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The Order of the Magdalene

The Order of the Magdalene, founded by Lauri Ann Lumby, OM, MATS, is a community of women and men who have been called to continue the work Jesus began of turning the world from separation and fear into oneness in love.

Mary Magdalene by Dana Lumby
Mary Magdalene by Dana Lumby

The Order is named for Mary Magdalene – Jesus’ closest disciple, the only one identified to have completed the full course of Jesus’ teachings and initiated as co-equal partner and Beloved. It was to Mary whom Jesus first revealed his resurrected/Christed Self (it may, in fact, been through Mary’s intervention that Jesus was raised from the dead), and it was Mary he commissioned to share the good new with the other disciples and to continue his work in his stead.  We do this work in her name in the hopes that doing so will awaken the world to the truth of Mary’s role in Jesus’ ministry and life, thereby restoring 2000 years of defamation at the hands of a patriarchal, hierarchical Church, further undoing the harm done to women specifically and the feminine in general.  In restoring the Holy Feminine to the Jesus story, we also create the space in which the Holy Masculine can reclaim its place in our world, thereby supporting the world in the returning to its original nature in oneness, harmony, peace and love.


Begin your journey today with the Order of the Magdalene by joining the online course Resurrecting the Magdalene.  $30.00 off the regular price through May 31st!  Redeem your discount HERE. 


Levels of Membership

There are four levels of membership in the Order of the Magdalene, dependent on members’ level of participation, training, and commitment.

Associate Members are those who are simply participating in the courses and other offerings of Lauri Ann Lumby without making a commitment to the Order itself. This includes students in the Superhero, Authentic Freedom and other courses and workshops, both locally and online.

Ordained Members are those who have completed either the local or online Magdalene Activation and Ordination Course (Resurrecting the Magdalene).

Master Members are those who have completed the entire Authentic Freedom Mastery Curriculum including, Authentic Freedom, Deepening Freedom, Living in Freedom and What is Your Magic?

Teachers are those who have completed the Authentic Freedom Facilitator’s training.

Mentors are those who have completed all of the above, including the Authentic Freedom Facilitator’s Training, and have gone on to complete the Authentic Freedom Mentor training.

High Priestesses and High Priests are those who have completed the Ordained and Master Member requirements and who have gone on to complete the secret and hidden teachings of the Magdalene, Reiki and/or Christouch training, and Shamanic initiation.

Master Teachers have completed all of the above.



Begin your journey today with the Order of the Magdalene by joining the online course Resurrecting the Magdalene.  $30.00 off the regular price through May 31st!  Redeem your discount HERE. 




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Baptizing Reiki

Dear Readers,

I just received my first independent and professional review of my latest book, Christouch – A Christ-centered approach to energy medicine through hands-on healing The book was reviewed by Patrick Killough (  Patrick’s website bio has this to say about him:

THOMAS PATRICK KILLOUGH (“Patrick” or “Pat”) is a writer, lecturer, consultant and teacher. His interests include citizen inputs into foreign policy, education, religion in public life and the history of the League of Nations and the United Nations.

I am grateful for Patrick thorough and comprehensive review of the Christouch book.  Here is just a sample of what he has to say:

“As a pioneering effort to Christianize Eastern Reiki and related hand healing alternative healing techniques, Lauri Ann Lumby’s CHRISTOUCH treads a path gone along before her by Saint Augustine when he integrated the Gospel with the thinking of pagans Aristotle, Plato and Plotinus or when Saint Thomas Aquinas unearthed and baptized the core of Aristotle in the writings of Muslim Avicenna and Averroes. Whatever its flaws (if any) in terms of Roman Catholic orthodoxy, CHRISTOUCH is a bold original attempt at cross-cultural, religions-spanning framing of Reiki and her energy healing sisters — which boast  plenty of anecdotal evidence that they work. If it is any consolation to the author, even Saint Thomas Aquinas, if memory serves, was once excommunicated by an Archbishop of Paris.”

I invite you to read the review in its entirety through this link, and then feel free to share it with others!

Thank you Patrick and readers!

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries