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I Know Why I’m Here

I know why I’m here. I’ve always known it.  From the first time I heard this song:

And every minute thereafter, I have known it. It has only taken me 51 (almost 52) years to believe it.

I am here to be hospice to a dying world and to support the birth of the new that is already coming forth out of the ash. In case I didn’t get it when I first heard “The Age of Aquarius,” my Soul made sure I knew in a dream I had when I was just a child.  The dream was of the coming of the end of the world and the assignment I was given to gather my friends and do what we needed to do to save the world from complete and total collapse while restoring the world to its original intention in integrity, honesty, peace, justice and love.

As I have meandered through the first two 26-year cycles of my life, the what and how of this mission has been made more and more clear, while at the same time seeming more cloudy and confusing. What this looks like and the form it will take is cloudy.  What it is made up of is clear:

  1. LOVE. Specifically, the love I have learned through Jesus. I didn’t learn what the institutions taught through their politicalized version of Jesus. I learned directly from the man. I learned it through prayerful study of scripture and in finding the truth beyond the words as guided by my own deep source of inner truth. I learned it through personal, intimate encounters and conversations with Jesus and with him, the Magdalene. I learned it through teachers from other spiritual traditions who were saying the same thing, which then ultimately brought me back to Jesus. I learned it through dreams, visions, higher levels of learning, and through the rich personal experiences of my life. Here, I bypassed doctrine and dogma and learned what is true for me….and that truth is LOVE.
  2. MAGIC. I don’t mean “hocus pocus” magic like that reserved for ordained, “celibate” men, waving their hands and turning bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ (don’t get me wrong, this magic can be real magic depending on the intention of the one doing the magic and those receiving it). I also don’t mean using magic to get what I want or by manipulating the elements for my own selfish end. No, I mean REAL MAGIC. The Magic that is the Divine in us working through us to manifest a higher goal….and that goal brings us back to #1, LOVE.

This is the Magic that defies the laws of nature, that defies the rational and logical mind and that sets Newtonian physics on its ass. The very Magic that Moses did when he parted the Reed Sea, that Miriam did when she found water in the desert, that Elijah did when he brought a dead child back to life, that Mother Mary did in hearing the Angel’s call, that Jesus did when he healed the sick, fed the hungry, gave sight to the blind, set captives free, raised Lazarus from the dead and that Mary Magdalene did in being catalyst and witness to the resurrection.  This is the Magic that all of these great teachers came to know through their own intimate connection with the Divine that dwelt within them.  And this is the Magic that I am called to REMEMBER so that I can fulfill my mission and support others in fulfilling theirs.


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Support for the Changemakers

Yesterday I spoke with the 8 millionth person who spoke of their frustrations over:

  • Not fitting in
  • Not feeling understood
  • Being judged for being a troublemaker
  • Condemned for not “toeing the line” and for not being satisfied with status quo
  • Ridiculed for being different, strange, bizarre, for having crazy and wild ideas
  • Chastised for listening to the world and for listening to what the world really needs and God-forbid, for trying to do something about it!

Sound familiar?  If so, you might be a changemaker, a prophet, a pioneer, a madwoman, a madman, a mystic, or my favorite word, “Sh.t-disturber!”  WE (because I am all of these), are here for one reason, and one reason only….to make the world a better place!!!!  Whether you call it the Age of Aquarius, Ascension, The New Age, the Rapture, the End of the World (as we know it), it is upon us.  And, there are people in every field of specialization (mine just happens to be spirituality and human development), who have been specifically planted within their respective fields to disturb the sh.t.  Some of us are in education, others in medicine, others in government, some in the commercial sphere.

Looked upon with suspicion

If you are one of these changemakers, you know who you are.  Why….because everyone hates you…or at the very least, they look upon you with suspicion.  “What crazy idea is Lauri going to come up with today that is going to shake the foundations of what we currently know about the field in which we are currently operating?!!???”  More importantly, “What is Lauri going to suggest that will challenge us to change the way we currently operate in the world?”  More even than death, we as humans fear change. So anyone presumptuous enough to suggest that what is currently being done is less than ideal or might be in need of change is THE ENEMY!


Why we are needed

But, the world is changing….or it least it had better, or it will die.  As a species, we cannot continue to operate under the current paradigm of power-over, rule through manipulation and fear, take take take, pollute pollute pollute, destroy destroy destroy.  If we continue on our current trajectory, we will destroy ourselves.  This is why we changemakers have been planted on this earth. We are the ones who have been made ready to help humanity into its next stage of existence.  In our respective fields of expertise, we know what needs to be done. We see how the world can be better and we have the vision, skills, knowledge and experience to implement the processes and structures that will be necessary for the creation of a peaceful, harmonious world.  In fact, we’ve already tested our visions and our ideas in the microcosm.  The next step is to bring them into the macrocosm.  The world is readying for our “big entrance.”  In the meantime, we are at the sidelines holding the vision of a more loving world and maybe even praying it into reality.

Support for the Changemakers

What do we do, in the meantime, to deal with the naysayers?  That answer is simple:

  • Stop looking for affirmation and validation from the existing structures and the people attached to these structures.  They will never accept you as long as you challenge the status quo – no matter how dysfunctional the status quo might be.
  • Trust what you know. Speak your truth, stand in your truth, stop apologizing for your truth, no matter how crazy others think your ideas might be.
  • Find others like you!  You are not alone!  There are a million+ changemakers waiting to be made known.  Get to know some.   Connect on my Authentic Freedom Facebook page.  Send a prayer out to the Universe that you find others like you…..if you do this you will find each other….I promise.


Our Big Entrance

Our big entrance is coming.  The current paradigm is crumbling and every action it takes is only hastening its demise.  Meanwhile, a collective desire for change is gathering and about to hit critical mass.  And while I used to believe a complete collapse would be necessary before real change could happen, I no longer believe this to be true.  Enough changemakers have been holding the vision of a more peaceful loving world and we are ready.  We have what is needed to guide the world into its next stage of evolution and the world is crying out to us for help.  Our job right now is to hold tight, hold the vision, sent out positive thoughts and prayers and wait.  Our time is coming and it is almost here.  And when it finally arrives, there will be no mistaking its invitation and we will willing accept and step across the threshold into a beautiful new world.


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Trials and Tribulations

Today’s blog continues the conversation on World Changes…..the end of 2012 and the beginning of a New World. 

 “But in those days, after that tribulation, the sun will be darkened and the moon will not give its light, and the stars will be falling from heaven, and the powers that are in the heavens will be shaken.  Then they will see the Son of Man coming in clouds with great power and glory.  And then He will send forth the angels, and will gather together His elect from the four winds, from the farthest end of the earth to the farthest end of heaven.”

Mark 13: 24-27

Are We Done Yet?

For many, 2012 has been a year of PURGING, RELEASING, dying to all the things we thought we knew about ourselves and all the things we hoped to achieve in this life.  It has been a year ripe with trials and tribultions.  With every excruciating release, we are left to wonder, “Are we done yet?”  At the risk of initiating the other shoe… sense (and the sense of others writing on this topic) is that we are nearing the end….and the approaching end is experienced as a kind of quiet anticipation….quiet because it feels as if there is nothing left to lose…..and anticipation of WE KNOW NOT WHAT….

When there is nothing left to lose

Having shed everything that we have clung to…..thoughts of who we are, who we are supposed to be, the contributions we hoped to offer to the world, the dreams that have propelled us forward, the visions that have provided inspiration, we find that there is nothing else to hang on to.  When there is nothing to hang on to….nothing to plan for….dream about….we have no choice but to BE present to the current moment, to RECEIVE whatever shows up, to ACCEPT what we are given and to SURRENDER to where life is taking us.  When we are without a map, absent itineraries or agendas, we have no choice but to follow where the Universe will lead us and we do so willingly…..or at the very least…..with resignation.  “Fine…..I’ll go where you take me because I have no idea what else to do in this time of VAST EMPTINESS.”  And so we go.

In the Waiting

Or….we wait.  For some, the glimmerings of the New World, their New Life, have begun to present themselves…..but for many, if not most……we wait.  We say yes to what shows up in the moment, and the rest of the time….we wait.  It feels a little like LIMBO (or Purgatory!)….as if we are stranded in a place in between, where much of the old has passed away and the new has not yet revealed itself.  And we BREATHE….paying each bill with our eyes closed hoping the money will be there to cover that expense…..handing our credit cards over to be swiped, trusting the money will someday be there to pay down the debt.  By the skin of our teeth…we wait.  Trusting that all the purging has taken place for a reason and that the reason has just not yet made itself known.  Following the strings and strands of opportunities, believing they are leading us SOMEWHERE  ….but exactly where….we do not yet know.

The Hope and THE CHOICE

While for many 2012 has been a year of excruciating release, it is not a time devoid of hope.  It is this hope that has kept us moving….crawling perhaps…but moving nonetheless.  And the hope is in what the ancients have promised…..that this would be a time of GREAT REBIRTH….a potent time in the evolution of humankind where we have an opportunity to move from duality to ONENESS… release our attachment to fear and judgment and to live from a place of LOVE.  And while many will call me a “pie in the sky optimist,” I believe that this is true…..but more importantly….I CHOOSE for this to be true.  Because, at the end of the day….this is exactly what it is about:  CHOICE.  Each and every moment of each and every day we have the opportunity to CHOOSE how we live our lives……do we allow our fears to control us, or search for the love in the midst of our unfolding life?  Whether we adhere to the Mayan prophecies,  subscribe to the AGE of AQUARIUS,  consume the red pill, are awaiting the Rapture…or are just plain ME…….the choice remains.  WE DECIDE if we want to live in the NEW WORLD and create a world from love…..or remain attached to our fears and stranded in their resulting suffering.  And here is the simple way in which it works:

CHOOSE FEAR…..remain in Hell

CHOOSE LOVE…….LIVE in the NEW WORLD (which is created by our very choice!)

I, for one am choosing love.  What is your choice?

Lauri Lumby

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Feed My Sheep

Today’s blog explores the topic of “Divine Call.”  How do we know what we are called to do in this life and how do we respond?

Ok, So Maybe I’m Weird!

For as long as I can remember, I have had a profound sense of purpose.  I felt like I was supposed to be doing something – specifically something that would help other people and have some sort of positive impact on the world.  Perhaps I felt his sense of purpose because of the time in which I was born – 1965 to be exact.  I was born too late to be a hippie, but that didn’t keep me from wanting to be a part of “The Revolution.”  Maybe it was because the first song I ever remember hearing was “The Age of Aquarius” which continues to be my all-time favorite song and the song that has been the guiding principle of my life :  Harmony and Understanding, Sympathy and Trust Abounding… Then peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars.  Really, who doesn’t want that?  Maybe it is because I was raised Catholic and encouraged to believe in the magical, mystical, mysterious and impossible (you know, like turning bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ).  Or maybe I’m just plain weird and a little delusional.  At any rate, I have always believed I was put here to facilitate change and to work toward bringing more peace, love and harmony to our planet.  This belief, I have learned, was the beginning of what I would now call a “Divine Call.”  I have also learned, that this “Divine Call” is not unique to me, in fact, each and every human being on this planet is here to do the work of the Divine…..if we would only take the time to be quiet enough to hear what that call might be and courageous enough to break through the obstacles that might otherwise prevent us from living that out.

Bricks Can Fly Baby!

For me, the revelation of Divine call began with impatience, frustration and restlessness.   I found that I could never be satisfied in corporate America and went from job to job to job trying to find fulfillment and satisfaction.  Needless to say, I got nothin.  So, one day, in a fit of frustration I poured my anger out to God.  “What the heck am I supposed to do?  I went to college for four years for this?  I’m not making any money.  I hate my job.  Please tell me what the heck I’m supposed to be doing.”  The answer came in the form of a red brick that flew through the air and hit me square between the eyes.  Not literally, but it sure felt like it.  I can still hear Fr. Jeff’s voice ringing in my head, “If there is something you’ve always wanted to do and you haven’t done it….get off your ass and do it now!”  (PS  He really did say “ass”….he is a really cool priest!)  That brick led me into seven years of advanced education and formation in theology, pastoral ministry, adult faith formation and spiritual direction, and empowered me to enter active ministry within the Catholic Church where I worked for nearly 10 years.

Feed My Sheep

As my ministry work continued to grow and expand, I found that the Catholic Institution was too small to hold the expansive sense of the Divine that I had come to understand and that had been revealed to me in my prayer, meditation, contemplation and life experiences.  I found that as I tried to live out this sense of an expansive God within the Institution I kept hitting the wall created by doctrine and Canon Law.  So, apparently it was time to go.  So, I left, but I did not leave my faith or my relationship with Jesus behind.  In fact, in another moment of “Divine Revelation,” while sitting in quiet contemplation Jesus himself took me by the hand and led me down a long hallway.  At the end of the hallway was a door which he opened and invited me to enter.  I stepped through the doorway and before us stood a multitude of people….too many to count.  As I looked out on this sea of people, Jesus gestured toward them and said to me, “Feed my Sheep.”  I fell to my knees in humble awe over this invitation.  It is this encounter with Jesus and his words of invitation “Feed my Sheep” that has guided my ministry for the past seven or so years.  And it is this invitation that I respond to as we launch the Authentic Freedom Ministries’ Sunday Service this coming weekend.  I don’t know where it will all lead, or even what exactly it will look like, but I know that it will be about nourishment – giving those who attend the tools through which they can find the spiritual nourishment they crave while empowering them to come to know the Divine that lives within their own hearts, to know themselves more fully and to begin to explore what their own Divine Call might be.

Where are you feeling restless, bored, impatient, unfulfilled? 

How might that be the beginning glimpses of Divine Call?

How are you remembering love and living that out in your life in service to humankind?


Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries

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Love or Fear? The Choice is Yours

Today’s blog is inspired by a series of events and experiences that I have observed and confirmed by the following article on the coming of “the Age of Aquarius”  Whether you believe in the idea of a galactic shift or not, we are each given, in every moment of every day the opportunity to choose our life. Do we choose love and truth or fear?  The choice is ours….and the time to choose is NOW!

Mystic Crystal Revelations

Every single spiritual master that has graced this fair planet (Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, The Buddha, The Dalai Lama, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, St. Francis, Osho, Swami Rama, Yogananda, etc. etc. etc. ) attained the same understanding:  “All we need is love.”  Then they went out to share this truth with the world.  These teachers acknowledged THE common longing among human beings….and that is the longing to know love and to know peace.  Fear, they knew was the obstacle to knowing peace and love, and they shared with their students (and the rest of the world with them) specific tools for healing and releasing fear so that all could know the joyful contentment they had come to know within themselves.

And the Minds True Liberation

The key to knowing the love and the peace known by these spiritual masters is CHOICE!  And it is a matter of CHOICE.  Because of the nature of the human condition, peace and love are not likely to show up on their own.  Yes, we have fleeting glimpses of the love and the peace that we are, without ever picking up a spiritual text or engaging in a spiritual practice.  If, however, we want peace and love that will endure and if we want to more forward in our human journey in spite of the reality of fear, then we have to CHOOSE peace and love.  It is in choosing love over fear, truth over ego, peace over anxiety, joy over despair that we are liberated from the bondage of the human condition.  We find freedom when we choose love.  We find expansiveness when we know joy.  We find contentment when we cultivate peace.

Then Peace Will Guide the Planets and Love Will Steer the Stars

According to those that follow the science of astrology, November 11, 2011 marks the beginning of “The Age of Aquarius.”  Whether or not we believe in the “prophecies” about the significance of this planetary line up, one message is clear and it is clear for all of eternity……the time to choose is NOW.  If you want love, peace, joy, harmony and understanding, sympathy and trust abounding, no more falsehood or derision…..CHOOSE IT!  Stop allowing fear to run your life.  Choose love.  Choose peace.  Choose joy.  And support that choice through sound spiritual practice.  And if you need additional support, read my book 🙂  Authentic Freedom – Claiming a Life of Contentment and Joy!

Hippie Prophets

The song, “The Age of Aquarius” by the Fifth Dimension is the very first song I ever remember hearing as a child and THE song that touched me in a deeply impactful and significant way.  When I first heard the song….I believed it.  I knew this was where we were being led as human beings and I knew that we would see the words of that song manifest in our lifetimes.  For whatever reason, this song has become the guiding principle of my life and I truly believe that the Divine was speaking to me in some way through this song.  So….without further ado:  Let the Sunshine in!

What are the fears that stand as obstacles to your own inner peace?

How can you begin to choose love, peace, joy, instead of fear?

What spiritual practices or inspirational texts help you to stay grounded in peace and love?

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries