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The Mysticism of the Ancient Greek Philosophers

Book Release Announcement: Lost Masters: Rediscovering the Mysticism of the Ancient Greek Philosophers by Linda Johnsen

As a long-time student of ancient alchemy, I am excited to announce the release of Lost Masters: Rediscovering the Mysticism of the Ancient Greek Philosophers by Linda Johnsen.  Linda’s journey sounds much like my own and while I haven’t yet had a chance to read Linda’s book, I am excited to learn “How Western Philosophy and Eastern Spirituality Intersect.” 


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In Linda’s words:

“I very much want to introduce you, too, to the great spiritual masters of our past… whose traditions, unfortunately, we’ve forgotten,” says Linda. “Their life stories, like those of sages everywhere, are remarkable. And their distinctive approaches to spirituality will remind you of similar Hindu, Buddhist, yogic, and tantric lineages… The ‘mystery religions’ that so inspired Greek and Roman civilization were also clearly related to the wisdom of India, especially in their doctrines of karma, reincarnation, and spiritual transcendence.”

This latest title in New World Library’s Eckhart Tolle Editions imprint challenges everything you thought you knew about the men and women who founded Western civilization. In this book, you can:

  • Learn about the amazing historical contacts between the ancient Greeks and Himalayan yogis.
  • Explore teachings of karma and reincarnation as they were originally taught throughout the ancient Western world.
  • Practice the style of meditation taught in the Roman Empire two thousand years ago.

“I was continually amazed at how similar the long-lost Greek world was to the India I travel through today,” writes Linda. “Perhaps with the help of Eastern insight we can forge anew the Golden Chain that was broken when the ancient Greco-Roman academies were closed. Extinguished fires can be relit. In these dark, intolerant times, that ancient light could illuminate the world.”

About the author:

lindajohnsenauthorLinda Johnsen, author of Lost Masters has a master’s degree in Eastern studies and has done postgraduate work in the history of religions. She is the author of eight books on spirituality, including Daughters of the Goddess: The Women Saints of India and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Hinduism.




An excerpt from Linda’s book:

THE CORPUS HERMETICA An excerpt from LOST MASTERS by Linda Johnsen


The Corpus Hermetica is an astonishing collection of mystical texts written in Greek, that were lost for centuries before being rediscovered in 1460, when they helped spark the European Renaissance. They were likely written around 2000 years ago by Alexandrian Greeks called Hermetists, who were students of the Egyptian wisdom tradition. Their writings bear a remarkable resemblance to the yogic and tantric teachings of India.

After two thousand years the texts of the Corpus Hermetica remain perhaps the most exciting and inspiring spiritual texts ever composed in the Western world, the last legacy of Egypt’s ancient spiritual wisdom.

“Those who remember their real nature, recognizing the divine awareness within, attain the greatest good. Knowing they come from a world of light, they return to that immortal radiance.

“I, the Supreme Awareness, am always present to those who are good and kind, pure and full of reverence. I guide them back to their innate nature, helping them quickly recognize their true Self. But those who are violent and disrespectful, unthinking and greedy, do not feel me near. These people go on desiring more and more from the world, craving lasting happiness it can never give them.

“You must shift your attention. Your thoughts, feelings, and sensations arise from contact with matter; you must release them. Move upward through the seven spheres of your being into the highest region of your awareness. Let go of everything else and merge your awareness in God alone. Do this not for your own sake, but so that you can help others.”

The Hermetic tradition has much in common with yoga. The Hermetists refused to eat meat, and followed their lectures with “a pure vegetarian meal.”

As in yoga, the reality of reincarnation is continually affirmed in the Hermetic teachings. Hermes (the archetypal Egyptian spiritual master) challenges his disciple, “Do you understand how many bodies, how many personalities, how many planetary cycles we must pass through in order to reach the One?”

Did the Graeco-Egyptian tradition recognize higher states of consciousness similar to those the Indian yogis describe? The Corpus Hermetica tells us, “Most of us aren’t pure enough to see unchanging, inexpressible divine perfection, the one true beauty, with our inner eye. Only in the moment when you no longer speak or even think can it be known. The senses and mind must be absolutely still. When you’re immersed in that experience, you can’t see or hear anything else or even move your body. You sit completely still, your body and mind both unmoving. When that living stillness permeates you, your consciousness is drawn upward and you’re absorbed in divine awareness.” This is as fine a description of nirvikalpa samadhi, the yogic state of one-pointed absorption in pure awareness, as you’ll find in any yoga text.

Exactly as in India, the Hermetists emphasized the vital importance of finding a Self-realized teacher who can transmit the force of his or her realization directly to the prepared disciple. “Ignorance is flooding the whole world, preventing the souls here from taking refuge in the state of spiritual liberation. If you don’t want to sink in this ocean of ignorance, find a guru who can lead you to that true knowledge which can’t be seen with the eyes but must be experienced directly with the heart and mind. You will need to shift your awareness beyond your body–your garment of ignorance, your portable tomb–which prevents you from experiencing a higher reality.”

Hermes described his own experience, “Through the grace of God I experience the Supreme Reality. I exist far beyond my body in a state of pure awareness. I have been reborn in the immortal form of consciousness itself. Though you’re looking at me you don’t see what I really am.” The ultimate guru, according to the yogic tradition, is in fact the Supreme Consciousness itself.

What did Hermetic spiritual practice consist of? “Only one path leads from here to the Supreme Beauty: knowledge combined with deepest reverence.

“When you understand that this beautiful cosmos is the product of God, who is himself the Supreme Beauty, you will work to sustain and enhance the beauty you see here with your full attention and respect.” “To honor God means this: constant, attentive service.”

“To love God with a pure heart and mind, to honor this world God has created, and to surrender to God’s will with gratitude, this is authentic spiritual practice.”

We know the Hermetists made use of rituals, visualization, meditation, astrology, and prayer.We know the Graeco-Egyptian sages carefully mapped out how the different dimensions of the cosmos flow out from the Absolute Reality, so that they can follow this trail back to the Supreme, exactly as the Sankhya yogis did in India.

“When we make a sincere effort to stretch our souls toward Spirit, grace begins to act. It draws us upward like a magnet draws iron. On this inner journey goodness will find you everywhere you go. You’ll see it everywhere you look, even when you least expect it.”


Excerpted from the book Lost Masters. Copyright © 2006, 2016. Reprinted with permission from New World Library.


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We are all Gods – When the Divine Within Reveals Itself


I said, ‘You are “gods”;     you are all expressions (children/creations) of the Most High.

Psalm 82: 6


Jesus answered them, “Is it not written in your Law, ‘I have said you are “gods”’.  If Abwoon called them ‘gods,’ to whom the word of Abwoon came—and Scripture cannot be set aside— what about the one whom the Creator set apart as his very own and sent into the world? Why then do you accuse me of blasphemy because I said, ‘I am the Creator’s Son’?  Do not believe me unless I do the works of my Creator. But if I do them, even though you do not believe me, believe the works, so that you may know and understand that the Creator is in me, and I in the Creator.” 39 Again they tried to seize him, but he escaped their grasp.

John 10: 34-39


Since the inception of Authentic Freedom in 2003, I have been teaching what Jesus taught – that we are ONE with God in love and that remembering this Oneness is the balm that heals us and restores us to inner peace in the face of the challenges and struggles of the human experience.  Authentic Freedom was developed as a process and a protocol for inner alchemy – returning to this original state of Oneness, thereby bringing us into wholeness within ourselves and achieving what alchemists would call  the philosopher’s stone, what psychologists refer to as “self-actualization” and what the religious recognize as “mature faith or mature spiritual development.”  Here we know who we are, we know our unique giftedness and we are empowered to share these gifts for the sake of our own fulfillment and in support of the betterment of the world.


It is one thing to know that we are one with God.  It is another thing to KNOW that we are one with God.  The former is an intellectual knowing, the latter is an embodied knowing recognized in the felt sense of this ONENESS which is further known by a deep state of inner peace, wholeness, and love.  One is centered in the mind.  The other, is a true KNOWING  -centered in the heart and felt in the entire body.  Here one is grounded, whole, complete, content, unflappable.  THIS is the “kingdom of God” that Jesus often referred to and the GOAL of our human experience – to be fully human while KNOWING this state of unflappable contentment.  Jesus knew this. The Dalai Lama knows this.  Amma knows this.  We too are invited to know this.

For twenty-three years, after first getting a glimpse of this Oneness with God, I have practiced the HOW. I have meditated, entered into contemplation and deep reflection, read and studied scripture.  I have practiced movement meditation (Chi Qong and Yoga).  I have listened to meditative music, practiced journaling and meditative drawing.  I have voraciously read every book I could get my hands on describing the spiritual journey, inner alchemy, the psychology of transformation, etc. etc. etc.  I have DONE IT ALL.  After (and while) doing, I created a curriculum and taught.  And then I wrote a few books.  In this journey, I learned of Jesus’ oneness teachings and built the foundation of all my practices, courses and writings on this teaching.  I knew I was One with God, and in the course of this work have gotten glimpses and fleeting experiences of this Oneness.  But I didn’t truly KNOW it.

Now I do. (at least for now, because the Irish in me knows that this KNOWING might very well be a moving target and a fleeting sensation….but for now, it feels really good and in truth, quite stable.)

My experience of getting to this place of KNOWING I am One with God and that the Divine dwells within me as ME has been no easy task! It has been very much as Jesus described, like trying to fit a camel through the eye of a needle!  In order to fit through that needle’s eye, I have had to let go of EVERYTHING I have built my life upon,  EVERYTHING I thought I knew about myself, EVERTHING which has felt, if not safe and secure, at least familiar.  In this process, I have had to let go of dreams of fame, riches (or just plain financial stability for that matter!), notoriety, the illusion of good health, perfection, self-righteousness, pride.  I have been made to let go of century-old grudges, forgive those undeserving of forgiveness, and made to learn how to love my enemy.  I lost my health and entered into a 6 month process of healing and then surrendering to medical support that I have spent 16 years trying to avoid.  Currently, portions of my business are dying and I’m losing the home I have come to love and am forced to find lodgings elsewhere – something I’m finding is no easy task for a family of 3 in a university town.  In short, I have been pushed to the place of having to LET GO of EVERYTHING I have come to know about myself, my vocation and my day-to-day life.  I have also had to ask for help in more ways than I have ever had to ask before.


This has been my journey for the past 19 months. Letting go.  Letting go.  And letting go some more.  Emptying.  Emptying.  Emptying.  All the while HOPING that this emptying was taking place so that something amazing could come in.  I had no idea that this something amazing might be God.

Then it happened. First in a dream.  Sunday night/Monday morning I had a crazy dream.  In the dream were all the animal totems who had previously come to me in dreams, visions, meditation – wolf, panther, owl, bat and dragon.  At first the dream was about the externals, but the more I meditated, the more I realized the totems were all aspects of my own inner gifts – wolf  = magic, safety and security and the support of the pack.  Panther = my own inner strength and power to protect and defend myself.  Owl represents my own inner wisdom and gifts of seeing and hearing.  Bat is the part of me comfortable and secure in working in the shadows – in confronting and transforming fear, darkness, that which we suppress and repress.  Dragon is my Soul’s power and the inner force that carries me.

Then, yesterday morning, while meditating on Jeremiah:

“For I am with you, to deliver and rescue you, says the Lord. I will free you from the hand of the wicked, and rescue you from the grasp of the violent.”

I pleaded with God that this would be so….that God would rescue me from the pain I have been experiencing as the letting go continues.  Suddenly, while allowing myself to “hear” the God out-there say these words to me, the God out there was no longer out there.  Instead, the voice of comfort came from within me – originating in the place somewhere in the center of my heart, but feeling as if it was coming from my whole being.  And, I no longer saw God as “the old man in the sky,” instead “God” was ME – a bigger, more substantial, whole, confident, content, secure, complete, version of ME.  In this experience, I felt whole, complete, as if I was suddenly my whole and true self – I was Me and it was MYSELF who is the source of peace and comfort within me.  No longer is the source of comfort “out there” in some fickle god who “giveth and then taketh away.”  God is ME within MYSELF but even more than simply being within, God is ME.


Now I understand and KNOW the ONENESS about which Jesus spoke. God is me and I am God.

But this ONENESS is not just for me. As the Psalmist and Jesus both say above, what is true for me is also true for you, for we are all God – God in me and God in you.  God is me and God is you.

How are you invited to KNOW the God that is you?



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2015 The Year of Magic

For the past 13 years, ascension folks have focused their attention on talk of the 5D world – moving beyond the world of duality (3D) to unity consciousness (5D).  Another word for this journey is enlightenment.  What I am coming to understand is that we don’t stop here (in 5D).  Instead, there are worlds beyond 5D and as more and more of us are finding our footing in the world of unity consciousness (oneness), the 6D world is making itself known.  The 6D world, I have discovered, is all about magic!

It has been revealed to me that one of my tasks in the coming year is to tune into the 6D world and share with you what can be learned there.  In short, when we access the 6D world, we are able to be channels through which Divine Will is made manifest in the world through us.  In other words, 6D allows us to access God’s highest vision of love and allows us to make it real in our own lives and help support the manifestation of LOVE on the physical plane.  Subscribe to these teachings using the paypal icon below:

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Learn more about the 2015 Year of Magic HERE.