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Sensitive? You Might be an Empath

Unexplainable Sensations

After posting yesterday’s blog “Prayers for the World”, I received an enormous outpouring of reactions – all from people thanking me for giving a plausible explanation for the bizarre feelings they had been experiencing – anxiety, pressure, frantic energy, headaches, feelings of impending “something” and the one experience I forgot to mention – of feeling emotional and weepy.  All of these men and women were experiencing these sensations and many were not quite sure how to interpret them or what to do with them.  As such, my observation that the feelings might be the sensation of something global and that prayers might help alleviate or at least lessen the impact of what our inner barometers or seismic meters seem to be picking up.

Sensitive?  You Might be an Empath

An empath is a person who has been given the spiritual gift of clairempathy.  Clairempathy is the ability physically feel the emotional state or wellbeing of a person, place or thing.  An empath possesses a felt-sense of how another person is feeling and what might be going on within them emotionally, mentally and even physically.  An empath can also pick up the energy of a space – they can detect if there is anger or conflict in a room, if there was just an argument or fight, if deep sorrow is present,  or if the place might not be safe.  An empath can also pick up the energy of the world.  If the world is in conflict or tensions are arising for a personal, national, international or even natural conflict (ie: weather patterns – earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc.), an empath will have feelings of this, they might even get the feeling before the actual disaster takes place (and they often do).

Garbage Disposal or Washing Machine?

The purpose for an empath receiving these sensations is not for the purpose of picking up and carrying around another person’s trash – but that is usually what happens until we learn otherwise.  As children, these sensations come flying toward us and we didn’t know what to do with them, so many of us took them on.  “It must be my fault this room feels like crap.”  Or we took responsibility for another person’s negative emotional state. Sometimes we just took it all in like a big fat garbage disposal, eventually becoming physically ill from all the junk we were carrying around that was really not ours.  The true purpose of an empath is to be a healer.  Empaths are kind of like the washing machine for the world.  We feel the yuk.  We acknowledge it.  Then, we send healing intentions and thoughts toward it, thereby facilitating the healing and transformation of whatever needs to be cleansed.  Our job is not to carry it around, make it our own or get sickened by it.  It is our job to feel, acknowledge, then JAP it with love.  That’s it.  And the good news is that we don’t even need to know the origin or source of the “feeling.”  We simply feel it, acknowledge it, then send healing intentions. As empaths, we are kind of like God’s own little Chewbacchas and Han Solos with our laser blasters going around and zapping all the negative with love and making things good again.  The verification of your gift as an empath is if the “bad feelings” go away after you feel, acknowledge and zap.  The feelings are alleviated within you because you have accomplished your purpose and fulfilled the reason of the feeling you were experiencing in the first place.  All these feelings were doing were alerting you to their need for help. The cessation of the feelings means that help has been accomplished.  Then, once our job as an empath is accomplished, we can walk forward, enjoying whatever life might have in store for us.


Are you an empath?  How have you been challenged by this gift?  How can you perceive it differently so as to help bring healing to the world?