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The Magdalene as the Holy Bride – Resources

Below is the list of resources that were consulted in the creation and development of our upcoming live course, Mary Magdalene and the Path of the Holy Bride.  Click on the image below to learn more and register for the course.

Mary Magdalene and the Path of the Holy Bride



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Learn more HERE. 




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Sacred Sound – a book review

Twenty-some years ago, I embraced a daily spiritual practice.  Having an active and creative brain, I often found sitting in silence to be difficult, as such, I found myself gravitating toward practices, from the Christian tradition in which I was raised, which first engaged my mind while leading me to peace.  Lectio-Divina and Imagination/contemplation became the foundations of my daily meditation.  That was until I discovered Kirtan.  Kirtan is a chanting practice that comes out of the Bhakti branch of yoga.  Bhakti is also known as the yoga of devotion.  In the practice of Kirtan, one uses mantra and chant to facilitate inner peace and relaxation.  While I have retained the sacred reading of scripture as part of my daily practice, I have found nothing more effective than chant to bring me into the place where I am remembering my Oneness with God and experiencing the depths of Divine love.


In Sacred Sound – discovering the myth and meaning of mantra and kirtan, by Alanna Kaivalya, I have found a fabulous supplement to my kirtan practice.  In this book, Alanna fleshes out the transliterations, translations and spiritual meanings of many of the most honored sacred mantras.  Alanna then provides the Hindu and Buddhist myths that provide the sacred stories out of which the power of these mantras first emerged.  If you have found yourself drawn to chant or have already incorporated mantra into your daily spiritual practice, you will find Sacred Sound to be a great supplement to your practice and a fantastic resource for your spiritual library.

Buy it HERE.

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Fighting Rejection Demons and Opening to Love

One of the greatest fears we face in our human interactions is the fear of rejection.  Today’s blog explores this fear, its roots and some simple practices to help us stay clear of the rejection demons so that we can be open to the love that we are!



The Fear

In my book, Authentic Freedom – Claiming a Life of Contentment and Joy, we explore the seven core spiritual fears that prevent us from living within our truest nature which is one of contentment, love and joy.  The fourth fear, related to our energetic heart center (the heart chakra) is the fear, “I am not loved.”  This fear shows up as the voice in our head that criticizes and condemns us for our perceived weakness, failures and imperfections, as well as the outward projection of this voice in the fear that another person will or has the power to reject us – to withhold love or to take it away all together.


The Very Real Human Need for Love

This fear, “I am not loved,” has arisen as a distortion of the very real human need to know love.  We all know the research – children who are shown love and are treated lovingly fare better in our world.  They develop a healthy self-esteem and a capacity to demonstrate loving and compassionate behavior in the world.  Love Love Love Love Love Love does make the world go ’round.  The problem is that not one human being has experienced the perfection of love within the context of their human relationships and every one of us has known the pain of perceived rejection  at the hands of another.  Because of our very human experiences of rejection and loss, we falsely believe that love is a commodity to be bargained, that we have to earn and can ultimately be denied us.  This is the big lie.


The True Nature of Love

Love, as I explain in Authentic Freedom, is not something outside of us and as much as we want to believe it, love is NOT something that we can give to or receive from another human being.  Rather, LOVE is WHO WE ARE.  Love is our very nature, it cannot be denied, neither can it be earned.  Love just is.  The problem is that we have forgotten this truth and lost touch with the infinite well of love that is our very being.  The rejection demons arise when we have forgotten the love that we are.


The Longing and the Remedy

The good news is that our Divine parent has planted within us a longing for the recollection of that love.  At first, this longing compels us to seek outside of ourselves for love, but when we awaken to our conscious self, we discover that the longing is actually pointing us inward.  The remedy to that longing to know love is to come to know the love that dwells within us in our very being.  The good news is that there are a myriad of spiritual practices that can assist us in the recollection of the love that we are.


Mirror Mirror

As we allow ourselves to be open to discovering and embracing the love that is within us, we find ourselves less bothered by the inner critic or the demon of rejection and more able to simply move through life content and joyful in the love that we are.  We find ourselves less frantic about finding the love outside of us that will “complete us” and more able to simply rest in the love that we are.  And here is the great thing…it does NOT mean that we no longer need the love of another.  As a species, we are relational beings and are programmed to live in community with one another.  When we come to know the love that we are, we find that the intimate relationships in our lives are changed and transformed.  Like a mirror, those relationships that no longer reflect the love that we know within ourselves may fall away, and the new relationships will come into our lives that are reflective of the deep well of love we know within ourselves.  In this way, we can freely and openly share the love that we are while joyfully experiencing the free and open sharing of the love that the other persons know that they are.  Win.   Win.

The Divine Question

As I recently found myself struggling with my own fears of rejection, I brought this struggle into my spiritual practice and received a powerful message from the Divine that I believe may be helpful to you in your own search.  Here were the words that God gifted to me and I now share with you:

Can you be open to receiving all the love that the universe (God)  wants you to have?   

My question to you:  Can YOU be open to remembering the love that you are and can you be open to allowing this infinite and abundant love to be reflected in your intimate human relationships?

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries