention so that it can be healed, transcended and released.  If money is one of our attachments, it will show up.  If we cling to power, status or fame, it will be IN OUR FACE.  If we do not believe we are worthy of love, our unworthiness will show up again and again and again until we remember that we are already LOVE, that love does not have to be earned, neither does it have to be taken away. If we have forgotten that we are uniquely gifted to reveal God in the world and if we have withheld these gifts from the world, we will be confronted by anxiety, depression, rage.  If we have harbored resentment toward another, forgiveness will elude us.  Again and again and again our fears and attachments will show themselves so that we can face them and do the work of moving through them so that we can be the WHOLE person God created us to be.

Help Along the Path

Authentic Freedom – Claiming a Life of Contentment and Joy provides tools to help you along the God Path.  It does so by illuminating the seven core fears that you will face along the path and presenting tools to help you heal and transcend these fears.  Through Authetic Freedom, we discover that forewarned is forearmed and we enter into the God Path armed with the resources we need to confront the fears, ego attachments and false perceptions as they present themselves to us.  Authentic Freedom presents the same tools used by our greatest spiritual teachers in their own journey along the God Path – Jesus, Moses, The Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed and others.

Personal Support

Because the God Path requires endurance and will test us like gold tested in fire, it is  helpful to have a personal guide along the path.  This personal guidance is the role of a Spiritual Director.  It is a Spiritual Director’s job to be a source of support for us along the path, to provide encouragement and also an objective presence to help us to see those things that may be lurking in the darkness – our unresolved ego attachments, the way we project our fears and attachments on to others, our resistance to the path that God may be laying out for us.  It is the responsibility of a Spiritual Director to help us hear the truth beyond our words and to see the light that is shining where we might see only darkness.  The role of a Spiritual Director is at once listener, coach and spiritual butt-kicker.

Rewarded for our Endurance

While the journey is not easy, the rewards are terrific.  For those who choose the God path and stick with it, there is fulfillment, contentment, love, joy and peace and the ability to endure the ups and downs of the human condition without being destroyed.  The God path provides for us the tools to transcend the fears, false perceptions and suffering of the human condition and to find the peace that resides in the midst of it all.  In choosing the God path, we find that heaven, nirvana, the kingdom of God is RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW and not on some planet light years away.

For support along the God Path, contact Lauri Lumby at (920) 230-1313 or lauri@yourspiritualtruth.  Or click on Services to learn more.