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The Walls Come Tumbling Down

As  the evils and corruption of the world continue to reveal themselves, heralding the end of the world as we have known it, it is time to come together with the REASON WE ARE HERE – to assist in the bringing forth of the NEW WORLD.

It is for this purpose that Authentic Freedom (dot) Love was made, along with the services we provide to support you in:

1) Navigating the death throes of the world in its collapse
2) Detaching from the instinctual desire to “fix” things.
3) Holding TRUE to your vision of a new, gentler, more loving and tolerant world. 

Please join us!

Join and participate in the Authentic Freedom Community, there are many ways to join!

  • Subscribing to our Blog.  It is always free!
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  • Enrolling in a class or two (or three).
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We are here because we long for a more loving, more compassionate, more tolerant, more accepting and gentler world where the needs of all are met for the common good and where all of humankind can once again live in harmony, peace and understanding.

If you have found yourself here, you are either just beginning to hear the rumblings of your Soul, or have already come to know that you are among those who are being hospice to the dying world while midwifing the new world that is coming into form and are looking for people of like-mind with whom you can share this challenging and exciting calling!

We are changemakers, wayshowers, sh.t-disturbers, mystics and rebels. And here we are safe to question, explore, discover, be empowered and supported for our own unique giftedness and for how we are called to exercise these gifts in our world.

Join us and help us be hospice for the dying world while simultaneously building a new world for ourselves and for the generations that will follow. 


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Re-Visioning Church

(What We Used to Call Church)

Having been raised Catholic, completed nearly 12 years of Catholic school, receiving my ministry training through the Catholic Church and then working for 15 years as a pastoral minister in the Church, I have had a front seat view of all that is magnificent as well as malevolent within Catholicism.  The final conclusion I have drawn is that for the past 2000 years, immediately after the apostles discarded Jesus’ embrace of the feminine in favor of the patriarchal and hierarchical status quo, the Church has needed to be reformed.

I used to believe this reform could come from within.  I have since learned otherwise.  I also used to believe that perhaps the answer was a whole new church altogether – as was the result of the Protestant Reformation, and more recently in Evangelical Christianity and even closer to home, in the off-shoot Catholic denominations.  While a more traditional form of “Church” might work for some, I have increasingly come to understand that as we grow toward union, anything that separates – religion, denomination, even atheism, will not serve.  Instead, the awakened world is looking for a way to connect that is accepting of all beliefs, and embraces the Truth that is inherent within every single belief system – even those which has grown past the idea of “the old man in the sky god.”

Enter Authentic Freedom…here we provide everything that Church was originally intended to do, only without doctrine, dogma or any form of prosthelytizing:


On-Going Spiritual Formation

Social Network/Community

Individualized Support



Authentic Freedom (dot) Love is a community of women and men who are responding to the calling of their Soul to discover their own unique giftedness and how they are called to find fulfillment in these gifts while being supported and empowered in the use of these gifts in service to the betterment of the world.

You can become a part of our community by:

Subscribing to our Blog.  It is always free!

Following us on Facebook.

Enrolling in a class or two (or three).

Subscribing to our weekly Authentic Freedom lesson by registering for a Basic Membership.

Increasing your involvement with a Plus Membership which gives you access to our Private Social Network.

Connecting with other leaders in the human evolution movement by joining our Teacher’s Circle with a Premium membership.

Authentic Freedom has come about because we long for a more loving, more compassionate, more tolerant, more accepting and gentler world where the needs of all are met for the common good and where all of humankind can once again live in harmony, peace and understanding.

If you have found yourself here, you are either just beginning to hear the rumblings of your Soul, or have already come to know that you are among those who are being hospice to the dying world while midwifing the new world that is coming into form and are looking for people of like-mind with whom you can share this challenging and exciting calling!

We are changemakers, wayshowers, sh.t-disturbers, mystics and rebels. And here we are safe to question, explore, discover, be empowered and supported for our own unique giftedness and for how we are called to exercise these gifts in our world.


Join us in whatever way you are able and welcome!

With love,

Lauri Ann Lumby, OM, OPM, MATS

Authentic Freedom (dot)Love





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From Religious Cult to Spiritual Liberation – a Testimonial

I received this powerful testimonial from one of the women who recently completed the full Magdalene Priestess Training and in doing so, received her second ordination.  Thank you Carol K. for your beautiful words and most importantly, for sharing your beautiful Soul with all those who have journeyed through this process with you.  Love, Lauri


After escaping a religious cult (and navigating my way through a spiritual and emotional breakdown), I decided to re-enter the online spiritual community. I knew that my beliefs could best be described as “Gnostic” or “heretical” (still are). Lauri Lumby’s Magdalene mini-course was the first thing I stumbled upon, via Motherhouse of the Goddess.

I’d read books on Mary Magdalene and alternative gospels by Starhawk, Elaine Pagels, and Margaret Starbird and agreed there was much more to the story.

What I didn’t expect was the open honesty pouring out of the various students. Not to mention the gentle guidance and affirmations from Lauri herself. A far cry from my previous experience with that other group, where my visions and interpretations were all shot down as products of my own ego, rather than coming from Spirit.

I think I’ve taken just about every course taught by Lauri, except those in the Order of Melchizidek. I recently completed my second ordination within the Magdalene Priestesshood.

Lauri always encourages students to find their truth. No pressure. No dogma. Because of her, I am exploring avenues I never thought would be possible for me. I’m even exploring the possibility of teaching a course myself. I am seeing more options open themselves up to me as I become more empowered in .y gifts. Thank you so much, Lauri, for helping me find my true worth!

Carol K.

Magdalene Priestess Training Course
Learn more about the Magdalene Priestess Training here.
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It All Rests on Relatedness

Guest Blog by Thomas Michael Clute

Invocation: as we traverse the times and tides of our lives, may we take sacred pause to breathe into the Mystery of our Being, and re-member we are also being Breathed by that same Mystery.

We all long for connection. Connection is the nature of things, and it is our nature too. Once we truly connect to this great truth, we are able to once again merge into and with this great truth, and in the process, finding our way home by continuously feeling into our internal guidance system of feeling, intuition, subtle energetic attunement as to what we are being called to in this synchronous moment.

We find ourselves being carried along, even as we carry on with what deeply moves, inspires and touches our hearts to express.

The journey to this place I might call serenity, or more playfully, “EnoughVille,” (the mythical village I invented just outside of Las Vegas “Where too much is never enough”) is the adventure of our lives unfolding from moment to moment from wherever we find ourselves, to where we long to be, and I dare say, that place of peace, is what we seek.

What is peace? To me, as I reflect, it includes an awareness of resonance throughout, of alignment, flow, and synchronicity that in a way is unexplainable yet palpably felt. The metaphor is that of a reservoir from within, an endless ocean of oneness and unity enveloping through and through our awareness. We might call this mindfulness. It is a gentle awareness enfolding our consciousness like the sky holding the clouds. It is panoramic in nature.

If this is the state of being we all seek, how do we get there?

We get there, I submit, through INTENTIONALITY, or CHOOSING, and even deeper, with developing habits of intentional awareness, REALIZING, that this is it, and we are that.

The Relatedness itself brings us home to our own nature, which is itself the Nature of being in the Nature of things, which I submit is a sacred circle.

We find ourselves following our hearts, full of wisdom, compassion and infinite intelligence connected to the Mystery of all Being, including our own.

We finally accept that there is nothing better to do with ourselves and our lives than to Surrender to that which longs for itself within us. This is coming home to Life. This is the Sacred Way. Welcome Home.

“Towards an Ecology of We” 

 Thomas Clute, MSW

 Sacred Personhood Researcher and Explorer

tomcluteconsulting (at)

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Looking for a Spiritual Home?


Are you looking for:

  • A spiritual home?
  • A convenient way to be nourished, comforted and inspired spiritually?
  • A way of being spiritual without being dogmatic?
  • Freedom from doctrine?
  • Support for your own spiritual views which might be very pluralistic?
  • A relevant Jesus?
  • A way of being Christian that doesn’t judge or condemn other faiths?
  • A spiritual community that walks the talk?

(or are you one of the 42.7 million non-practicing and recovering Catholics looking for a home?)

Then you might enjoy participating in the Authentic Freedom Virtual Church.

jesusThe Authentic Freedom Virtual Church is a community of men and women who consider Jesus to be our teacher, while honoring the spiritual truths inherent within all sacred traditions.  We recognize the Divine as that which is at once outside of us, within us and present within all of creation and which can be acknowledged by any Name, Image or Presence.  We believe in the inherent potential of all human beings to become self-actualized and acknowledge the spiritual journey as a formative tool in this endeavor. We believe in the law of love and seek to know more fully the love of the Divine that dwells within us and which seeks to be known in the world through us and which then serves to support the betterment of our world.

The Authentic Freedom virtual church is not about doctrine or prostheletizing, but is instead focused on being a resource for spiritual formation which then leads to self-actualization.  Through sound spiritual formation, you will be empowered to discover the answer to the following three questions:

  • Who am I?
  • Whose am I?  (What is my understanding of the Divine and what is my relationship to that? or What is the Source of inner peace and contentment and how do I cultivate that?)
  • What are my gifts and how am I being called to use them for my own personal fulfillment and in service to the betterment of the world?

Abraham Maslow called this process, self-actualization. Bill Plotkin calls it the birth of the Soul. Through the process of self-actualization, we discover the uniquely creative way in which we have been gifted to find meaning, purpose and fulfillment in our lives and through which we are compelled to serve the betterment of the world.

Participation in the Authentic Freedom virtual church will be facilitated through:

1)      The Weekly Authentic Freedom Virtual Church service available on this site through paid subscription.  Please view sample services through our YouTube channel HERE.

1)      The Weekly Agape’ Spiritual Practice newsletter where you will be given suggestions on specific meditation and creative practices to help support your own spiritual development.  This is available as part of your paid subscription to the Authentic Freedom Virtual Church.

Access to the Authentic Freedom Virtual Church services and Agape’ Meditation Newsletter are available through subscription at a very reasonable fee of $20.00 per month.  Subscribe HERE:

subscribe botton



Thank you for being a part of our online virtual community…..the new way of being Community in the 21st century. 


Lauri Ann Lumby

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Longing for Connectedness

Continuing the exploration of my new mission statement:  Through compassionate listening and attentive presence, I partner with those longing for meaning, purpose and connectedness.  Today we are exploring the very human need for connectedness. 

No Man is an Island

While as individual human beings we may be able to live alone, as a species we can only thrive when we live in community.  As such, within us is a biological drive to connect.  This drive to connect helps us to find safety and security and to benefit from the individual gifts of the participants in our community.  In other words, being in community serves our survival needs, but even beyond that, we are stronger as a species.  Then there’s the whole continuation of the species thing….but we’ll leave that for another blog.  Today’s blog is about our instinctual and spiritual drive to connect….to find community… gather in packs, tribes, churches……to find people of like-mind….and to find a way to honor the diversity on a planet of 7 billion people!

Spiritual Direction provides the foundational resources to help us find our connnectedness.  Call Lauri today (920) 230-1313 or email to schedule your appointment today.

Life as an Example

I feel a little bit like “Everyman” when I explore my own search for connection.  As would be the case for most, my first experiences of connection came through my family of origin.  This is where I was born….so this is where I belonged.  Right?  Sometimes.  While I always knew love and support and that there was no question about my membership in this family, and that there was and is a deep well of unconditional love present there, somewhere in my journey, I became aware that I was completely UNLIKE some of the members of my family.  Temperments.  Beliefs.  Passions.  Gifts.  Drives, varied from person to person, and there were days I wondered, “What planet did I come from and who dropped me here because something feels very foreign.”  (For the record, I’m sure my parents have often wondered about this strange child that was born into their life!) I had the same experience with church.  More than anything else, the Catholic Church is a tribe.  You are born there.  Baptized there. Formed there.  Married there and presumably buried there.  You are accepted… long as you stay within the lines.  Here’s where I got/get in trouble.  From a very early age, I questioned some of the teachings and practices wondering, “Is this really how Jesus would respond?”  Often, the answer that came to me was “NO WAY” and I wondered:  How did I get here?  Do I really belong here?  Can I stay here?  More pointedly, Will they let me stay here?   Then there is the whole friend thing… we meander through this journey of life we wonder, “Who and where are my peeps….the people that feel like home, the think like me, that have the same values, goals, passions, drives, etc etc. etc.”

Spiritual Direction provides the foundational resources to help us find our connnectedness.  Call Lauri today (920) 230-1313 or email to schedule your appointment today.


I suspect that my journey to find connections is not unlike your own journey.  Trying to find the people with whom we feel resonance and with whom we can provide mutual honoring, support, understanding and acceptance.  As a species, when we feel that we belong, that we have found our peeps, we feel safe and the ground below us feels ready to accept, nurture and grow our gifts.  When we feel we belong, we are able to thrive.  This can be a tricky road, however, because at what cost are we willing to say we belong?  Sometimes, as we grow in self-awareness, the “tribe” to which we belong no longer fits and in order to continue our growth and in order to thrive again, we have to give up this tribe in search of the next tribe that will support who we are.  This is a scary thing because the “tribe” provides “safety” and “security” and in order to really grow, we have to find a new nest.  YIKES.  And the search for connection begins again.  Then kind of like dating (yuk), we have to try on lots of different “belonging” hats until we find the one that fits.  In order to find the belonging hat that fits, however, we have to know ourselves…..and that brings us back to our search for meaning and purpose.

Spiritual Direction provides the foundational resources to help us find our connnectedness.  Call Lauri today (920) 230-1313 or email to schedule your appointment today.

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries

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Author Tour: Prudence Tippins

I first met the extraordinary, Prudence Tippins while attending the class, Unleashing the Manuscript with author and teacher, Julie Tallard Johnson.  Prudence and her husband Steve were fellow classmates and I immediately felt drawn to Prudence’s gentle and vibrant spirit.  Quite simply, she radiated love and joy.  Years later, Prudence and I re-connected via Facebook and at the moment I felt drawn to cultivate the creative writer in me, Prudence was offering a poetry workshop at the Calliope Center with fellow poet, E.P. Schultz.  I immediately signed up.  Since that time, I have worked with Prudence as my mentor and guide to the poet and creative writer within me and am humbled an honored to not only call her teacher and mentor but also friend and spiritual sister.  Prudence is a prolific writer and poet and through her gifts, brings magic and joy into our sometimes struggling world.  Thank you to Prudence for being part of the writer’s tour.  Prudence can be reached through her website:   The following is a piece written by Prudence on Community and Communication:

Community and Communication

One of the first issues people bring up in any discussion about community is the importance of good communication.  The potential for interactions between and among people to end in conflict is so prevalent in our minds that we’ve even created preventive  methods (“non-violent communication,” for example).

Both words have their roots in the Latin, “communis,” meaning, “shared by all or many.”  But what is it that is shared?  Must we have shared opinions, shared values, shared assumptions?  A shared sense of what is true?  We may form a community with such an underlying expectation, but if we are committed to each other because we share ideas in common, that commitment is likely to be flimsy.

Ideas — thoughts — are based on our past experience; on what we’ve heard from others; on our cultural patterns.  We assume our thoughts are true because they come to us that way.  We hear our thoughts as the voice of truth.  As soon as you get two people together for any length of time, however, it becomes clear that each of us hears our own “truth,” which makes the veracity of any one person’s beliefs questionable.

David Bohm, a physicist who became deeply concerned about human relations through his life, suggests that by the very act of suspending our own versions of “the truth,” we begin to share what is really important: meaning.

If we have a community committed to shared meaning, we go beyond what is right and wrong; what is good or bad; what we should do or should not do. These dualities are limiting in relationships.  When our purpose is shared meaning, what arises goes deeper than mental agreement; deeper than persuasion, negotiation, and affirmation.

Think of a time when you and a friend or partner disagreed about something.  What did it feel like?  Often, when someone counters our point, we feel a surge of heat through the belly.  Anger flares. Do we ever stop to consider why that is?

In the name of self-protection, our egos are constantly searching for definitive ways of being. We want to be certain that this particular course of action is going to lead us in a direction that will keep us safe. The ego is like a sentinel, constantly scanning the landscape for potential harm, defined based on past experience, cultural norms, and the urgings of those we trust. For example, if I’m walking down a dark alley at night and I hear footsteps walking quickly behind me, my fear kicks in. Similarly, if I’m pontificating on some point and I hear a contradiction, a similar feeling overtakes me. I feel threatened.

We can all imagine what could happen if I choose to act on my feeling, but what if I stop the process right here? What if I take that surge of feeling as a signal that I have discovered a belief that I’d like to examine? That changes the game. My default reaction is to take some kind of action based on my feeling (lash out, run away, team up with others who believe the same way I do, etc.). That’s the norm: thought-feeling-action.

When I choose to use feeling as a cue for introspection, I have taken the first step toward creating meaning for myself. I no longer accept my thoughts unquestioned. I thank them for the information they are offering and turn my attention to the feeling.

Arnold Mindell (Sitting in the Fire) says that acknowledging the feeling space is necessary for finding shared meaning in conflict. To do this within ourselves, we notice the physical surge of energy, then mentally go to that place and offer it love and compassion. (I like to envision the emotion as a child, because it’s easy for me to offer love and compassion to a little one.) We let the feeling “tell us” all about its terror or outrage or sadness, and we listen with an open heart. We are with the emotion, not in the emotion. What happens? The feeling dissipates. We see beneath the cycle of thought-feeling-action. We begin to understand that our thoughts are not truth but signals pointing to places we need to pay attention.

When a group of people commits to this process — the process of going beneath thought — and shares what they’re learning with one another, they begin to share meaning; to commune at a new level of authenticity. It no longer matters who’s right or wrong, it matters how we support one another as we grow wiser and more whole.

Bohm calls this suspension of assumptions, opinions, and belief, dialogue. How many of our conversations are true dialogues? Where do we engage instead in negotiation or persuasion? When we notice the difference, we can begin to feel what true communion might mean.

Prudence Tippins, founder and director of the Calliope Center for Reflection and Renewal, has a background in education, teaching kindergarten through high school age students and training teachers.  As a trainer, her specialty was community collaboration: helping teachers and administrators work with their students’ parents and community leaders to foster resiliency in the youth of the community.  A few decades back, Prudence began studying and experiencing wisdom traditions and alternative healing practices. From shamanism to Family Constellations; from the Enneagram to internal family systems work; from Vipassana meditation to various forms of yoga; from Ayurveda to raw food, Prudence has sought insight from practitioners and masters.  She is currently earning a doctorate in Transformative Studies, focusing on transformation through community relationships. Throughout, poetry has been a kind of guide, helping her see that we as a species are often different in particulars, yet undeniably one at heart. Opening The Calliope Center for Reflection and Renewal was a way for Prudence to share her enthusiasm for exploration and to find partners in the quest for wholeness.

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Shame and Guilt – What’s it? Who’s it?

Guilt and shame are two words that when uttered,  just might make your skin crawl.  What is the difference between guilt and shame and how do they act as sources of growth in our spiritual journey?

Divorce is never an easy thing and the journey is everything but easy and smooth.  For me, the last two months, especially have been difficult emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  In particular,  I find myself short of temper, hyper-sensitive, impatient, angry, resentful, needy and even a little bit paranoid.   The perfectionist in me is not ok with all these chaotic negative emotions and I feel bad for my husband and children who have had to bear the brunt of the pain within my own being that is finding its way out sideways through projection, impatience, etc.  It is in these moments that I am grateful for the supportive experts that I have welcome as sources of support as I move through this process.  Yesterday I met with one of those sources of support and as I shared with her (vented actually) all the things I have been feeling, she posed the following question to me: “Are you feeling guilty?”

Guilty?  Now, that came out of nowhere.  Why in the world would I feel guilty about any of this?  While my first inclination was to say, “No, of course I’m not feeling guilty….this is exactly what we are supposed to be doing and I know that in the end it will be for the highest good of all of us.”  But then, a tiny place within me whispered, “LIAR!”   So while I could not immediately own guilt in the context of this divorce, I knew it was something I needed to explore more fully…, explore I did and here is what I discovered:

GUILTI have to say off the bat that I have a problem with the word guilt.   I have come to embrace the idea of guilt as being nothing but a source of temptation – guilt (in my understanding) is something that comes from outside of us out of the mouth of perceived or self-appointed authorities simply for the sake of keeping us under control.  Guilt is the voice inside me that says, “You had better go to church on Sunday or God will punish you.”  It is also the voice that says, “It is your job to make sure everybody else’s needs are met – you must sacrifice your truth, your gifts, your needs for the sake of others – afterall, that is what a good wife and a good Christian would do.”  As I have grown spiritually, I have found these voices to be a source of sabatoge – keeping me from hearing, embracing and living the truth that the Divine would have me know and ignoring my own needs for support, boundaries, creative space, etc.   I have been heard to say to my students and clients, “Guilt is the Devil.”  And in the role of adversary, I have found this to be true.  Guilt does not help us, it harms us.

So, when Rhiannon invited me to explore the question of guilt, I had a hard time coming up with a response.  But then, as I sat with the question, I had a vision of another word, a word more powerful and devastating and it stepped out in-front of guilt and pushed it aside.  This word is SHAME.

SHAME – ouch! Shame, as I have come to understand it is the natural feeling that arises to tell us that we have done something to hurt another human being.  Shame is what alerts us to our boundaries being infringed upon, or tells us that we are being tempted to give away our power.  Shame has icky, sticky sensations all around it and as much as we like to push it aside, ignore it, deny that we ever feel shame, I firmly believe that the feeling of shame has been given to us as a profoundly helpful tool.

As human beings, we were created to be in community and to be in relationship.  While some of our species are authentically called to be alone, it is challenging to live or exist as a species in complete solitude.  In the call to be in community, we are most healthy when we work toward cultivating harmony, understanding, healthy communication, deep and authentic listening, and work toward looking upon and honoring each and every human being as the magnificent expression of the Divine that they/we are.  The problem is that most of the time we are operating out of our own fears and compulsions and these stand in the way of our ability to cultivate a healthy humanity.  But how do we know when we are sabatoging these goals?  The answer, I believe is SHAME.

Shame, I believe is an interior alarm system given to us by the Divine to alert us to the places where we are not succeeding in the call to live in community –  harmoniously.  When we intentionally or unintentionally hurt another being, we feel shame.  When we are hurt by another, we feel shame.  When we give our power away, we feel shame.  When someone tries to infringe on our own needs and boundaries, we feel shame.  When we ignore the voice of truth within or suppress our own unique magnificence, on some level we feel shame.  Shame is the feeling that guards our needs, our gifts, our magnificence, our safety, our truth.  When looked upon in this light, shame can serve as a remarkable tool for healing when we allow the feeling of shame to be a wakeup call to our own inability to honor our own magnificence or the magnificence of another.

So, when I invite the question of shame to enter into my consciousness, I am forced to humbly admit all those places within that are filled with shame in regards to my childhood, adult years, marriage, pending divorce, parenting, etc. etc. etc.   OUCH!  OUCH OUCH!  The good news is that while I may be tempted to indulge a little self-flagellation, I am more inclined to remember that it is only in naming the demon (this one being shame) that it can be healed and I find comfort in knowing that once the demon has been named 95% of the healing has already taken place. YEA!

What roles do guilt and shame play in your own life?

Is there shame that you are carrying within that is in need of healing and release?

How can you invite a new perspective on guilt and shame that invites your own healing?

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries/YourSpiritualTruth