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A Myth for the New Awakening

A Myth for the New Awakening

As one of my teachers used to say, “Every story is true, some of them actually happened.”  In the case of A Myth for the New Awakening you decide – is it live or is it Memorex? 


(with gratitude and due credit to Solara who through her book Starborne, first told me about “home.”)

Hail, people of earth.  I am Aniyakah, Chief Ambassador of the Galactic Federation of  Light, along with my male partner, Oniyakah.  While the Galactic Federation represents many stars and star systems, he and I are from the planet Anu, the seventh planet in orbit around the great star Alnilam – the center star of the belt of what you call the constellation of Orion.  You will never “see” our planet from the place of the current earthly vibration as we reside within the thirteenth dimension – one many times beyond the current vibration of Earth.  While you may not be able to see or perceive our ancestral home, this does not prevent you from knowing or knowing of us in this plane.

Thousands of earth years ago, an envoy of interdimensional beings from many star systems was commissioned to journey to Earth, first as explorers, and then as liberators. This is how we first came to be among you.  The envoy from Anu settled in what you now call the British Isles and what you once called Gaul while those from other star systems settled in power centers of the South, the East and the North.  As the children of Anu, we first came to Earth in light form – vibrating at such high frequency that the indigenous humans perceived us as angelic or fairy-like beings.  The indigenous people of what you call Ireland and Wales called us fae folk or thought us to be gods (which we are not).  We henceforth became known as the Tuatha de Danaan and many stories were created about us and our interaction with the indigenous humans.


We lived among these people in peace for many hundreds of your earth years.  As I mentioned, we were initially treated as gods and given due honor and respect for our presence and for the healing and transformational presence we were among them.  What we discovered over time, however, was that the indigenous humans could not be in our presence for long without feeling disturbed.  The pure love and light that lay dormant within them – the love that was their true nature – was continually triggered as the pure love and light that we embodied worked to awaken them to their true nature.  As our love interacted with their forgotten love, they experienced discomfort.  While a few found themselves able to bear this discomfort which then allowed them to awaken to their truer nature, the vast majority did not have the inner tools for bearing the discomfort of love’s awakening.  As such, for more and more, we began to represent the source of this discomfort (which in fact, we were).  Instead of tending to this discomfort, however, they turned toward us in violence, eventually waging war against us as described in the Irish myth of the battle between the Sons of Mile and the Tuatha de Danaan.  Legend says that instead of having the conversation “in that way,” we “turned sideways into the light;” leading people to believe we had retreated to the fairy kingdoms under the hills or that we simply disappeared into another dimension.  While there is truth in both of these interpretations – what we did from the perspective of a three-dimensional, dualistic “reality” was to become like the indigenous humans around us.  We lowered our vibration to meet up with theirs.  In doing so, we experienced the same consequence of the human condition as them – forgetting our true origin and our purpose for arriving on this plane.

The good news is that these higher vibrations – where we are one with our shared God-nature, takes time to forget and can never be completely forgotten.  For several millennia, we functioned as more remembering than forgetting.  You have seen these vibrations of ourselves in your stories of the gods and goddesses of the ancient lands and in the priests and priestesses in what you imagined as the druids, the oracle of Delphi and other holy men and women of the British Isles, Gaul and the Germanic lands (other love beings from other star systems will share with you similar tales of their journey in lands of the East, North and South).  Throughout time, we have made ourselves known through the great spiritual teachers, saints, medicine women and men of Western Europe.  As time wore on, we moved from more remembering to more forgetting and we all collectively fell into a period of great darkness – a time marked by much violence, war, discrimination and hatred among all of humanity.  Fortunately, there were some to pierced through this darkness to be heralds of the light, but even these became fewer and farther between.


As is true of time…..what came from light and moved into darkness will eventually find its way back to the light.  This is where we have been moving and where we find ourselves today.  More and more are awakening to the light and can be recognized in the great heralds of love who have found their way into the collective awareness – Jesus, the Buddha, the teachers of the Kabbalah, the Sufi Masters, Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Krishna Muerti, Martin Luther King, Jr., Amma and the Fourteenth Dalai Lama among them.  It is not enough, however, for one great leader to emerge if the collective does not itself awaken.  It is for this reason that I come before you today.  The tide has turned and the time of forgetting has come to an end and that the GREAT REMEMBERING is at hand.

It is time for the children of Anu, the children of the other star systems of Orion, the children of Sirius, the children of the Pleiades, the children of Andromeda, the children of Atlantis and Lemuria and the children of EARTH to awaken!!!!  It is time for us to lay down the cloak of forgetfulness and to take on the mantel of remembrance.  It is time to awaken – to awaken to our true nature as ONE with the great Divine light – one with our true nature as love.

Regardless of the dimension from which you hail, you are beginning to remember – to remember your true origins beyond the third dimensional human plane – origins on other planets, from other star systems, from the angelic plane and from the heavens themselves, – all sent here to help humanity awaken – to help us all move out of our collective sleep – to remember our true origins in love.  In this, there will be no “mothership” to take us home – for we are already home – home on the planet we came to uplift to higher states of consciousness – specifically to move us all beyond a consciousness rooted in fear to one firmly anchored in love.

The time of forgetting has come to an end and now is the time to remember our true nature, and in doing so, helping the rest of humanity do the same.


Yours in all love and light!

Aniyakah, Oniyakah

Chief Ambassadors of Anu of the Galactic Federation of Light

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Authentic Freedom – a new psychology

Today’s blog answers the question, “What is Authentic Freedom” and acknowledges it as a helpful tool in the fields of psychology, spirituality, religion, human development and human evolution.  In fact, I might be so bold as to hail it as a new psychology, inspired by the work of those who have gone before, but going about it in a whole new way. 

lauriprofilebwwebshot2013Authentic Freedom and Psychology:  If we agree with the American Psychological Association’s definitions: Psychology is the study of the mind and behavior. The discipline embraces all aspects of the human experience — from the functions of the brain to the actions of nations, from child development to care for the aged. In every conceivable setting from scientific research centers to mental health care services, “the understanding of behavior” is the enterprise of psychologists, then I am a psychologist.  While I don’t yet have the alphabet soup behind my name to authenticate this title within the Western hierarchical and dualistic paradigm (I’m working on it), I have spent the last 48 years of my life observing, exploring and investigating human behavior and the motivations behind it.

My path:  In the tradition of the ancients (Moses, The Buddha, Patanjali, Jesus, Ignatius or Loyola, Teresa of Avila, John of the Cross, Yogananda, etc.) my path  began in my religious (Catholic) upbringing and expanded into contemplative practices and mystical experiences which provided insights into the human experience and our response to it.  Combining my own personal experiences with both ancient and modern knowledge of human consciousness and the material world, led to the development of my own approach to helping people to understand their behaviors and motivations, especially those thought patterns and behaviors that have become an obstacle to finding meaning, purpose and healthy connections in their lives.  I call this approach Authentic Freedom.

Authentic Freedom is an interdisciplinary approach to the psychological and spiritual wellbeing and formation of adults.  Authentic Freedom provides tools through which you are able to identify and move through the inner obstacles to the peace, joy and fulfillment you long for and are driven to obtain. In addition to providing symptomatic relief,  Authentic Freedom provides a framework upon which you are empowered to cultivate a deep and abiding peace and a fulfilling life.  The Authentic Freedom tool kit includes:

  • Accessible meditation and contemplation practices
  • Cognitive learning
  • Creative expression
  • Confidential engagement
  • Movement practices
  • Guided imagery
  • Archetypal tools including:  The Myers-Briggs personality profile, The Enneagram
  • Dreamwork
  • Soundwork (mantra, chant, music)
  • Energy work
  • Ritual

Authentic Freedom is accomplished one-on-one through Spiritual Direction/Mentoring and in group settings through classes, retreats and workshops.

Become an Authentic Freedom Facilitator

If you are a therapist, counselor, medical doctor, massage therapist, Reiki practitioner, holistic wellness practitioner, yoga instructor, minister, life-coach, or just plain passionate about human evolution and our longing for transformation, Authentic Freedom would be a powerful tool to have at your disposal.  As an Authentic Freedom facilitator, you have the flexibility of sharing this resource with clients and students one-on-one, in a classroom setting, through workshops and retreats and even through online forums.  To learn more about becoming an Authentic Freedom Facilitator, click HERE.

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Church without Separation

Today’s blog invites us to explore what “church” might look like if we were to set aside our perceived separations and judgments of each other. 

Dreaming a Big Dream

Today’s blog continues the discussion of Jesus’ teachings about love and the invitation to Oneness.  If we really believe that we are One with God as Jesus came to understand and live in that love as Jesus commanded, then even our religious affiliations become suspect.  Does this mean we have to throw our religious upbringing, beliefs and practices out with the bathwater?  I don’t think so.   I have been accused of being a dreamer and of living in a pie in the sky world….but indulge me as I dream a big dream of what church might look like if we set aside our separations and decided to live from a place of love:

Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged

First, we would stop judging.  We would stop judging our beliefs as right and everyone else’s as wrong.  Instead, we would seek the love and truth that is inherent in EVERY religious tradition and honor this as sacred.  We would seek to know more about each other, seek to understand the beliefs behind our practices and recognize that we are really not different from each other, we are merely learning how to love in the best way that we know how through the beliefs and practices we were taught.

Before pointing out the speck in your brother’s eye…

When we are tempted to point out the non-loving actions of another person’s faith, we will instead look within our own traditions for all of the ways we are non-loving.  We will accept responsibility for our own temptation to judge, criticize, condemn, hold ourselves up as better or more saved and work toward fixing our own problems.  We will examine our own practices and doctrines for the gaps between love and fear and work toward mending those gaps.  We will examine the places in our own traditions where we create separation and work toward bringing that into Oneness.

For Those with Eyes to See

We will recognize that each person’s journey toward love is unique and that we all get there eventually and in our own time.  We will open our eyes to the truth inherent in every religion and the love that resides in the hearts of every person.  We will attune our vision to seeing this love and this truth and honor it as sacred thereby allowing ourselves to see past the perceived separations.

Keep Holy The Sabbath Day

If we set aside the perceived separations between our religious practices and traditions, we would honor every religion’s chosen practices as sacrament – a vehicle through which we give honor to God and are open to God’s grace.  We would baptize, receive communion, confess our sins, lay teffilin, recite our mantras, whirl our dervishes, attend sweat lodge, call in the four directions, etc.  recognizing that all are valid and honored ways of connecting more deeply with love.

Heal the Sick, Clothe the Naked, Feed the Hungry, Set Captives Free

We will recognize that in every religious tradition is the call to serve.  We will work together for the common good and do so from a place of respect, honor, acceptance and love.

5) I believe in One God

By whatever name you call it!  If we really believe in ONE GOD, then when are we ever NOT worshipping this God….no matter what the individual religious traditions choose to call that God?  Whether we call this God: Abba, YHWH, Elohim, Allah, Allaha, Brahma, Rama, Krishna, Christ, Shekinah, Asherah, Radha, Durga, Mata, Pele, Kali, Adonai, Apollo, Ganesha, Lakshmi, Innana, etc. etc. etc.  we will honor every name as sacred and a reflection of that which NONE OF US can ever really name or experience fully.

Teachers and Sons of God

Here’s the tricky one.  Every religion has its teacher and every religion wants to say their teacher is the best, the only one, the chosen one, the anointed one, the Son/Daughter of God.  What would happen if for just a moment, we set aside our temptation to separate – to believe that we are right and everyone else is wrong and gave honor to every teacher as bearing a seed of truth?  What if we were open to the possibility that God sends us many teachers….teachers for every ethnic group, religion, culture and condition? And…what if we can say that Jesus is the Messiah and that the Buddha, Mohammad, Moses, Krishna, etc. etc. etc. are also Messiah’s in their own right?  What if everyone is right and no one is wrong?  I know, the earth might come to an end…..but it is a question worth asking.

In the Words of a Great Prophet

The challenge is: What if we could love so much that we no longer had to accept our way as the only way and that there might be truth in all of it? I believe that this kind of mutual honor and respect is possible when we set aside our perceived separations and live in the Oneness that all great teachers have invited us into.   As one modern prophet once said:

“You may say that I’m a dreamer….but I’m not the only one.

I hope some day you’ll join me and the world will live as one.”

Help support the creation of church without separation by becoming an Authentic Freedom Facilitator.  Click Here for more information. 

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries

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Questioning the “Law of Attraction”

Questions about the pop-culture phenomenon known as “The Law of Attraction” aka “The Secret.”  Sometimes, I think “success” and “failure” have nothing to do with our beliefs, thoughts, attitudes and are simply a matter of dumb luck!  What matters is what we do with the life that we have been given.

Being Faced with a Challenge

This weekend, I had the great opportunity to attend a yoga workshop and Kirtan event with teacher, musician and Kirtan facilitator, Wade Imre Morissette.  Before we began the Kirtan, Wade invited us to choose an intention for our prayer.  The first word that popped into my mind was abundance.  But as I sat with that word, it was quickly replaced with worthiness.  Worthiness….the one word I have perhaps wanted most to really embrace and believe in my life.  I really want to believe I am worthy of all the things I want in my life:  Worthy of a fulfilling and prosperous career.  Worthy of a deep and abiding love.  Worthy of loving friendships, good health, happiness, etc. etc. etc.  And I wondered, is this why I have not achieved the financial success that I desire in my business (it is already overwhelmingly fulfilling!)?  Do I not believe I am worthy of financial success?  This is what the “Law of Attraction” would tell me.  “If you are not prosperous, in the job you want and love, in a relationship that is loving, fulfilling, uplifting, mutually supportive, etc. etc. etc.  it is because YOUR THOUGHTS ARE WRONG.  Well, if the “Law of Attraction says so….”   So, I offered up my prayer, “Please God, help me to feel worthy so that I may receive the financial abundance that I need to fulfill my dreams of helping others through my abundance.”  Then……I heard someone slam their foot upon the heavenly brakes and the squealing of tires that could only mean 30 pounds of tread just got left behind on Heaven’s highway.

What if The Law of Attraction is NOT?

Wait a minute…….I heard the thoughts gathering in my head.  I know all kinds of people who have a boatload of money.  Some who worked very hard for it.  Some whose spouse worked very hard for it.  Some who seemed to accumulate it by accident.  Do all these people believe that they are worthy?  HECK NO!!!!  In fact many of these people are plagued by self-doubt, self-loathing, self-deprecation.  So, if these people who are so much better off financially than I am and struggle even more with worthiness than I do….WHAT GIVES?????  According to “The Law of Attraction,” belief and thought equals attainment.  If you believe you deserve it, if you believe you are worthy, then you will get it.  AND…..if you don’t have it, it is because you believed or thought wrongly. YOU are the creator and the source of your manifestation (or lack thereof).  At the end of the day, good or bad…..IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT!  To put it bluntly….I think that’s CRAP!

Sh…t   Happens

Sometimes, I just think that sh….t happens.  Some people are rich.  Some are poor.  Some have fulfilling careers.  Some do not.  Some find loving partnership easily.  Some search and search and never find it.  And, I find it really hard to believe that all those that DO NOT have what they want professionally, financially and personally do not have it because their thoughts or beliefs are wrong.  If that were the case, then none of us would really have what we want because  no one thinks all good things all day every day and most of us grew up in some sort of dysfunction that colors our beliefs and perceptions – sometimes negatively.  Not to mention, we are all born into the world with a unique lens through which we see, perceive and experience our human experience.  Not to get all Trent Reznor (one of my favorite nihilists) on you….but at the end of the day, perhaps a lot of it is just DUMB LUCK.

The Real Secret

So, if life is just a matter of chaotic, unordered, unpredictable events and bad things happen to good people, regardless of how they think or believe, now what?  WELCOME TO THE HUMAN CONDITION!  And……it doesn’t have to be “Life sucks and then you die.”  Are bad things going to happen to us?  Are the things we think we want sometimes elusive?  Will there be suffering and loss.  YOU BET.  AND…..we don’t have to allow it to destroy us!  This is the real secret that all the greatest spiritual teachers came to remind us.  Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, The Buddha, Yogananda, Babaji, Amma, the Dalia Lama, all come with the same message.  “The Human condition is the human condition.  And….suffering is optional.”  And……they have all left us tools with which we can SURVIVE, endure, transcend, make it through the stuff that life sometimes hands us:  sacred writings, words of wisdom, spiritual practices and rituals, etc. etc. etc.  Thanks to those who have gone before us, we have EVERYTHING we need to survive and maybe even ENJOY the human experience.  (Imagine that!)  Thanks to these teachers, we can stop worrying so much about how our thoughts or beliefs are dictating the condition of our lives, let go of the guilt over how it must somehow be our fault and focus on the tools that lead us to the peace and love of God.  And this peace and love of God is there for EVERYONE regardless of what we have, believe or think.

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries

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Jesus Out with the Bathwater?

Today’s blog explores the searching stage of spiritual development and how for many Christians, Jesus gets lost along the way…..but more importantly, why Jesus is still relevant and why we don’t need to set him aside in our quest for spiritual fulfillment.

Questioning, Asking, Challenging our childhood beliefs

I believe that the searching stage of spiritual development is absolutely critical to becoming spiritually and emotionally mature adults (and all the experts on spiritual growth like Fowler and Maslow, etc. agree with me).   The searching stage of spiritual development is when we start asking the questions, challenging dogma, doctrine, rules, wanting to find reason in mystery and wanting to believe in something that we can believe in because it resonates with me, not just because I am told to do it.  The searching stage is when we start looking both within and outside the religions of our youth for that which speaks to our heart, that which nourishes and feeds us and that which might have a bit of reason added to it.  Searching is healthy, necessary and exciting and eventually leads us to spiritual fulfillment and ultimately to our life purpose and mission.  If we don’t search, we are doomed to be a pew potato, doing what we are told and believing what we believe because someone told us to.  And for any churchs out there reading this blog, you really want your members to be more than blindly obedient – mature disciples give and serve WITHOUT being asked because it flows naturally out of who they are and who they have become.

Ripe with Opportunity, Ripe with Dangers

As the symbol of the ouroborus suggests, this time of searching is ripe with opportunities and ripe with dangers.  The opportunities are there to learn and to grow, to mature and evolve.  The dangers, however, require a stout and courageous heart.  Sometimes in the searching, we find that the religion of our youth no longer fits who we truly are.  This is only a danger, however, if we are unduly attached to our childhood religion (which many of us are) or to the approval of our tribe (parents, clergy, members of the community, etc.).  The greatest danger, however, in this searching phase of spiritual growth, however, is really the danger to the religious institutions to which we had been affiliated.  It is for this reason that most religious institutions DO NOT provide the tools, the permission, the processes by which members can effectively searched.  They are afraid that if we search, we will no longer be obedient, and that we might leave.  And people are……in droves.  (What would happen if our religious institutions actually gave us permission, tools and proceeses for the searching stage of spiritual development?  Might we be grateful for their support, openness and acceptance and find a way to make the faith of our childhood our own?????  HMMMMMM  I wonder!!!)   For men and women raised in Christian traditions, however, there is an even more catastrophic danger in this searching stage and a frequent casualty that makes me really sad.

How Jesus Got Dumped

The catastrophic danger and resulting casualty that I am referring to is the loss of Jesus.  There are so many people I know who were raised in Christian traditions, start their searching stage of spiritual development (largely without the support of their church), find fulfillment and meaning in practices from the East (yoga, zen meditation, tai chi, etc.) or in the rituals of Wicca or Native American spirituality,  and decide that Jesus is no longer relevant and might even be ridiculous.  This makes me really sad!  Why do we have to throw Jesus out with the bathwater?  Even though the religion of our youth may no longer speak to us or we have found fulfillment in other traditions and practices, that doesn’t mean that Jesus wasn’t a profound teacher, healer and spiritual leader.  Just because our religions have often twisted Jesus’ teachings to further their power agendas doesn’t mean his teachings are not relevant to our spiritual growth and development.

Bringing Jesus Back

People might think me insane, but I think it is time to bring Jesus back!  To restore him to his rightful place as teacher, healer, prophet, spiritual leader, way-shower.  Bringing Jesus back does not mean we have to believe he’s the messiah, was raised from the dead,  or even the Son of God… just means that we can look beyond the constructs of doctrine and institutional manipulations and see the man for who he really was – a man of purpose who tried to teach us how to love.  I know it is really cool these days to give honor to the Buddha, the Hindu dieties, Pagan gods and goddesses, (which all deserve their place of honor) but do we dare to make it cool to also give honor to Jesus?  I’m going to try it for awhile and see what happens.  Wanna join me?

How is Jesus relevant in your own journey?

What parts of the Jesus message ring as true for you?

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries

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Love or Fear? The Choice is Yours

Today’s blog is inspired by a series of events and experiences that I have observed and confirmed by the following article on the coming of “the Age of Aquarius”  Whether you believe in the idea of a galactic shift or not, we are each given, in every moment of every day the opportunity to choose our life. Do we choose love and truth or fear?  The choice is ours….and the time to choose is NOW!

Mystic Crystal Revelations

Every single spiritual master that has graced this fair planet (Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, The Buddha, The Dalai Lama, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, St. Francis, Osho, Swami Rama, Yogananda, etc. etc. etc. ) attained the same understanding:  “All we need is love.”  Then they went out to share this truth with the world.  These teachers acknowledged THE common longing among human beings….and that is the longing to know love and to know peace.  Fear, they knew was the obstacle to knowing peace and love, and they shared with their students (and the rest of the world with them) specific tools for healing and releasing fear so that all could know the joyful contentment they had come to know within themselves.

And the Minds True Liberation

The key to knowing the love and the peace known by these spiritual masters is CHOICE!  And it is a matter of CHOICE.  Because of the nature of the human condition, peace and love are not likely to show up on their own.  Yes, we have fleeting glimpses of the love and the peace that we are, without ever picking up a spiritual text or engaging in a spiritual practice.  If, however, we want peace and love that will endure and if we want to more forward in our human journey in spite of the reality of fear, then we have to CHOOSE peace and love.  It is in choosing love over fear, truth over ego, peace over anxiety, joy over despair that we are liberated from the bondage of the human condition.  We find freedom when we choose love.  We find expansiveness when we know joy.  We find contentment when we cultivate peace.

Then Peace Will Guide the Planets and Love Will Steer the Stars

According to those that follow the science of astrology, November 11, 2011 marks the beginning of “The Age of Aquarius.”  Whether or not we believe in the “prophecies” about the significance of this planetary line up, one message is clear and it is clear for all of eternity……the time to choose is NOW.  If you want love, peace, joy, harmony and understanding, sympathy and trust abounding, no more falsehood or derision…..CHOOSE IT!  Stop allowing fear to run your life.  Choose love.  Choose peace.  Choose joy.  And support that choice through sound spiritual practice.  And if you need additional support, read my book 🙂  Authentic Freedom – Claiming a Life of Contentment and Joy!

Hippie Prophets

The song, “The Age of Aquarius” by the Fifth Dimension is the very first song I ever remember hearing as a child and THE song that touched me in a deeply impactful and significant way.  When I first heard the song….I believed it.  I knew this was where we were being led as human beings and I knew that we would see the words of that song manifest in our lifetimes.  For whatever reason, this song has become the guiding principle of my life and I truly believe that the Divine was speaking to me in some way through this song.  So….without further ado:  Let the Sunshine in!

What are the fears that stand as obstacles to your own inner peace?

How can you begin to choose love, peace, joy, instead of fear?

What spiritual practices or inspirational texts help you to stay grounded in peace and love?

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries

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The Reformer’s Curse

Each of us are gifted at birth with a certain lens through which we are programmed to view the world and our life experiences.  Sadly, this lens is at once a gift and a curse.  Today’s blog explores the lens of the reformer/perfectionist…one I know all too well!

I Have Come to Save the Day – The Messiah and Superhero Complex

As much as I wish it were otherwise, I am not Jesus, or the Buddha or even Wonder Woman or Almighty Isis for that matter.  I am just little ole Lauri plagued with the lens of the reformer/perfectionist.  (For more on the reformer/perfectionist or the other eight temperments on the Enneagram scale, go to: )  As such, I have grown up with the kind of eyes that see all the places in the world where “it could be better,” “certainly there is another way,” “I could do it better than they…”  The place where has been most obvious and most painful (except my mother would probably argue this) is in regards to my relationship with the Catholic Church.  As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog…..I love my Catholic faith and it is because of this love that I want to see it get better….be better…do better.  But as a friend recently pointed out….Who am I fooling?  The Catholic Church has done just fine without me for 2000+ years and it certainly isn’t going to change just because little Lauri Lumby thinks it should.  But……that is not to say that I haven’t spent a fair amount of time beating my head against the wall hoping for change.  Around 4 years ago I finally recognized the futility of those hopes, dreams, compulsions…….and released my personal mission to “save the Catholic Church.”   Yes, I still like to get up on my soapbox and pontificate on all the “sins” of the Institution, but in truth, I know they are not going to change and I get that.   But….that doesn’t mean that I don’t keep working for reform in the tiny little universe over which I have any kind of control or influence (and even that is arguable)……and that is within MYSELF!

Reforming the church in my own tiny universe!

So, instead of beating my head against the doors of the Institution, I am creating “reform” right here in my own backyard.  Tired of waiting for the Church to do what I want it to do (ha ha), I offer the things I had hoped the Church would one day incorporate into its ministries, but has not.  The funny thing is that all the things I offer are things that the US Catholic Bishops have called for, but most parishes have not implemented – ie: Spiritual Formation for adults leading them toward Stewardship (see:  The Bishops’ documents on Stewardship, “Sons and Daughters of Light,” “Our Hearts Were Burning within Us.”  All documents which outline and call for these plans. ).  Now, in defense of the Institution, many parishes are offering religious formation (ie: doctrine) for adults….but is mostly stops there.  I’m sure there are exceptions to this rule…..and I am humble enough (on some days) to acknowledge this.  What sets me apart from anything being done on an institutional level, however, is that the tools and formation I provide specifically give people tools through which they are empowered to reason, discern and exercise truth…..their own truth as revealed to them personally and intimately in their connection with God.  I figure the only way to have effective stewardship is to empower spiritual maturity which only comes AFTER a period of questioning, challenging, seeking, discerning.  I’m comfortable holding space for that time of seeking and questioning.

The Larger Vision

Of course, as a “Reformer,” my visions don’t stop in my living room.  In fact, I see a larger, longer range vision where someday the work I am doing will be enfolded in a larger, more compassionate, more expansive expression of my Catholic/Christian faith…..but I doubt if that will happen in my lifetime.  So, I am content in letting the Catholic Church keep doing what it is doing (but not without a fair bit of poking and prodding on my part!) and I will continue doing what I am doing – with my lasso of truth in hand, and my bullet-proof bracelets ready (to defend the bullets of the self-appointed inquisition) I do the best job I can of discerning God’s call for me and authentically standing in that truth….whatever that might be.

What tools do you use for discerning truth?

Where do you find yourself caught up in the reformers curse?

How do you find acceptance of “what is” while still standing in your truth?


Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries

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Ranting on the Divine

So, what does one do on the path of Spiritual Growth when it feels like you’ve tried everything, nothing is working and impatience and frustration have taken over?  What does one do when despair is knocking on the door and you are tempted to throw in the towel?????   Maybe it is time for a good old fashion “take-down match” with God.

I Hit the Wall

I admit it, I am human.  While I accompany others in their own journey of spiritual growth and healing, teach classes in spiritual practices that help us navigate the path of our lives and encourage others to seek, cultivate and share their spiritual gifts in the world, I am apparently not immune to my own struggles along this path.  This week has proven to be a WTF week.  Here’s the rundown:

  • I’m on week 9 of a sometimes debilitating upper respiratory virus complete with gargantuan coughing spells, asthma symptoms, body aches, exhaustion, congestion, etc. etc. etc.   I’ve been to the doctor twice and to an alternative health care practitioner and TRIED EVERYTHING.   I”M SICK AND TIRED OF BEING SICK AND TIRED!
  • The divorce that started last April has DONE NOTHING.  No movement.  It feels like it is hanging in mid-air, just hanging up there taunting me.
  • Some things have happened in my personal life (that I will keep close to my heart) that have kicked my emotional ass.
  • The flow of abundance has STOPPED.  No, not just stopped, it has gone completely in reverse.  I stand here helpless as I watch the financial security I need to move forward in my life dart and run, then taunt and tease me, while the seeming financial security we have enjoyed flows right down the toilet, taking all of us with it.
  • As I’m trying to grow my business, writing this blog, working with marketing experts, etc. I watch it slowing and stagnating, making me question…..have I gotten this wrong all along?  Am I really supposed to be doing this?
  • When I attempt to explore complementary financial options, the universe closes (no, SLAMS) the door in my face.


Trying the Usual Tools

So, as this has all been unfolding, I have done what I teach others to do.  I have prayed, meditated, tried journaling, engaged in movement meditation, etc. etc. etc.  I have employed every spiritual tool at my disposal to be open to receiving the Divine direction, comfort, support, etc. that I know is there.  And here are the answers that I am getting:

  • You are on the right path
  • You are doing the right thing
  • Everything is in perfect Divine timing
  • Be patient
  • Trust
  • You are being taken care of
  • All your needs are being met
  • You do not need to get “another job”, you are doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing and the financial support is coming.

Again, WTF??????

Ranting at the Divine

Normally, I find comfort, affirmation, peacefulness in the answers that I have been getting in my prayer.  Yesterday, not so much.  Not so much, in fact, that I had a panic attack on the way to a business meeting.  Panic attack?????  While I have a history of depression and panic attack, I have not had one in over three years.   Ok, God, you want to play rough…..get ready, because I have had it!!!!!  So, here is what I did.  Last night, just before drifting off to sleep, I lined ’em up.  I called them all in – God, Jesus, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Michael the Archangel, Joan of Arc, Hildegard of Bingen, St. Bernadette, St. Francis and Clare, Theresa of Avila, John of the Cross, Melchezidek, Krishna, Radha, the Buddha, all my ancestors….and anyone else I could name and I gave them what-for:

“Alright, I’ve had it!!!!!!   You guys show up and tell me I’m supposed to be a vessel of God’s healing love in the world.  You download a curriculum of Spiritual Formation into my mind and ask me to teach it.  You give me the Christouch system of natural healing and you ask me to teach that.  You lead me to all these amazing teachers, tools, opportunities to learn, to grow and to heal and you ask me to in turn share these with others.  You lead me to writing teachers and ask me to write…books and this blog.  You tell me all my needs will be met as I freely and openly share these gifts and tools with others.  I’ve done everything you have asked of me.  I have followed all the trails you have set out for me.  I have calmly (ok, not always) accepted all the challenges that have come with following these trails.  I have tended the ground, planted and watered the seeds, obediently accepted every invitation you have offered me.  Now, what have you given me in return?   Sickness.  Heartache.  Financial struggles.  Stagnation.  Now, I need your help!!!!!!  (I pleaded)  I can’t do this alone!  ( I begged)  Here’s the deal…..Either you step up to the plate and start doing what Divine helpers are supposed to be doing – HELPING!!!!!…..or….step off!”

Then I clapped the dust off my hands, stomped the dirt off my feet, turned and walked away.  I’ll let you know if they bother to answer!

When have you wanted to enter into a take-down match with God?

What tools do you have at your disposal for moments of overwhelm, despair, fear?

Are you ok with getting angry with God and giving God what-for?

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries

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A Prayer for Compassion and Peace on 9/11

My heart breaks as I observe the religious intolerance and violence done “in the name of God.”  When people believe it is ok to burn the Quran or protest the building of a house of worship simply because it is a Mosque, I am saddened and confused.  If we are to follow the teachings of all the great prophets – Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, the Buddha, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr. it seems that the overriding message is compassion and love.  So today, in commemoration of 9/11, I offer this immortal prayer for peace from another great prophet – John Lennon:

Imagine there’s no Heaven
It’s easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace

You may say that I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world

You may say that I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will live as one

And here is the link to the YouTube video if you wish to listen to these immortal words.

Peace to us all.

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries