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What Does Your Soul Look Like?

Superhero Report:  Soul is the uniquely creative way in which each of us has been gifted to find meaning, purpose and connection in our life.  Engaging our Soul leads us toward a great feeling of expansiveness along with inner feelings of contentment and joy.  When using the gifts of our Soul, we experience fulfillment, especially when our gifts are used in service to the betterment of the world.  During this week’s gatherings of the Superhero Academy, we participated in a shamanic meditative practice with the purpose of discovering the answer to this question:  “What does my Soul look like?”

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Here Be Dragons

Getting a glimpse of our Soul offers us clues as to the gifts and the power of our Soul.  The vision of the Soul is unique to each individual.  For some, it might be a Dragon, a Unicorn or a Mermaid; for others an Angelic Being, for others a flower or an insect, and for others orbs and shapes of light.  The individual vision of our Soul tells us a great deal about ourselves, our truest nature, and our purpose in this world.  Dragons, for example, represent strength, courage, the ability to fly implying the ability to transcend obstacles and to see from a higher and wider perspective.  Dragons possess the ability to facilitate transformation through their fire breathing capabilities.  Dragons also have a presence about them – perhaps intimidating at first, but ultimately gentle and kind.  The color of one’s Dragon is also significant, along with their habitat.  Some Dragons are red, others green, black or blue.  Some live in caves, others in water – fresh or salt, some live high up in the mountains.  All of these are significant symbols for what our gifts are and how we are called to share them in the world.

The Care and Feeding of Dragons

Once we have had a glimpse of our Soul, there are two practices that are helpful in utilizing and making the most out of our Soul’s power.  Our Soul’s power is here at our disposal so as to make our Soul fully manifest in our life so that we, and the world, may benefit from its gifts.  In order to be fully born into the world, our Soul needs care.  The first thing the Soul needs is to be nurtured, nourished and supported.  We can ask our Soul what it needs to feel nourished and supported.  My Soul, for example, needs healthy food (appropriate for my dosha), adequate sleep, regular exercise, hydration, lots of alone time interspersed with time with loved ones and friends.  My Soul also needs to be inspired creatively – reading, movies, museums, plays, art galleries and opportunities to be creative – not for work, but simply for the sake of creating.  My Soul also needs coffee….lots of coffee and to be surrounded by the color red.  🙂  The second thing the Soul needs is love.  By sending our Soul love, holding it in love, surrounding it with love (I use Reiki), it begins to feel safe.  Once our Soul feels loved and it feels safe, it will be inspired to step more fully into our life and will use its power to support us in return.  This is a REAL energy exchange and we soon discover that what we give to the Soul comes back to us one hundred fold.

Now tell me, what does your Soul look like?


Lauri Ann Lumby is available for one-on-one mentoring.  Call (920) 230-1313 or email to schedule an appointment.

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Finding and Cultivating Your Superpowers

Superhero Report for Monday, August 4, 2014 – Part I


I absolutely believe that every single one of us is a Superhero waiting to be born.  Not everyone will have the call or the drive to facilitate positive change in the world, but every single one of us has a role to play in turning the world into love. The key, for each of us, is to find out what our unique superpowers are, nurture them and then share them in the world. I have learned that the single most important thing we can do to discover, cultivate and harness our Superpowers is to develop and maintain a spiritual practice.

In Monday’s Superhero gathering, we learned how to develop and maintain a regular spiritual practice, but first we dispelled some myths around spiritual practice and defined it in a way that speaks to a post-modern world, and specifically to those who are blessed with creative and active minds.  (Note, the following is an excerpt from my as yet unpublished book, Happily Ever After copyright 2014):

Starting a Spiritual Practice


Sit in the silence and listen.

Listen in the silence and hear.

When you hear,

So shall you know. 


The purpose of the following is to offer helpful support for starting a spiritual practice and to provide additional insights for those who already have a practice in place.

Dispelling Myths

The following are myths that have been propagated in regards to meditation as a spiritual practice.  None of these myths (from my perspective as an experienced meditator and Spiritual Director) are true.

  • Meditation has a goal
  • The goal of meditation is silencing of the mind
  • There is a right and a wrong way to “do” meditation
  • If you reach the state of peace, you did it right….if not, you did it wrong
  • An empty mind is the devil’s playground
  • Meditating makes you a “better” person
  • Only enlightened/holy people meditate
  • Meditation is the path to enlightenment
  • Sitting in silence is the only valid form of meditation….or it is the preferred method
  • Meditation is an Eastern practice and cannot be practiced by Christians
  • Eastern meditation practices are dangerous
  • Lay people cannot meditate

Before embarking on a meditation practice, it may be helpful to know:

  • The goal of spiritual practice is “NO GOAL.”  Your job is to simply show up.  Striving after a goal (other than showing up) will prove to be an obstacle to your practice.
  • There is no right or wrong way to meditate.
  • If you find that state of inner calm and peace… is PURE GRACE…..not something you received because you finally meditated the right way or enough times.
  • There is a rich tradition of meditation and contemplation in the Western Hebrew and Christian traditions.
  • It is in the emptiness that we find God/Love/Truth…..and we are also invited to find God in the midst of the chaos.
  • Meditation can be receptive (listening, sitting, being) or active (expressing, moving, giving, processing,).
  • Meditation encompasses many formats and practices including but not limited to:  meditative reading of sacred texts, journaling, sitting in silence, movement (yoga, tai chi, dance, etc.), chant, listening to music, daydreaming, paying attention to our dreams, mindfulness practices, acts of service, making love, being present to our family and friends, being out in nature, creative expression, painting, drawing, cooking, cleaning, etc. etc. etc.
  • A spiritual practice is anything that helps us to connect with God, peace, love, joy, flow, compassion, harmony, forgiveness, mercy, ecstasy.
  • In the Western tradition, Meditation refers to the reflective thoughts in the mind.  In the Eastern Tradition, meditation is understood to mean sitting in silence.  Contemplation is the term used in the Western tradition to refer to sitting or being in silence with God.
  • The only danger in meditation or contemplation is connecting with your truth.  Warning:  Truth can be a dangerous thing if we are not prepared or if we do not have the tools to handle it.  As Gloria Steinem said, “The truth will set you free, but first it will kick your butt.”
  • Meditation may lead you to enlightenment, if that is your path in this life; regardless, it will help you to be a happier, more peaceful and more loving human being.
  • From the Hebrew and Christian perspectives, meditation and contemplation will empower you to experience the Kingdom of God right here, right now, in this life.  You will discover that you don’t have to die to know the peace and love of God.
  • Meditation can be practiced by ANYONE……regardless of your race, color, creed, education, status, position of power, ordained or not, etc. etc. etc.

Getting Started

As mentioned above, there is no right or wrong way to meditation or to enter into spiritual practice.  I have learned, however, that there are certain things we can do that will help us to be successful in our goal of SHOWING UP for our spiritual practice.  Remember…the only goal is to SHOW UP.  The following steps may help you to do this.  

  • Set aside a regular time each day for your spiritual practice where you can be uninterrupted for 15-30 minutes.  For many people, this is first thing in the morning, but choose a time that works for your own personal bio-rhythms.
  • Choose a special place in your home or office that is designated as your place for your spiritual practice.  It might be a certain chair in your living room, your drawing easel, maybe you have the luxury of setting up a meditation corner or room.
  • Have the tools that you need for your practice near your chosen place – your journal, a bible, writing utensils, maybe a candle or incense burner, a blanket.
  • Turn off any potential distractions – phones, computers, pagers, etc.
  • Create a ritual that helps you to enter into your spiritual practice.  Light a candle.  Burn incense.  Say a prayer.  Bow to your sacred space.

Magic Wands Please….

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to spiritual practice.  Each person possesses their own unique temperament and preferred ways of functioning in the world.  As such, through the ancient traditions, a variety of tools have been developed to fit the needs of a wide variety of people.  Practice individual methods until you find one that feels like it fits you.  And know that from time to time, this will change.  Or, maybe like me, you will find a variety of practices speaking to you.  You might then look for a way to incorporate several into your daily practice.  Remember….there is no right or wrong way to meditation.  Ultimately, any activity that you do that leads you to a place of peace and helps you to remember love is considered a spiritual practice. 

Stay Tuned tomorrow….same Bat time, same Bat channel….for Part II – Specific spiritual practices you might like to try.

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Authentic Freedom 2013 Christmas Message


As I write the Authentic Freedom Christmas message of hope for 2013, all I feel is love.  And isn’t this appropriate?  Why else could we possibly be here in these flesh suits if not for the purpose of learning how to BE love and for learning how to LOVE?  And isn’t this the very reason we celebrate Christmas in the first place? Because somewhere around 2000 years ago, in the tiny town of Bethlehem, a child was born who came to understand the Love that he was and who desired to teach all of humanity how to know this Love and how to be this Love.  Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love.  The reason Jesus was born and what he hoped to teach us how to be.  Or as I like to say it, “Jesus came to help us to REMEMBER THE LOVE THAT WE ARE.”


Jesus, through the spark that was born within him and through a lifelong journey wrapped up in contemplation, meditation and prayer, Jesus came to remember his origin in Oneness with God.  God, he came to understand, was LOVE.  Jesus then went about teaching us how to know this truth within ourselves – to remember the love that we are and to enjoy the peace, freedom and contentment that comes from living in this state of Loving Remembrance.  And Jesus wasn’t alone in this remembrance.  Mary knew.  Joseph knew.  Elizabeth knew.  Many of the disciples knew.  Most certainly Mary Magdalene knew.


My Christmas message then, is about LOVE!  My wish for you is that you know love.  That you know, without a doubt, the magnificent, glorious, expression of the Divine that God seeks to be through you.  That you know, at the deepest core of your being, the Presence of this Love and that you know that you are the very nature of LOVE itself.  That you come to know the uniquely creative way in which God wants to experience the human condition THROUGH YOU and that you know the peace, joy, contentment and fulfillment that comes in realizing this gift, and that you are free to find the fullest expression of this gift.  That you come to realize that the WORLD NEEDS YOU….that only you can bring the unique gift through which God wants to be known in the world and that each and every one of us needs your gift.  And that you realize that in being your gift and sharing it in the world, the world becomes a more loving, compassionate, peaceful and harmonious place.  My Christmas wish is that you come to know what Jesus came to know and that through you, the vision of the kingdom that Jesus saw can now be made manifest in our world.

sacred heart



And finally, a heart-felt THANK YOU!  Thank you for being born into this world.  Thank you for being the unique expression of God’s love in the world.  Thank you for being love and for being loving. Thank you for making the world a more loving and harmonious place because of the LOVE that you are.  And thank you for the work that it takes to know this love – overcoming fear, transcending resistance, being willing to dive deeply into the wounds of the past so that they may be healed and released.  And thank you for flying on wings of eagles, uplifted in the love of God so that you can be the glorious magnificence of who God made you to be!

All love, all peace and all joy to you and yours this Christmas and always!


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Government Shutdown? It’s not over ’til it is over…and the end is up to us!


Well, the government shutdown has come to an end and the debt ceiling temporarily released.  Do not, however, let this band-aid approach to the issues fool you.  We are not out of hot water folks!  We are still plagued with the issues of a bi-partisan government, mostly controlled by special interest groups who have their own interests in mind, not the interest of the common good.  Our founding fathers established a representative government whose job was to work for the interest of the common good.  This model has been destroyed from the inside by the corporate greedy who have paid to put their puppets in office.  Granted, not all Senators or Congressmen are guilty of this, but the vast majority are, which leaves those with noble intentions powerless.

What does any of this have to do with the mission of birthing our Souls?  Quite frankly, it has everything to do with it.  When we remain silent to our own gifts, our call to be loving, compassionate and peaceful people, the structures outside of us reflect our own arrested development.  When we ignore the voice of our truth, suppress our uniquely creative gifts, deny the force within us that seeks fulfillment and joy, we enable a world where we are silenced, suppressed and oppressed, and we are vulnerable to the power structures which capitalize on the inner fears that keep us imprisoned.  In the end, we have no one to blame but ourselves for the current mess we are facing in our government, our economy, our medical structures, education, etc. etc. etc.  When our economy crashes, which is where things are heading,  and we are tempted to point fingers at the government officials and corporate power mongers, we might want to look in the mirror instead.  WE are the ones who put these people in power by remaining silent, by giving into the status quo instead of mustering up the courage to cultivate our own souls which in turn cultivates a culture with soul instead of the soulless culture we are now living in.  Yes, my words today might appear harsh to some, but desperate times calls for desperate measures.  What do YOU want to do about it?  Nothing will change and we will continue plummeting toward destruction until YOU do something about it.

1) Start with yourself.  Who are you and what do you want out of this life?  More importantly, what does your SOUL want? What are the fears standing in the way of birthing your soul?  Seek tools to help you move through these fears.  Finding peace within yourself contributes to a peaceful world.  Find a mindfulness practice that helps you to cultivate this inner state of peace.

2) Take time to listen to your Soul.  Hear what it has to say to you.  YOU have been uniquely gifted to find meaning, purpose and connection in your life and to work for the betterment of our world.  THE WORLD NEEDS YOU and your gifts.

3) Seek support.  Gather your friends.  Support each other’s dreams.  Empower the use of your unique gifts.  Enjoy the freedom of gifts unleashed and fulfillment realized.

4) LOOK for the people, organizations, communities you are called to serve.  Who needs your gifts?  How will the world be made better with your gifts?   Do what you are called to do.  Be who you are called to be.

5) AND  VOTE with your voice, your hands, your feet and most importantly, your heart.  What kind of world do you want to leave for your children?  A world controlled by fear and under the command of the greedy few or a world where we live in peaceful harmony, where the needs of the all are considered and fulfilled and where every single man, woman and child is honored as a sacred child of God?

The world that we live in is up to you.

Lauri Ann Lumby

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A Message of Hope

A message of hope for a fearful world.  On behalf of love.  For the sake of peace.  In the company of my brothers and sisters of light.  Lightworkers.  Lightwarriors.  Healers.  Teachers.  Sojourners and Guides. We walk among you with hearts and hands wide open, here to help you find your way home.


People of the Earth:

It is time to wake up!  It is time to remember why you are here and for whom.

People of the Earth:

You are here to love.

You are here to share.

You are here to care for each other, for your planet, for your own wellbeing and the wellbeing of all who walk and crawl, swim and fly across this planet.

The time of darkness has come to an end.

No more will you choose to live in fear.

No more will you tolerate a world burdened by war, driven by greed and in the control of the power-hungry and gluttonous few.

No more will die in the name of oil, in the name of a so-called god of hatred, ignorance and prejudice.

No longer will the innocent be sacrificed for the sake of the gods of money, power and control.

Your people lie starving and naked, alone and afraid while the powerful few destroy your forests, poison your crops, desecrate your waters and pollute your air.

You have lived in darkness long enough!

No longer will you tolerate a world ruled by fear; instead, you shall seek the path of love.

And, in that search, you are no longer alone, for we are here among you – your brothers and sisters of light.

For lifetimes we have lived among you, hidden behind the veil of ignorance and fear, but now, the veil has been removed and you see us for who we are:  Sojourners.  Guides.  Helpers.  Healers.  Friends.

We are here for the purpose of love, to guide and assist you in remembering who you are, in remembering your original nature as love, contentment, fulfillment and joy.

We are here to help you because at one time, we too forgot, but now we remember and we seek to help you to do the same – for the sake of love and for the sake of your own survival, for as you teeter on the edge of extinction, it is only in remembering love that you can ever hope to survive.  And in remembering this love, not only will you survive, you will thrive and enjoy the bounty of a world that lives in peace, that cultivates harmony and that seeks to provide for the needs of the all.

Brothers and Sisters of Earth:

The time of darkness has come to an end and you are called to once again live in the light.  As you search your heart, you will know this to be true and you will finally agree to accept the help that we have offered again and again and again, only in the past to have it fall on deaf ears.  But now, your ears have been open and your eyes can see.  Look for love, and we are there.  Seek peace, and we are there too.  Know joy and you will find us among you…..waiting with hearts and hands wide open to help you find your way home.

authentic freedom and midlifeLauri Ann Lumby,

on behalf of love, for the sake of peace and in the company of all who live in the light.

If this message speaks to you, please share!

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Conquering Fear

Soul is the uniquely creative part of ourselves that when engaged, gives us a sense of fulfillment, peace and joy.  Soul gives us meaning and is our unique purpose in this life and the way we assist in creating a better, more loving, more joyful, more peaceful world.  Soul is who we were born to be and who we are compelled to become.  Birthing the Soul is as much of a spiritual as it is psychological journey and there is just one thing that stands in the way of living our Soul’s purpose….and that is fear.  Today’s blog explores that fear.


Getting a Glimpse of Soul

Soul is the uniquely creative part of us that we were born to become.  Soul is our original nature and the person God/dess made us to be.  Living from Soul, we find meaning and purpose in our life, it leads us to fulfilling work and healthy intimate connections.  Living from Soul, we offer our own unique gift for the betterment of humanity and our world.  Soul is not something that only shows up after we have done enough work, said enough prayers or beat enough bushes.  Soul is with us all along, calling to us, beckoning us, guiding us and sometimes kicking out butts.  We can recognize Soul in the moments in our life where we are on-fire with enthusiasm, excitement and joy.  Soul is found in the activities, books, movies, relationships, life encounters that make our hearts sing.  Soul is speaking through us when we hear words of wisdom, insight, comfort, support and guidance fly out of our lips and we wonder, “Where did THAT come from?”  Soul is in the moments of tender intimacy, heart breaking grief and bold righteousness.  Soul is in our passion, our grief, our joy and our activism.

Soul in Retrospect

Soul is also available in the 20/20 vision of hindsight.  When I look back on my own life, I can see Soul glimpsing at me behind Fr. Otto’s robes, in the rolling mists of Avalon, in Obi Wan Kenobi’s brown hooded robe, in Wonder Woman’s golden lasso of truth, in the gleaming blade of Excalibur, in the wiggle of Samantha Steven’s nose and in the haunting strains of Moire Brennan’s voice and the platformed heels of Stevie Nicks’ boots.  Soul guides us in glimpses and flashes of inspiration and in dreams of things yet to come.  Soul is always there in everything, calling us home to ourselves, to the person God/dess made us to be.

Being Human = Having Fear

If Soul is there all along, calling, cajoling, beckoning us on, the birthing of the Soul should be easy, right?  Yeah….I wish.  Birthing Soul would be easy if it weren’t for one thing…..FEAR.  In the moment that we agreed to participate in this human experiment, Fear decided to come along for a ride.  In fact, if it weren’t for fear, we wouldn’t be human…instead, we’d be sitting up on the clouds with the Cherubim and Seraphim, not being human, but singing songs of glory to our God.  But we aren’t here to be angels, neither are we here to be gods.  We are here to be human. In being human, fear has an important role to play.  I keeps us alive and allows us to survive.  Without a healthy dose of fear, we’d all be jumping off of bridges and leaping from cliffs to our death, eating poisonous plants and burning ourselves with fire.  Beyond the necessary fears for survival, however, fear is simply an obstacle that keeps us from living from Soul and from being the joyful, loving, creative, fulfilled, peaceful person God/dess made us to be.

Confronting Fear

One of the things I have learned about confronting fear is that if we can name the demon, it no longer has power over us.  99% of the work of moving beyond fear to Soul is actually naming the fear.  Today, I’m going to help you with that task.  In my book, Authentic Freedom – claiming a life of contentment and joy, I have identified the seven core spiritual fears that are THE obstacles to us living from Soul and being the person we were made to be.  Your assignment in the coming week is to look for the presence of these fears in your life, identify them and call them out.  While there is more to releasing fears than simply naming them…..naming is a good place to start.  So here are the fears that have been keeping you from the life of contentment, fulfillment and joy that you long for:

  • There is not enough (time, money, power, things, love, support, time, money)
  • I am not uniquely gifted (ie: I have nothing to offer, no gifts to speak of, nothing to contribute)
  • I can’t
  • I am not loved (or will be rejected)
  • I am not free to express my truth
  • I do not know my truth (or my path, or my gift, or my Soul)
  • I am alone

In the coming week, reflect on how these fears are present in your life and how they are an obstacle to you living your Soul!

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Life Passion and Purpose

Today’s blog explores the human longing for passion and purpose, the search for fulfillment, contentment and joy and the little clues that arrive on our path to show us the way. The key is to look for those things that make you heart sing!


Longing for meaning, passion, purpose

As I state in my mission statement, SOUL is the unique way you are creatively gifted to find meaning, purpose and connection. Soul, when engaged, leaves you feeling fulfilled, content and whole.  From the moment we are born, until the moment we die, Soul seeks to be known in the world through us and compels us to fulfill its purpose.  We know that we have encountered Soul and are allowing Soul to fulfill its purpose when we feel content, whole, peaceful and filled with joy.  Soul is the way that we are called to be of service to ourselves and in service to the betterment of our world.  Soul is the universal calling and our common destination, yet for each and everyone of us, the manifestation of Soul is unique and reflective of our own creative gifts.  The good news is that we are not alone in our search for Soul and the Universe is gracious enough to plant little clues along the way to help us in our search for the Soul.

Come out, come out, wherever you are!

We can know that Soul is calling to us when we are aware of a deep inner longing for “that which cannot be named.”  We know that Soul is calling when we feel restless, discontented, lonely or bored.  These are all signs that the Soul is ready for its next adventure (for the Soul continues to reveal itself and in truth, is never fully manifest).  The search for Soul begins like a game of hide and seek, with Soul calling out to us, “Come find me,” while we gently implore, “Come out, come out, wherever you are.”  Then like a treasure hunt, Soul plants little clues along the path to help us find our way. In the hide and seek, treasure hunt of finding the soul, hindsight is 20/20, but as one who has played this game for nearly fifty years, I can tell you what to look for in identifying those clues.

Shiny Objects and Sparkling Things

In the search for Soul, it is best to put on the eyes of the Raven or Crow.  Raven and Crow are known for their love of shiny objects.  In their search for nourishment and partnership, they are dazzled by shiny objects which they scoop up in their beaks and bring back to their nests.  Raven and Crow nests are known for being filled with sparkling things they have collected in their many journeys.  The hunt for Soul is much the same.  In searching for the clues to Soul, we too are invited for look for the things that sparkle, that contain a special glow, that shimmer and shine.  In short, we are invited to look for the things that MAKE OUR HEARTS SING.


Magic, Moonbeams and Morgan LeFay

Looking back on my nearly fifty year journey, these are some of the clues that Soul planted in my path and which guided me to my purpose as mother, writer, priest, midwife, counselor, teacher and healer. 

1) My all time favorite TV  and movie characters:  Samantha Stevens (from Bewitched) and Mary Poppins.

2) All my life I have been a voracious reader and learner.  I am never without one or ten books to read, and am often in the midst of reading several.

3) My passion for learning….when I find a subject that sparks my passion, I find every book on the topic and read every one that resonates with me (speaks to my heart!).

4) All the people I idolize are either authors or change makers.

5) The first “famous” person I met was an author, Mary Rodgers of Freaky Friday fame.  I even got her autograph!

6) My favorite books as a teenager were stories of the saints.  The ones that really spoke to me were Joan of Arc (go figure!) and St. Bernadette.  My childhood dream was to make a pilgrimage to Lourdes.  (still on my bucket list!)  As a grown up, my go-to girls are Mary Magdalene and Theresa of Avila.

7) Jesus Christ Superstar.  Hearing this soundtrack for the first time COMPLETELY changed my world.  Suddenly, Jesus was a real human being with real vulnerabilities and Mary Magdalene became an important part in his ministry and in the life of the Church.

8) Mists of Avalon – another book that changed my life and my life course.  In reading that book, I felt I had come home.  In the character of Morgan LeFay, I found a woman of strength, vulnerability and purpose and in the Celtic lore, I was reminded that magic (as in God working through us) is real.

I could go on with about another million clues, but you get the idea.  The key is to look for those things that make your heart sing, and there you will find clues as to what your Soul wants you to be.

What does your Soul want to be through you?

What are the clues that have led you along the path to your Soul?

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Resisting Our Greatness

As we journey toward the birth of our most magnificent, true self, we frequently come up against resistance.  Resistance is the voice in our head that tells us we are not good enough, capable enough, worthy enough to enjoy the life of fulfillment and joy that God intended us to know.  As a spiritual obstacle, resistance can only be conquered through spiritual means.

Young Woman Meditating on the Floor

Wake Up Wake Up

Our soul, the greatest, magnificent, most amazing truth of who we are and who God made us to be, seeks to be known and seeks to be made known.  As the tiny voice or raging fire within, our soul tries to WAKE US UP to who God made us to be and provokes, challenges, cajoles, urges, whispers, draws, kicks our butt until we PAY ATTENTION.  While the soul is trying to wake us up, we are usually working really hard to stay asleep….or run away.  Spiritually, this is the battle between our true self and the ego – the latter trying to keep us small, the former hoping to make us INFINITE!   I much prefer the idea of being infinite….the ego, however, definitely has other plans.

The Face of Resistance

To the ego, KNOWN = SAFE and since the journey of birthing the soul is anything BUT known…..the ego fights like hell to keep us “safe” and in the world of KNOWN.  To keep us there, the ego whispers in our ears, all the reasons we should NOT explore the longings of the soul:

  • You’re not worthy
  • You’re not loved
  • You’re not capable
  • You can’t do it
  • People won’t like you if you do …
  • You’re not attractive, talented, gifted enough
  • You’re nobody special
  • You’re fat, too skinny, ugly, stupid, etc. etc. etc.
  • There’s not enough time, money, support, love, etc. etc. etc.

While the ego is busy whispering evil things into our ears, it is stirring up our anxiety which we then respond to in a myriad of ridiculous ways.  Resorting to our instinctual nature, we fight, run (flight) or freeze in the face of the fear stew the ego is busy concocting, but since most of us don’t live on the Serengeti plains, we choose other ways to fight, flight or freeze –


Freeze is the easy one……we stop and drop in our tracks through all the ways that we numb ourselves:  drugs, alcohol, food, TV, prescription medications, unhealthy relationships, over consumption, shopping, sleeping….and if our soul isn’t acknowledged, all of these eventually turn to DEPRESSION.


Flight consists of all the ways we RUN RUN RUN away from our truth and our path.  Flight encompasses all the things we distract ourselves with that take time away from tending to our soul and our gifts – too many activities, too many unnecessary obligations, FACEBOOK, social media, internet, TV (again), aimless striving, aimless seeking, pacing, restlessness, thinking about all the other people around us and their needs that we think are OUR JOB to take care of.


Fight tells us it is SOMEBODY else’s fault that we are unhappy, unfulfilled, that our life lacks joy, love, peace.  In fight, we stand with our feet planted and our index finger pointed outward in anger and resentment at all the people who we think stand as obstacles to our happiness.  Guess what……the only person that can make you happy is YOU and the only person that can make you unhappy is YOU!  It is no body else’s fault but your own if you are unhappy and unfulfilled because you haven’t taken the time to heed the calling of your soul!

Sit Down and Shut up!

All the restlessness, longing, sense of being unfulfilled, unhappy or unloved is quite simply, the SOUL, your deepest spiritual truth, trying to get your attention.  She just wants to be known, acknowledged, heard, nurtured, cultivated, engaged and eventually, shared in the world.  (SOUND FAMILIAR?????   How many times have YOU said, “I just want to be heard.  I just want to be acknowledged.  I just want to be valued and taken care of.”)  Your only job, when the soul comes calling is to SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP so that the tiny, at first tentative, voice of the soul can be heard.  And the voice of the soul cannot be heard as long as you are fighting, fleeing or numb.  So if you are looking for meaning, purpose, fulfillment, contentment, love, joy and peace in your life, then be quiet.  Sit still…and LISTEN, and the soul will reward you because the destination of the soul is the birthing of your magnificence, or your unique giftedness and the place where you will know INNER contentment, fulfillment and joy.  And you will know you have arrived because it will feel like HOME.

What does your soul want you to know?

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries

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Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream

Today’s blog steps outside my normal fray.  I had a really powerful dream last night that I at first intended to share with a few close intimates, but then one of my teachers (DK) suggested that I should share it with the world as it might have meaning for others too.  So… goes.

The Dream

In the dream, I am in a house.  My sense is that it is my home, but not the house I am currently living in.  I hear the doorbell ring and rush to the door thinking it might be the person I was looking for in the dream just before this one.  I peer out the square window at the top of the white door and there is nobody there.  What I see is a square screen porch and beyond the porch an ENORMOUS vehicle of sorts.  When pressed, I described it as looking like the Jawa droid transport from Star Wars Episode 4 (the original Star Wars to me!).  I decide to open the door and when I do, I see that there is still nobody there, but I feel an ENORMOUS, Expansive energy……an energy like the air we breath, but with a different feel to it.  the energy feels safe, strong, comforting, confident, powerful and filled with love.  I acknowledged the energy.  Next, I feel my mouth opening (not of my accord) and in one HUGE swoosh, the energy I feel outside the house enters into me through my mouth and fills me.  The sense I had was like a baby receiving its first breath of life.  I was not inhaling, however, the energy was being put into me.  And then, I woke up.

Up for Interpretations

I cannot even begin to interpret this dream other than to acknowledge that upon waking today, I felt differently.  I felt a deeper sense of calm, purposefulness, contentment and strength.   The word that keeps coming up for me as I reflect on the dream is REBIRTH.  So, perhaps it is as simple as that and if that is what it is, then I embrace it wholeheartedly!  Thanks for listening and if this dream speaks to you…..please share your thoughts!

Lauri Lumby

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Why Bother with a Spiritual Practice?

Today’s blog explores the value of a personal, spiritual practice….and answers the great marketing question:  WIFM?  You will learn that you can’t afford NOT to cultivate a sound spiritual practice if you desire peace and joy in your life.   

Thus says the LORD: Cursed is the man who trusts in human beings, who seeks his strength in flesh, whose heart turns away from the LORD. He is like a barren bush in the desert that enjoys no change of season, But stands in a lava waste, a salt and empty earth. Blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD, whose hope is the LORD. He is like a tree planted beside the waters that stretches out its roots to the stream: It fears not the heat when it comes, its leaves stay green; In the year of drought it shows no distress, but still bears fruit.

Jeremiah 17: 5-9

WIFM?  What is in it for me if I embrace a spiritual practice?

The first reading from today’s scripture pretty much says it all.  I don’t think I have read anything that more accurately describes the contrast between a life without spiritual practice and a life that is firmly rooted in meditation, contemplation, creative endeavors….anything that is directed toward knowing God and knowing ourselves.  When we give time to God in meditation, contemplation and prayer, life takes on a quality of ease, peacefulness, contentment.  We are able to be present to the ebb and flow of the human condition – facing adversity, challenge, loss with a sense of surrender and peace.  We are also able to celebrate the gifts of the human condition with fulfillment and joy.  When we do not have our lives rooted in spiritual practice, life tosses us about like a plastic bag in the wind and life feels like a barren wasteland….stark, depressing, blech.

Fruits of Contemplation

In the Western Contemplative tradition, these benefits of sound spiritual practice are referred to as “the fruits of contemplation.”   Teresa Tillson speaks of these fruits in an article she penned for the St. Olaf college website:

Jesus taught no specific method, but did regularly withdraw to be alone with God. The fruits of prayer described by Paul the Apostle are love, joy peace, patience, generosity, faithfulness, kindness, gentleness, self-control, and purity. (Galatians 5:22-23). According to Thomas Keating, the fruits of centering prayer are freedom from self-centered motivation, action in service to others, a sense of interconnectedness with all creation, dis-identification with our self-image, healing of fear, conviction of our basic goodness, and capacity for union with God.

 The Way of Meditation and Contemplation by Teresa Tillson

In short, spiritual practice is good for us.  It helps us to be happy and to find peace.  It fills us up, nourishes us, makes life palatable.  If it is so good for us, why don’t we do something about it?

All Good Things, Right!?

That is a really good question.  If spiritual practice is so dang good for us and centuries of teachers seem to know this, why don’t we do it?  The first answer is that maybe life hasn’t yet kicked our butt enough.  The second answer might be lack of motivation.  The third answer might be the illusion or false perception that ” I don’t have time.”  The fourth answer might be that you have never been given the tools or taught effective means of contemplation that SPEAK TO YOU.  Not everyone is called to silent meditation and the rosary doesn’t speak to everyone.  In the coming days and in support of the March 15th global launch of the Agape’ Project…..I hope to blast through some of the obstacles to spiritual practice, while providing you the tools and support you might need to either begin or further develop your existing practice.  Because more than anything in the world…..I hope for you to know the peace, joy and love that I have discovered through sound spiritual practice and to find those things for yourself.

If you do not have a daily spiritual practice……why not?

Where do you seek more peace, fulfillment, love and joy in your life?

How are you being called to deepen your existing spiritual practice if you have one?

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries