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Diagnosis – Temporary Insanity

Today’s blog is a little update, a brief weather report of the current evolutionary shift in the universe.  If you are of the language of ascension, resurrection, new world, etc. and your current state feels as if it might be bordering on insanity, then you may find this of interest.  If not….then please, carry on.  🙂



As we are deep in the midst of these crazy earth changes and working our way toward ascension, resurrection, self-actualization, a new world order, or whatever you want to call it, there is an important lesson for all of us to be mindful of…..the insanity we are currently feeling is only temporary and NOT our original, or even, our default natureI was reminded of this by a dear friend as I reached out for support in the hopes of preventing a full-on hurling off the planet as a result of the chaotic blend of energies currently orbiting my world:

“When you’re present, Lauri–smiling and laughing–the whole world is right as rain, I tell you from my experience of you.  I’ve seen you fret a few times, too, and albeit hilarious, I notice it’s not your default nature.”


When I was tempted to feel as if the current state of the universe (at least my personal corner of it), might in fact be permanent, I found these to be comforting words and an important reminder that “this too shall pass.”   While it all feels a bit (a lot bit!) chaotic, as my friend also reminded me, it is all part of the process – and if there is one thing I do know – is to trust the process – no matter how bleak things might appear in the moment.


For me, the way the current state of the universe’s evolution is showing up is in the reappearance of certain vocational questions I long ago thought dead, along with an increasing sense of constriction and anxiety around certain life choices in which I am currently living.  Having walked this path before, it feels as if one thing is trying to be born while another is trying to die.  In the midst of this are a million unanswered questions and more than a million unknowns – all stirring an immeasurable amount of anxiety for the part of me which thinks she needs to be in control, have all the answers and always be right.  Hah….silly girl!


I believe that the chaos I am currently experiencing is reflective of the chaos currently felt by many – a seemingly constant parade of choices – “pick me…..notice me….don’t pick me….you will love doing this…..this is driving you mad,” all vying for our attention and our discernment.  What is life giving? What is not?  What feels supportive of who we are and who God wants us to be?  What feels imprisoning, rife with struggle, suffocating and blech?  It seems that at this stage of our spiritual evolution, we are standing at a crossroads.  Choose life.  Choose death.  Choose joy.  Choose sorrow.  Choose fulfillment.  Choose frustration.  Choose love.  Choose fear.  All the choices are before us, giving us a lived experience of what it would be like to choose any of the above.  Thanks to those who have come before us, we know what it is we are being invited to choose:

“Today I have given you the choice between life and death, between blessings and curses. Now I call on heaven and earth to witness the choice you make. Oh, that you would choose life, so that you and your descendants might live!”

Deuteronomy 30:19


Discernment is the skill we are invited to put into practice in navigating these choices.  God’s choice is clear:  CHOOSE LIFE.   Unfortunately, it seems that in this moment, actual choice is NOT AN OPTION.  Instead, all we have is the constant parade of choices and the opportunity to feel what each one will feel like if that would be our choice.  The time right now, while not about choice, is about EXPLORATION.  We are being given an opportunity to have a lived experience of what all these choices feel like so that when the time for choosing comes, we will know what we are called to choose.  In the meantime, we sit within the whirlwind observing, experiencing, and TRUSTING that the great centrifuge of the universe will cast off what is not life-giving in order that we may retain the rest.  In the meantime we wait, and remind our selves that the current insanity we are feeling is only temporary – and that this too shall pass.


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Finding Fulfillment

Today I explore again the human search for fulfillment.  What are the things that give us a sense of contentment and how are we invited to give them our attention.

I am the wind

Which blows chaos into

Empty spaces


Prying free the twisted,


Fingers of complacency

And stagnation


Tossing them into the air

To be cleansed,




Tumbled topsy-turvy on my breath

Towards new life,

New discoveries,

New growth

Unleashing the creative genius

Locked within



Rediscovered passions

The universe has given me an amazing gift this week – three whole days to do nothing but write!  In this wide open space of creative exploration I have been reminded of the one activity that leaves me feeling true contentment and peace – and that is writing.  (throw in some time to rock out to Disturbed and have coffee with friends, and my life is COMPLETE!)  It strikes me that I have spent the last 45 years (I’m not afraid to share my age) relentlessly searching for the fulfillment that I have rediscovered in my writing craft.  And unlike the non-fiction writing that I have done in the past, this is bold, silly, ridiculous creative writing – something I remember enjoying in grade school but for some reason left it in the dust.  So here I am at mid-life enjoying the gifts of creativity that I left behind so long ago. 


Seeking Fulfillment

I think that fulfillment is the one desire that we have in common as human animals.  We long to know contentment, peace, a sense of groundedness and completeness.  We seek relentlessly, usually outside ourselves for the magic pill that will make us feel whole.  It sometimes takes our entire lifetime (and sadly, some never come to find it) to realize that this fulfillment does not come from outside of us, but resides somewhere within us, usually deep in our hearts.  Born a multi-tasker, I have found that fulfillment comes to me in various forms.  In meditation and prayer.  In singing and dancing.  In cooking, playing with my children, listening to people’s stories, teaching a class, spending time with friends, enjoying a great cup of freshly brewed gourmet dark roast coffee (I know, I’m a total coffee snob) and writing.  I know it seems that these activities are happening outside of me….but in truth….these are all activities that are springing forth from the deep well of contentment and joy that reside within.


Making a choice

So, here is the thought I am entertaining:  What if in discovering these experiences of fulfillment, we are being invited to indulge in more of the same?  What if life is not about the drudgery, about doing all those things that suck us dry of our very life blood, but is actually about finding those things that give us life?  What would life be like then if we actually gave ourselves permission to embrace and indulge in those activities that give us joy, help us feel peace and facilitate our ability to be loving, compassionate and merciful beings?   HHHMMMM  We might have something here! 


Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries

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Living in the New World

The end of the world as we know it or simply the opportunity to make another choice?  Do we want to live in the old world or the new world?

Lo, the day is coming, blazing like an oven,
when all the proud and all evildoers will be stubble,
and the day that is coming will set them on fire,
leaving them neither root nor branch,
says the LORD of hosts.
But for you who are in awe of the Lord, there will arise
the sun of justice with its healing rays.

Malachi 3: 19

The Coming of the New World

In the esoteric and “new age” communities, there is a lot of talk of late about the “coming of the new world.”  While there are a wide range of perspectives on this ancient idea, the central awareness is that the way we are currently living as human beings is no longer working.  Between our failing political structures, environmental policies, struggling health care and educational systems, dying religious institutions, global warming, global disease, poverty, insane weather changes, etc. we have created a world that is poised to quite literally destroy itself. It seems that the source of this potential destruction are the systems we have created that are rooted in power and control, motivated by and capitalizing on fear.


Choosing Another Path

The good news (at least the news promoted by modern-day schools of esoteric thoughts) is that we have the opportunity to choose another path for ourselves and our species.  In making another choice, we have the opportunity to bring into reality a new world.  No matter how we understand these “new age” prophecies, the important thing to grasp is that in reality, this is our choice each and every day of our lives.  Do we choose the path of destruction rooted in fear or do we choose the new world grounded in love?  This is the message reflected in the reading above from the Prophet Malachi (of Hebrew Scriptures fame).

The Prophet Speaks

What the prophet reminds us is that within the human condition (as we currently know it) there is suffering and destruction.  Along with this fact, he also reminds us that we have another choice.  Instead of being destroyed by the human condition, we can live in the light of justice (which includes harmony, peace, mercy and love).  It is this choice that determines whether we live in the old world (of suffering and pain) or the new world (of compassion and love).


Bringing Forth the New World

The key that unlocks the door to the new world is contemplation.  Contemplation is the practice that allows us to connect with the deep well of compassion and peace that dwells within us.  The prophet speaks of this as having “awe in the Lord.”  In theistic terms, it means focusing our attention and intention continually on God.  In more general terms, it means focusing our attention on the practices and activities that cultivate joy and peace within us, that ground us in an inner state of fulfillment (such as creative activities) and lead us toward experiencing love and harmony in our lives(engaging in life-giving and mutually supportive relationships). 

So, the choice is ours.  Do we want to live in the world of suffering and pain or do we want to create a new world for ourselves?  I know what my choice is – what is yours?


Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries