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Overcoming the “Demons” of the Covid-19 Pandemic

First a note on demons.  I do not believe in demons in the form of the dude wearing a red morph suit sporting horns and holding a pitchfork.  I do not believe in external embodied entities whose job is to wreak havoc on our lives.  Instead, I think of demons as human-made.  Demons are something we have created in our minds made up out of our fears.  That being said, these demons can become part of our collective fear and something that can be seen, named, and therefore conquered.  Conquering our demons is dependent on our ability to see them and name them.  Once we have done this, we can use the tools we have been given to “conquer” these demons so that they no longer have power over us.  These are the demons who presented themselves to me this morning as I did my invisible work of diving deep into society’s ills to uncover the demons that are driving our current (mass hysteria) behaviors.  Let’s name and claim these demons together so that we might deprive them of their power over us and move more closely to a place of peace and contentment within the chaos that is currently ruling our world.



Speaking of chaos, this is the first demon to present themselves during my morning meditation.  Chaos presented itself to me as a rampantly tumbling ball made up of flailing limbs – arms and legs flailing and tumbling around the world wreaking havoc wherever it flailed.  Chaos was screeching and screaming as it blindly flailed about.  Chaos seemed not to have a face and was difficult to approach because of the force of its flailing.  Stepping closer to it, I felt the force of its flailing and within that the unbridled fear that drove it.  I also felt within it an insidious plan and was within the depths of chaos those who benefit from a world chaotically thrashing about.  I asked Chaos to show me its face and what appeared was a face similar to Lord Voldemort as he hid in Professor Quirrell’s turban or the shriveled Voldemort who was thrown naked into the cauldron ready to be reborn into his true power and form.



Confusion was the second demon to appear.  He came in the form of a man who simply stood in place.  His body had become paralyzed and he could not move, but his head was uncontrollably and frantically being thrown about in all directions.  The image I saw was reminiscent of the scenes in horror movies where a demon is transforming from their cloaked human form into something horrifying.  Coming forth out of his mouth was a sort of incomprehensible babbling.  CUE Jacob’s Ladder



I didn’t need to look to hard to find Panic.  Panic was in the mass of humanity running around like chickens with their heads cut off.  Triggered by fear and mass hysteria, they were running here and there grabbing up everything they could carry that they believed might save them from ……what?  Death?  Illness?  Feeling alone?  Fear?  It was a mass of people without the tools needed to gather verifiable information, reason carefully and therefore come up with a reasonable response to that information.  Instead, fear alone was driving their actions – unbridled and in this case unnecessary fear.  CUE WWZ


After Naming the Demons

After we have effectively named the demon, our next task is to conquer them.  In this case, we need a new understanding of what it means to conquer.  In my world, fear begets fear and violence begets violence.  We are not meant to “destroy” the demon with violence (what we resist will persist).  Instead, we are invited to draw close enough to the demon to see the fear that is driving it.  Then, we heal it at its fear.  Once we heal its fear, the demon can return to its true form which is peacefulness, reason and love.


Healing Demons

As a shadow and depth worker, I have been working on the collective fear.  I have been sitting with the demons, holding them in loving compassion and witnessing to their release.  All they really want is to be loved.  And when we love these “demons” the fear that drives them simply melts off them revealing the love that dwells beneath all that fear.  In order to do this work, however, I first had to heal these demons within myself.  The same will be true for you.  If you find yourself drawn into the Chaos, paralyzed by Confusion or driven by Panic, you will first have to heal these demons within yourself.  Once you have done this you can begin to use your gifts to heal the demons of the collective.


Healing Your Own Demons

Healing our own demons is the work of a lifetime.  I have spent the past 30 years doing this for myself and out of this doing, I have discovered, developed and practiced effective tools for healing and transcending the fears inside of me that have limited my life.  Being free of these fears is an ongoing practice and something I work with every single day!  In life we are never completely free of fear, but with the proper tools, we can eliminate fear’s control over our lives.  The Authentic Freedom protocol is absolutely THE BEST tool I have been given for the healing of fears.  You can learn the Authentic Freedom protocol and how to apply it through my online course or my book by the same name.  I also offer one-on-one support if that would better serve you.  Learn more HERE.





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Readying for the New World

Yesterday, while sitting in meditation, my spirit journeyed.  I journeyed to the garden where I usually find myself when I know I have journeyed to the “Upper World” and where I meet with my spirit teacher.  Typically, this garden is abundant with life, the trees and the fruits and flowers on the trees vibrant and glowing with life.  In this garden, the colors are electric and far more vibrant than anything we can see in this world (except perhaps in the movie, “What Dreams May Come.” )


Yesterday, however, the garden was markedly different.  Instead of being vibrant and glowing with color and life, the garden was dying.  Everything was grey, drooping and dying.  I wept at what was once vibrant and alive, now crumbling in death. I asked my spirit teacher, “What does this mean?”

What she told me is that the dying, lifeless garden represents the world in which we are currently living – a world that is dying from the abuses of power and control and the fear that rules it.  I nodded my head in agreement.  Yes, the world in which we are currently living is dying.  What I was also shown, however, is that this dying is soon to come to an end as beneath the dying world lives the vibrant and glowing world that I had seen many times before.


Again, I nodded in agreement as this is what I have myself been feeling about the current struggles which plague our world and which seem to be increasing in severity, frequency and ridiculousness.  The temptation, in the face of all this chaos is to get caught up in the fear, to react to the fear and power-driven actions with defiance and rage.  Instead, and this was confirmed in my journey, the response is to WAIT and WATCH and HOPE and more importantly, to KNOW that what we are currently seeing in the state of our world is the final death throes of a fear-based world clinging to its final breath.  And the empaths, Superheroes, Mystics and Prophets know this to be true – as we literally FEEL the chaos of the world plummeting to its own death and collapsing upon its own self, getting ready to implode as the world watches in fear.

Again, the invitation is to NOT get caught up in the fear, but to receive these experiences as confirmation that the old world is dying so that the new world may come forth.  And while we await the dying world’s final breath, we are invited to hold it in gratitude and love for what it has taught us and for the experiences we have had in a world ruled by fear while at the same time, holding in love our vision for the new world –

vibrant, abundant and glowing with life

peaceful and harmonious

governed through cooperation

ruled by love


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Diagnosis – Temporary Insanity

Today’s blog is a little update, a brief weather report of the current evolutionary shift in the universe.  If you are of the language of ascension, resurrection, new world, etc. and your current state feels as if it might be bordering on insanity, then you may find this of interest.  If not….then please, carry on.  🙂



As we are deep in the midst of these crazy earth changes and working our way toward ascension, resurrection, self-actualization, a new world order, or whatever you want to call it, there is an important lesson for all of us to be mindful of…..the insanity we are currently feeling is only temporary and NOT our original, or even, our default natureI was reminded of this by a dear friend as I reached out for support in the hopes of preventing a full-on hurling off the planet as a result of the chaotic blend of energies currently orbiting my world:

“When you’re present, Lauri–smiling and laughing–the whole world is right as rain, I tell you from my experience of you.  I’ve seen you fret a few times, too, and albeit hilarious, I notice it’s not your default nature.”


When I was tempted to feel as if the current state of the universe (at least my personal corner of it), might in fact be permanent, I found these to be comforting words and an important reminder that “this too shall pass.”   While it all feels a bit (a lot bit!) chaotic, as my friend also reminded me, it is all part of the process – and if there is one thing I do know – is to trust the process – no matter how bleak things might appear in the moment.


For me, the way the current state of the universe’s evolution is showing up is in the reappearance of certain vocational questions I long ago thought dead, along with an increasing sense of constriction and anxiety around certain life choices in which I am currently living.  Having walked this path before, it feels as if one thing is trying to be born while another is trying to die.  In the midst of this are a million unanswered questions and more than a million unknowns – all stirring an immeasurable amount of anxiety for the part of me which thinks she needs to be in control, have all the answers and always be right.  Hah….silly girl!


I believe that the chaos I am currently experiencing is reflective of the chaos currently felt by many – a seemingly constant parade of choices – “pick me…..notice me….don’t pick me….you will love doing this…..this is driving you mad,” all vying for our attention and our discernment.  What is life giving? What is not?  What feels supportive of who we are and who God wants us to be?  What feels imprisoning, rife with struggle, suffocating and blech?  It seems that at this stage of our spiritual evolution, we are standing at a crossroads.  Choose life.  Choose death.  Choose joy.  Choose sorrow.  Choose fulfillment.  Choose frustration.  Choose love.  Choose fear.  All the choices are before us, giving us a lived experience of what it would be like to choose any of the above.  Thanks to those who have come before us, we know what it is we are being invited to choose:

“Today I have given you the choice between life and death, between blessings and curses. Now I call on heaven and earth to witness the choice you make. Oh, that you would choose life, so that you and your descendants might live!”

Deuteronomy 30:19


Discernment is the skill we are invited to put into practice in navigating these choices.  God’s choice is clear:  CHOOSE LIFE.   Unfortunately, it seems that in this moment, actual choice is NOT AN OPTION.  Instead, all we have is the constant parade of choices and the opportunity to feel what each one will feel like if that would be our choice.  The time right now, while not about choice, is about EXPLORATION.  We are being given an opportunity to have a lived experience of what all these choices feel like so that when the time for choosing comes, we will know what we are called to choose.  In the meantime, we sit within the whirlwind observing, experiencing, and TRUSTING that the great centrifuge of the universe will cast off what is not life-giving in order that we may retain the rest.  In the meantime we wait, and remind our selves that the current insanity we are feeling is only temporary – and that this too shall pass.


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Overtaken by Restlessness

For the past several days, I have been overtaken by an impatient restlessness.  I can’t focus.  I can’t seem to accomplish anything.  I feel nervous, anxious, even bored.  With the school year approaching and a mile-long to-do list of business related activities I’m supposed to be getting done so that I can have a productive and profitable fall, I am tempted to FORCE myself to GET IT DONE.  Instead, I find myself distracted.  I feel a little like a woman in labor, restlessly pacing the floor waiting for the next CONTRACTION.  I brought this restlessness to prayer and God said, “Lauri, don’t you remember, this is the week I told you to BE QUIET.”  Great….how am I supposed to be quiet with all this noise in my head, chaos in my body and children asking, asking, demanding my attention:  “Mommy, what are we going to do today? Can we go shopping today?  I need, this and this and this for school. I need a ride to and from practice.  Our first home game is tomorrow night.”  ARGH!  So, in the spirit of this restlessness (I can’t be the only one!), here is a poem I wrote about the wind and the new life it stirs in our being:

I am the wind


I am the wind

Blowing chaos into

Empty spaces


Prying free the twisted,


Fingers of complacency

And stagnation


Tossing them into the air

To be cleansed,




Tumbling topsy-turvy on my breath

Towards new life,

New discoveries,

New growth


Unleashing the creative genius

Locked within.

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Lauri Lumby

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The Universe in Chaos

Rantings of a Professional Blogger

Apologies to my readers….I just spent the last hour writing today’s blog, a continuation of “Voices in Your Head”.  I just finished the blog, signed it, clicked “save” and WordPress freaked out.  I was booted off the system, had to log back in and my whole entire blog…all 800 words WAS LOST!   ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!   (If this was my other blog…I would be adding a few colorful words here.)   So, apparently we are NOT writing about truth today.  Instead, I’m being asked to make a few observations about what seems to be going on in the universe this week.  Not my normal venue….but here goes.

It All Started with Tattoos

Ok, not really, but it was the confirmation of things strange and unusual.  I do regular business with one of the local tattoo shops and have come to be friends with the owners and artists there.  Last night ALL of them posted (on Facebook) about strange happenings at the shop.  They called it a “Crackhead” day.  Strange people.  Strange requests.  Bizarre expectations and behaviors.  Not a normal day at Oshkosh Tattoo.  I wouldn’t normally throw this into the category of  “a universe in chaos” except that I have been experiencing strange feelings, emotions, observations, encounters in my own life of late.  And it seems I’m not alone.  Everyone I know is reporting overall weirdness. 

Observed Symptoms

Here is what is being reported:  Overwhelming grief.  Unnamed Rage.  Inexplicable anxiety.  Uncharacteristic restlessness.  All of these feelings would normally be explainable if we took the time to look within.  The reports I am hearing is that people are taking the time to look within and there is nothing there.  No reason for the grief.  Nothing to really be angry about.  No reason to be anxious.  It just seems to be showing up.  And if there is something there- the outward response seems to be disproportionate to the underlying cause.  To a person that is aware and who is taking the time to look within, to incorporate tools of self-healing and comfort, this is a strange time, but one they can certainly be present to.  To someone who is not aware or has never taken time to go within, these experiences will tend to come out sideways in strange, irrational, erratic, perhaps even violent behavior.  Hence, “Crackhead Day.”

What is it?

Quite frankly, I have no idea what this seeming universal chaos is all about.  But I can’t help but look at the Casey Anthony verdict as an other example of complete strangeness.  I don’t get it.  I don’t know what is up with the universe.  But this case sure seems to reflect this overall weirdness.  Strange. Bizarre. Inexplicable. The universe just isn’t right and we are all feeling the effects.

What to do?

The good news is that as the universe seems to be having some sort of temper tantrum or explosive purging, there are things we can do the ride the waves of the bizarre. 

  • Meditate
  • Pray
  • Breathe
  • Be out in nature
  • Take care of ourselves through healthy foods, exercise, creative activities
  • Jealously guard our boundaries – only spend time with those who are loving and supportive of who we are
  • Cleanse – take a bath, drink lots of water, smudge our homes and offices

While we might not be able to avoid “Crackhead Day” or the experiences of a universe in chaos, we can ride the waves and know that this too shall pass. 

Lauri Lumby

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Holding Ground in the Midst of Chaos

When the universe presents us with an abundance of opportunities and we are tempted to be overwhelmed by the frenetic energy and chaos of creation….how do we stay present and hold our ground?

Abundant Opportunities

It is only Wednesday and it has already been a crazy, insane week.  It all began with 3 am wake-ups both Monday and Tuesday mornings filled with an anxiety-filled, chaotic energy soon to be followed by what felt like a cyclone of energy originating at my heart and spiraling out from me out into who knows where.   I asked around and it seemed that many of the people I know who are sensitive to this kind of thing were having similar experiences.  It has made me question if there is something going on in the universe…or about to happen as this chaotic energy doesn’t seem to quit.  Then throw in the personal things:  The decision to focus more on my call to be writer, the official release of my book, Authentic Freedom – Claiming a Life of Contentment and Joy, the coordination of sales and distribution of my book, an abundance of early sales, then yesterday several new opportunities:

  • I have been given the invitation to expand the audience for my book to the UK and towards that end, freely given an abundance of contacts, connections, etc.  (THANKS JAY!!!!!)
  • I accepted the offer to rent a house and will be moving in the VERY near future
  • I met with my business partner to do some editing on my also soon to be released, Christouch book.
  • Oh yea….and I’m planning a book – release party for the end of June.


Combine these opportunities with the chaotic energy of the universe and I am left feeling breathless and overwhelmed.  As a compulsive planner and High J on the Myer’s Briggs, I do not do overwhelm very well.  If there are too many details and they are not organized in a linear, workable fashion, I tend to shut down.  My brain just stops and I find I cannot focus, think or plan.  So much for getting things done!!!!

Help from “Above”

So this is where I found myself this morning….overwhelmed with the details, filled with restless anxiety, trying to pull together all the details of launching and publicizing a book, editing another book and getting ready to move a household AND an office.  YIKES!   Then I went to this morning’s scriptures and here is what they said:

Be my rock of refuge,

a stronghold to give me safety.

You are my rock and my fortress;

For your name’s sake you will lead and guide me.

Into your hands I commend my spirit.

Psalm 31

Into your hands, Lord

So, once again I am reminded of who is really in charge here.  I am reminded that I am not alone in this process and that really all I need to do is turn all of this over to God.  This morning’s scripture provided a humbling reminder that when I feel overwhelmed, chaotic, afraid, I have forgotten about God, I have indulged my own version of the compulsion of pride.  Pride is the compulsion that shows up when we think we can do it alone or think we have to.  Instead, I am being reminded to give it to God and allow God to do the work.  God will provide the resources and support I need to accomplish all of these tasks.  God will lead me in the direction that is in my highest good.  God will reveal opportunities where I am invited to share in this creation.  AHHHHHHHH…….

How can you recognize “overwhelm” as a signal that you have forgotten to allow God to do the work?

Where are you being invited to surrender something to God?

Where are you being invited to remember God as a source of support, refuge, guidance, etc. ?

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries