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Current World Changes – Preparing for the BIG BANG

Today’s blog arrives with a sense of urgency.  The world is changing….and we are feeling it in every part of our being.  We are being SQUEEZED in preparation for the BIG BANG…..catapulting…..rocketing us into a whole new world….a world that we get to choose – the current world rooted in fear or a more loving world rooted in unity consciousness.  What will you choose!?


It’s Getting Crowded in Here – the sensation of current world changes

I don’t know about you, but things are feeling tighter and tighter and tighter every day. On one hand are the forces of the outside, 3D world growing in fear, chaos and disorder.  On the other hand are the very real inner 5D forces SQUEEZING, COMPRESSING, PULLING everything we are and everything we have INWARD.  Since we are being invited to detach from the 3D world as it struggles with its death throes (by all means, continue to hold the 3D world in love and prayer), the focus of today’s blog will be on what is going on within us as we transition from the 3D(duality) to 5D (unity consciousness) world.

In short….we are being made ready for the BIG BANG! In a very real physical (as in physics) sense, we are being COMPRESSED.  All of the parts of ourself – our body, our mind, our spirit, are being pulled together, squeezed tight, sucked closer and closer and in this process of compression, much is falling away.  All that has not served us in the world of dualism (deprivation, anxiety, feeling unsupported, unacknowledged, misunderstood, lack, and the resulting compulsions that arise out of fear – gluttony, power and control, wrath, the need for revenge, hatred, envy, greed, sloth and pride) is being sloughed away.  Jobs that have not supported us (or cultural paradigm that haven’t supported our work), relationships that have been unfulfilling, tasks that have been life-sucking….are all being expunged.

Currently, this experience is leaving many of us feeling a little on edge. Really…how many old wounds, past hurts, unhealthy attachments, old scripts, unhealed fears do we have to encounter to finally be free of them?  It feels like they are reappearing and reappearing with a vengeance….ultimately so that we can finally BE DONE with them!  Be gone!  Out damn spot, out I say!  We are being made clean and in the cleansing being compressed…..squeezed inward toward the very center of our being so that only a tiny spark of ourselves and the life we have known remains.  The good news….is that what remains is THE GOOD STUFF – our highest truth….filled with our soul’s purpose and the life we were meant to live.  And in the center of the good stuff is the promise of love, contentment and peace and a life filled with meaning, and fulfilling in its purpose.

As Newtonian physics explains, with every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This compression that we are currently experiencing WILL NOT go on forever.  Eventually, critical mass will be reached and what is being compressed will EXPLODE.  This explosion, however, is not for the purpose of our annihilation, but for the purpose of propelling us……powerfully and quickly into the new world.  We are being compressed so as to fit through the proverbial wormhole that will catapult us into the new world and it is the equal and opposite reaction of this compression that will provide the fuel for the journey.  Quite literally, we will rocket forth from the world of duality into the world of non-duality….or more inclusively, into the world of unity consciousness.

Until critical mass occurs and we are rocketed forth into the new world, the invitation is to SIT TIGHT. Cease from judging what is showing up in your life and in your consciousness.  Allow yourself to simply observe, without judgment, and participate where necessary.  Take responsibility for what is yours and LET GO of the rest.  Cultivate equanimity in the ups and downs of the compression and let yourself get small.  Be ready and willing to LET GO of what is no longer life giving and of what no longer supports your true self.  Release that which is not supportive of your true power and be freed of the old patterns that have not served.  Most importantly, let go of any feelings or false-perceptions based in lack, undeservedness, scarcity or poverty of body, mind or spirit, because in the world of unity consciousness, the fullness of your power will be made known and you will experience freedom beyond measure!  Hang on tight and get ready for a … ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two one……BLAST OFF!

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Black Holes and Super Novas

Are you feeling compressed, constricted, tight?  Do previously important things in your life seem to be falling away?  Have you been given recent opportunities to let go, shed, release certain aspects, relationships, jobs, etc. in your life?  If so, today’s blog is for you.  (including a special treat of musical accompaniment!  )

Living Dead Girl

As I mentioned in my blog of June 4th, Letting Go,  the past six months have been a time of departures.  Roles that I have claimed for the past 20 years, titles I have assigned to myself, jobs, my place in the world, a love relationship, perceived financial support, etc. etc. etc. have all been dropping like flies.  SIGH!  When in April this process brought me to my knees and I was feeling a little like a Living Dead Girl, I brought this to prayer and asked God, “What is this all about?”  The answer was loud and clear:  “Doors are closing so that new and better ones may be open: ones more reflective of who you are and and who I am calling you to be, ones more reflective of the love and the joy that you are now, ones more reflective of how I have uniquely made you to reveal my love, contentment and joy in the world, and ones that will bear greater fruit.”  Ok, doors are closing so that new ones can open.  Receiving these words gave me a measure of peace and have helped me to weather this constant releasing, releasing, releasing and the grief that comes with every opportunity for release.  But in truth, I’m starting to get a little tired from all this releasing and all this grieving.  Come on God, give a girl a break!

Supermassive Black Hole

Just when I think I have reached my limit of releasing and grieving, I asked God again, Can you throw me a line dude?  I’m gettin tired over here!  Again, God was happy to answer, this time with an image.  The image was of a black hole…..and the black hole is me.  I am being drawn more and more deeply into the deepest part of my inner self, compressed and squeezed, collapsing into myself.  As I am sucked deeper and deeper into the black hole, all that no longer serves, all that is no longer reflective of who I am and who I am called to be, all that is no longer life-giving or reflective of the love and joy that I now know within myself, all of these things are being squeezed out of me and released into the universe to be transformed.  And man o man can I feel the PRESSURE of this vacuum-packing!!!!!!!  I feel tight, constricted, barely able to breathe, sometimes too compressed to move or think.  It is the strangest and sometimes most maddening feeling.  Throw a little grief-inspired depression into the mix with all the releasing and you get a sense of the darkness that exists within this black hole.  The good news is that the black hole is not the end of the journey….as God reminded me, it is only the beginning!

New Universes, New Worlds and Super Novas

What God showed me next is that on the otherside of the black hole, actually deep, deep, deep within its core is the doorway into new worlds and a new universe.  After all the compressing, when the black hole has collapsed into itself, it turns inside out and a new doorway emerges.  Now, all the pressure that has built up from all the collapsing, compressing and constricting can no longer contain itself and explodes in the BIG BANG!!!!!!!   In a massive explosion, far beyond what any of us could possibly imagine, a SUPERNOVA erupts, exploding out in all directions, out into eternity in fact and in that massive explosion, a new star, a new solar system, a new universe is BORN.  As God showed me in these images, when the BIG BANG comes and the SUPERNOVA is born, I too will be catapulted out into a new life, a new universe, new and more refined roles, new love, new hope, new dreams, new fruitfulness and abundance.

We Share a Common Path – Shiny Happy People!

I share this story because I know that I am NOT the only one being sucked into the black hole in preparation for the BIG BANG and SUPERNOVAS.  It seems that everyone I encounter whether clients, students, companions, friends, loved-ones, fellow-bloggers, etc, etc, etc, EVERYONE seems to be going through some form of compression, release, letting go, shedding.  I also know that God doesn’t give me messages or images to keep them to myself because chances are, others are having similar experiences and are in need of similar re-assurances, support, a life-saver to keep them afloat on this crazy journey toward new worlds, new universes and a new life.  So brothers and sisters, HANG IN THERE……..God has also told me that the time of compressing is coming to an end and that the SUPERNOVAS are soon to erupt, ushering us all into a new life, new hopes and new dreams.  In the meantime, breathe, sleep, dream, NURTURE yourself and your needs, tend your creativity and find a little time for play.  And did I say, breathe?????   PS  A little Lamaze breathing might be appropriate here…..we are in the transition phase of labor and that new life is soon to emerge through the RING OF FIRE.  Here it comes.  Can you feel it?

What are you being invited to release?

How are you experiencing this black hole time?

What are the new things that might be trying to be born in your life?

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries