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National Event – The Many Faces of Mary Magdalene

Please join me in sharing the news of the first ever national, month-long event dedicated to Mary Magdalene.  Details below! 



First ever national, month-long event

July 7-August 3 in Houston, Texas


Brigid’s Place is pleased to announce The Many Faces of Mary Magdalene, a monumental, first-ever, month-long festival held at Christ Church Cathedral and The Jung Center from July 7-August 3, 2015.  The festival will be open to the public and the offerings will include lectures, workshops, and a month-long art show in the Cloister Gallery at Christ Church Cathedral.  A complete list of programs is below.

For centuries, Mary Magdalene has been portrayed as the penitent sinner or as a weeping woman scorned in the western world because of a homily given by Pope Gregory in 591 C.E. This vision of Mary belies her true identity, and this summer, The Many Faces of Mary Magdalene, will reshape the legacy of Mary Magdalene and tell her true story. Through offerings of art, historical scholarship, spiritual practices, and dynamic teaching, a contemporary vision of the Magdalene will emerge capable of empowering us all.  In a world that hasn’t yet learned to respect all peoples, the story of Mary Magdalene can lead the way.

An important component of the Festival will be an art exhibit that will encourage both artists and viewers to look at Mary Magdalene differently — as the beloved disciple of Jesus and a woman of great wisdom and power.  Artists nationwide are encouraged to submit works of art to Re-IMAGE-ing Mary Magdalene;  there will be cash prizes and the deadline to enter is June 1, 2015. The art exhibit will run from July 7-August 3, 2015 with a launch party on Friday, July, 10th from 7-9pm.

The featured event of the festival will be the Mary Magdalene Presentation and Workshop with Dr. Kayleen Asbo on July 23-25, 2015. Internationally renowned lecturer Dr. Kayleen Asbo, cultural historian, musician, writer and teacher, will weave together myth, history, and the arts with experiential learning during a two evening presentation and labyrinth walk, followed by a day-long workshop. Dr. Asbo has been a guest lecturer and presenter at Oxford University in England, the Assisi Institute of Depth Psychology Conference in Italy, and the Graduate Theological Union in Berkley among many other prestigious institutions. She presents a fascinating account of Mary Magdalene, combining a scholarly approach clothed in mysticism. Brigid’s Place will partner with The Jung Center for the Thursday night presentation.

Rev. Betty Adam, founder of Brigid’s Place and author of The Magdalene Mystique: Living the Spirituality of Mary Today, believes that The Gospel of Mary – a historical document that was found in a Cairo marketplace in 1896 — has significant implications for spiritual seekers hungry for a new kind of spirituality today. She says, “Written in the early part of the second century in the framework of an ancient world, the Gospel Mary Magdalene is a Gospel of our deepest roots, filled with fresh insights for us today.  It offers a Jesus who teaches that nature is good and that our true nature is rooted in the Good, a Jesus who greets his disciples with his peace and boldly instructs his disciples to “acquire my peace within yourselves.”  It’s this teaching to turn inward into peace that is so remarkable.  It’s a call to come home to our shared humanity and divinity.  Grounded in our original Good, we can develop the peace by starting with ourselves.”

Information about the entire festival and offerings, including ticket prices and sponsorship packages, can be found at





“The Many Faces of Mary Magdalene” Celebration Events:



July 7-August 3, 2015: “Re-IMAGE-ing Mary Magdalene” Art Show

Cloister Gallery, Christ Church Cathedral

1117 Texas Ave., Houston, TX 77002

Open 11am-2pm Weekdays, 8:30am-2pm on Sundays



Brigid’s Place is hosting a “first of its kind” month long art exhibit, from July 7 through August 3, 2015 at the Cloister Gallery of Christ Church Cathedral. Artists nationwide are invited to submit artwork that “re-images” Mary Magdalene as a woman “capable of turning hearts toward the good.” For too many centuries Mary Magdalene has been portrayed as a penitent sinner, but her true identity is one of the beloved disciples of Christ. The art show will provide artists from Houston and around the country the opportunity to visually represent Mary’s true identity and restore her legacy in this ground breaking festival!  Brigid’s Place will be accepting art submissions through June 1 from artists nationwide to select a total of 24 artists’ pieces. The selection will be a juried exhibit with three prizes and a city-wide reception.


July 10, 2015, 7-9pm: “Re-IMAGE-ing Mary Magdalene” Art Show Reception

Cloister Gallery, Christ Church Cathedral

1117 Texas Ave., Houston, TX 77002



Join Brigid’s Place, exhibition artists, festival supporters, community members, and many more for a night of festivity, celebration, and joy as we launch the month-long Many Faces of Mary Magdalene festival with a cocktail reception and art show unveiling of the many images of Mary Magdalene submitted by artists from the Houston area and nationwide. The evening will include brief remarks about the life of Mary Magdalene, information about the art exhibition, the upcoming events weekend celebration with Dr. Kayleen Asbo, and fabulous food! An event not to be missed!


July 23, 2015, 7pm: “Everywoman: Mary Magdalene as the Mirror of the Archetypal Feminine” lecture

The Jung Center

5200 Montrose Blvd., Houston, TX 77006

$15 Jung Center Members, $20 Non-members


Dr. Kayleen Asbo will trace the evolving path of the Mary Magdalene myth across history and culture to show how her story reflects elements of the archetypal feminine in this multi-disciplinary evening. In her influential essay “Structural Aspects of the Feminine Psyche”, Carl Jung’s longtime collaborator and lover Toni Wolff articulated four archetypal aspects of the feminine: the Mother, Heteira, Amazon and Medial (or Mystic). Despite a brief, narrow and very consistent depiction of Mary Magdalene in the New Testament as a faithful witness and disciple, the mythic Mary Magdalene has adopted elements of each and every one of Wolff’s archetypes in different periods of history through art, literature, legend and drama. The evening will be spent exploring the surprising history of how Mary Magdalene has carried the shadow of each successive age in her evolving image–and the group will discuss how the current fascination with Mary Magdalene as “Mrs. Jesus” may be revealing the unconscious collective yearnings of our own time.


July 24-25, 2015: Mary Magdalene Workshop with Dr. Kayleen Asbo (Friday, 7-9pm and Saturday, 9am-6pm)

Christ Church Cathedral, Reynolds Hall

1117 Texas Ave., Houston TX 77002

$145 (Feb. 9-April 31, 2015)

$197 (May 1-July 17, 2015)

$235 (July 18-July 25, 2015)

Seating is Limited, Register Early

Registration Includes:

Entrance to all sessions

Refreshments Friday Evening, Saturday Morning

Saturday Lunch, Light Reception Saturday Evening

Parking in Cathedral Garage


Mary Magdalene stands at the very heart of the Christian contemplative tradition, and also transcends all religious boundaries. Her composite picture from scripture reveals a woman of courage able to witness profound suffering and yet also open new life, joy and hope.  For many contemporary seekers, Mary Magdalene represents an archetypal figure who points the way to a deeply embodied spiritual pathway that affirms the goodness of creation and the wisdom that can be found within the depths of each human heart. In this two-day workshop, we will:


-Explore the Mary Magdalene of history, through scripture and her profound and lasting impact on the contemplative tradition, particularly within French Orthodox and Benedictine monastic communities.


-Discover the Mary Magdalene of art, music and myth through a slideshow of over 300 masterworks from across the centuries.


-Celebrate Mary Magdalene as an archetypal figure of anthropos, a fully realized human being of great spiritual power who points the way to integration and wholeness, particularly as revealed in the Gospel of Mary.


– Engage in the ancient contemplative practices that connect us with our own inner wisdom: chanting psalms, Lectio Divina and walking the labyrinth