The Magdalene’s Lament

My Beloved Christ, For 2000 years I’ve awaited your return. As you wander the hallowed halls of the heavenly kingdom, I have languished in my earthly prison, forever and always alone, and longing for you. As you are serenaded by a choir of heavenly hosts, I am plagued by the suffering cries of humanity – … Read moreThe Magdalene’s Lament

My Easter Gift to You!

Today we commemorate the resurrection of Jesus as the Christ and the witness of his resurrection by Mary Magdalene who was then ordained by Christ to share the good news with the other disciples. My Easter gift to you is an excerpt from Lesson Five of my online course, “Resurrecting the Magdalene.”  If you are interested … Read moreMy Easter Gift to You!

A Prayer to the Magdalene

Prayer to the Magdalene Mary, called Magdalene, Great Tower of Faith, Beloved of Christ:   We humbly come before you in search of your intercession. We ask for your eyes that we may see, Your ears that we may hear, Your wisdom that we may know, Your heart that we may love, Your feet that … Read moreA Prayer to the Magdalene

Sacred Body Awakening and Sacred Sexuality

I am honored and excited to introduce you to one of my Magdalene sisters, Anaiya Sophia.  Anaiya Sophia is a mystic, author and initiator of Sacred Marriage and the Mystical Teachings of the Feminine Christ. She is a wellspring of both wisdom and experience and is known for her role in birthing New Paradigm Relationships, … Read moreSacred Body Awakening and Sacred Sexuality

Order of the Magdalene

This past Tuesday, I had the great privilege of witnessing four women accept the call to be bearers of love in the world through their own unique giftedness as they received acceptance into the Order of the Magdalene/Christ.  One participant, after receiving ordination, was gifted with the following message – for those present and for … Read moreOrder of the Magdalene

Resurrection of the Magdalene Part II – Adoration and Activation

Resurrecting the Magdalene Part II – Model of Adoration and Activation Last week, with the start of my new course on Mary Magdalene, including the Magdalene Activation and Ordination, we began the process of raising Mary from the dead. (Read last week’s blog HERE) After 2000 years of being maligned, misrepresented, denigrated, demoted, it is time to … Read moreResurrection of the Magdalene Part II – Adoration and Activation

Calling All Magdalenes

This is for all those I know (and don’t yet know) who bear the energy and call of the Magdalene.  It is time.  It is time for us to step into the power of the Magdalene.  The world needs our gifts. I AM the Magdalene I am the Magdalene – this is what I am … Read moreCalling All Magdalenes

The Gospel of Sophia – Book Review

I haven’t yet finished reading The Gospel of Sophia, not because it is not holding my interest, but because this book is meant to be SAVORED! Tyla Gabriel has done a fantastic job of presenting in Encyclopedic fashion the critical importance of the Divine Feminine in all her forms. This book is not just a … Read moreThe Gospel of Sophia – Book Review

Virtual Church Meditation Supplement

Below you will find the Agape’ Meditation newsletter – supplement to the Authentic Freedom Virtual Church, for this coming Sunday, May 18th..  The theme this week is “Do Something About it.”  How are you called to continue the work of Christ in the world?   Agape’ Meditation Practices Newsletter Supplement to the Authentic Freedom Virtual … Read moreVirtual Church Meditation Supplement

Christ is Risen – the resurrection through the eyes of Mary Magdalene

Happy Easter!  In celebration of this auspicious day, I gift you with an excerpt from my yet to be released novel, Song of the Beloved – Jesus through the eyes of Mary Magdalene.  Enjoy another perspective on Jesus’ resurrection from the woman who knew him the best.  And, don’t forget the virtual service, available HERE.  … Read moreChrist is Risen – the resurrection through the eyes of Mary Magdalene

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