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The Grand Test

(rated PG)

This is the grand test. If you, like me and like all those to whom I minister, and my brothers and sisters on this journey) are here to support the birth of a new world…..things are getting INTENSE!  If we thought it has been rough before…..hang on to your hats!  This, as they say, is where the rubber meets the road. And it is entirely (in the worlds (words) of one of my mentors, Lauren C. Gorgo), “an inside job.”

It goes something like this:

  • Shit happens.
  • We find ourselves triggered (fear, anxiety, anger, rage, self-righteousness, grief, overwhelm, helplessness) by the shit.
  • Then we DO something about the shit.

BUT….it is not about going “out there” to change things. Oh no! It is about going WITHIN to identify the unhealed wound in ourselves that is being triggered by the shit “out there.” Then it is about doing the work we have practiced soooooo long to heal and transform that wound.  Meditation.  Prayer.  Chanting. Reiki. Shamanic healing practices. Movement. Journaling.  Etc. etc. etc.  Now it is time to get out all of our tools and USE THEM to heal ourselves.

Then as soon as we heal one wound, another shows up to take its place. This current cycle of transformation is RELENTLESS.  It keeps coming and when we think we can breathe a sigh of relief, it comes again. This is the real shit!

The energy is relentless because time is of the essence. We are quickly approaching the death of the old world paradigm and the new world is getting ready to take its place.

But it sure doesn’t feel like the promise of new life right now. It feels like death….because that is exactly what it is.  The death of the patriarchy and of all of humanity’s wounds related to patriarchal fear, power and control.  We are transforming these wounds within ourselves – not only for ourselves, but for the sake of the whole entire world.  It is like Christian theologians say about Jesus – “he took on the sins of the world and died for the sake of those sins.”  Personally, I no longer belief that Jesus died for our sins as some sort of sacrifice, but when put in the context of transformation, I can see how this is true.  In moving through his own pain and fear of separation and transforming that in the resurrection, he did the same for all of humanity.

This is what we too are called to do. Again, not as a sacrifice….but in saving ourselves, we are supporting the salvation of our world.  When we heal ourselves of our patriarchal wounds, we are supporting others in the same healing.  Soon, the patriarchy will no longer have the power to trigger our fears and our fears have been healed.

BUT….knowing all this does not make this RELENTLESS Intensity any better. It is excruciating.  Jesus Christ, it is hard.  And yet, the only way out is through.

This is the grand test. It is the Universe (our Soul) asking us again, “Are you sure you’re up for this?  Wouldn’t you rather just fold and go back to the life of blissful ignorance you enjoyed before waking up to your Divine gifts and calling?”  On many days, I can assure you I want to say yes to blissful ignorance.  But as soon as I think that’s the choice I’m going to make, my SOUL steps in on my behalf and pulls me back onto the path.  It seems, we don’t really get to say no.  Like it or not, we are here for a reason.  We signed up for this.  We don’t get to quit.  (dammit!)

So brothers and sisters – put on your big girl/boy panties. Tighten your boot straps and get to work.  Stay true to your path and do not let the “devil” take you from your path.  We are in this together and if you forget this truth….reach out to those you know who LOVE YOU, who value your gifts, who appreciate your vulnerability and who will hold you in your fear, anguish and pain until you are ready to once again hold yourself.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Money is one of the grand tools used by the Patriarchy to manipulate and control us through fear.  Heal your money wounds and be free of this conditioning:

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The Lies We’ve Been Told about Money

For thousands of y ears, we’ve been deceived about the meaning and value of money. With the advent of patriarchal culture, the overall message around money has been:

Pay or be punished.

Pay or be killed.

And the more subtle: if you don’t spend money on this item, you will not be loved (because without it you are not pretty enough, skinny enough, fashionable enough, successful enough, etc. etc. etc. )

Whether propagated by our feudal lords, rulers and kings, the government or the Church, (or advertising) the message has been the same – you will be punished or killed if you do not pay those who are “over” you. When patriarchy destroyed the existing egalitarian norm, money suddenly became a tool for manipulation and control wrapped in a cloak of fear.

This was not the original intention of or use for money. In an earlier time, money was created simply as a means of exchange – specifically as a way for one person to say:

“Thank you for the product of service I have just received in support of my needs and here is something through which you can express thanks to the person who next provides a product or service in support of your needs.”

Money was simply a way of saying “Thank you,” while supporting the next person in doing the same. In this money was not the “price” or “cost” (words implying punishment or deprivation) of goods and services, it was an offering of gratitude and support for those who were supporting others in getting their needs met.  This model reflected mutuality, along with a fair exchange.  Here no one suffered lack because the money continued its movement from one individual to the next as people shared their unique gifts with those meant to enjoy them.

As we continue to move through the death of the patriarchy, perhaps money and our relationship with it is one of those things we are being invited to transform.


What are your beliefs/attitudes around money?

Is your relationship with money rooted in fear or gratitude (do you feel pressure to pay your bills and fear around those payments or are you writing your check from a place of gratitude for the services given?)

Reflect on how you spend your money. Where do you see yourself feeling pressured to purchase things you do not really need, instead of channeling your “offerings” toward that which you actually need or would benefit from?

How are you being invited to transform those beliefs from punishment to gratitude?





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Danielle Dulsky – Perfect Timing!

Just as beloved witch, author, and teacher Danielle Dulsky invited witches to “come out of the broom closet” and embrace their inner wild witch in her 2017 book Woman Most Wild, she now takes her invitation that much further with her newest book Holy Wild: A Heathen Bible for the Untamed Woman (New World Library, September 18, 2018).

Buy it now!

I am currently bathing in the deeps of Danielle’s latest book, and it could not be more perfectly timed! As we are standing at the edge of History watching in gleeful terror as the patriarchy implodes upon itself, Danielle’s words provide a balm of hope. Through her sumptuous words, she provides inspiration and practical tools through which all of humankind can find, embrace and live the path of their own TRUTH. Not a truth imposed upon us, but one that comes from the depths of our very being. Danielle has done what few have been able to do in giving us tools through which we can craft our own spiritual practice free of the imprisoning forces of external control. Here there are no rules, only that which speaks to your heart and your soul – the Wild You that keeps on trying to be born. Thank you Danielle for giving all of humankind permission to live as our passionate, wild selves so that we can be empowered to create our own worlds anew. I love you sister!


Danielle Dulsky is the author of The Holy Wild and Woman Most Wild. She is an artist, yoga teacher, energy worker, and founder of Living Mandala Yoga teacher training programs. She leads women’s circles, witchcraft workshops, and energy healing trainings and lives in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. Find out more about her online at

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How to Survive Soul Death

The short answer to the question: “How do you survive soul death” is YOU DON’T. Soul death is what many are experiencing right now as we are facing the death of the world that we have known and the void between what we have known and what has not yet come into being.

Soul death can be recognized by:

  • Feeling as if you are weighted down
  • Life feels as if you are walking through wet cement
  • You feel heavy, depressed, unmotivated, paralyzed.
  • NOTHING seems to be happening in your outside world.
  • Inside you feel vacant and empty.
  • You feel the need to weep but you don’t know why.
  • It feels as if there is nothing to hang on to, nothing holding your attention or interest in this world.
  • You don’t want to die, but THIS doesn’t feel much like living.
  • You are SOUL WEARY. Exhausted.  Worn out.  Physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
  • The spiritual practices that normally provide some measure of comfort feel empty and lifeless. They provide no relief.

Symptoms of soul death seem to be the common theme for sensitives at this point in our human evolution. The world we have known is dying (thank God) and we are in that void between what has been and what has not yet been brought forth into our lives and world.

There is no surviving soul death because death is the point. All that we have done, been, believed, been a part of in the old (patriarchal/hierarchical) world needs to come to an end.  We cannot leave the old world behind while clinging to what gave our lives meaning and purpose in that world.  Neither can we leave that world behind while clinging to the beliefs, structures, practices or habits that supported our survival in that world. It all needs to go.  It all needs to die. And that is terrifying.

Once we have allowed the death of all that has been, we enter INTO THE VOID! This is the state of complete emptiness where we know nothing and where WE ARE NOTHING.  This can be a frightening place – especially for those (like me) who seek after some measure of surety.  We long to have something to hold on to.  In the void, there is literally nothing, so there is nothing to hang on to.  Instead, our only option is to SURRENDER. Here, instead of resisting, we enter deeply into our soul death.  We allow ourselves to courageously face the darkness, the emptiness, the nothingness and to feel the deep pain of separation, knowing that this perceived separation is only an illusion for in the perceived darkness where it appears there is nothing, THERE IS EVERYTHING.  Everything that has ever come into form came into being from this place of emptiness.  In entering into the nothing we discover EVERYTHING.

Surviving soul death requires to us surrender to it….enter into it….be with and allow it. Survival comes in allowing the death and being with it every step of the way. Only then can the new life come into being.

Online course in support of those times of soul death. Click on image to learn more and register. Only $13.00!


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When All You Want to do is Cry

For 53 years, the last 26 especially, I have waved the banner of peace, love and joy; truly believing that our world could be a better place and we might actually have a role to play in making it a better place. Not only did I believe we had a role to play, but that we indeed have a responsibility, along with the ability to make a positive change.  As it is said in a recent meme that’s been floating around cyberspace:

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change

and the courage to change the things I can.

I still believe that we have the responsibility to change our world. The problem is 1) I sometimes wonder if people give a shit and 2) I’m beginning to wonder how much power we actually have to facilitate change.

Problem #1: People not giving a shit!

Gandhi said it well, “BE the change you want to see in the world.” He went on to say that change starts within.  Martin Luther King, Jr. said the same thing….as did Jesus (“the kingdom of God is within.”).  For the majority of the past 25 years, I have created and facilitated processes and programs to assist people in making that inner change – moving away from the fears, false perceptions and ego attachments that might otherwise be a hindrance to their knowledge of their true nature which is LOVE.  When we know that we are love, we are peaceful and content, accepting of others, tolerant (more than tolerant, welcoming) of diversity, generous, kind, welcoming of others, able to share our resources, and concerned less about our own selfish needs, and more about the needs of the common good.

Herein lays the source of the “people not giving a shit” problem. In order to change within, we have to change without.  We can no longer go around gathering up everything we can for our own selfish needs; we can no longer step on or over the bones of those who have less in our quest for MORE; we can no longer turn a blind eye to those in need; and we can no longer discriminate against other human beings by calling them lazy, ignorant or sinful.  If we are love….EVERYONE is love.  And that means everyone.  We no longer get to stand on our superiority as Americans, or White, or Male, or Straight, or Christian, or any other title we give ourselves that makes us feel better than anyone else.

But human beings LOVE being special, privileged, above, better than, separate in every way we possibly can be. Hence our current divide:  rich/poor, straight/gay, Christian/other, Republican/Democrat, Hardworking/ Lazy, Legal/illegal alien.  When we paint ourselves into our corner of privilege, we get to justify our non-loving actions toward others.  And we don’t have to look very far to see how much of an asshole we have become…and how we have “benefitted.”  And we do not want to give that up.

Which brings me back to my point. People do not give a shit.

They do not want to change their inner being because of what they might have to give up in the process…or worse, what they might have to DO.  

Read my article on collective sloth HERE.

Problem #2: I’m no longer sure we have the power to change.

This makes me excruciatingly sad. As I watch the news and the ongoing disintegration of our society I am shocked….and a little bit afraid.  While I refuse to give into fear, I often wonder, WHO IS REALLY IN CHARGE???????  It is clearly not the American people.  It is definitely not our “elected” officials who stand by in silence as the shit show just gets more and more bizarre (with the possible exception of Elizabeth Warren….thank you Elizabeth for NOT BACKING DOWN).  Again, it seems our representatives are not representing the American people, but are only representing those who paid for their elections.  And then there’s that man who our media keeps calling our president.  I didn’t vote for him (though I’m not sure Hillary would have been any better).  Everyday as the shenanigans escalate I scratch my head and ask, “WTFing F” and I have seriously run out of expletives to communicate the confusion, rage, disgust, frustration, anger, etc. etc. etc. over the unbridled behavior of a toddler in the White House.  I don’t get it.  How did we get here?????   Who got us here?  AND WHY?????  Clearly we are not in charge, and if we are not in charge, then what power do we actually have to support and facilitate change?

This brings me to only wanting to cry. I find I have no other response to what is happening in our society.  For 26 years I’ve tried to be a voice/vessel/force for positive/loving change.  But I have nothing left.  From the highest perspective I understand what is happening (the death of the patriarchy), but I’m tired.  Jesus tried for three years…I’ve tried for more than thirty.  I’m done trying. If you are one of those who wants to do the work of changing within so that you can be a vessel of positive loving change in the world, you know where to find me.  In the meantime, I’m just going to be here grieving for our dying world and trying my best just to be love.

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The World That is Dying is Not My Concern

Yesterday I was given a very important reminder: the world that is dying is not my concern.

Before you get your activist undies in a bundle, please allow me to explain:

For 5000+ years, we have languished under patriarchal rule, defined here as that which has been based in fear, power and control. This cultural paradigm has harmed all of us – women, children and men alike.  This paradigm has deprived us of the inner wisdom and knowledge of the feminine, along with the feminine gifts of gathering and building through cooperation and collaboration, with an eye toward peace and harmony.  This paradigm has also deprived us of the holy aspects of the masculine traits of guardianship, provision, protection and support.

This world, based in fear, power and control is dying. It is in the midst of its own collapse and it needs to die.

As we look out there toward the dying world, it is easy to get caught up in our reactions to those things we believe will cause us harm or deprive us of certain rights and liberties. It is easy to jump to conclusions about the meaning and outcome of certain actions and events.  We are tempted to cast judgment, which then triggers our anger and fear.

All of these reactions tempt us away from the Truth – that all of those things we see “out there” that are arising out of fear, power and control, are merely the old world in its death throes. Giving our energy, attention and reactions to the dying world tempts us away from the job we are supposed to be doing – building the new world.

taking care

If you are reading this blog, you are one, among millions, who are here to help build the new world. Period.  We are not here to rescue the old world.  We are not here to stitch up or bandage its wounds.  We are not here to administer medication so the old world can put off its necessary and long overdue death.  We are not even here to watch. The world that is dying is not our concern.

Instead, our mission on this planet is to build the new world. We do this by holding our attention and focus on the vision of what we came here to create, not allowing anything to distract us from this vision.  We do this by connecting with and gathering with others who are also called to build the new world.  And we do this by holding space for those who are ready to leave the old world behind and join the movement that is intent on building something new.

If you live in or near Oshkosh, WI, join us on Monday evenings at 6:30 for our One Tribe gatherings, where we support each other in building the new world. Authentic Freedom Academy. 1103 School Ave. Oshkosh.