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Visions of a New World and Abraham Lincoln’s Bones

For the sake of the betterment of our world, I am sharing a powerful and (at the time) terrifying dream that I had as a child that has proved itself to be nothing short of prophetic:

One late summer, when I was five or six years old, I was staying in my grandfather’s cabin in the north woods of Minnesota, with my family. It was likely our last visit before the end of the season and before going back to (or starting) school. It was late August, and the weather had already grown cool and the evenings crisp, and on this particular night, a brilliant orange harvest moon hung in the sky.  It was under the glow of the harvest moon that I nestled in beside my sister on the pull-out couch on the sleeping porch, snuggling deep into the flannel and army green sleeping bag that smelled like my grandfather – a rich combination of wool, flannel, bonfires, pine needles, fresh air and cigars. Held in the embrace of this sacred and holy place, I was visited by a powerful dream.


The harvest moon that I had found a beauty to behold gazed down over the entire world and was seen by all from city to farm, forest to stream and everywhere in between. In the dream, I saw the moon from the vantage point of a large city.  As I gazed at the moon, it began to spin, and then it began to spark.  As the moon spun, it threw off sparks and flames, as if it had become like one of those aluminum and metal hand-crank pinwheels – spinning and sparking and destroying itself in the process.

As I gazed at the moon in both horror and wonder, a voice spoke to me, “The end of the world is at hand.” I was obviously frightened by these words and asked “the voice” what I could do to stop it.  “You must go find the bones of Abraham Lincoln dig them up and bring them here to prevent the world from coming to an end.”  The dream continued with me finding, and then leading a group of friends in search for Lincoln’s bones.  In the dream, we looked and looked in all the places where the bones could be and were unable to find them – we looked in Springfield, Illinois, we looked in the woods of Kentucky, we even looked at the Lincoln Memorial.  All the time we search, I felt this overwhelming sense of rightness, but also fear and frustration as Lincoln’s bones continued to elude us, knowing that if we didn’t find them, the world would come to an end.  It was in this state of frustration that I awakened.  I was too afraid to tell anyone about the dream, and to this day, have only shared it with a few.  Until now.

Almost 50 years later, I am now able to interpret this dream and the state of our world has helped me with this interpretation:

The end of the world (as we know it) is here. The new world is being born and it is out of “Lincoln’s Bones” that the new world will be made.

Abraham Lincoln

The world that we have known is that which was built on fear, power, separation and control. This is the world that is dying (and needs to die if we are to survive).  For those who are attached to this world, or who get their power from this world, its end will feel apocalyptic and truly as if the world (their world) is coming to an end – if this is what they choose.

Another choice is possible, however, for those who are willing to do the work of locating and “digging up Lincoln’s bones.” (so to speak)

“Lincoln’s bones” represents all that we have come to associate with our sixteenth president, Abraham Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln was known to be a man of honesty, integrity, humility, intelligence, and wisdom. He is generally regarded as one who possessed a deep sense of justice, who was able to reason and discern his own truth and act on that truth; who was self-motivated and self-directed. He was not known to be easily swayed by opinion or political pressure.  His ultimate gift was in bringing together that which had been separated and in repairing the breach.

This is who we are called to be and what we are called to do in bringing forth the new world – a world no longer established on the old models of fear, separation, power and control, but one built on the solid foundation of honesty, integrity, knowledge and wisdom where we come together as a world of brothers and sisters, repairing the breach of 5000 years of separation.   For those who are not willing to make this choice, the world they are clinging to is consuming itself in a painful and fiery death.

To learn how you are called to help support the birth of the new world through your own unique gifts, check out my online course “What is Your Magic?” 33% off during the month of February.  Click on the image below to learn more! 





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This is Our Choice Point

Last night I had the strangest dream …

(for soundtrack, click here : ) …

The dream began with me being offered a series of choices – choices to be made between seeming opposites:

Ignorance or Knowledge

Hatred or Compassion

Vengeance or Forgiveness

Listening to my own Truth or that of the outside perceived authority

Taking/wasting more than I need or living simply and sharing my excess

Hoarding out of fear or sharing out of faith

Destroying the environment or being its steward

Retreating into powerlessness or being empowered in my gifts

Speaking my truth or withholding what I know

Fear or Love


In the midst of these choices being given to me, a deadly storm kicked in – torrential rains, gale-force winds, lightning, thunder, softball size hail, earthquakes and tornadoes. I was being given these choices and being given the opportunity to choose while one of my most powerful fears was staring me in the face. As I stood in the midst of the storm and was given the choice, I knew which ones to choose and rather than going through the choices one-by-one, I stood up to the storm and proclaimed:

I Choose Love

In an instant, the storm ceased and I was standing in a sunlit field of waving grasses, abundantly decorated with beautifully colored wildflowers. Birds flew overhead and sang to each other. Butterflies flitted by. Crickets chirped. And the world was once again at peace.


This dream is about our CHOICE POINT and at this stage of our human evolution….



Or should I say:


It is time to choose what kind of world we want to live in.

Do we want to live in a world:

  • Controlled by fear or governed by love?
  • Tainted by war or ruled by peace?
  • Where people are afraid there won’t be enough or where all have learned how to care for the abundance the earth naturally provides and who share it equally among all?
  • Where people live a life of quiet desperation or one in which they have found meaning and fulfillment in the cultivation and sharing of their own unique gifts?
  • Where out of ignorance we judge our differences as evil or where we seek to understand and honor our differences as sacred?


As the dream showed to me… is TIME for us to CHOOSE….

…and that choice happens in the present moment – each and every moment of each and every day!

As it happened to me in the dream, each and every moment we are faced with two options which we can distill down to:


And as it happened in the dream, the storm rages on, triggering us in our fears, but ultimately the storm has no power over us and even in the face of our greatest fears, we always have the option to CHOOSE LOVE.

This is where we are at in our current stage of human evolution. We are standing face to face with our greatest fears:

  • Global annihilation
  • Financial Market collapse
  • Environmental destruction
  • Disease
  • Corporate Corruption
  • Poverty, homelessness, terrorism, war


But as the dream reminded, even in the face of our greatest fears, we have the opportunity to choose love – to turn away from our fears and embrace the love that is our true nature and quite literally:


Earth Heart

It really is as simple as this. When we choose love over fear, we are changed and those around us are changed. As we change, there is a ripple effect and the world begins to change. And we need look no further than the Syrian refugee crisis to see the results of choosing love over fear. Initially, out of fear, the European countries’ doors were closed to those seeking asylum. Then suddenly, European leaders decided to choose love over fear, welcome over rejection and the floodgates opened. Tens of thousands of Syrian refugees were offered a place to stay, a roof over their head and food in their hands where previously there was nothing. THIS IS THE POWER of LOVE!

This is our choice point and the choice point is NOW.

What are you going to choose?


The Authentic Freedom Mastery Course created and facilitated by Lauri Ann Lumby helps us in the process of choosing love over fear.  Learn More HERE. 



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Meeting our Power Animals – Superhero Report

Superhero Academy:  We are the change we’ve been waiting for.  We are here to heal and change the world! 


The Superhero Academy meets weekly in Oshkosh, WI and is facilitated by Lauri Ann Lumby (me).  Below is a report of our gathering from Monday, September 29th.  If you are interested in establishing a Superhero Academy near you, contact Lauri Lumby for information on training and empowerment. or (920) 230-1313.

Superhero Report

WOW! The Superheroes had a SUPER powerful evening last night.  We embarked on the first part of a two-part shamanic journey.  Shamanic journeys have been part of indigenous spiritual practices since time immortal!  Through the shamanic journey, we engage our creative imaginations to access divine guidance, primarily through metaphoric symbolism (think “dreams”).  In last night’s journey, those in attendance had an opportunity to journey to meeting their “Power Animal” (mine is the mouse).  Many had a personal encounter with their Power Animal and learned important truths about the kind of spiritual support that is available to us at all times.  It was a powerful experience.  Some had glimpses of their Power Animal, but Spirit was not quite ready to reveal it all in its fullness.  (note – the more we practice journeying, the more we are able to fully receive what Spirit wants to reveal to us.)


Next week, we will journey again, this time to ask our Power Animal to reveal to us our Superpower(s).


If you were not able to make last night’s gathering, do not let that keep you from next Monday’s gathering, you can begin your journey then. 🙂


Please note that due to popular demand, I am adding a second Superhero opportunity. Tuesday mornings 9-11 am starting Tuesday, October 7th (next Tues).  PLEASE JOIN US if you are able!   Call for details (920) 230-1313 or visit the Superhero Academy Link on our website HERE.


Peace, Harmony and Love!



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Sidelined by our Failures

A huge part of the midlife journey is recovering from our past – healing unhealed wounds, grieving unmourned losses, undoing unhealthy patterns of behavior and forgiving our failures.  One step we can take in that process is going back over our failures and examining all the little (or big) things which happened that caused us to set aside or forsake our dreams.  Once we have identified these “failures,” we need to forgive ourselves and then decide if this is a dream which might want to be reclaimed.  While I will never perform Rachmaninoff at the Met, or sing Ave Maria at the Vatican, but that doesn’t mean that I need to let the failures of my youth prevent me from playing piano or leading chant or song.  Which childhood dream have your forsake that might deserve a second look?


Choking on Beethoven

On Beethoven I choked

And quit performing.

Psalm 139 stole my breath

And I quit singing.

Why is it that failure causes us to forsake our dreams?

In a less-than-perfect world,

The expectation – perfection.

Betrayed by our dreams

Betraying ourselves

And all the world suffers.

copyright 2013  Lauri Ann Lumby

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Dark Night of the Relationship – Undoing Co-Dependency

The purpose of the midlife and menopause journey is to birth our Soul – the uniquely creative way in which we have been gifted to find meaning, purpose and fulfillment and through which we are called to contribute to the betterment of our world.  In the process of birthing our Soul, we are invited to heal and sometimes release any inner, as well as outer obstacles to enjoying the life of Soul.  Our intimate relationships are not exempt from this invitation.  It is not a coincidence that the Dark Night of the Relationship often surfaces during midlife and even becomes the catalyst through which real transformation can begin to take place. In today’s blog, we explore the co-dependency that needs to be unraveled and undone.

dark night of the relationship

Damn, You Don’t Complete Me!

As I have mentioned before, many relationships entered into in our youth are established upon the illusion that the other person will complete us.  We look to the other to fill the emptiness and longing we feel inside.  Eventually, we realize that the other person is not completing us as disappointment and resentment rush in.   Now we have entered the dark night of the relationship.  We then begin to harbor blame, resentment and hatred against the other person for not being the fantasy we created in our mind.  It is this resentment that will eventually destroy our relationships unless we do something about it.

The Only Person Who Can Complete You is YOU!

Doing something about the resentment, many discover all the ways in which they have been socialized to seek outside of themselves for love and completion, along with all the ways in which they believe that love is something that has to be earned or that can be denied them.  What often arises out of these false perceptions is co-dependency.   If you are the one who has given away your power, hoping in return for completion and love, the invitation is to take your power back.  This means identifying all the ways in which you have remained silent, ignored or suppressed your needs or your truth, stayed in the background, forsaken your needs and tended to the needs of others at the expense of your own needs.

Welcome Perimenopause and Menopause

For women, compounding, hastening and perhaps even catalyzing this invitation to tend to ones own needs is the advent of menopause.  When women become aware (consciously or unconsciously) that their time for childbearing has come to an end, they begin to see their lives through a dramatically different lens.  During the vulnerable years of childbearing, and while the children are still tender, vulnerable little beings, a veil stands between a woman’s sight and truth.  All of the woman’s energy and attention is directed at the survival of the children.  Once the children become viable, and the woman knows she is done bearing children, the veil collapses.  Every personal need, creative drive, personal desire, wish, hope and dream that was placed on the shelf for the sake of the needs of the children and family come tumbling down.  And now, the woman’s inner drive is directed toward the rediscovery of her own truth, her own needs and the discovery of the vocation which will provide her fulfillment in the second half of her life.  Wife/Mom suddenly becomes a different person and the husband/children are left to wonder, “What the heck just happened?”  This is often when the threads of co-dependency begin to unravel and the rules of the household begin to change.  (please note that men have their own version of this midlife transition – as I understand it, it is a departure from the role of provider to the role of enjoyer…sadly our culture and our current expectations of gender roles does not do a good job of supporting this transition either!)

Undoing Co-Dependency

Whether it is the man or the woman who has been the partner bargaining their own needs for the illusion of completion and love, the process is the same.  Co-dependent behaviors are identified, and we begin the process of changing how we act and respond in our relationships.  We begin by identifying our own truth, our own needs, our own dreams, hopes and desires.  Then we begin to exercise these truths.  We name and claim our needs to those around us.  We set boundaries around our need for “ME” time.  We learn to say no to those things not supportive of our needs and we begin to make time for those things that are life-giving for us.  We stop rushing to the side of those around us every time they seem to be in distress, and we empower them to learn how to tend to their own needs.  We stop doing for others what they are capable of doing for themselves.

A Rude Awakening

For those who have been trained by our co-dependency to expect us to take care of them or to forsake our own needs for theirs, this is a time of RUDE AWAKENING!  We have trained our loved ones well, and now we are changing the rules.  The first response is often bewilderment which then turns into rebellion and often outright war!  “What do you mean you’re not going to make my breakfast?”  “But you’ve always picked out my clothes for me.”  “What good are art classes at your age?”  “You want to go back to school….for what!?”  “Why would you want time for yourself…don’t you love us?”  For those who have been trained to forsake their own needs for the needs of those they love, this can be a difficult transition as the demons of guilt whisper, and sometimes scream in our ears, “You are abandoning your family….they need you….this is your job…..”  In response to this, I will share with you a mantra that was once given to me by a great teacher:

The most loving thing you can do for those you love is to do what is most loving for yourself.

Every time you claim your own need, every time you set boundaries around your own time, every time you stop doing something for someone that they are capable of doing for themselves, you are teaching them how NOT to be co-dependent.  You are modeling for them healthy, interdependent behavior. And you are empowering them to be GROWN UPS!

Lauri Lumby mentors individuals and couples in their journey of birthing their Soul, which includes navigating the difficult transition of the dark night of the relationship.  To set up your own one-on-one session, call (920) 230-1313 or email

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Dreams: The Guiding Hand of God

Today’s blog explores dreams as a vehicle for Divine revelation.  How is God speaking to you through your dreams?

How God Communicates Truth

In my book, Authentic Freedom – Claiming a Life of Contentment and Joy, I explain the infinite number of ways in which God seeks to guide, comfort, inspire, educate and reveal truth to us.  God communicates truth to us through our life experiences, opportunities for learning, physical and spiritual vision, imagination, intuition and dreams.  It is through these vehicles that we come to know our purpose, our path, to find meaning in our life and to discern truth.  Today, I want to talk specifically about dreams.


Dreams are one of the often forgotten ways in which God reveals truth to us.  The challenge with dreams is that few, if any, can be taken as prophetic or accepted as literal.  Because our dreams come to us through the creative centers of our mind, dreams can only understood to be a symbol or metaphor for a larger, deeper, broader truth.  But how do we understand the symbolic images in our dreams?  My writing mentor and teacher, Julie Tallard Johnson has the answer to that quandary.  She says that “We are the meaning makers.”  In other words, we decide what the symbols in our dreams mean through our own personal association with those objects.  This perspective is right in line with the Existential school of Psychology that would have us interpret the objects in our dreams according to the way in which we would describe the object to someone who was visiting from another planet.  For example, I once had a dream in which I had lost my purse and was trying to find it.  When interpreting the purse from an Existential perspective, I described it as “that which carries my identity.”  We interpret the items through the lens of our own personal experience and I had my purse stolen once and the most challenging part of the process was proving my identity to the bank when trying to cancel checks, credit cards, etc, hence “that which carries my identity.”  Another person might interpret a purse as “something that carries a means of exchange” or “that which carries the things that keep me beautiful.”

Dreams and Animal Totems

Beyond inatimate objects, other images in our dreams may be those of animals.  Every indigeneous culture has a tradition of meanings associated with the animals that appear in our dreams or cross our paths.   In the Native American tradition, these messenger animals are often referred to as totems.  One of my favorite books for researching the meaning of the animals that appear in our dreams is Animal Speak by Ted Andrews.  Ted provides, through the lens of Native American spirituality, the significance of hundreds of animals, birds and insects.   It is important, however, to weigh Ted’s interpretion along with our own personal associate with that animal, because once again, WE are the meaning makers and there is no one outside of us that knows our own personal truth better than we do.

Interpreting Dreams

If we wish to be open to the truth that God may be revealing to us, it is important to pay attention to our dreams.  When you awake from a meaningful dream, write it down.  Then, go back to the individual objects in the dream and assign a meaning to them based on your own personal understanding of that object.  If animals appear in your dream, consult Animal Speak and weigh that interpretation with your own experience of that animal.  Pay special attention to the emotions that come out of your dreams.  Were you excited, tittilated, happy, sorrowful, terrified?  How are these emotions reflective of something that might be going on in your own journey?  Finally, take the time to simply rest in the silence after the dream and the reflection to be open to what else God might be trying to say.  You might be surprised!

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries

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Naming and Claiming a New Life!

Today’s blog invites us to take a peek through the door of the black hole toward the new life that is awaiting to be born in us.  What is the new life that the UNIVERSE is inviting you to bring forth?????

Auspicious Celestial Events

If you are of a cosmic-minded orientation, this week with the bookends of a New Moon and the Summer Solstice ushers in a time of new beginnings, new openings, new opportunities, new hopes, new dreams and new visions.  To me, it feels as if the black hole that has been constricting and compressing thereby forcing the shedding and release of so much that no longer serves has compressed us deeply enough that the glimpse of new life is beginning to peek out.  While we might not yet be done shedding and releasing and while the pressure of letting go of the old might not yet be complete, we are close enough to the SUPERNOVA that we can at least glimpse the new life that wants to be born in us.  It seems that at this auspicious time of celestial support we are being invited to at least NAME and CLAIM what we are currently able to glimpse of that new life.  So…….HERE GOES………..

Name it and Claim it Baby!

For a control freak such as myself, living in this time of UNKNOWING, UNCERTAINTY, SHEDDING and LETTING go has been a challenge to say the least.  THANK GOD for my spiritual practice and the loving support of spiritual companions or I’m not sure I would have survived.  I have brought all this to prayer ….over and over and over and the message has been the same:  LET GO……TRUST.  So, I have done my best to abide by these Divine instructions.  I have known on the deepest level that all this releasing was to make room for something really big……a new life that I had only dreamed of and now wants to be made real.  So……….while I don’t yet know all the details or how this will all be accomplished,  it seems that these are the things that the UNIVERSE is asking me to bring forth as we step into this New World:

  • Online Courses
  • Authentic Freedom Teacher Training
  • Books, Books, and more Books
  • Love

On-Line Courses

Thanks to the marvels of modern-technology, I now have the freedom to share the curriculum I have developed and shared with the local community on a GLOBAL level.  It is time to share the gifts of Authentic Freedom with the world…..especially for those who were raised in a Christian tradition and are looking for ways to know a loving, personal God, to be in relationship with a friendly Jesus and to find new life in the scripture free from the constraints of doctrine and dogma.  AHHHHHH…….Breathing fresh air and shining new light on 2000 years of truths that were meant to free, not imprison; empower, not limit; build love not fear; build bridges not walls sounds simply sublime!!!!!

Teacher Training

I have always been a firm believer that the sign of a true teacher is not how many students they have, but how may teachers they make.  It has always been my goal that those who have enjoyed the Authentic Freedom process would go out and share it with others.  I have a handful of “authorized teachers” of this curriculum who came into their teaching roles kind of by accident.  Now it is time to create a formal training program to give people the tools to be effective teachers of this curriculum and to give them the self-confidence they need to do so.  Systematize.  Concretize.  Synthesize.  All toward the ultimate goal of flooding the world in freedom and love.  AHHHHHHHHHHH

Books Books and More Books

As my editor and I come to the final editing stages of my upcoming novel, I am aware of the other books calling to be written.  Workbooks, manuals, volumes of poetry and more novels.  Embracing my personal bio-rhythms and honoring my most creative time of day, the “schedule” I have been shown is write by day and teach by night.  Of course, I’m open to holding daytime classes to meet the needs of my brothers and sisters in the UK!  🙂


This one is kind of personal, but I feel like I have to be transparent and daring enough to publicly name and claim this one too.  Eight years ago I was given a vision of what love looks like.  For all this time I have held this vision in my heart and in my mind as I tried first to bring this love into my marriage and when it became obvious that it was not possible there, this vision carried me through the pain and sorrow of divorce.  This vision inspired me to be open to new possibilities and I continue to hold out for the fullness of this vision.  I know the capacity I have for love, I know the love that I have found in God through the practice of devotion, and I  know that it is possible for that love to be reflected back through another person…..and the Universe is telling me that in this new life, this kind of love will not only be possible, but will be fully realized.  Sweet!

So, I named it and claimed it……now it’s your turn.  What is the new life that is peeking out at you, asking for you to name it and claim it?

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries

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God Talking

God talks to me and God talks to you, each and every day.  The question is, do we take the time to ask the questions, to listen….and more importantly to BELIEVE? 

Asking the Question

Yesterday I had the fantastic opportunity to spend a short amount of time with an old and dear friend.  He is a man that is busy beyond busy, so sixty minutes looking at houses with him was a gift beyond measure.  This is a friend who has known me for nearly twenty years and who has watched me learn, grow and change and has seen me in my personal life, in the corporate world and in ministry.  He is also a man who has been blessed with fantastic financial abundance and since financial success has been elusive to me, I decided to pick his brain.  After he expounded on my “amazing gifts,” his final assessment of my financial “struggles” was, “Lauri, I think you might be chicken.”     I’m still chewing on that one because as much as I want to argue with him, there is a grain of truth in this…..I just don’t know yet what that grain is.  His observations have given me pause to ponder financial success and my history of lack in this area.  So, I decided to turn to God with this question.  “God, why has financial success continually eluded me?”  I was surprised to hear God’s immediate answer:

God Answers

Through words and images, God showed me that I have always been given “enough” financial abundance to meet my needs and that anything beyond that would have prevented me from pursuing anything more than the American ideal of climbing the corporate ladder and a big paycheck.  If I had been blessed with enormous financial resources, there would have been no motivation to search beyond the American dream and I would never have taken the time or the risk to pursue my spiritual studies and ministerial path.  And, with nothing more than just what I needed to live, I had nothing to lose by pursuing a spiritual calling.  The “lack” of financial resources, God showed me, has been an enormous gift that has left me free to pursue my dreams and the passions of my heart.  God then went on to one-up the financial message and showed me all the challenges, struggles and losses of my life and revealed to me how all of these perceived difficulties served a higher purpose of leading me to my gifts, my passion and my calling.    Who knew? 

Unexpected Gratitude

So, here is the weird thing.  Now, instead of feeling frustrated, angry, impatient and mournful over all the challenges in my life, including the lack of financial “success”, I now feel grateful.  After God showed me the higher purpose behind all that I had previously judged as “lack”, I can now see the gift and offer a prayer of thanksgiving for all that God has shown me. 

For the Record

Now, before I appear as some sort of benevolent, financially humble ascetic, the other words of my dear friend also haunt me, “And, maybe you don’t dream big enough.”  So, on that order…..I do dream about breaking through the ceiling of mere sustainance and here, for the record, are my financial dreams:

  • I dream that my book, Authentic Freedom – Claiming a Life of Contentment and Joy will be a best seller and sell 1 million copies in the first year!
  • I dream of the financial resources to buy a comfortable and beautiful home for myself and my children, to provide for the education of my children and to establish a permanent endowment for the long-term care of “Lake Lumby” in Northern Minnesota.
  • I dream of the financial resources to build a year-round dwelling at Lake Lumby for all the Lumby progeny.
  • I dream of a successful career as a Spiritual Director and writer.
  • I dream of the future publication of the rest of my spiritual curriculum, novels and poetry that I am working on and continue to work on. 

So, those are my dreams and if they are not big enough, I can certainly make them bigger……knowing that all will manifest as God determines “in the highest good.”  And this I will trust.

Where are you taking time to speak to and listen for God?

Do you believe God when God speaks to you?

How might God’s perspective differ from yours?

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries

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Waiting in the Mystery

Today’s blog explores dreams, hopes, faith and trust and the invitation to wait in the mystery as part of our process of spiritual growth.

Seeing with a prophet’s eyes

This is a truly strange time for me as I pen this blog from the Batcave (my current temporary abode, thanks to the generous hospitality of a friend) and observe the goings-on of my life, especially as it relates to my own process of spiritual growth.  I am immediately reminded that this is my “40 days in the desert” and as such, the terrain will feel foreign (yet oddly familiar); sometimes lonely (but accompanied by the assistance of angels); there will be opportunities for learning, growth and most importantly, temptation; it might seem as if nothing is happening when in fact something HUGE is happening.  All I can do is surrender to the process and try to see with a prophet’s eyes.  What that means is that I am being invited to be acutely attentive to everything that is transpiring in front of me and be open to where it all may be leading.  Most importantly, I am reminded NOT to give into the temptation to fear or perhaps even more importantly, to doubt what God seems to be showing me and what my heart continues to reinforce in me.

No doubting allowed

In this time of mystery, there are certain things that have showed themselves either through dreams, life circumstances, intuition or in my meditation and prayer.  These are the things I am invited to TRUST TRUST TRUST will all my heart and with all my will!  Some of these are as follows:

  • I was given a dream with a HUGE bat and invited to climb up on the bat and let her carry me through this time of mystery.
  • I was then given a dream in which I was eating bat wings.  The message?  I took it as an invitation to embody the death of what was so that I can be open to that which has yet to be revealed.  It felt very eucharistic to me.
  • I was given a dream in which someone gave me a house.  Now, I don’t expect someone to literally give me a house, free and clear, but I took this as a message that the way in which a house will come to me will be magical and effortless.
  • When I ask the question, “Am I supposed to be looking for a ‘real’ job”  The answer is NO and WAIT.  This makes no logical sense, but there it is.
  • I have been told for years that my book Authentic Freedom – Claiming a Life of Contentment and Joy will have a dramatic healing and transformative effect on the world and will put me where I need to be professionally, personally, financially.
  • I have been told that the basement dwelling situation is very temporary
  • I have been told that all my financial needs will be met in abundance

None of the above items make any logical sense whatsoever, especially when coupled with some of the items that I will present below, but this is what I have been told, especially, what I have been told to trust….REGARDLESS of what others may say.

Observing without Judgment

Then comes reality.  Life continues to throw me strange situations, challenges, etc. that could cause me to doubt, be fearful, frustrated, etc.  Instead, I am being invited to watch without judgment and again TRUST that all is leading to something magical and magnificent.  Here are just a couple of those items:

  • As I am in this time of desert, I am watching my business seemingly fade away.  My appointment calendar is sparce and several clients have been a no-show.  Only a few show up for our Monday meditation circle.  I feel no call to offer or teach any classes.  I could be fearful of this hard-reality, instead, I’m trusting that the universe has provided me with open space for other matters more pressing.
  • LIKE… father is facing MAJOR surgery – and the removal of both kidneys.  I need this open time to be in Minneapolis with my family and provide assistance where I can.

The Miracles

Trust, faith, belief is what I have been hanging on to as I move through this time of waiting.  And, I have not been disappointed in the results, in fact, the results have been nothing short of magnificent.  Money has shown up seemingly out of nowhere.  Angels in the form of humans have come forward with hugs, support, words of kindness and encouragement.  When I feel insane with my dreams and hopes, others have provided the assurance and encouragement I need to move forward.  All of this tells me to trust my crazy dreams, to be patient in the waiting and to believe that in this time of mystery, a magnificent, fulfilling, rewarding and abundant new life is just waiting to be born!  YEA!

How are you being invited to trust your dreams, heart-felt beliefs, hopes, visions, etc.?

How are you being invited to observe without judgment?

What are the sources of support that have shown up for you along the way?

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries