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Superheroes and Our Relationship with Authority – July 21, 2014 Report

Superheroes and Our Relationship with Authority

Superheroes Report:  Monday, July 21, 2014



Those who possess the Superhero call (for more on the Superhero call, click HERE) are often accused of having trouble with authority.  I have found that this could not be farther from the truth. In our gathering of Superheroes this week, we discovered that Superheroes have no problem with people who are in positions of authority and that Superheroes will treat those in positions of authority with tremendous honor and respect and will even look to them for guidance and support and as an example of how one might want to live one’s life.  That is only true, however, under one very important condition – when the Superhero has identified the person in authority as one of honesty and integrity.


The reason that Superheroes are accused of having trouble with authority is that sadly, many in positions of authority do not meet these critical criteria and believe that honor and respect is due them simply by nature of their position. Unfortunately for those in positions of authority – if they are NOT a person of honesty and integrity, a Superhero will intuitively and immediately know this to be the case. One of the roles of a Superhero is to reveal and work for truth. The person in authority will know (mostly unconsciously) that they have been seen for who they really are. This triggers a series of reactions that usually lead to conflict (which I will speak about later in this post).


The Superhero’s “problem with authority,” ultimately points to one of their Superpowers, specifically, the ability to hear the truth beyond the words and see the truth beyond the illusion. As mentioned above, one of the critical tasks of today’s Superheroes is to reveal and work for truth.  In support of this task, Superheroes have been given the gift of an extremely powerful, TRUTH BAROMETER.  It is this truth barometer that allows them to detect the honesty and integrity of another or the lack thereof.  Once this barometer is read, the Superhero knows how to proceed…if, that is, they believe their truth barometer.  One of the primary learning tasks for a Superhero is to learn how to read their truth barometer (which requires discernment) and then, to BELIEVE IT!


Once the truth barometer is read and then believed, how is the Superhero to proceed?  Well, that depends on the situation.  If the person in authority is learned to be of integrity, obviously the Superhero can confidently enter into a harmonious working relationship with that person.  If the person in authority is not of integrity, then the Superhero has a decision to make.  One obvious decision is to rebel – but that never goes well (ask any Superhero how that has worked for them).  Another decision is to stay in the relationship – and that is a decision that will require a lot of work.  This is where discernment (distinguishing the voice of our inner truth vs. the voice of our ego) is critical.  So too is the awareness that as a Superhero, all we are, is a mirror.  As we stand in awareness of truth, the person who is not of truth standing before us feels their truth (rather, lack thereof) being reflected back to them along with the unconscious shame they carry for not being a person of truth.  Typically, their unconscious response is to project this shame and untruth back on us, thereby making us the enemy.  If we are not clear in our truth, our own unhealed fears will be triggered which typically results in an avalanche of conflict.  The remedy to this (if we decide to stay in the relationship – or if we have not choice in the matter), is instead of reacting in fear, to surround the other in LOVE.  As we hold the other person in love, they can’t help but be healed of the inner fears that cause them to be one lacking in integrity and we, along with them, are healed of our woundedness.  Of course, holding them in love might in turn piss them off….but it is ultimately for the purpose of LOVE that Superheroes are here in the first place.  So when all else fails…..SEND LOVE.



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