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The Time of Shadows is Past

Taking a bit of a pause from blogging on midlife and menopause to share a poem that surfaced this week while attending a seminar for my PhD program.  While this poem doesn’t address midlife specifically, it does speak to those who uncover their authentic self, full potential, truth during the midlife journey.  At the same time, I address this specifically to my companions and friends in the contemplative, ascension, Galactic Federation of Light, starseed, lightworker, lightwarrior, healer, seer, intuitive communities….you know who you are.  Happy Full Moon and Autumn Equinox…..a time of opening, unfoldment and stepping into the fullness of our truth.  Blessed be brothers and sisters, blessed be!


The Time of Shadows is Past

The time of shadows is past

And once again we live in the light.

Brothers and Sisters

Healers and Lovers

Misunderstood, wrongly accused, condemned and destroyed.

Judged as heretics.

Burned as witches.

A lifetime of karma, made right in one fell swoop.

Assuming our rightful place of power –

made not of fear,

but begotten of love.

Passionate, peaceful and loving.

No longer obscured by the perception of fear,

Or the veil of ignorance.

Seen at last as the love that we are and

Seek to be in the world.

copyright 2013  Lauri Ann Lumby