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Mary Magdalene’s Plea to the World

My whole entire life, there is only one thing I have ever wanted from you…and that was to be heard.

To have my needs heard so they could be met.

Not just the basic needs for food, clothing and shelter…

But the deeper needs:

  • The need to feel loved.
  • The need to feel safe.
  • The need to feel seen and accepted for who I really am…..all of me.
  • The need to feel supported in all I hoped and dreamed for…especially my vision for the world.


To be heard beyond the physical hearing to the deepest levels and to feel held and supported there:

  • when I was afraid but too afraid to speak it.
  • when I was feeling alone but dared not admit it.
  • when I felt abandoned, rejected, condemned but thought I might die for revealing it.

When I was puzzled because I didn’t fit in, for the simple “infraction” of daring to speak the truth.


To be heard beyond that which is carried by sound:

  • when I felt the excruciating pain of being an outsider and the loneliness of always having to find my place in another new world.
  • when I was poor and in need of help.
  • when I was excruciatingly alone in those years of abuse, where I was silenced and scorned …and when it frightened me to death.
  • during the many nights I cried myself to sleep knowing I was completely and utterly alone with not one soul to help me, but myself.
  • during the decades of existing in this world only by the sheer force of will.
  • during the dark days when it took every force of that will to pull myself out of bed to face another dark day.
  • when I found the courage to choose another path, but was terrified nonetheless.

In those fleeting moments of joy when the world stood still and for just that single moment all was right in the world and I could shout to the world that the words he spoke really were true and that everything was indeed made of love.


During the excruciating heartache and loss that nearly broke me a second time…but which against all odds I survived….and after that loss, having to find a new path with absolutely no map to guide me, in a world that was unable to hear the voice of a woman who spoke only the words given to her which were the words of love.


But now, centuries have past and I find that my desire still remains. In a world that is deaf to the call of love, seeking only words that flatter and praise, in a world that has turned its back on the intuitive sensibilities of women, preferring the warring talk of men, in a world that seeks after the material, condemning anything that might speak of sacrifice so that the needs of all might be met, I find still all I really want is to be heard:


To be heard for who I am.

To be heard for the gifts I bring into the world

And to be heard for the message of love that was once shown to me and that I was asked, in the most painful moment of my life, to carry forth into the world.


Will it be in this lifetime that I am finally heard or will humanity perish because of its inability to hear?


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Little Mermaid Part 2 – Being heard!

Today’s blog explores an on-going struggle.  When we gather enough courage to name, claim, cultivate and freely share our truth, our voice, our needs, desires, passions, hopes, etc.  how do we respond when those with whom we wish to share our voice cannot or will not hear us?



As I penned Wednesday’s blog about Ariel and giving up our voices (our truth, our dreams, our hopes, our passions) for “love”, I had no idea that the receiving function of this dynamic would come at me full boar and slam me into the ground. 

On Wednesday, we were challenged to shift the socialization that makes us believe we have to “shut up and put up” or deny our voice in order to gain “the handsome prince.”  Instead, we were invited to name, claim, cultivate  and generously share our truth, our voice, our dreams, hopes, needs, desires, passions, etc. with the world around us.  I was soon reminded that the universe nevers lets our lessons be incomplete as I was given an opportunity to name and claim my truth, which I did, and discovered that it is all fine and good to name, claim and share our truth….but perhaps the even bigger challenge is getting people to hear our truth.

Without going into all the gory details, suffice it to say that I came face to face with one of those people in my life that no matter how hard I try; no matter how clearly I attempt to name and claim my truth and establish my needs and boundaries – THEY CANNOT HEAR ME.  I found myself completely overwhelmed with frustration and rage as I tried to communicate my needs in the situation only to be met with a blank stare.  Have you ever had one of those situations where you are trying to be heard and the unhearing is so bad that you feel completely insane and begin to wonder if perhaps you are crazy for thinking this truth should be heard, wondering if the truth is even valid and then thinking perhaps the “receiver” is the one that really knows what is right?  Then your mind goes blank, you feel paralyzed and you cannot even begin to defend yourself, speak or argue because the insanity of it all has caused a complete and total system meltdown?  This is how I felt.  The only thing I found I could offer as a response was to go to bed.  I know, pathetic, right?  So, here is the question – what in the heck does one do in these situations?

What do we do when we know our truth and work toward sharing it and the people with whom we want to share these truths cannot hear it or refuse to honor it?  This is a challenging question, because in reality, there will ALWAYS be people who cannot hear or accept our truths.  There will always be people whose ears, hearts and minds will be closed to the truths we feel called to voice in the world.  This is equally true of boundaries…..because naming and claiming our needs and asking for them to be met are equally a part of this discovery and sharing of truth journey.  So…what are we to do with those who cannot hear our truth?

Unfortunately, there is no black and white answer to this quandary.   As we grow as human beings, one of the things we come to understand more and more fully is our own truth, our needs, our gifts, our desires and our passions and we grow in our ability to nurture and share these truths.  Even in a culture where we are socialized to suppress these truths for the sake of “love” or for the sake of another’s needs, if we are tending to our own inner journey….we cannot help but come face to face with our own deepest truths at some point in the process.  When we do, we are invited to own it and stand in it.  AND…..when we do this, ( as my friend Kathy L. states, ) we become “shit disturbers.”  Standing in our truth disturbs the status quo.  Standing in our truth breaks and alters the rules.  Standing in our truth forces change in our intimate and professional relationships.  Some relationships are able to withstand this change.  Some are not. 

So, when we come face to face with those who cannot hear our truth, I guess the answer is

1) try to re-negotiate the relationship (if it is one worth keeping)

2) If the relationship cannot be renegotiated decide if it is one you can accept as is….or

3) Leave it behind.

And take comfort in knowing that as we grow in our ability to name and claim our truths, new relationships will come into our lives that are supportive of our truth, that do honor our boundaries and where each party is interested in being a source of mutual support, compassion, love, etc. for one another.

  • What relationships in your life are supportive of your needs, your truth, your gifts and your dreams?
  • What relationships are not?
  • Which relationships need to be re-negotiated?
  • Which ones are calling to be left behind?
  • What new relationships are coming into your life that ARE open to hearing, honoring and valuing your truth?


Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries/Your Spiritual Truth