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Ethphatah – Be Open, Be Opened!

Exploring the Divine invitation to “be open”…can we let go of our need to manipulate, control, know the outcome? 

I’m sitting here in Minneapolis after a full week of journeying with my parents through my father’s most recent hospitalization.  In a nutshell – in 7 days, nothing has changed, been accomplished, decided or healed.  Dad is no closer to going home than he was a week ago.  On Wednesday, he was going home on Friday, on Friday, it was Sunday, on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday….today….We have NO IDEA!  It is frustrating for me watching nothing get resolved.  I cannot even begin to imagine how my dad must feel sitting all alone (except for when we are able to get there) in 3 West watching TV, reading Zane Grey and hoping for some kind of resolution.  AARRGGHH!

I brought this frustration into my prayer this morning, and soon found my standard, regular-life frustrations added to the mix – divorce, job, house, money, book etc. etc. etc.  As the frustration mounted, I shook my fist at God and pleaded, “WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?”  Well, that darn God decided to answer…..and this was his/her response:



Ha….there it is, God’s response to my frustration – a frustration primarily driven by my need to control and my desire to know the outcome of all the above listed frustrations.  “BE OPEN.”  Talk about a response that brings one to ones knees!  In this response, I am forced to look more closely at my need to control. 

So, today as I journey back to Oshkosh, this will be my prayer:  “BE OPEN.”  I will be open to placing my dad and my family in God’s hands knowing that I have no control over the situation or its outcome.  I will be open to what will unfold in my Oshkosh life, knowing that again….I have no control over the speed, the path or the outcome of all these dang unknowns.  I also hear in this invitation a deeper “BE OPEN” – to be open to what is in my highest good as determined by God….not by me….and be open to whatever that ends up being – whether it is what I expected or not.  Who knows, God just might have some surprises for me!  BE OPEN!

How are you being invited to BE OPEN?

What do you need to let go of (control, manipulation, attachment to outcome) so that you can BE OPEN?

How does being open allow you to BE OPENED?


Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries/YourSpiritualTruth