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Hearing the Voice of My Soul

Today I find that I am faced with an invitation to make a complete and dramatic change in my life – one that is absolutely critical to my own wellbeing. This change will move me away from 50 years of a life defined by DOING and into a new life centered on ALLOWING.  As I open the door to this 180 degree change, I realize that there is nothing I can “do” to make this change happen – as it would absolutely defeat the whole point of the change:

To move away from DOING and toward a life of ALLOWING.

But what does that even look like? A life of Allowing is so outside my current paradigm that I can’t even imagine it (though I have experienced glimpses of it along the way). What I do know is that the journey from doing to allowing begins by listening to my Soul, which means turning away from the voice that has heretofore ruled my life – the voice of my mind.  Until my mind is in service to my Soul, it does not serve my highest good as the mind, whose number one task is to secure our survival, when functioning on its own, is ruled by fear.  When in service to the Soul (the voice of God within us), however, the mind does the work of bringing forth the vision of the Soul. When the Soul is allowed to guide, we are safe, and the mind can lay down its sword, allowing it to rest in the calm peacefulness of the Soul’s guidance, simply waiting for its directives from the Soul, which the mind then gladly carries out.


The mind was never meant to lead, only to support. And for 50 years, I have had it all backwards.  Yes, there have been times when the Soul has stepped forth in spite of myself and led me to magical and miraculous things, but always, the mind has tried to intrude.  It is time for this to change.

What I find by entering into this invitation to change, is that the journey from DOING to ALLOWING has absolutely nothing to do with something “out there.” Instead, it is an inside job.  It is about moving beyond the tattered forest of the thought-filled mind, to hearing the voice of the Soul, allowing for myself what I allow for my clients – hearing the truth beyond the words, or more specifically, hearing the truth beyond the thoughts.

Now to tune into the voice of my Soul so that I might hear what it has to say.