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It All Rests on Relatedness

Guest Blog by Thomas Michael Clute

Invocation: as we traverse the times and tides of our lives, may we take sacred pause to breathe into the Mystery of our Being, and re-member we are also being Breathed by that same Mystery.

We all long for connection. Connection is the nature of things, and it is our nature too. Once we truly connect to this great truth, we are able to once again merge into and with this great truth, and in the process, finding our way home by continuously feeling into our internal guidance system of feeling, intuition, subtle energetic attunement as to what we are being called to in this synchronous moment.

We find ourselves being carried along, even as we carry on with what deeply moves, inspires and touches our hearts to express.

The journey to this place I might call serenity, or more playfully, “EnoughVille,” (the mythical village I invented just outside of Las Vegas “Where too much is never enough”) is the adventure of our lives unfolding from moment to moment from wherever we find ourselves, to where we long to be, and I dare say, that place of peace, is what we seek.

What is peace? To me, as I reflect, it includes an awareness of resonance throughout, of alignment, flow, and synchronicity that in a way is unexplainable yet palpably felt. The metaphor is that of a reservoir from within, an endless ocean of oneness and unity enveloping through and through our awareness. We might call this mindfulness. It is a gentle awareness enfolding our consciousness like the sky holding the clouds. It is panoramic in nature.

If this is the state of being we all seek, how do we get there?

We get there, I submit, through INTENTIONALITY, or CHOOSING, and even deeper, with developing habits of intentional awareness, REALIZING, that this is it, and we are that.

The Relatedness itself brings us home to our own nature, which is itself the Nature of being in the Nature of things, which I submit is a sacred circle.

We find ourselves following our hearts, full of wisdom, compassion and infinite intelligence connected to the Mystery of all Being, including our own.

We finally accept that there is nothing better to do with ourselves and our lives than to Surrender to that which longs for itself within us. This is coming home to Life. This is the Sacred Way. Welcome Home.

“Towards an Ecology of We” 

 Thomas Clute, MSW

 Sacred Personhood Researcher and Explorer

tomcluteconsulting (at)

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Conquering Co-Dependency – Learning to Love Ourselves

Today’s blog addresses the issue of co-dependency – the tendency to believe it is our job to make other people happy and that it is their job to make us happy in return.  Specifically, we explore the ways in which we are willing to give ourselves away in the hopes of earning another person’s love.



As human beings, we are hardwired to seek out connection and companionship.  We have learned that in order to survive and to thrive, we need each other.  Unfortunately, a distortion often arises in the way we learn to make connections and that distortion is co-dependency.  Co-dependency arises out of the false perception that we are not love – that love has to be earned and can be taken away.  As such, in our search for connection, we try to make other people happy so that they will “love” us.  In our attempts to make other people happy, we give parts of ourselves away.  Additionally, we unconsciously agree to carry the burden of their fears, anxieties, insecurities, and the unhealed wounds of their past.  We know that we have done this when we jump at the first sign of another’s distress and rush toward them hoping to make it better, all the while believing that somehow the other person’s distress is somehow our fault.

Not Our Fault

The truth is, in these situations, the other person’s distress is not our fault at all – we have simply been conditioned to take responsibility for other people’s fears.  When your partner is working on a project and breaks a piece of glass and begins hollering and cursing and you feel the pull in the center of your gut to run toward them in the hopes of making it better, you have taken on THEIR anxiety and frustration.  Their anxiety is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.  When you share our dreams or experience a great success and a friend drops a doubt bomb on you, this is a reflection of their jealousy and the guilt they are feeling for not pursuing their own dreams, and yet, you agree to carry their jealousy and guilt by feeling doubtful and unsure about your dreams. Their jealousy and guilt are not your fault. When our child has anxiety about fitting in and believes this anxiety will be quelled with a new wardrobe that we know they don’t really need and is outside our budget, yet we agree to go anyway – we have given into another’s fears.  Their anxiety about fitting in is not our fault and will not be healed by blowing our budget on the “latest trends.”

Healing These Patterns

The reason we give into other people’s anxieties and fears is because there is a tiny part of ourselves that has forgotten that we are love(d).  In order to change these patterns, we need to heal the part of ourselves that have forgotten that they are love.  First we become our own witness.  We pay attention to every situation where we are tempted to take on the burden of someone else’s guilt, fear, jealousy, weakness, anxiety, unhappiness, frustration, anger, hatred, ignorance, etc. etc. etc.  Then we STOP doing it.  We stop giving ourselves away and instead take responsibility ONLY for our own fear, anxiety, doubt, weakness, etc. etc. etc.  Finally we initiate a great act of love toward ourselves. In tomorrow’s Superhero Report, I will share a simple spiritual practice to help you do just this – conquer co-dependency while learning to love yourself. In the meantime, here is a poem to help prime the pump:

I Did Nothing Wrong

Tired of carrying the burden of your unacknowledged guilt.

I did nothing wrong.

Your unhealed wounds and unacknowledged fears,

The way my presence awakens in you the truths you’ve spent a lifetime avoiding,

The overwhelming weakness you feel yet refuse to acknowledge ,

Your inability to acknowledge, let alone, manage your anxiety,

The insecurities that make you crave co-dependency…

Are not my fault.

I did nothing wrong.

I know you know the web you’ve woven and the bed you’ve recently made –

These also, are not my fault,

Neither is the shame you feel in knowing that I know.

I did nothing wrong!

For years, I agreed to carry your guilt, your shame, your unhealed wounds

and unacknowledged fears –

The scapegoat for every fear my presence, lifestyle and choices trigger in you.

It’s not my fault.

I did nothing wrong.

And now…I give it back to you.

copyright 2014  Lauri Ann Lumby

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A Different Kind of Priest

Each of us are uniquely gifted to be a vessel through which God’s love is known in the world.  Often, the way in which God has gifted us and the call God extends to us transcends institutional definitions, boundaries and controls.  I share the way this has been made known in my own life as a way of encouraging you to look outside the box for how God might be calling you to be love in the world…..sometimes the answer is right under our nose and has been there the whole time and sometimes it is so obvious we wonder, “Why didn’t I think of that before?”

Priest All Along

I wrote last week about the lightning bolt awareness of how for the past 20+ years I have been a priest and I didn’t even know it!  Looking back on the ways in which I have been called to be God’s love in the world, they all take the form of duties frequently associated with a priest – preaching, teaching, healing, counseling, leading, pastoring, serving, ministering.  Of course, being raised Catholic, the path to ordination is not open to me (in the Roman Catholic Church anyway), and at this point in my life, even if ordination were made available to women, I don’t think I would pursue it.  I prefer to serve as a priest in my own way (rather, the way in which God is leading me to be priest), instead of being subject to the limitations of the hierarchical structure of the Catholic Church where clericalism frequently reigns over humility and compassion.

Lauri Lumby, mother and priest
Lauri Lumby, mother and priest

A Different Kind of Priest

What does priesthood look like outside the boundaries of tradition?  What is a priesthood without hierarchy, patriarchy and clericalism?  What is priesthood without a church?   As it is currently being revealed to me, for myself personally, it is a priesthood of a different kind, but in truth, it looks very much like a priesthood of the original kind.  When I look for a model of priesthood that feels appropriate to me, the example is obvious in Jesus.  To me, Jesus represents the quintessential example of what priesthood should look like.  What does it mean to be a priest like Jesus?

1) For me, it starts with the clothes.  Nowhere in scripture does it describe Jesus as wearing special clothes, in fact, in several instances, he challenges religious leaders who don special vestments (phylacteries) as a way of drawing attention to the way they are better, separate, or more special than ordinary folks.  I have a very strong sense that Jesus dressed in the same fashion as the people to whom he was ministering. What that means for me is that I dress in ways appropriate to the occasion.  In presiding over weddings, I dress up in ways similar to the guests.  In facilitating spiritual formation in circle, I dress casually.  When seeing people one-on-one, I wear business casual.  And when networking with business professionals, I dress appropriately. There will be no Roman collar or guilded vestments for me.

2) While Jesus sometimes taught in the temple, he was mostly seen ministering to the people where they were at.  He moved about the marketplace, in the desert and on the mountain, in people’s homes, teaching, healing, ministering to people where the people were.  Jesus was not a member of the official hierarchy of the Jewish temple, instead, he was priest to the people in their midst.  A related key point – Jesus did not have a church.  Instead, it seemed his church was anywhere he found himself.  For me, this means being open to all the ways in which God is calling me to meet people where they are at – and in this day and age, it is often in front of their computer.

3) Jesus’ primary audience was those no longer welcome in the temple and for this he was often condemned.  Jesus spent much of his time in the midst of “sinners and tax collectors,” and he often ministered to lepers.  Jesus made himself available for those who had been rejected by the Institution in which he was raised.  This is highly reflective of the audience God continues to place before me – women and men who no longer feel welcome in the religious institution in which they were raised….and for me, 90 -95% of these folks were raised Catholic.

4) Jesus prayed – a lot, and he taught his disciples how to pray.  Before, during and after every ministerial encounter, Jesus can be found in prayer.  Prayer, his intimate relationship with God, seemed to be the foundation upon which everything else was built.  I can only hope to be following this example that Jesus set.

5) Jesus’ priesthood served to support and satisfy the deepest longing of the human heart – to know that we are loved, and Jesus did this primarily through his loving regard of the people to whom he ministered.  Jesus did not judge or condemn the “sinners and tax collectors,” or the sick to whom he ministered.  Instead, he helped them to find healing for the deeper spiritual wounds that told them they were anything less than love.  Jesus built people up.  He empowered them.  He gave them dignity and respect.  And, he admonished anyone who would treat ANY of God’s people with anything less than love.  Jesus did not pile up a burden of tasks or rules that had to be accomplished in order to earn God’s love.  He taught that we are loved by God without condition and that when we turn away from God, God is anxiously waiting with open arms for us to come home to the truth of who we are – one with God in love.

How is the truth that God is revealing to you and the gifts God has given you, calling you to step outside the traditional or familiar?


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Calling all the “Different” Ones

Have you always felt “different,” like you didn’t quite fit in, but have always known, on a very deep level, that you are here for a special purpose and that perhaps the time for that purpose is drawing near?  If so……this one is for you.  Your time is now.  The world needs you to wake up, to share your gifts and to start creating our world anew!  Wake up!  Wake up!  We need you and your amazing, magical, miraculous gifts!  And, we need you to find each other, to come together in communities to heal our world and to turn our world from fear to love.  This is the purpose you have been waiting for and the time is now!


We Are Living in an Important Time

I believe that we are currently living in a critically important time in the history of humankind and our beloved planet, Earth.  We are at a crossroads.  Depending on which path we choose, we are either headed for our demise, or the manifestation of heaven on earth.  My hope and belief is that our choice will lead us toward the latter, but in order to get there, we have to wake up, we have to help others wake up, and we have to do so QUICKLY! 

The Different Ones

As I have mentioned before, I believe that EACH OF US has a unique, important and critical contribution to make toward the betterment of our world and that in discovering and sharing these gifts, we find joy, peace, love and fulfillment.  I have also learned that there is a unique group of humans, who have a unique set of gifts and will have a very unique contribution to make toward the manifestation of heaven on earth. These are the men, women and children who have been sent here to wake us up and to show us our way home, ushering us into a place where we will once again dwell in peace on a planet ruled by love.  For lack of any better word, and only for the sake of making a point, I am calling these people “The Different Ones.”  And I will bet my life that you already know who you are.  But, if you need some help remembering, or an affirmation of your differentness and specialness, here are some of the unique characteristics and experiences held by “The Different Ones.”

  • You have always known, in a very deep knowing, that you were different, perhaps even special.
  • You never felt as if you fit in with the regular world or society.  Perhaps you even felt like a stranger in your own home, wondering who these people were and what God did with your real family. You definitely felt like a stranger in the traditional institutions – school, church, work, etc.
  • As a child, you found yourself drawn to the mystical, magical, the world of fairies, angels, fantasy, miracles, etc.  Perhaps you believed in magic and knew, in some deep level of your being that you could do magic or at the very least, facilitate or participate in the making of something miraculous.
  • As a young child, and maybe again near puberty, you had experiences, communications, etc. with “other realms.”  Perhaps you saw or spoke with “angels,” God, saints, the deceased.  Maybe you could see dead people.  You knew these other places/beings were real – but when you shared these experiences with others, they were discounted as the workings of an overactive imagination.
  • You were very sensitive as a child and most likely still are as an adult.  You could “feel” the energy of a room, you could “feel” other people’s energies, perhaps even their thoughts.  You found yourself repelled by some people and situations based on no other information than “a feeling” and in contrast, found yourself inexplicably drawn to some people and places, because of a “feeling.”
  • You may have been sickly as a child – sensitive to the environment, ultra-sensitive to human-made chemicals, fabrics, etc.  You found yourself sensitive to light, sound, chaotic spaces, technology, etc.  It seemed anything that was not purely organic, nature-made, somehow made you ill or if nothing else, made you feel “icky.”
  • You had/have a strange way of being able to “read” people.  Specifically, you could detect truth vs. deceit and found you had no tolerance for the latter.  This often caused problems in relationships as people discovered your ability and grew uncomfortable under your gaze (even if this happened subconsciously….as it usually does.)
  • You have a keen sense of knowing that you are here for a special purpose and feel driven to pursue this purpose – often not even knowing what this purpose is, no matter how irrational this drive may appear to the “real” world.
  • You have always possessed a different way of viewing and experiencing the world.  You believe in the goodness of the world, in justice, in the right of all to be loved and cared for.  You have a deep drive to pursue the course of peace and justice and you will defend the rights of those who have none.
  • You may have a profound affinity with nature and the night sky.  You feel drawn to the earth and to the stars and find comfort there.
  • You are known by a “look” in your eyes and you know others like you through that same “look.”  There have been people in your life with whom you felt an immediate connection along with a deep knowing that this is someone like you, someone from your true “family” and someone you can trust and love without condition. These are people with whom you have an immediate and enduring affinity.
  • And here’s my favorite one “you seem to be born with a different set of rules, values and laws to abide by.  Actions that were perfectly acceptable for everyone else are harmful to you, while you are able to do things that are not permitted most of humanity. (Solara, 2012)”

No Mistaking it, You Are Different

There are a million terms which have been tossed around to categorize those who feel “different” – Indigo children, Crystal children, Rainbow children, Slackers, Starseeds, Wayshowers, Lightworkers, Healers, Star Borne, Star Children, etc. etc. etc.   Ultimately, names mean nothing, but what is important is that YOU KNOW that you have been sent here for a special purpose and that this purpose is to help usher in THE NEW WORLD.  Your ways are different because the world needs to be different.  Your ways are more sensitive, more loving, more justice-oriented, because the world needs to evolve toward this or it will destroy itself.  AND YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  In fact, there are millions like you waiting to wake up, waiting to connect and waiting to GET TO WORK.

I’ll Tell You a Little Secret

I’m sharing this with you, because all of the above characteristics are true of me and I have found a whole slew of men and women who also possess these gifts.  I have also found that the unique gifts I have been given are:

1) To wake people up. (I can’t help it, it just happens)

2) To help you overcome the inner obstacles to being and living your purpose.

3) To empower you to connect with others like you and to work together toward bringing forth our gifts for the betterment of the world.

So….toward the goal of item #3, please feel free to connect with other ones like you through the Authentic Freedom Facebook Page.  Start a conversation.  Make some connections.  And let’s get to work making the world a more loving, peaceful and harmonious place!



Sehmi Aniyakah, Sehmi Oniyakah

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Midlife and Menopause – Reclaiming Curiosity and Creativity

First of all….check out my latest YouTube posting Surviving Midlife-Confronting DeathNow, let’s get to the business of today’s post, why the midlife and menopause journey can be such a challenge…..and we only have our culture to blame for beating the creativity and curiosity out of us, starting at a very young age.


Midlife and Menopause – Reclaiming Curiosity and Creativity

The purpose of a midlife crisis, perimenopause and menopause is to birth our Soul – the unique way we are creatively gifted to find meaning, purpose, connection and fulfillment in our lives and the way in which we find fulfillment by contributing to the betterment of our world.  The BIGGEST part of the midlife journey…..and ultimately its purpose… to AWAKEN our CREATIVITY and REINVIGORATE our sense of CURIOSITY. The person God made us to be is creative, curious, generous, loving and kind.  Unfortunately, we live in a culture that from a very early age, beats the curiosity and creativity out of us.  I was recently reminded of how insidiously our culture works against our original nature, making the midlife journey not only necessary, but a bit of a challenge. (I contend that if we raised our children differently, midlife would be more of a blip on the radar instead of the full out spiritual and emotional ass-kicking it tends to be.)

Case in point – How we destroy curiosity and creativity.

1) The first example involves my son.  My son is an average, 13 year old male who, in addition to being driven toward being active, is wicked smart, curious, independent, free-thinking and has a pretty mature emotional intelligence compared to most kids his age (and even some adults). So…… can only imagine the challenges he has in school…..where they seem to want compliance above all else. Every time he demonstrates his gifts, his desire to be challenged, his curiosity and most of all, his creativity, he is punished and his father and I find ourselves saying, “Wil, just stay under the radar.”  No parent should have to say that to their creatively intelligent and curious child! And it’s not like he’s a criminal.  He is a good, responsible and caring 13 year old boy…he’s just “too smart for his own good.”   What saddens me is that as this continues, he has become more and more disillusioned and unhappy with school.  “I hate it,” is his common reply. And our son is not the only one who is being punished….curiosity, creativity and humor is slowly whittled away in our children….in the same way it was whittled away in each of us.  Show creativity.  Get punished.  Act in ways appropriate to our developmental stage.  Get punished.  Question self-appointed authority.  Get punished.  etc. etc. etc.   Here is another example.

2) Recently, I attended a funeral service held in a Catholic Church. In the time between the “viewing” and the beginning of Mass, a group of young children….obviously unfamiliar with the nature of Catholic ritual, etc. were roaming the chapel… curiously going from shrine, to statue, to prayer candles, to altar to podium, doing what children do….they were looking, touching, discussing, exploring and pretending…pretending they were saying the Mass or reading from the pulpit.  As the curious children were playing between the altar and podium, a church “official” came up and angrily shushed and shooed them away.  As I looked on….all I could think of was, “Instead of shaming these children for being naturally curious, I would use this as a teaching moment.  I would take them to each shrine, the prayer candles, the tabernacle, altar and podium and explain what each of those things were used for and what they represented.  Then I would let them touch, explore, pretend to their hearts’ content.  I thought this was a perfect opportunity to honor the curiosity and creativity of children, instead, they were taught that in our society, we are punished for being creative and curious.  SIGH!

Midlife and Menopause – Reclaiming Curiosity and Creativity

I’m sure you have a million and one examples from your own childhood where your curiosity, creativity, initiative, incentive, passions, drives, intuition, truth were punished….all because we live in a culture that wants us to conform and wants us to seek approval.  So….you can see why the Midlife journey is so dang hard.  Because in our childhood, our creativity and curiosity were stifled, midlife becomes about re- awakening our creativity and reclaiming our curiosity so that we can have the life of fulfillment, meaning and purpose that was intended.  But, in order to get this, we have to work against the conditioning of our past.  We have to overcome societal “shoulds.”  We might have to disturb the status quo and someone might not be happy about it.  Of course, we do have the option of ignoring the midlife call and remaining in the life that is familiar, if not fulfilling.  But then what are we left with, “a life of quiet desperation?”  NO THANK YOU.

For support in your own journey of reclaiming your curiosity and creativity, contact Lauri Lumby at (920) 230-1313 or email

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What is Spiritual Formation?


Lauri Ann Lumby sharing and enjoying the fruits of her own spiritual formation

What is Spiritual Formation?

Spiritual Formation is the process through which we come to uncover the answer to the following questions:

  • Who Am I?
  • What is my Source and where do I obtain Inner Guidance and Peace?
  • What are my unique gifts and how am I called to share these gifts for my own fulfillment and for the betterment of the human condition?

Spiritual Formation might also be understood as the process through which we find:

Meaning, Purpose and Connection in our lives.

A formal process of spiritual formation gives us the tools to discern the answers to these questions in an unconditionally supportive environment, free from judgment.  While we may find support for spiritual formation within some of our religious traditions, the inner longing which drives this search to know ourselves, our origin, our gifts and how we are called to use them, is universal and therefore independent of doctrine or belief.

Lauri Ann Lumby and Spiritual Formation

For over twenty years, I have provided spiritual formation for adults.  I have journeyed with hundreds of men and women in their search for meaning, purpose and connection and have witnessed the fruits of this search as clients and students have come to discover, embrace and live out their own unique giftedness.  In uncovering and living these gifts, they have found fulfillment, peace and joy.  I facilitate this journey of spiritual formation through:

  • Spiritual Direction and Spiritual Counseling
  • Creative Mentoring
  • Classes
  • Workshops
  • Retreats

To learn more about spiritual formation and how it may benefit you, please call me at (920) 230-1313 or email


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Become an Authentic Freedom Facilitator

Becoming an Authentic Freedom Facilitator provides a terrific complement to your existing skills as a counselor, life-coach, energy worker, massage therapist, holistic practitioner, medical doctor, psychologist, Reiki master, yoga instructor, meditation teacher, addictions counselor, spiritual director or ordained minister.  Authentic Freedom Facilitator training gives you additional tools for helping your clients, students and patients find meaning, purpose and connection in their lives.  More importantly, it gives you the tools for helping your clients move through the inner obstacles to a life of fulfillment and joy.



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Spirituality and Religion

Religion and spirituality are not the same.  While religion is inseparable from spirituality, spirituality can stand alone.  Today’s blog points out some of the things about spirituality that allow it to stand on its own.

Returning - A Woman's Midlife Journey to Herself
Returning – A Woman’s Midlife Journey to Herself

Spirituality is UNIVERSAL

Each and everyone of us is on a spiritual journey.  The spiritual journey is that which leads us to finding

  • Meaning
  • Purpose
  • Connection

While we are all on this journey, each of us finds our own unique path.  While we may begin the journey for the sake of our own longing for meaning and purpose, we soon realize that everyone is on this search.

The Spiritual Journey has LIMITLESS paths

Anyway that we find meaning, purpose or connection becomes part of the spiritual journey:  changing diapers, snuggling babies, parenting, partnering, meditation, prayer, sex, music, art, literature, nature, exercise, movement, community gatherings, advocacy, healing, teaching, learning, being healed, gardening, cooking, writing, drawing, coloring, sculpting, etc. etc. etc.  In short….EVERYTHING we do and experience becomes part of our spiritual journey.  We become more proactive in this journey when we bring this intention to WHATEVER we are doing.

Spirituality leads us to TOLERANCE, COMPASSION, HARMONY

The spiritual journey by its very nature is about CONNECTION.  While our spiritual journey may begin from a place of perceived separation, the more we tend to this process, the more we recognize the need to tear down the walls and make friends with eachother.  We learn that love is the guiding and harmonizing Source of the universe and that as we grow in love, we are able to be more loving toward ourselves, toward others and we seek to cultivate this love in our interpersonal relationships.

Spirituality encourages and provokes CHANGE

When conscious about our spiritual journey, we have no choice but to change.  Yes, we might initially resist the change that is provoked through spiritual growth, but eventually, the Spirit wins out.  The spiritual journey forces us to step out of the shell of our acorn and grow into the magnificent oak we were intended to be.  Like the acorn that has no choice but to become the oak, we have no choice but to become who were are intended to be….and this means growth and change.  When we resist this growth, we suffer. Imagine how the tender shoot of the acorn feels if someone places a brick over it, preventing it from reaching toward the sun….it eventually withers up and dies…..the same will happen to us if we resist the force of growth wanting to be known through us.

Spirituality causes us to EXPAND

Tending to our spiritual journey makes ourselves and our lives BIGGER!  We begin to experience the inner freedom that is our original nature and we are driven to cultivate this freedom in our everyday lives.  Our passion becomes our work and our work becomes our joy.  We discover that the purpose of our gifts is to serve others….to help others to be nourished, to grow, to expand, to heal, to become empowered and transformed.  The fire of passion that we bear within ourselves sparks the fire of passion in those we love and those we serve and they too are able to know the freedom of expansion.

Spirituality is able to STAND on its own

As a universal experience, spirituality is self-sustaining.  Spirituality is able to stand on its own. As a deeply personal experience, the spiritual journey can be accomplished on our own, without the support of a community…..but as those conscious about their spiritual journey can attest, the journey is richer, deeper and more meaningful when shared with others.

Spirituality may or may not include a “god”

Personally, my definition of “God” is so big that I cannot see the spiritual journey absent the Presence and Action of God…..but we do not need to believe in a personal image of God to be spiritual.  Spirituality is a universal journey and happens regardless of our beliefs.

In Short: 

The spiritual journey is the way in which we find Meaning, Purpose and Connection and the process through which our TRUEST SELF is born!

Lauri Lumby is available as a source of support for you on your own spiritual journey through Spiritual Direction/Companioning, through classes and workshops and through her writing.  You can contact Lauri at (920) 230-1313 or

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Returning: Another Review

Thank you to poet, author, psychotherapist and healer, Jay Ramsay for his beautiful review of my soon to be released book:  Returning – A Woman’s Midlife Journey to Herself.  And just a little personal note about Jay, his book, Crucible of Love, was instrumental in my own search for authenticity within relationship.  His book The Poet in You provide a structure through which I could nurture my inner poet.  And his book Gita awakened me to my own longing for intimate, honest and enduring connection.  Thank you Jay!

Jay Ramsay
Jay Ramsay

Lauri’s lucid talent for teaching and facilitation is combined with a personal poetic journey as a woman, and as a Christian woman, at a time when the church is in crisis, reaping the bleak harvest of its own male-dominated narrow-mindedness. Mid-life is psychologically all about inclusion in pursuit of authentic wholeness, and Lauri covers the ground with passionate honesty, inviting you to do the same both spiritually and creatively in your own voice. We need her !

Jay Ramsay, author of The Poet in You (O Books, 2009) and Crucible of Love—the alchemy of passionate relationships (O Books, 2004/2012)