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From Biomedical Engineering to Writer and Author? Who Knew?

In today’s blog I examine the labyrinthine path of self-awareness and the invitation to look for Divine guidance along the way!

Thursday, I received via email the proof copy of my upcoming book, Authentic Freedom – A holistic approach to the teachings of Christ.  As such, this will be a weekend of proofing, editing and more proofing.  Then on Tuesday I meet with my local editor, Sara Eliasen and hand over the proof copy for a second set of eyes and for her to engage her expertise in creating the index.  HOLY CRAP!  This labor of love might actually be in the bookstores before year’s end!  Whoo hoo!

Speaking of Whoo hoo…..WHO KNEW??????   Who knew that I would grow up and at the ripe old age of 40-something discover that I have a passion and gift for writing and that someone might actually want to publish and read what I have to say……WHO KNEW?????  This question of WHO KNEW has me reflecting on the long and winding road that I have traveled and that ultimately each of us must travel to connect with our highest truth, our most authentic self and our own unique giftedness – the way in which each of us is uniquely called to reveal Divine love, compassion, joy, truth and peace in the world.   If it can happen to me… can certainly happen to you!!!!!

So here is the funny thing, a little factoid about Lauri Lumby that probably few of you are aware of.  Did you know that I entered college at the University of Iowa with the declared major of Biomedical Engineering????   I know, hilarious, right!  Unfortunately, (or fortunately, depending on your perspective) my dreams to grow up and build better body parts through Medtronics Laboratory in Minneapolis were soon shattered by the sudden realization that I possess ABSOLUTELY NO Spatial skills whatsoever!  Engineering Drawing 101 was my Waterloo!  So began my meandering path to where I am today –  a woman with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, majoring in Marketing, plus 7 years of post-undergrad work in Theology and Spirituality, along with certificates in Pastoral Ministry, Spiritual Direction and Reiki Master-Teacher certification.  You will note……there is ABSOLUTELY NO education or training in English or Writing.   But, here I am blogging, writing and miracle of miracles….getting published.  Apparently, God can work through us to get us to the path of our highest good regardless of education, training, etc.  WHO KNEW????

This is ultimately the point of today’s blog…ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE WITH GOD! As I reflect on this journey to published author…I am amazed at the little God nuggets that fell into my lap along the way to set me on this path.  Of course, I had to be open to perceiving AND receiving these nuggets….but they were there for the taking if I was willing.

This is true for you as well!!!! Our Divine Parent knows that path that is in our highest good and gives us the guidance to this path – if we are open to perceiving, receiving and accepting this path.  The fun part is that the path that is in our highest good includes the realization that we are uniquely gifted and called to reveal God in the world through our own creative magnificence.  Whether you are gifted to be a writer, painter, singer, mother, teacher, manager, counselor, minister, chef, gardener, visionary, coach, etc. etc. etc. – it is through our unique gifts that God desires to be revealed in the world through peace, joy, love, compassion, mercy, justice, etc. etc. etc.  YOU ARE CALLED to be the face of God in the world through your own UNIQUE GIFTS!!!!!    And…..the  Divine, when we take time to listen and hear, provides us with exactly what we need to be this face of God in the timing that is perfectly in our highest good and in the highest good of those who are in need of the unique gift that we have to offer.

So, my invitation to you today is to reflect on your own call to be the face of God in the world:

What are your gifts?

What are your passions?

How are you taking time to listen to and watch for the guiding hand of the Divine?

What are your sources of support in exploring, pursuing, cultivating your own unique giftedness?

In being open to the path the Divine has in store for you….you just might be surprised!  Enter the labyrinth!  (PS Thank you again to David Bowie for being a source of inspiration today!!!   LAUGH!)

Lauri Lumby

Your Spiritual Truth