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Elections and a Disturbance in the Force

As Mitt Romney announced Paul Ryan as his running mate, a firestorm of political debate was launched on Facebook.  Today’s blog explores the spiritual approach and compassionate attitudes we are invited to embrace if we are to make it through the coming elections intact and unharmed!

A Disturbance in the Force

As I was reading through the Facebook posts this morning relating to the upcoming elections, I sensed a disturbance in the Force.  I felt the point-counterpoint postings and arguments stirring up a sense of unease, maybe even fear in and among my little Facebook community.  I also felt a fair amount of sadness as I watched people I know to normally be peaceful, calm, accepting,  picking their side and standing in defense of their chosen position.  I suddenly realized the negative impact all of this political arguing and grandstanding has on our ability to maintain a peaceful, loving, harmonious state of being.  No matter what “side” you have chosen – Democrat, Republican or Other, the greatest temptation in this time of political mischief-making, is allowing the external chaos to disturb our inner contentment.  I now understand what Jesus meant when he said,      “Then render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s; and to God the things that are God’s.” (Matthew 22:21)

Render Unto Caesar what is Caesar’s

In this passage from the Gospel according to Matthew, Jesus is reminding us to keep politics in their proper perspective.  While the outcome of the upcoming elections may have an impact on public policy, education, access to healthcare or certain forms of birth control, the economy, military engagement, etc. it has ABSOLUTELY NO BEARING on our ability to be the LOVE and the PEACE that God made us to be.  While we are tempted to believe that we are “right” and the other is “wrong” and while in our humanness we want to believe that we know better than anyone else; from a spiritual perspective, all our current political process does is reinforce our ego-driven choice of duality rooted in the false perception of separation.  When we choose Oneness the false perception of separation falls away and in this state, there is no right or wrong; left or right, anti-abortion or pro-life, conservative or liberal; we are only human beings struggling in our humanness to find happiness.  The truth that we do not want to admit is that we will NEVER find happiness in anything that is outside of us because happiness is NEVER NOT who we are.  When we surrender our attachment to separation, we are happy, content, loving, peaceful and fulfilled regardless of what is going on outside of us.  Jesus knew this.  The Dalai Lama knows this.  The Buddha knew this.  And we do too if we really listen and pay attention.

Cultivating Inner Peace

If we want to remain in a state of peace through this political season, there are certain attitudes that might be worthy of embracing.

1) Recognition that our political decisions are deeply personal and for many people, private.

2) Acknowledge that we all do the best job we can to choose the candidates that we believe most closely align with our own personal beliefs, values, hopes and desires for our world.

3) Trust that regardless of the outcome, only WE decide our happiness.

4) Trust that regardless of the outcome, it serves a higher good that perhaps we cannot yet see in our limited human perception.

5) To acknowledge that whether Barak Obama, Mitt Romney or some other unnamed politician becomes the next President of the United States, this has no bearing on our ability to know peace, love, joy, fulfillment or contentment in our lives.

In this election season, we are invited to “Render unto Caesar’s what is Caesar’s” by exercising our right to vote; and rendering unto God what is God’s by exercising the spiritual practices that reconnect us with our original state of peace, love and joy.  The choice is ours.  And in that choice, May the Force Be with Us!

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries

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God/dess Talking

Today’s blog explores God.  What would God say to us today if we had the ears to hear?  Yes, I am writing this, but read it as if it is God/dess speaking to you.  🙂 

Who I AM

My dearest children: 

My blessings of love, joy and peace on you this day….and on every other day.  Lauri asked me to speak to you on behalf of MYSELF and for your benefit.  You are living in a time where there is much conflict and so much of that conflict seems to be centered around ME.  Am I man or woman, spirit or light, presence or essence, up or down, inside or outside, on a mountain or in a temple, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Pagan, Hindu, Buddhist, Black, White, Asian, Gay, Straight, Republican or Democrat, etc. etc. etc.  In this moment,  I invite you to imagine ME as a beautiful, gentle, compassionate and wise woman, and in this imagined vision of ME, you may call ME, Sophia, but know that this is only one possibility among an infinite number of possibilities about how you can imagine and experience ME.  So, over this arguement about what I AM and what I AM not….you can stop all your fighting.  Because……I AM all of it…..and even more than that.  You cannot begin to imagine or even experience all that I AM, because I AM infinite.  But, if it helps you to know ME in a particular form: Black or White, male or female, Spirit or Light….then go for it.  It makes no difference to me, except when you fight about it.

PS:  If you need help finding your way home……call Lauri (920) 230-1313 or email or Buy her book: Authentic Freedom – Claiming a Life of Contentment and Joy!

Enough with the fighting

While I AM a tolerant, compassionate and unconditional loving God/dess and in you there is never really anything to forgive, I AM getting a little tired of all this fighting.  But then again, I only have MYSELF to blame since I did create you and in your decision to become human, separation is the lens through which WE will have this experience.  This might be a good time in your history, however, to recognize that separation is a choice and it is a choice that you can undo at any moment.  When you turn away from the separation you have chosen and remember your ONENESS in ME……then all this fighting will end.  Why….because all these things you perceive as different – race, religion, political party, nation, gender, sexual orientation, are really all the same.  In ME, there is no separation….we are all ONE….in a constant state of love, harmony, unity, bliss, peace, joy, awe and wonder.  You make things so difficult with all this separation and like Dorothy and her red shoes, you have always had the power to change this.  And you know, her little mantra, “There’s no place like home….there’s no place like home….” could have the same magical effect on you….to bring you home to ME!  So if you are tired of all this fighting, struggle, challenge, separation, then click your little red heels and COME HOME!

PS:  If you need help finding your way home……call Lauri (920) 230-1313 or email or Buy her book: Authentic Freedom – Claiming a Life of Contentment and Joy!

All I Want to Do and BE

Come home!  I am sitting here waiting for you to come home to remembering your true nature which is LOVE.  And, I want nothing more than to hold you in that love, comfort you from your fears, enfold you in peace and stroke your hair as your highest truth gently rises to the surface.  I made you for joy.  I made you to create.  I envisioned you having fun, playing in fields of daisies and making bubbles through bubble wands.  I created this amazing, beautiful, magical, full of wonder, world for your pleasure.  I want you to skip through the woods in search of magical mushrooms, to dance with the fairies and play hide and seek with the gnomes.  Your world is supposed to be magic.  Instead, you have made it your own personal hell.  STOP Right now!  Click your ruby red heels and COME HOME.  You have the power.  You know how to get here.  And if you forgot, read some more of Lauri’s blogs, she has given you a MILLION tools to help you remember and maps to help you find your way.  I am here….waiting…….and all you have to do is CHOOSE: love instead of fear, harmony instead of separation, peace instead of anxiety, joy instead of sorrow, hope instead of dread, compassion instead of hatred, forgiveness instead of anger.  CHOOSE ME.  CHOOSE ME.  CHOOSE ME……and you will have peace.


Sophia (or whatever name by which you want to call me!)

PS:  If you need help finding your way home……call Lauri (920) 230-1313 or email or Buy her book: Authentic Freedom – Claiming a Life of Contentment and Joy!