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How God Speaks Through Our Imagination

Today’s blog comes to us through Kristen Moss.  Kristen attended the inaugural Authentic Freedom Ministries Sunday Service.  Using the story of the Epiphany, the star and the Magi from the East, I invited the participants to engage daydreaming as prayer through the meditation practice known as Imagination/Contemplation. Through this practice, you place yourself within the context of a scriptural narrative and imagine the story unfolding in your mind through the perspective of one of the characters.  The “character” that spoke to Kristen was the Star, and this is what it said:

After reflecting on a reading from the Gospel of Matthew 2:1-12, we picked something from the story that we related to and meditated on it. I was drawn to the North Star.
The Star’s Message to Humanity
“I am the North Star. I light the way for many people as well as other entities. I, with the guidance of others; “Guardians of Light”, we pass along great messages of peace, love and wisdom. Fear not, my friend, worry not of the other beings you fear will do you harm. We are the “Bringers of Light”, part of a glowing and powerful group of galaxies, constellations, stars and planets. Many of you humans have forgotten that your planet, Mother Earth, is a living and breathing place that must be loved, must be cared for… must not be misused or abused. We see what is being done… the hate and fear that humans breed… the lack of respect for your home~ Earth~.

We see how this planet is crying out for you to stop all the harm and to come back into the space of love and understanding. Do you not see that Mother Earth is a reflection of you? She mirrors your human behaviors… send Her love and gratefulness; she, in return, will love and provide abundance for you in all ways… now is the time to remember… don’t forget!

I, the north star, along with my astial brothers and sisters, watch with great awe as well as sadness. We know the potential you are all capable of. We see your future and know that many great and wonderful things await you and your planet.

Many others have been observing you all as well, some more than others. Most come here with the intent to assist your people (humans) in the shift in human consiousness, the shift that greatly will affect your earth home in a wonderfully, loving way.

We stars love and protect you.. we guide you, we assist in your spiritual development. We gather together in our own ways, astral collective gatherings of Light and Love. We assist all that are within all of the billions of galaxies here and well beyond”….

What is the star saying to you?

How have you been open to the Divine speaking to you through your imagination?

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries

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Daydreaming as Prayer

In today’s blog, we continue the exploration of spiritual practices from the Western Mystical/contemplative tradition.  Today, we examine the spiritual practice called, “Imagination Contemplation” or what I like to call “Daydreaming as Prayer.”

Creative Imagination

One of the things we are invited to embrace in the contemplative spiritual path is that God communicates truth to us each and every day and that The Divine communicates this truth in a limitless number of ways.  Visual sight, spiritual sight, intuition, learning, life experiences, insight area all ways in which the Divine communicates truth to us.  The one vehicle for communication of truth that often gets forgotten or discounted is our imagination.  Our creative imagination is a fantastic and fun vehicle through which the Divine reveals our path, answers to our quandaries, insight into ourselves and into God and opportunities for learning.  Our imagination provides a colorful landscape on which God paints the direction of our lives.

St. Ignatius of Loyola

St. Ignatius of Loyola (1491-1556)  was the first contemplative in the Christian tradition to systematically reclaim the imagination as a powerful, effective and authentic vehicle for prayer, meditation, contemplation and discernment.  Ignatius was a man with a vivid imagination and spent a great amount of his life in daydream, fantasizing about a life of status, power, riches and fame.  That was until he was seriously wounded in battle and had to spend several months in bed healing from his wounds.  It was during this time of convulesence that he found a book on the life of Christ.  Reading this book, he found a new vocation and decided to give his life to God.  He then took the gift of creative imagination and applied this to his daily meditation and prayer with remarkable results.  He found that when he placed himself in the stories from scripture and allowed his imagination to run wild, he found new insights, direction and guidance.  He called this particular approach to scripture Creative Imagination.

How it works

Employing the technique of Creative Imagination as a form of meditation, contemplation and prayer is really quite fun.  Here is how you do it:

1) Choose a narrative story from scripture (or from fairytales, myth, children’s stories, etc. any narrative story will do).

2) Read through the story slowly and meditatively.

3) Look for a character in the story (named or unnamed) that seems to speak to you in a special way.

4) Imagine that you are that character.

5) Re-read the story from the perspective of that character

6) NOW DAYDREAM!!!!!!!   Place yourself into the story, imagining every detail – the scenery, the weather, what you are wearing, take note of what you see, smell, hear, sense, etc.  Imagine every detail of the story and allow it to unfold UNFETTERED in your mind.  Let your imagination run wild with the story and see where it takes you.

7) As the story unfolds in your mind, pay particular attention to any thoughts or emotions that may arise as the story plays out.  Give yourself ample time to let the story reveal itself in its fullness.

8) When you feel the story is complete, write it down.  Write down all you remember, thoughts, reflections, emotions, etc.  and be attentive to any additional details that present themselves in your writing.

9) After you have written it all down, go back and read what you wrote.

10) Now answer two questions:    a) How is what was revealed to you in your imagination reflective of where you are currently at in your personal and spiritual journey?  b) What is God revealing to you through what came forth in your story?

Why I love it

Personally, I have found the practice of Creative Imagination a wonderful addition to my existing spiritual practices.  It allows me to receive guidance, comfort, insight and direction in a creative and unexpected way.   I am always surprised at what shows up both for me and for my clients when this form of meditation and prayer is engaged.  This is a meditation practice that is especially useful for those of us who struggle to tame the monkey mind.  With Creative Imagination, the monkey gets to play.  How cool and fun is that!?  And here’s a little ditty to invite your own imaginative play:  WHAT A DAY FOR A DAYDREAM!

How might you begin to incorporate daydreaming into your existing spiritual practice?

Where have you previously discounted your daydreaming as frivolous or a waste of time (or where have others told you to stop daydreaming?)

How might this meditation practice give you new insight into your day to day daydreamings?

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries