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Dream a Little Dream

On the Contemplative/Mystical Path of Spiritual Growth and Enlightenment, EVERYTHING becomes an opportunity for Divine revelation.  The Contemplative/mystical path invites us to open our eyes to all the ways in which God desires to reveal God’s Self to us and in this revelation, awakening deeper love, compassion, peace, joy and contentment within us.  Today, we will explore Dreams as a vehicle for Divine revelation and thereby a powerful tool for spiritual growth and healing.

I’m Batwoman!

Sunday morning I was awakened by a vivid and powerful dream.  In the dream, I was in a large church witnessing an adult confirmation.  The scene then shifted to a wall of photos were I was drawn to a black and white 8×10 glossy portrait of a beautiful baby.  The scene shifted again and I was now standing outside the church.  I watched as from the left approached an ENORMOUS furry, sable-colored bat on whose back rode a beautiful woman.  The woman reminded me of Queen Latifah in her build and stature and had long, flowing, wavy blond hair down to her waist and was wearing a flowing white dress.  The woman on the bat flew by me slowly and just 2 feet off of the ground.  They flew gently and slowly in front of me and proceeded to the corner of the street and then turned right and continued their flight.  It was as they turned the corner that I was awakened. 

Dream Symbols

As I awoke from the dream with vivid recall (which is rare for me), I knew that this must be an important message and to take heed.  I got up, wrote down the dream and went back to bed.  Upon awakening, I spent some time analyzing and praying about this dream.  What did God have to say to me through this powerful dream?

  • First I consulted the book Animal Speak by Ted Andrews.  What were the archetypal meanings attached to the bat?   The answers:  Initiation.  Shaman’s Death.  Death to New Life.  Yep, that seemed pretty appropriate to what is going on in my life.

  • Second, I brought this prayer and Ted Andrews’ words to prayer.  What was God trying to say to me through this dream?  The answer:

Lauri, climb on and let the bat carry you through the darkness

  • Third, I sat with this prayer message.  In allowing myself to receive this message I felt profound comfort, relief and support.  Being at a significant time of personal change (divorce), being offered the invitation to let God carry me through the image of the bat and the batwoman felt enormously comforting and appealing.  Heck yea, God can carry me!

Dreams in your own journey

Dreams are a powerful vehicle through which the Divine reveals truth to us, the trick is to be open to seeing through a different set of eyes.  Dreams are rarely to be taken literally, but are metaphors for something deeper within.  When we have significant recall of our dreams, there is certainly an urgency to PAY ATTENTION.  We are invited to explore the dreams for images and metaphors and to explore these images for their deeper meaning.  How is God revealing truth to us through this dream?  What truth is God trying to reveal?  Unlike other spiritual practices that can be intentionally entered into, dreams are spontaneous and show up on their own.  We can use them as a spiritual practice when we take the time to examine and reflect on our dreams in search of God’s hidden message.  And, you just might have some fun doing it.

Do you take the time to pay attention to your recollected dreams?

What resources are helpful to you in exploring the images for their deeper meaning?

How might you be more open to exploring your dreams as an effective and powerful spiritual practice?

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries

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Reader’s Challenge

Yesterday I posted my “Fairytale Manifesto” (scroll down or click here to read: )  Today, I challenge you to write your own Life Manifesto and post it in the comments section of this blog!  And here is my invitation to you:  DREAM BIG! Write the boldest, most exciting, most creative, most delicious, most desirous idea of what you want out of your life….and include EVERYTHING:  work, home, family, play and partnership!  Include it all.  Post it here and see what everyone else is dreaming about!



Lauri Lumby


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Soulmates – Is it Live or is it Memorex?

Today, I pose a question to my readers:  Is the idea of a soulmate real or simply a figment of our over-romanticized imaginations?  Inquiring minds want to know!

Dreams of a Soulmate

Several years ago during a guided visualization exercise I had an encounter with a male figure that in the visualization could only be described as “the love of my life.”  Since that visualization exercise, this “man” has haunted my dreams, shown up in my prayer and meditation.  Of course, the first impulse is to become attached to this phantom as some sort of soulmate that has not yet appeared in my life and to go out looking for this handsome prince who will be the answer to all my unmet needs.  Fortunately, I think I know better.  But what is the meaning behind this portent? What is a soulmate anyway and do soulmates even exist?  In this I admit complete and total ignorance and turn to you, the reader for your thoughts on this topic.  Just to get the discussion rolling….here are a few of my own thoughts:

Points to Ponder

Looking back on the years of dreams and the visualization that got this all started in the first place, a few thoughts come to mind.

  • Modern day psychology would invite me to look at the visualization/dream as a representation of the unhealed wounds within myself seeking to be healed, specifically, the parts of myself that need to be passionately and adoringly loved without condition.
  • Christian mysticism would suggest that the “man” in the dream is Christ calling me to be his “beloved.”  I am actually somewhat inclined to at least partially accept this idea, especially since the dude in the dream bore an uncanny resemblance to “Hot Jesus”  (see below!)
  • New-agists would tell me the vision was of my soulmate and to keep on looking.

Enlightenment Philosophies

Now, here is where I get hung up…and bear with me as I might ramble a bit.  Enlightenment Philosophies (to which I tend to subscribe, and a category under which Authentic Freedom falls) tell us that the only source of fulfillment is within.  As such, there would be no such thing as a relationship that provides the kind of fulfillment that we ascribe to the idea of a soulmate.  However, there is also something to the idea of our outer world reflecting our inner world.  AND we ARE relational beings.  I have observed that as I grow spiritually and emotionally and find a deeper place of inner contentment that my exterior relationships tend to more closely reflect the “new me” (actually, the original me!).  So, why wouldn’t our intentional, one-on-one intimate relationships afford us the same possibility?

Soulmate Hypothesis?

The invitation seems to be to start within – to do the work of healing our inner wounds, to work toward a deeper sense of inner contentment and fulfillment.  Then, I wonder, when we do this work, are we then creating the ground upon which mutually supportive and fulfilling external relationships may take root and grow and is it possible that we might connect with a uniquely intimate relationship that reflects the contentment we feel within?  I’m just wondering……

The Goal is No Goal and No Attachment to Outcome

Here is the rub……we cannot enter into the journey of enlightenment with the goal of meeting a soulmate or with an attachment that if we do the right work the soulmate will be our reward.  We enter into the journey simply for the purpose of the journey…..  I guess if the soulmate shows up, it is simply another thing for which we can be grateful!

Tell me your ideas about soulmate!  Lets get the discussion ball rolling!!!!

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries/yourspiritualtruth

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Bibbity Bobbity Boo

Exploring dreams, imagination, magic and mantra prayers.  What does Disney’s Cinderella teach us about ourselves?



Ok, so apparently we are having a Disney Princess theme this week.  Yesterday is was Mary Poppins (yea, I know, she’s not a princess….), today Cinderella, tomorrow …. who knows? 


While I’m not a big fan of the typical thematic interpretation of the Disney Princess genre (you know, lonely girl longs to find her prince, she enters into some sort of journey, then finds her prince and lives happily ever after), I will attempt to look past the “happily ever after dependent upon finding your prince,”  to find the universal message for those of us in the real world!  Today, I feel called to spend some time with Cinderella.

As the firstborn child in a typical American middle class family of moderate dysfunction, I could totally relate to the Cinderella theme of “how come I have to do all the work?”  I recall as a child identifying with the Disney interpretation of the child forced into drudgery by her cruel stepmother.  Yep, I loved cultivating my inner victim and longed for the “prince” that would rescue me from the responsibilities of the firstborn.  Today all I can do is say, “Sorry mom.”  I was a huge brat and in many ways lazy (as I guess most teens are) and I admittedly loved nurturing the illusion of entitlement.  Again, sorry mom! 

Now, looking beyond my inner victim, I ask, what does Cinderella have to teach me (us) today?   The answer to this question seems to be hidden within the Cinderella soundtrack.  One of the things I love about Disney films is that they are great at creating standout soundtracks to accompany their films and within these soundtracks are usually one or two (or in the case of Mary Poppins – MANY) songs that totally make the movie.  This is no less the case for Cinderella.  There are two songs from this film that stand out to me and it is these songs that illuminate the universal message within Disney’s Cinderella.   


A Dream is A Wish Your Heart Makes –

If you don’t want to take the time to click on the YouTube link and watch the video, here is what the song says:

A dream is a wish your heart makes…

In dreams you will lose your heartaches…

Have faith in your dreams and someday, your rainbow will come smiling through.

No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true.

Not being a huge fan of the pop-culture spirituality that says, “Ask and you will receive” coupled with “You create your own reality and what you think you will have,”  I’m not inclined to give a literal interpretation to the Cinderella soliloquy.  Instead, let’s look at it from a Divine-centered perspective.  Here is my current working theory (right or wrong):

  • God plants within our heart our highest truth and knowledge of the path that will lead us to our highest good.
  • We have access to this knowledge through active attention to the Divine through our hearts, intuition, dreams, imagination, insight, learning, knowledge, physical and spiritual vision.
  • We are invited to be open to receiving God’s vision for our life and when we act upon this vision, our life unfolds in a magnificent way far beyond what we ever could have imagined (manifested) for ourselves. 

The Cinderella dream song reminds us of this truth.  When we tend to the dreams and visions within our hearts – those guided by the Divine within us, then whatever “we wish for” will come true.  This is not magic….this is REAL!  But in truth, when we actually do this, it feels nothing less than magical. But how do we allow ourselves to be open to receiving the Divine vision of our highest truth and greatest path?  The answer is in the second great song from Disney’s Cinderella:

Bibbity Bobbity Boo!

Now I have to give credit to my (now deceased) mother-in-law, Deanna Schmidt, for what you will now read.  Bibbity Bobbity Boo, while presented as a magical incantation invoked by Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother, it is nothing less than (thanks to Dee) a mantra prayer.  Mantra prayer is one of the infinite ways in which we can allow ourselves to be open to receiving Divine guidance, insight and comfort in our lives.  Through mantra prayer, we repeat a sacred word or phrase over and over and over, allowing the rhythm and repetition to lull us into a peaceful, meditative state.  Bibbity Bobbity Boo is a fantastic form of mantra prayer (and was used by my mother-in-law when she felt anxious or scared – in fact, it is the prayer she used when fighting breast cancer). 

And….I suddenly realized there is one more VERY IMPORTANT lesson for us in Disney’s Cinderella…….WE ARE NEVER ALONE in our spiritual journeys.  This is the role of the Fairy Godmother – to remind us that the Divine places people into our lives (or we draw them to ourselves, or both) that act as a vessel through which the Divine is able to unfold the miracle in our lives.  And isn’t Fairy Godmother a great title for these amazing, magical people? 

So the invitation today is to:

Reflect on the dreams your heart is revealing to you.  How might they be leading you to your highest truth?

What tools are you currently using to be open to Divine guidance and inspiration in your life?

Who are the Fairy Godmothers and Godfathers in your own life who have acted as vehicles for the Divine in your life?


Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries/Your Spiritual Truth

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Calling all Reinforcements

Today, I will address the issue of spiritual obstacles and remedies to those inner things that block our progress, growth, healing and most importantly, the manifestation of our dreams.


In this pit of overwhelm in which I have found myself, it is easy to get lost in despair, hopelessness and frustration.  I have certainly spent my fair share of time in each of these states – especially of late.  Today, while sitting down to meditation, it struck me that I had forgotten to call in the reinforcements! 

One of the fears that we are most likely to indulge during times of challenge and frustration is the fear that we are alone.  We forget the ultimate spiritual truth – the truth of Oneness with God, with eachother and with all creation – and that includes spiritual entities that are here simply as sources of support for us in this strange thing we call life.  While it may seems so at times, we are NEVER ALONE!  We are never without sources of support – reinforcements of strength, guidance, assistance, etc. 

In the Christian pantheon, some of my favorite sources of support are of course, Jesus and Mary Magdalene, Michael the Archangel and Joan of Arc (the latter two are especially helpful during times of intense internal struggle).  In the Hindu pantheon, my favorite go-to aspect of the Divine during times of spiritual blockage is Ganesh – the overcomer of all obstacles.  It was to Ganesh that my attention was drawn this morning.  Ganesh, as one aspect of the One God, is depicted as an elephant.  It is his job to plow through and destroy the spiritual obstacles that are blocking our path so that our way is made clear.  The way the past week has gone, I felt I had to call in the heavy hitters – and there is nothing more heavy than Ganesh!  So I welcomed the clearing energy of the Divine through the image of the bejeweled elephant to clear away the obstacles that currently stand in my way. 

As I chanted the name of Ganesh and imagined him plowing through obstacles and making a clear path for me, it suddenly dawned on me that I too can be a clearer of obstacles.  How had I forgotten the tools that I have been given as a Healer to be vessel through which God’s healing and clearing support could be made manifest in the world?  Had I forgotten that I could ask God to use me to heal my own spiritual blocks and any other blocks that seemingly stood in my way?  Apparently I had.  I immediately accepted this invitation to be a vehicle for my own healing and clearing and visualized before me all those things that I saw as standing in my way – financial obstacles, physical obstacles, mental obstacles, unhealed wounds, spiritual obstacles.  I imagined all these things and allowed God’s healing and releasing energy to move through me and around those perceived obstacles.  I simply sat in this state of holding space for healing and release to take place and as is always the case when I am in the role of healer, I let go of any attachment to outcome and intended that the healing take place all for the higher good.  I cannot say as yet what the outcome of this healing will be, but I can say that inside myself I felt more peaceful, patient, trusting, hopeful and empowered.  What a difference it makes when we allow ourselves to be open to the support that is around us at all times.


My invitation for you today is to examine your own life.  What obstacles are you currently facing.  How can you allow yourself to be a vessel through which Divine healing and release can be unleashed upon these obstacles so that you path can once again be made clear? 


And I offer a prayer of gratitude to the Divine in the aspect of destroyer of obstacles as I am freed and released from any obstacles that have been healed and any that still remain.  Click on this link for a version of the Ganesh Mantra as sung by Wah!

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries