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Did Jesus Die for Our Sins?

In anticipation of Palm Sunday and Holy Week, enjoy this excerpt from this week’s Agape’ Meditation Newsletter, supplement to the Authentic Freedom Virtual Church.  Learn more about the Authentic Freedom Virtual Church and how to subscribe HERE. 


Dying for our Sins

It has been said that Jesus died for our sins. This is true, not as an atonement, or as a payment for our sins, but for the sake of sin itself. Sin is that which arises out of our perceived separation from God. “Original sin” as it is spoken of in the Christian tradition is the perceived separation from God. Unlike other humans before him, Jesus came to understand that this separation from God is not real, but is simply a false perception created so that one might have a human experience. Jesus also understood that this perceived separation is the cause of human suffering. Jesus discovered that his (and our) original nature is not in fact separation from God, but Oneness with God. After Jesus came to understand this Oneness within himself and found the comfort, healing, peacefulness and love inherent in this state of Oneness, he sought to teach it to others.

The problem was that there were those who benefitted from a humanity wallowing in the fear of this perceived separation. People who have forgotten their Oneness with God are afraid and anxious and will either seek to have control over others as a way of trying to escape these feelings of powerlessness or will allow themselves to be controlled by others because of their fear. In Jesus’ time, those who were threatened by the healing promised by Jesus in recalling their Oneness with God, were the government and religious officials who were in positions of power and who benefitted because of people’s fears.

When challenged by those in power about the truth that he had come to know in his Oneness with God, Jesus had a choice. He could have recanted his truth and agreed that it was the Romans or the High Priests who were right, or he could have stood by his truth. Jesus stood by his truth (“I AM”…One with God). It was for the sake of this truth that he was willing to die. This is how we can say that Jesus died for (the sake of) our sins.