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This is Our Choice Point

Last night I had the strangest dream …

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The dream began with me being offered a series of choices – choices to be made between seeming opposites:

Ignorance or Knowledge

Hatred or Compassion

Vengeance or Forgiveness

Listening to my own Truth or that of the outside perceived authority

Taking/wasting more than I need or living simply and sharing my excess

Hoarding out of fear or sharing out of faith

Destroying the environment or being its steward

Retreating into powerlessness or being empowered in my gifts

Speaking my truth or withholding what I know

Fear or Love


In the midst of these choices being given to me, a deadly storm kicked in – torrential rains, gale-force winds, lightning, thunder, softball size hail, earthquakes and tornadoes. I was being given these choices and being given the opportunity to choose while one of my most powerful fears was staring me in the face. As I stood in the midst of the storm and was given the choice, I knew which ones to choose and rather than going through the choices one-by-one, I stood up to the storm and proclaimed:

I Choose Love

In an instant, the storm ceased and I was standing in a sunlit field of waving grasses, abundantly decorated with beautifully colored wildflowers. Birds flew overhead and sang to each other. Butterflies flitted by. Crickets chirped. And the world was once again at peace.


This dream is about our CHOICE POINT and at this stage of our human evolution….



Or should I say:


It is time to choose what kind of world we want to live in.

Do we want to live in a world:

  • Controlled by fear or governed by love?
  • Tainted by war or ruled by peace?
  • Where people are afraid there won’t be enough or where all have learned how to care for the abundance the earth naturally provides and who share it equally among all?
  • Where people live a life of quiet desperation or one in which they have found meaning and fulfillment in the cultivation and sharing of their own unique gifts?
  • Where out of ignorance we judge our differences as evil or where we seek to understand and honor our differences as sacred?


As the dream showed to me… is TIME for us to CHOOSE….

…and that choice happens in the present moment – each and every moment of each and every day!

As it happened to me in the dream, each and every moment we are faced with two options which we can distill down to:


And as it happened in the dream, the storm rages on, triggering us in our fears, but ultimately the storm has no power over us and even in the face of our greatest fears, we always have the option to CHOOSE LOVE.

This is where we are at in our current stage of human evolution. We are standing face to face with our greatest fears:

  • Global annihilation
  • Financial Market collapse
  • Environmental destruction
  • Disease
  • Corporate Corruption
  • Poverty, homelessness, terrorism, war


But as the dream reminded, even in the face of our greatest fears, we have the opportunity to choose love – to turn away from our fears and embrace the love that is our true nature and quite literally:


Earth Heart

It really is as simple as this. When we choose love over fear, we are changed and those around us are changed. As we change, there is a ripple effect and the world begins to change. And we need look no further than the Syrian refugee crisis to see the results of choosing love over fear. Initially, out of fear, the European countries’ doors were closed to those seeking asylum. Then suddenly, European leaders decided to choose love over fear, welcome over rejection and the floodgates opened. Tens of thousands of Syrian refugees were offered a place to stay, a roof over their head and food in their hands where previously there was nothing. THIS IS THE POWER of LOVE!

This is our choice point and the choice point is NOW.

What are you going to choose?


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