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My Magic is This……What is Yours?

Each and every one of us is uniquely gifted to be LOVE in the world. When we came into this world, we knew what our unique gifts were, but through societal conditioning (“writers are a dime a dozen,” “you can’t make a living doing that,” “what you think you are seeing or hearing is only your imagination,” “Good Girls don’t do that!” “Cool or straight boys don’t act or sing or dance…”) we learn to forget, hide, or set aside the magic we came into this world to enjoy and to share.  In order to fit in and to go along with societal expectations, we forget our gifts, but at some point, we realize that what society asks of us is not life-giving or is making us either sick or crazy, so we begin to search. We then spend the next several (many) years of our life trying to find our gifts and then overcoming the fears of actually nurturing, cultivating, enjoying and sharing our gifts….or we remain unfulfilled and/or sick.

Each and every one of us LONGS for a life that is meaningful, fulfilling and which gives us a sense of purpose. It is through our gifts (magic) that we are able to experience this life that we long for.  For me, it has been a 51 year journey of knowing, forgetting, exploring, discovering, learning, growing, healing, transforming and then being empowered in my gifts.  The journey never really ends, but at 51 years old, with confidence I can say what my gifts are (explaining how I use them is a whole other matter!).  I think the image below, which came out of a recent class I was facilitating, pretty much sums it up:


As one dear friend once acknowledged, “Lauri, your gift is hearing the truth beyond the words.” I have also come to understand that this is also true of my vision – I can SEE the truth beyond the illusion.  In the language of spiritual gifts, these abilities fall under the category of “discernment.”  I then use these abilities in my work as a teacher and a counselor – also spiritual gifts.  Knowledge is one of my spiritual gifts (magic) which is further supported by my love of learning.  Contemplation (prayer) is one of my gifts and helps to support me in all that I have mentioned above.  Put all of these gifts together and they further support my magic of being a leader and a visionary, a pastor and a prophet. It is the prophecy part that often gets me into trouble.

Prophets, as I have learned, are not those who predict the future, we are those who are able to “read the sign of the times” – who are able to see where society is going if things remain on their current path. We are then called to SEE and SPEAK the better way – the way of correction, if you will.  We see where reform is needed and we are called to live that reform and share it with other.  The place I have ultimately called to be prophet to….is what we have traditionally called “church.”  Specifically, moving beyond the institutions to Jesus’ original message of LOVE  – reclaiming that message and doing what Jesus originally called us to do – to support each other in becoming self-actualized.  This takes Jesus’ universal message out of the hands of power and privilege and brings it out into the world where ALL can benefit from this LOVE – no matter what one’s personal beliefs might be.

This is what I have come to understand to be my MAGIC. What is yours?

If you are interested in knowing more about your own unique giftedness and what your magic might be, check out my course, What is Your Magic? This course will be starting in Oshkosh on June 21st and the online course is available at 40% off through July 4th.  Learn more HERE. 

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The Month of Love

February is the Month of Love.  Build a foundation of self-love and relational love through the online and e-course options available through Authentic Freedom Academy! 


Click on the following course icons to learn more about each course:















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Unrequited Love – Help is on the Way!

In my upcoming e-course, Happily Ever After – from co-dependency to the fulfillment of love, one of the demons we tackle is patterns of unrequited love, including all those potential partners who show up that end up being bad for us.  In the lesson “Kissing Frogs” we learn to identify all those who are not, ultimately, good for us and the lessons we can learn through them so that we can eventually find the partner who is just right for us. In this lesson, you will have an opportunity to identify your own frogs and to see how they are actually teachers – revealing the parts of ourselves that need to be healed or reclaimed.  Poetry, from my own journey of identifying frogs, will be used as a source of inspiration for you to recognize your own frogs.  Here is just one example:


California Boy

What was it about you that made me love you so?

Not the tall, dark and handsome of my 80’s icons.

Pretty average, in fact.

But, in my in my eyes, you were cute as hell.

With a flash of your smile and a gleam in your eyes,

I was home.

Sharp as a whip.



Engaging and smart.

Peaceful, calm and cool.

Whether tossing back pints at the Field House,

Sipping coffee at Reeve,

Getting high on the roof,

Or making out in the backseat of Bino’s car.

Every moment felt effortless.

What made you unavailable to me?

The girlfriend back home?

Some unspoken rule of third dorm?

Was there something wrong with me?

All I know now is that the eighteen year old girl in me never stopped loving you,

For under your gaze I knew I was being seen

And my words were being heard.

To learn more about the upcoming e-course, Happily Ever After, click HERE.

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e-course: Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After – from co-dependency to the fulfillment of love

E-Course – completely online

From the course introduction: 

If you asked me to describe in one phrase what this course is about, I would say, “Jerry Maguire lies.”  This movie has provided the single most damaging phrase to our hope for intimate partnership – “You complete me.”  When we are looking outside of ourselves for someone else to complete us, we are indulging the compulsion of co-dependency. Co-dependency arises out of the false perception that love, satisfaction and fulfillment exist outside of us which then causes us to seek in another that which we falsely believe we do not possess within ourselves.  Co-dependency tells us that love has to be earned or can be taken away which then results in behaviors that cause us either to be manipulative in our search for love or vulnerable to the manipulations of another. I would argue that co-dependency, along with unmanaged anxiety, are the two most common destroyers of intimate human relationships.

Happily Ever After seeks to transform our attitudes and behaviors related to intimate partnership and does so by transforming us from the inside out.  Integrating intellectual knowledge rooted in modern psychology with mindfulness-based practices and creative expression, Happily Ever After seeks to support us in achieving wholeness.  When we feel whole and complete within ourselves, we no longer look outside of ourselves for completion and if/when we find ourselves in partnership, our relationships are mutually satisfying, supportive and interdependent.


To register for the course, click on the Paypal link below.  After payment is received, you will receive an invitation to join the private Facebook discussion group and lessons will begin arriving in your email on Sunday, May 24th!  We are excited for you to join us.  Welcome to the journey!



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Transformational Education and Empowerment

Authentic Freedom Academy provides transformational education and empowerment for all ages – supporting the self-actualization of women, men and children, primarily based on the Authentic Freedom protocol developed by founder and director, Lauri Ann Lumby, OM, MATS.

Through our founder, Lauri Ann Lumby, trained teachers and mentors, you can enjoy the benefits of being supported in discovering the uniquely creative way in which you have been gifted to find meaning and purpose in life and empowered to transcend the doubts and fears that keep you from enjoying these gifts, ultimately using these gifts in service to the betterment of the world.

Course Offerings:

Authentic Freedom Academy offers a wide variety of courses through a variety of formats to fit your busy lifestyle.  On-going and upcoming courses include:

Superhero Community

Resurrecting the Magdalene

Happily Ever After – from co-dependency to the fulfillment of love.

Click on the title of the courses above to learn more.

Authentic Freedom Academy also provides training for those interested in joining our team as trained facilitators, teachers and mentors.


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Naming and Claiming a New Life!

Today’s blog invites us to take a peek through the door of the black hole toward the new life that is awaiting to be born in us.  What is the new life that the UNIVERSE is inviting you to bring forth?????

Auspicious Celestial Events

If you are of a cosmic-minded orientation, this week with the bookends of a New Moon and the Summer Solstice ushers in a time of new beginnings, new openings, new opportunities, new hopes, new dreams and new visions.  To me, it feels as if the black hole that has been constricting and compressing thereby forcing the shedding and release of so much that no longer serves has compressed us deeply enough that the glimpse of new life is beginning to peek out.  While we might not yet be done shedding and releasing and while the pressure of letting go of the old might not yet be complete, we are close enough to the SUPERNOVA that we can at least glimpse the new life that wants to be born in us.  It seems that at this auspicious time of celestial support we are being invited to at least NAME and CLAIM what we are currently able to glimpse of that new life.  So…….HERE GOES………..

Name it and Claim it Baby!

For a control freak such as myself, living in this time of UNKNOWING, UNCERTAINTY, SHEDDING and LETTING go has been a challenge to say the least.  THANK GOD for my spiritual practice and the loving support of spiritual companions or I’m not sure I would have survived.  I have brought all this to prayer ….over and over and over and the message has been the same:  LET GO……TRUST.  So, I have done my best to abide by these Divine instructions.  I have known on the deepest level that all this releasing was to make room for something really big……a new life that I had only dreamed of and now wants to be made real.  So……….while I don’t yet know all the details or how this will all be accomplished,  it seems that these are the things that the UNIVERSE is asking me to bring forth as we step into this New World:

  • Online Courses
  • Authentic Freedom Teacher Training
  • Books, Books, and more Books
  • Love

On-Line Courses

Thanks to the marvels of modern-technology, I now have the freedom to share the curriculum I have developed and shared with the local community on a GLOBAL level.  It is time to share the gifts of Authentic Freedom with the world…..especially for those who were raised in a Christian tradition and are looking for ways to know a loving, personal God, to be in relationship with a friendly Jesus and to find new life in the scripture free from the constraints of doctrine and dogma.  AHHHHHH…….Breathing fresh air and shining new light on 2000 years of truths that were meant to free, not imprison; empower, not limit; build love not fear; build bridges not walls sounds simply sublime!!!!!

Teacher Training

I have always been a firm believer that the sign of a true teacher is not how many students they have, but how may teachers they make.  It has always been my goal that those who have enjoyed the Authentic Freedom process would go out and share it with others.  I have a handful of “authorized teachers” of this curriculum who came into their teaching roles kind of by accident.  Now it is time to create a formal training program to give people the tools to be effective teachers of this curriculum and to give them the self-confidence they need to do so.  Systematize.  Concretize.  Synthesize.  All toward the ultimate goal of flooding the world in freedom and love.  AHHHHHHHHHHH

Books Books and More Books

As my editor and I come to the final editing stages of my upcoming novel, I am aware of the other books calling to be written.  Workbooks, manuals, volumes of poetry and more novels.  Embracing my personal bio-rhythms and honoring my most creative time of day, the “schedule” I have been shown is write by day and teach by night.  Of course, I’m open to holding daytime classes to meet the needs of my brothers and sisters in the UK!  🙂


This one is kind of personal, but I feel like I have to be transparent and daring enough to publicly name and claim this one too.  Eight years ago I was given a vision of what love looks like.  For all this time I have held this vision in my heart and in my mind as I tried first to bring this love into my marriage and when it became obvious that it was not possible there, this vision carried me through the pain and sorrow of divorce.  This vision inspired me to be open to new possibilities and I continue to hold out for the fullness of this vision.  I know the capacity I have for love, I know the love that I have found in God through the practice of devotion, and I  know that it is possible for that love to be reflected back through another person…..and the Universe is telling me that in this new life, this kind of love will not only be possible, but will be fully realized.  Sweet!

So, I named it and claimed it……now it’s your turn.  What is the new life that is peeking out at you, asking for you to name it and claim it?

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries

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Living in Freedom Class

Living in Freedom is a twelve week class which gives you the tools you need to cultivate a greater sense of contentment and joy in your life.  Using the Enneagram and the Beatitudes from Matthew’s gospel, you will be empowered to identify the unique lens through which you were born to see the world and how this lens can either hamper or help your journey toward peace.  You will then learn effective tools for embracing the giftedness of this lens, while empowering you to release its negative aspects.

The nine types along the Enneagram scale see the world through the following unique perspectives, here posed as a question:

  • Reformer/Perfectionist:  How can this be better?
  • Manipulator/Helper:  How can I help?
  • Performer/Achiever: What do I need to do?
  • Martyr/Muse:  What am I feeling and how can I express it?
  • Miser/Sage:  What do I know about this?
  • Phobic/Loyalist: What could go wrong here?
  • Glutton/Enthusiast: What is the good in this?
  • Dictator/Champion:  Where is my strength needed here?
  • Sloth/Peacemaker:  How can we make peace here?

Classes to be held in Fond du Lac at TNT Fitness Results

W5374 County Road B, Fond du Lac, WI 54937

Wednesday Evenings

7:15 – 9:00 pm

Twelve weeks starting May 2, 2012

Suggested Fee:  $200.00 (includes manual and payable in two installments)

Contact Lauri Lumby (920) 230-1313 or for more information.