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Our Own Burning Bush – the Call of the Heavensent

The Lord God said, “I have witnessed your affliction my people and have heard your cries of complaint against your oppressors, so I know well what you are suffering.  Therefore, I have initiated an extraordinary Divine intervention, to rescue you from your oppressors; leading you out of the land of slavery into a good and gracious land, a land flowing with milk and honey.

Exodus 3: 7-8


Moses and the Burning Bush

These are the words of the great “I AM” spoken to Moses, several thousand years ago through the burning bush.  In these words were the Lord’s invitation to the Israelite people to leave behind the life of slavery that they had known under Egyptian rule and to embark upon a journey of freedom to a land as yet unknown which the Lord promised would be “flowing with milk and honey.”

Our own Burning Bush

As much as these were God’s words to the Israelites several thousand years ago, these are God’s words for us TODAY as we suffer under the oppression of our own slavery.  In this case, the oppression God is inviting us to escape is the slavery of fear and the specific ways in which fear has come to rule our inner lives and the ways in which fear has manifest in our world in its various guises of consumerism, racism, discrimination, sexism, separation, hatred, environmental collapse, corporate greed, government corruption, violence and war. The Lord knows well how the world has suffered under the imprisonment of fear and as such, has initiated an extraordinary Divine intervention which promises to turn the world of fear into a world of love.  And the great thing is that this new world that we are envisioning doesn’t require an exodus from where we are now.  The land of milk and honey is right here in our very midst, if we but have the courage to set aside fear and instead, to choose love.

A Million Moses’

The extraordinary Divine intervention that God has initiated is in the form of what I will call today “A million Moses’.”  The million Moses’ are all those on the planet who were gifted before they were even conceived, with the vision of a new world and who were born with both the knowing of what this world could look like and the passion to help make it happen.   I have called these men, women and children “The Heavensent,” for that is exactly what they are – sent by God to turn the world from fear into love.  You already know who you are. You have carried within you a vision for a better world.    You know at the very deepest part of your being that the vision of the new world that you carry within you is possible.  You possess the desire and the passion to want to do something about it and to be a part of making the new world real. Consider this your call….your own burning bush.  You are the Heavensent.  You are one of the million Moses’. Open your heart to how God is specifically calling you to help bring forth a world made of love, no longer controlled by fear.  Knowing that the journey of billions starts with you – become familiar with your own inner fears and how they are controlling your life.  Find tools for transcending those fears so that your inner terrain will be defined by contentment and love.  Make decisions based in love instead of fear.  Know freedom within yourself so that you can become acquainted with your own uniquely creative gifts through which you will find meaning, purpose and fulfillment and through which you will contribute to the betterment of the world.  Then grab your staff and your wand and start sharing your magic so that others may also be free.


Thank you for your help!



Sehme Aniyahkah Sehme Oniyahkah

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Moses, Madness and Miracles

Traversing the Divinely revealed path to our highest truth can certainly look from the outside like madness.  Were Moses, Abraham, Mother Mary insane or did they take that leap of faith….and now stand as examples and inspiration for the rest of us as we search for spiritual freedom in our lives.

This has been a week defined by Divine madness, miracles and dreams of Moses.  This whole Moses thing started months (in fact years) ago as the truth became more and more evident that my husband and I were being called out of the familiarity of married life into the unknown desert of divorce.  I could not even begin to attempt an explanation as to how this was revealed to us (not that it is anyone’s business), and even if I did attempt an explanation, from the outside it would quite simply look like madness.

Here is where Moses comes in…..poor Moses….he was living a delightfully contented life in the desert of Midian with his wife, her family and their children, quietly tending sheep.  But then that darn burning bush had to show up and startle him out of the familiarity of his desert life and remind him that while he was enjoying a peaceful life in the desert, his people (the Hebrew people) were suffering under the harsh rule of the Pharoah in Egypt.  Now here is the crazy part….God told Moses it was his job to go to Egypt and lead the Hebrews out of slavery into “a good and gracious land flowing with milk and honey.”  Did Moses jump to it and run off the Egypt to rescue the Jews?  NO WAY JOSE’!  He whined, complained, bargained and came up with every excuse in the book as to why he could not go.  In the end (as is usually the case), God won the argument and Moses went off on a journey through which he was required to leave behind everything familiar, place his blind trust in God and convince a nation that they should do the same…trudging through desert and plain with no map, no compass and absolutely no destination in mind.  They eventually ended up in “the promised land”, but as history proves, the drama didn’t end there.

So, I’ve been feeling a little Moses-ish these days.  Of course, I have no illusions about leading a nation or crossing the “Red Sea” of Lake Winnebago, but the message that I have received that invited me on this journey is no less insane than claiming that a burning bush talked to me.  All I can do is trust, and hope that God is going to show me things along the way that tell me where to go, what to do and will provide for my needs along the way.  I keep looking for the fiery column by night and the cloud of smoke by day….but alas, it seems the signs of God’s guidance are a little more subtle.  This is where I feel compelled to share a few miracles that I am claiming as my own personal column of smoke.  And this week in particular has been a week of miracles.

Here are the miracles in a nutshell:  a house within a budget that I set for myself (the current “buyers market” has helped with this!), a newly ordained contractor who is generously allowing the house that I hope to purchase to be his portfolio project which includes a HUGE discount on labor costs, approval on my loan application (this quite frankly might be the most significant of miracles!), a house inspection at a very reasonable cost, a marketing consultant that is helping me to take my business to the next level, thus providing me with the means to obtain my current income goals, a publisher that is enthusiastically taking my book, Authentic Freedom to market.  I could go on, but I won’t bore you with the details.  In the end, I am completely in awe over the manifestation of these miracles…most of them completely unexpected and some of them so generously given that I can only sit back in stunned silence at the magnitude of the gifts being presented to me in this journey of entering into a new life.

I am fully aware that as I leap into the abyss of unknown, that this is not only my journey.  Each and every one of us at some time is invited to step more fully into our most authentic truth and into a life that is in our highest good.  Most frequently, this requires a leaving behind, a letting go and a LEAP OF FAITH.  We are invited to trust the message whether it is presented in the tiny whisperings of our heart….or more dramatically through our own burning bush.  The good news…is that when we allow ourselves to surrender to this path AND MOST IMPORTANTLY….let go of our compulsion to control the process…..miracles, signs and wonders come to us along the way.  These signs and miracles are what give us affirmation of our truth and provide for us the resources, guidance and comfort we need along the way.  God doesn’t simply throw us out into the desert to figure it out for ourselves…God is always right there, leading, comforting, guiding, strengthening and even carrying us when we think we could not possibly take one more step.

So today, I invite you to examine your life for your own messages of truth:

  • Where are you being invited to step more fully into your highest truth?
  • How are you being led to a life that is in your highest good?
  • What are the things you will need to leave behind?
  • How can you be open to your own column of fire or column of smoke?

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries/YourSpiritualTruth